Daniel Chingoma convicted of fraud

SELF-STYLED engineer and helicopter designer Daniel Chingoma and his wife Edina have been convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail for fraud.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Chingoma, the director of a water harvesting engineering firm Taisek Engineering (Private Limited) was found guilty of fraud involving $2 300.

Harare magistrate Musaiona Shortgame, however, suspended eight months of the sentence for five years on condition the two were not convicted of a similar crime within that period and another 10 months on condition that they paid restitution to the complainant, Stella Marimbire.

Prosecutor Yvonne Gurira told the court that sometime in August 2009, Chingoma and his wife promised the complainant that they would drill a borehole at her house.

After receiving payment, they however failed to fulfill their part of the bargain and started giving excuses to the complainant. It was then that Marimbire decided to make a police report, leading to the arrest of the couple.

Chingoma is no stranger to controversy. A few years back, he designed a helicopter model which he hoped to fly one day. It was often paraded at the Harare Show Grounds where it was a crowd puller before he later moved it to an open space close to Snake Park.

In another surprise move in 2010, Chingoma formed a political party called the Zimbabwe Integrated Revolutionary Party (ZIRP), which he claimed would appeal to intellectuals.

He deliberately targeted public toilets throughout the country where he put up his posters and campaign messages. His belief, he said, was that everyone used the toilet and so they presented a good advertising opportunity since he said never got an opportunity to advertise on television and radio.


  1. aah zvakaoma veduwe

    1. Don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. . See how this Zim poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (USED.CO) not dot com, to see the various methods and companies she was using (USED.CO) not dot com. A very simple idea but a very powerful one. Wake up Africans

      1. AMAI VAPENYU?

  2. I know Daniel personally and am impressed by his intelligence. As a form 3 drop-out he can explain things beyond his level of education. I do not support his fraudulent behavior but believe as a nation we did not use his intelligence when he built his copter and developed water pumps etc. In other economies, support is given and industries developed thus livelihoods improved.

    1. you are on the mark. we are laughing instead of benefiting from his creativity.

      1. Saka vakachenjera vakaba havana mhosva? ndokusaka muchiramba muchibirwaa…

      1. i gave him money to drill five boreholes including diesel in chivi and he never went there or bothered to pay back the money but this woman was very persistant and followed this up to prosecution, kudo’s to her. you just can’t take peoples’s money and enjoy without providing the service. imagine all those porr people in chivi who could have benefitted from my noble gesture and this genious of yours killed their hopes. i hope you get what you deserve!

    2. wabahwa atlast justice has been done remember you did this to me during the zim dollar era nw you must pay the price of being a habitual thief. this guy and his wife are poison , i tel you he deserves it!!

    3. Intelligence without morality/integrity is dangerous, it leads to the creation of selfish intellectuals in the form of jonathan moyo & mugabe who can destroy a whole country just to fufill their selfish ambitions

      he is a thief , he can go to hell with his intelligence

  3. i agree with you Muzukuru Jukwa.The man is the one who must benefit from empowerment

  4. Honestly muzukuru Jukwa has a valid point. As a prospective nation we should not only harness but tap on these special skills, intellects and empower the dudu without exonerating him for his mischief.

  5. Komboni Yatsva

    Why do you refer to him as a self-styled engineer? This man is an engineer and an inventor, a very intelligent one for that matter if what you are saying that he dropped from school is anything to go by. How many of your so-called “engineers” from Zimbabwe’s universities who have nothing other than their paper qualifications have made anything besides making noise and condemning what real engineers like Chingoma are doing? Wake up and smell the coffee you guys. Chingoma is a genius.

    1. Makaveli Omaru Shakur

      I agree with you that man is a real “Engineer” not vanotiratidza mapepa efundo and yet doing nothing.

    2. Really? What did this fellow invent? Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t it true that helicopters and borehole pumps were already there before he was born.

      1. yes they were there but no COPTERS were ever made in Zimbabwe chingoma is talented even though he is wrong in stealing

  6. where r u saviour kasukuwere,yo min must live by its mandate.support him,he wld sell helicopters to air force of zimbabwe and ndege to air zimbabwe.vival chingoma,aluta continua

  7. Cde Gabarinocheka

    This is why we Africans never achieve anything tangible. in another country men like him (drop-outs) go on to be come Steve jobs, Bill Gates and Howard Hughes. instead, this dumb journalist decides to write on trivial matters worth $2300, when the intellectual of the person involved priceless. Shame on you Mr Phillip Chidavaenzi!

    1. today its $2300 and tomorrow its 2 million in the name of genius…………..trivial is what makes the big picture bamnini if you think otherwise you must submit your man card……we have little boys and ladies that can use it

    2. Its not trivial, even a cent that does not belong to you is not yours, no bidy said his inventions are not important, however, according to world acceptable norms and standards, he is not a real or qualified engineer coz no certifying body or university proclaimed him one either through study or by honor? simple.

      1. Komboni Yatsva

        If I may ask you Musharukwa, which university certified the Wright brothers when they invented the first aeroplane? And which certifying body certified Robert Stevenson when he invented the steam engine locomotive? While I agree with the comments that it is immoral for businesspeople not to provide the services they would have agreed as Daniel Chingoma did, I strongly object to the notion that you need papers to be an engineer. And what world acceptable norms and standards are you talking about? Who defines those standards?Hate him or like him, Daniel is an engineering doyen par excellence. Give him his fourteen pounds hammers.

  8. he should of channeled his so called intelligence into something productive because he built chi helicopter chemarata his considered intelligent haikona mbavha yemunhu.

  9. form 3 i agree, its perfectly reflected in the mischief………….genius i doubt, geniuses dont do things that send them to prison especially intentionally unless as a political genius, it seems politicians and gangsters need jail for credibility. He is a hardworking man who does what everyone else does just at personal cost and fairly we can compare him to any other carpenter or stone carving dude. The reason for this cynicism is the guy is controversial and it requires no further explanation

    1. Well said, O. Musarinya.

  10. Komboni Yatsva

    All of you guys who are denigrating Chingoma for being a school dropout have nothing to show for all your MBAs, PHDs and whatever papers you have that label you as educated, but here is Daniel Chingoma, a school dropout as you allege, whose engineering genius has made an impact in Zimbabwe.Whether you like it or not, the man is in the league of the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Hughes. I agree with the observation that the reason why we Africans have not made much impact in either technology or other disciplines is because of this pull him down syndrome which is being graphically displayed by some of the comments on this topic. Instead of celebrating our people’s creativity and intelligence , some of our people are busy pelting stones at our pathfinders in development. It is really pathetic and a shame. When will we learn to celebrate and cheer our heroes?

    1. The mentality is wrong baba. We do appreciate people who do positive things for the nation Degreed or not. Strive Masiiwa for instance revolutionized telecomms in Zim with no scandals. Chanakira did the same without issues involving police. Chingoma started Taisek single handedly then in that success he has the story above and you want us to praise him? There is a certain comrade above who says its only $2300, fine if he wins what is the next amount? Bill
      Gates and Steve Jobs were never sentenced to time in prison, and that alone is a sign. Zim is not for gangsters and criminals are not heroes as we have made it appear. I for one as a Zimbabwean refuse to bless criminals as saints. What did he do out of the ordinary besides attempting to reinvent the helicopter, his water pumps are already established ideas. Pathetic is not criticising him but praising him for his wrong doings. Its not your fault to think we must make criminals heroes, matter of fact you are not the only one, most of our fellow country men think gangsters and petty thieves are heroes we even have a sacred shrine for them……but if we make it right now even your grand children will know what you worked for unlike this criminal you are rooting for. One sad person or family is one too much especially from these sanctified criminals

      1. I salute you for calling a spade a spade. You are a breath of fresh air in this stiflingly corrupt nation.

    2. You are now hallucinating! kikikikikikiki

      1. i pray you know what the word means and learn to use it appropriately

    3. Really? What hero are we talking about here? A hero of copying other people’s ideas and defrauding others of their hard earned money, or what? I thought helicopters and borehole pumps were already there in Zimbabwe, long before this man was born.

    4. Celebrating thieving mentality? Haikona

  11. If guys like Chingoma were to be recruited into the Zim Airforce and given proper training in aircraft engineering i bet my last dollar that the guy was going to do wonders and Zim was never gonna be the same again. Zimboz are known for pulling their own down. Shame on you haters not that i support him defaruding others though.

  12. son of the soil

    Ini ndakagadzira chihodha (black hoarse) nemasimbi nemapranga angaari kuseri kwemba which i hope to ride one day can i also be considered genius for my achievements.

  13. New Generation

    Uyu arinani pana professor mutambara , marobhotsi akafa mutown ivo vachingo atenda ichi ne icho kupaty , anagudza mudungwe ….

  14. all big companies do this all the tym when they run into financial difficulties they dnt meet their obligations and no is arrested.hw banks akanyudza mari yevanhu.akambosungwa ndiani?murombo harove chinenguwo

  15. KC Mubhurandaya

    Iwe New Genaration,professor Mutambara ndeve robotics,kwete ma robots.

    1. What is the difference?


    This man is very crazy. Iye zvino avakuzosekwa manje, ‘taisek’.

  17. Tsvangirai Mugabe

    Compare the following engineers and decide who is better;Engineer chingoma,,Engineer Joyce Mujuru??I would prefer Engr Chingoma than the politician Mai mujuru who used her political muscle to source money for Tokwe mukosi dam then vakutozviti engineer wemadhamu

  18. Musakwidza Chingoma ndege yemashanga iyo yake isina kumbobhururuka. . Ndege yefourcorner, apa oba US$2300.00 chete? ndochii ichocho kana kusiri kuzungaira?

  19. Let’s not get too carried away. That helicopter was never tested to see if it meets safety standards. It has a Datsun PG1800 engine to drive the propeller. And I’m sure if PG1800 engines could propel helicopters Nissan would have long told us. The world is full of D.I.Y aeroplane and other flying machinery kits. This is what the rich boys on the farms used to amuse themselves with…once upon a time – that is. Genius? I don’t think so.

    1. Common sense prevails. Thanks a million, Marshall Aid. Oh by the way, a Datsun PG1800 engine is water cooled. Only in Zimbabwe would one hear of a water cooled helicopter engine and “diesel from the rocks”.

    2. Engineering is not only creating something out of nothing but can use what is already there to create something new. To add to the discussion, it does not need a degree or masters to invent something,remember Bill Gates was a college drop out, the Right Brothers who invented the first plane were not that schooled. Zimbabwe today is very poor partly because it has workers not people who can start something. truly i feel he could have been supported to see if what he thought made sense or not unfortunately Zim does not have such structures.

  20. Well Chingoma’s fraudulent conduct should be castigated by all progressive people. However we need to encourage his innovative ideas. In 2007 when the second chopper was at show ground which housed his business premises then I went there to talk to him and was he said to me touched me and his achievements are amazing he explained how he developed from the first one all without the requisite engineering degree or papers. His main worry was the government should allow him to fly his chopper just to above the height of the tallest pine trees however the regime besides its intransigence and pretensions to promoting technological advancement through Aviation Authority refused him the permission to test his chopper effectively killing the idea. This is a feat that no other zimbabwean engineer from any university has done and surely that needs to be applauded by any thinking people I remember one day at school one gentleman once remarked that we have had many engineers from UZ but not even one has been able to manufacture even a bolt. Now others see chingoma’s inventions as nonsense but how many of you without an degree or prior knowledge have invented anything at all even a button. Nxaaa!

    1. the idea is good but unfortunately it never met the standards that make the helicopter airworthy. If you meet a guy and he impresses you, nomatter how emotional you get it doesnt make the idea brighter than it actually is………The level of engineering we are taught in Zim is maintenance level and trust me its the same stuff taught world over. No one is taught how o invent but that doesn’t make those that do try to invent any different, matter of fact it wasn’t an invention(unless the meaning has changed). Those that have seen better choppers cannot be forced to accept crap because its local or considered patriotism, why, because we live once and so me and my degree will buy his borehole which i am happy he did not try to re-invent but will never ever try to promote suicide of getting that chopper up, we have better choppers

    2. retrogressive forces will always see him as a failure. but he is a champion cause if the government had supported people like him then we could have probably our own products. we could be finding a way of designing machines to polish our diamonds. yet some people always think a black man is incapable. the late Steve jobs once said “stay hungry and stay foolish”. that foolish idea of his which was rejected by HP saw the birth of Apple and Iphones.

  21. chingoma is now able to employ vanemadegrees e engineering so lets respect him

  22. This Daniel Folk never cease to amaze me. Seriously he should try acting

  23. Danyere haana kuwana help from the Gvt , instead akawanzirwa akasekwa, and he gave up. now to further frustrate him this stroy comes up. I know the complainant personally musada kuita blow this issue outa proportion.

  24. in zimbabwe, we tend to think those with theoretical knowledge are geniuses?! chingoma ranks amonst the most intelligent people of our generation. Like what someone said…..we have failed to produce toothpicks!! how may “engineers” have we had from our institutions of higher learning?

  25. Hanzi naSHAME ndege yake yanga iri ye FOURCORNER , hahahahahahaha amana mungabva madaro here haah ndazoseka nhasi, asi ari nani nekuti mbiri yake yakambofamba muZmibabwe nyangwe muchimuseka zvenyu.

  26. I don`t support umbavha ,but guys zimbabwe was supposed to tape this tallent yekugadzira ndege and develop it.Tingadai tisina nhamo ne ndege ,angadai avakugadzira jet by now.problem yedu ndeyekuti abudirira tino uraya,pakauraiwa talent apa varume.Hurume yedu futi ,kamudhara kemagirazi basa ndere kun gofamba chete.kasukuwere empowerment yaunotaura ndeyei uchisiya mhondoro dzemvura ana Daniel.Dai kwangakuri kuJapan angadai avane industry yendege neye water systems.

  27. Zindege rakaweredhewa ne masimbi emapuma unofunga kuti riaizobhururuka richiendepi.This guy is a jack of all trades and master of none,,,,Steve Jobs unomuziva iwe.Mukati inyanzvi pakuweredha haiwa kwete invetion.

  28. The dude built a non functional replica of a helicopter and tried to fool everyone into believing it was real and could fly, well it couldn’t and never did fly. His ‘genius’ is most probably in manufacturing and selling water pumps, it could be he invented the pumps he sold but most likely he did not, but he definetly is a genius at people skills as, despite glaring evidence to the contrary, he still gets credit for things he never did, and still elicits much interest judging by the comments here


  30. A sin is a sin. The is no small sin or big sin. Kuba kuba chete ! Don’t look at the status yembavha. Lionel Messi is in trouble for tax evation. Whatever your IQ is, if you break the law, you should face the music !

  31. Don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. . See how this Zim poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (USED.CO) not dot com, to see the various methods and companies she was using (USED.CO) not dot com. A very simple idea but a very powerful one. Wake up Africans. PAMBERI NEZANU (PF) AND INDIGENISATION

  32. Fambai Mandeya

    this guy should go for extra lessons on slogans,if you slogan the wrong people you die a pauper

  33. mbavha imbavha. kujeeeeri. taneta nekubirwa.

  34. MaZimbabweans ! All these jokes of comments. Yah

  35. Daniel Chingoma ang… Oh wait… Ok mamuchitii?

  36. he is a toilet minded engineer wamakaka/wemaduzvi

  37. They do not care

    Engineer Daniel Chingoma also tried a hand in music.Ukanyatso teerera his once popular song which has a reggae bit,you will discover that he is an ambitious guy,who was yearning for recognition but was being blindly criticised by his own folks and never supported.His boreholes yaive isiri yemugojo seinoiswa ne the so called Western countries funded NGOs.His boreholes and piping system showed a lot of creativity.The immoral actions that now dents his creativity and improvement skills now, is never delivering as a business person,
    .May be out of frustration.

  38. musadaro vanhu vamwari, kana akaita form 3 ne creativity yaanoita akaropafadzwa nemusiki,zvokuba ndezvimwe,infact haana kuba but akadona mu bhizinisi,njere anadzo hate or like him akazvarwa ane njere dzake.

  39. The dude should stick to making choppers that don’t fly.

  40. Its true he was born with a creative mind. As zimbabweans we faild to some extend to give him due support. Dai aive murungu people could be commenting positively. Kuraiwo mhani imi mapfupa ambuya Nehanda. Life got tough in just before the dollar and most people have failed to recover in their line of business. Its was bad he didnt honour basa rake akadya mari,masimbi akamuwirawo. How many companies closed business?I feel pitty for him. Ngati votei chete zvichanaka,forward with black impowerment, Chinoma mumwe wedu kani

    1. you are mixing two things here.one daniel is genuis ; two daniel is a thief. yese daniel is genues but he should not be a thief.this is no the first time i heard about him not giving services after payments were done . a friend of mine in nyanga received the same treatment from daniel. i think the course of justices shld take its course Daniel shld go to jail when he come out he will be a repentant person . on the other hand the gvt shld support people like daniel. In other country especially europe daniel”s projects will be supported by gvt. A persom like daniel will be sponsoned by the gvt everytime he do his project but daniel must not take people’s hard earned salary for granted. watch your steps we don”t want prodigal sons in zimbabwe

  41. ndege yacho yaive heavy,those who hindered him to fly were right bcoz he was gonna die

  42. helicopters were there bt just imagine sm1 making a helicopter from car engines. He did not copy the format. Boreholes were there bt he invented Elephant pumps not bush pumps.

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