DJ Munya co-accused granted bail


STAR FM DJ Munyaradzi Milimo’s alleged accomplices Mohammed Matare and Taurai Jani yesterday successfully pleaded with the court to grant them bail, arguing their co-accused person, DJ Munya, who was earlier granted bail, had closer links to the alleged kidnapping and subsequent murder of the late Tinashe Magorimbo than them.


The duo’s submission convinced High Court judge Justice Joseph Musakwa, who granted them $300 bail each after ruling there was a “weak link” between the two suspects and the commission of the offence.

“There is nothing to show that they (Matare and Jani) were in constant contact with the now deceased prior to his kidnapping and subsequent death,” Justice Musakwa said.

Before Justice Musakwa ruled in the pair’s favour, Matare’s lawyer Reason Muchirewesi told the court that the cellphone number that was allegedly used to demand ransom from Magorimbo was traced to one Mukuli Mwanka, whose Bulawayo address was non-existent.

Muchirewesi said DJ Munya was closely linked to the offence in light of the fact that at some point, he allegedly approached Magorimbo’s wife and assured her that her husband would come back home.

“The first accused (DJ Munya) person’s statement meant he knew where the now deceased (Magorimbo) was. He also knew the persons who had him and he is the one closely linked to the commission of the offence, but was granted bail,” Muchirewesi argued.

“Milimo was much involved in the commission of the offence than the first applicant (Matare). Therefore, denying the applicant bail would amount to discrimination on the part of the Attorney-General’s Office since they consented to Milimo’s bail,” he added.

Jani’s lawyer Gerald Madzima concurred with Muchirewesi’s submissions, arguing his client was also a suitable candidate for bail.

As part of the bail conditions, Justice Musakwa ordered Matare and Jani to surrender their passports, report once every Friday at Harare Central Police Station and not to interfere with known State witnesses.

Matare and Jani, alongside DJ Munya, were four weeks ago thrown behind bars after the State opposed bail.

According to the State, Magorimbo met his fate after he allegedly failed to pay DJ Munya $5 000 “compensation” for having an illicit affair with his wife.

In February this year, Magorimbo allegedly paid DJ Munya a part payment of $1 000 through his alleged accomplices Janhi and Matare, but later became evasive, allegedly prompting DJ Munya to enlist the services of Jani and Matare to force him to pay.


  1. Now that they are all out on bail, these assholic guys should join MDC in the grand collision instead of going around murdering innocent guys. They should use their skills to wipe out Zanoids. If they go to Harvest House they will be given pangas and machetes. Then they can start by beating up a few Herald and HMetro reporters.

  2. Hongu, MDC ndiyoinoponda vanhu yopota ichinyepera ZANU. Tinozviziva zvese zvamurikuita madzakutsaku.

  3. @ Zecksmen did you not hear of a reporter called Herbert Moyo who got beaten up by the chinja mob at Harvest House?

  4. dai vakomana ava vairambidzwa bail vanga vachakaroudza ruzhinji chokwadi ava.hee munya ndiye ane yese hee akaenda kumba kwamagorimbo hee chii chii

  5. Mmmmm, seems like it was a good strategy by the lawyer (think he is the same guy who was representing munya), to first apply for Munya’s bail and then the others based on the result of munyas application!!

  6. which ever outcome is , i assure you. the world is watching and the spirit of the dead magorimbo will fight for its own case.

    i am sure the so called untouchable dj munya will rues the day he was born.

    watch this space……………..

    • @ shelz…., akafa hapana chanooziva….. afa mfesi uyu… zvapera…. leave a mans wife alone…. its a death sentence, if you play with fire expect to get fried.

  7. the deceased had his hands tied with a shoelace,whose shoelace,this is bonus trace evidence from heaven,call Medical Detectives as soon as today for the shoelace to be tested,improve training in the police force,running up and down the street is not a skill to solve a crime,review curricula now

  8. Nyaya dzagara dzinourayisa idzi! Vana James Makamba kuzotiza handiti vaizivz kuti zvavainge vaita chasara kufa!

  9. See the law in Zimbabwe is for the well and the elite.There are those who literally get away with murder.The suspect is released,the alleged architect and supervisor of this horrrific crime while the accomplices are remanded in custody.Zanu pf justice system at play.

  10. usazvinyebere kuti unomuka ngozi vaurawa uchikwira mukadzi vemunhu he’s dead and now the truth is not that truth after all.none of the suspects is directly connected to the death of magorimbo will see kuti inoendepi nyaya iyi

  11. kukwirirwa mukadzi kunongo rwadza, asi haungaurairi munhu izvozvo, afterall 1000 wanga waluma, asi Munya usadaro

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