Chindori-Chininga dies

GURUVE South MP Edward Chindori-Chininga was last night reportedly involved in fatal accident at Shinje turn-off at the T-junction of the Harare-Guruve Road.


Although details were still sketchy at the time of going to print, his wife confirmed the accident and said she was yet to get full details from the police officers who had attended the scene of accident.

“I just heard that an accident happened, but I am yet to get a full report of what actually happened,” his wife told NewsDay last night.

National Traffic police spokesperson Luckmore Chakanza was still checking on the matter by the time of going to print last night.
It was not clear whether Chindori-Chininga was alone in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The incident happened hardly a week after the outspoken Zanu PF MP and ex-Mines minister had released a damning report on the abuse of diamond revenue in Chiadzwa diamond fields. Chindori-Chininga, viewed by many as a rebel MP, was booted from Zanu PF Copac delegation for reportedly leaking information to the MDC-T, as factional fights took their toll in the beleaguered President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

The MP took to Facebook and launched an astonishing attack on Didymus Mutasa, the party’s secretary for administration.

Chindori-Chininga survived a horrific accident in March last year when his official car collided with a pick-up truck near Mazowe Hotel apparently on his way to Guruve. He was said to have been trapped in the car for a considerable amount of time while other injured victims were taken to hospital.

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  1. This is very suspect. I suspect foul play here. Zanu PF will take you if you criticise, let alone expose their corrupt path. This must be all about diamonds.

    1. Please don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

      1. @kedo, iwe kedoros, this is not commercial space, pay for avert pages and sell your damaged cars. unotipedzera nguva nespace pano.

      2. Hippopotamusshit

        can we all do cars? kedo you must be a deranged fool how much money have you made killing Ndebeles now?

      3. MaChinja zvaachapera before Election nhai Save? Harisi gamba redu here iri?



    2. According to a man who claimed to have been part of a hit squad that eliminated Peter Pamire, quoted on New Zimbabwe a few years ago, he shot him whilst he was driving and Pamire subsequently lost control of the car and it overturned. In order to disguise the real cause of death one of the operatives pushed a metal rod through the bullet hole and roughened it up so that it would not be obvious to someone viewing the injuries.

      In this case I think Chininga was dead well before the accident and my bet is the other passengers in the car will be conveniently unavailable for some time. To the ordinary person it seems absurd that these ZanuPF thugs can stage all these accidents and get away with it but they also manage the subsequent police attendance, transfer of body, autopsy, media releases and burial arrangements.

      So far they think they are smart but the day of reckoning is approaching. Chininga has been a thorn in the flesh for some time and the final straw was his IT literacy (thus possible link to Baba Jukwa) and his influence plus subsequent damning report on the Chiadzwa revenues.

    3. Baba jukwa said it all and those who think BJ is fake are crazy, prominent pple are being killed for no reasons RIP brother, we shall cherish your words of wisdom particularly portofolio committe on mines will never be the same, more upcoming events join baba jukwa. For more upcoming victims let us like BJ.

  2. baba jukwa said it and people didnt believe him, now look what has happened

    1. Please don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

      1. plz go somewhere

      2. Iwe Kedo uchati bhohwa wanzwa tirikufunga nezvemunhu afa iwe woti i politics enda kuZimclassified. Benzi remunhu

      3. Kedo uri dhodhi chairo rinonhuwa.

    2. Martin Dinha (Mash central Governor) was very lucky to survive an assassination attempt on him on him a few days ago….

      1. Dinha is good at exaggerating his incident is the result of road rage he is pompous followed the person whom he had an altercation with the driver tried to flee and he had him apprehended on false charges attempted murder my foot. Do you follow your would assassin why did he not merely take down the number plate and report the matter to the police. Well about Chindori My deepest condolence to his family and friends may his soul rest in peace.

      2. Mabhunu Tichatonga

        @Walter you are insane. Assination attempt on Dinha what good will that do to anyone? Even if he was to win ten seats (10 ma-seat) that idiot adds no value to anyone. If we are to eliminate all Zanoids he will be the last after every one else, and probably just caught in cross fire. Muchapera nhaka

    3. Zanu pf is a satanic mvt. Dont dare try to join then because you wont get out.

  3. Kalikogagumilenyollo

    ZANU has become a very accomplished serial killer. Look at how many of its own members have died in car ‘accident’? Rest in peace, Sekuru Eddie!

    1. dzidzai manhi

      What do you mean “has become”. It always has. People just didnt know or didnt bother to ask. All the way back to Sydney Malunga? Even those before that, some of whom are significant people in the struggle.

      If you were following recent events including Chindori taking them on on Facebook, him recently exposing Chiadzwa corruption, then you know it was a hit. He became too close to unravelling alot of stealing that’s going on

  4. who is baba jukwa? your days are numbered. we are watching you. you are going to suffer for10 days before i drop you in accid……

    1. Please don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

    2. @ spy
      Pathetic excuse for a human.I bet you call yourself a christian too!!

    3. stupid @spy uri duzvi mbwa yemunhu

    4. Who ever you are, May you find peace in Jesus’ Name..Amen.. Be blessed Brother/ Sister.

  5. We have lost a great man to our family will miss our brother,son,uncle and father my condolences to our muroora R.I.P

  6. Zinja zami…….

    1. Vavo vanongofa nema accidents. God help us. Rip Chin Chin.

  7. muromo zvinyarare meso anoona,

  8. domutomu domutomu

    baba jukwa vakatozvipengerawo zvavo

  9. haaa foul play

  10. Mwari vanoona

  11. imi Newsday don’t coz controverse among people………. just report kuti Chindori-Chininga dies not kuda kupa vanhu wrong infor nxaaa

    1. Chindori was murdered by ZANU thugs.

      1. Give us the evidence please remember he was once involved in a fatal accident and charged with culpable homicide when he overtook in front of on coming traffic resulting in the death of the other people his car was a write off.

    2. dzidzai manhi

      your time is coming.
      you are just a few, surrounded by millions
      you think to trust your soldiers?

  12. Just wait and see bongozozo

  13. RIP son of the soil. May the Lord comfort your wife and children.

  14. Manje hameno ,hamenooo manje hameno, hamenoo ikoko

  15. Bba Jukwa spoke about this a long time ago and even reminded him 10 days ago. ZANU is a murderous party and for that it must be shown the road to political dustbins. Zimbabweans must live outside fear! enough is enough!

    1. Then that points kuna iva Bba jukwa, killing the guy so that people would believe his lies. Its the mdct in conjuction with their CIA guys, just wait and see varikubatwa iye manje so.

      1. Nyika Ndeyedu

        @REASON – i like your thinking, hamuna kublair asekuru.

  16. Kwira padurunhuru


    1. Watetaura zvandibata pamoyo wangu yahwe chete chandikaona kunevekwangu makorekore kutya kunge bu-uuu[bere] ende kungotyityidzirwa kuti muvoting booth[munevhoterwa mune camera kana mushini unekuoona paurikuvhotera chete aiwa wanobva vakwata zvokushaya zvokuita chaizvo.Chokwadi changamukai honai mubiyedu aenda uyo munetepapera mukasangwara.Thanx Kwira Padurunhuru.

  17. kedo uri dhodhi

  18. RIP MP

  19. Kana Mu Profita Baba Jukwa vataura pliz ,batai mazwi.Baba Jukwa had long seen his death coming.Now Chen Chimutengwende and Gono are being warned and do not say Baba Jukwa never said it.

    Pliz be warned,Zpf is very dangerous,do not trust these thugs at all.

    1. Nyika Ndeyedu

      kokana Baba Jukwa vari ivo varikuuraya vanhu since he claims to be in the same party?

  20. chindori chininga a gentleman killed by zanu pf bloodsuckers baba jukwa tinoku respectayi,

  21. Brigadier general

    hezvo zvaitika! zanu pf is a party of killers. this good guy was murdered!

  22. may God see us thru this hard times,God we believe in your unchalleged might power..

  23. oh shame.Baba Jukwa has long predicted about Chindori`s death and even warned him about his impending death.This is for everyone to see Zimbabwe that we being ruled by a murderous party Zanu Pf.Please lets all go and vote out these murderous party Zanu Pf.

  24. May his soul rest in peace.

  25. Bloody Diamonds! Why such a delay in official announcement or comment?

  26. ‘There are still in war mode’ Well said the head of gukurahundi,head of failed state and commander of THIEFs

  27. mirai tinzwe kuti baba jukwa varikutii nenyaya iyi.i remember him saying tichange tichienda ku heroes acre kwemazuva akati oooooo

  28. Fambai zvakanaka Cd

  29. may his soul rest in peace

  30. Baba Jukwa vanotorevesa. Wakabvirirwa kare murume uyu, havadi vanhu vanotaura chokwadi vachifumura uwori.

  31. NehandaNyakasikana

    Kedo can u stop that nonsense. Uri mbodza

  32. Morgan is More

    Fambai netsoka kana vachikupedzai nenjodzi, vatadza kupedza hurombo zano ravo rasara kupedza varombo vacho, zorarai murugare zvenyu Mwari ari kudenga ndiye anoziva!

  33. Rip. Let us mourn with together with the Chindinga family in this painful time they are going thru.

  34. RIP,ube eyindoda emadodeni


    Accidents in Zim are quite popular due to poor roads or due to non-licenced drivers. Well lets wait the unlicenced police to investigate.

    1. Bhiniwere Madzokere

      Do you mean “quite common”, amai?

  36. it’s it for no mercy…wakatamba nebanga unofa nebanga,ukatamba nezvenyika unofa nezvenyika. Baba Jukwa be warned…..30 June 2013 is far, you will be in our hands…you will die a ruthless dearth. we will kill you softly…10 days then the 11th day in acid….

  37. Thabani Mgabadeli

    Their day is coming. Izinja zeZanu will surely pay. All the people u murdered, we are counting and those responsible might smile and say job well done BUT THE BLOOD of the slain is calling for justice,,,,

  38. Baba jukwa is CIA, dont waste your time looking for an individual.

  39. I am praying for these morons and blood mongers 2 come to their senses.

  40. ndimi makauraya hazina mhosva singing

  41. Ma Satanist haavhunduke kuparadza ropa. Munomisa magaro muchiimba kuti ‘Zanu ndeyeropa’ maiti nderaani. Muchapera mese kufidha zvikwambo zvevashoma varikuda kudya mari yengozi yema diamonds. Imi kumba muchikwangwaya. Bvisai chibato ichi mhani musati ma sacrifiswa.

  42. Zanu, a party of blood thirsty vampires.

  43. Zanu, a party of blood thirsty vampires.There is no duplicate comment here Mr. Editor. Asi wakadhakwa? Wanwa skindo usati wauya kubasa.Shit.

  44. RIP cde…..

  45. mai chidhuura you are an idiot road yaita sei tongogara road,malunga road,mahachi road,gezi road,manyika road,why not killing,killing a nobody in mt darwin,we are not idiots.i zpf but i’m having second thoughts…..!

  46. I just checked the guy on facebook,he was surprisingly level headed!RIP

  47. zanupf has killed mo pipo than jobs they hav created since 1980.infact its now among six killer diseases and is second largest killer behind AIDS.reports are saying if it is not stopped this election it is goin to overtake Aids in the next six months.fortunately a doctor by the name tsvangirayi has discovered the cure fo this serial killer,its simple go out and regester so that u can be saved

  48. Chindori -Chininga was a Zanu Pf cadre and a strong Zanupf supporter.I see a lot of stupid MDC T supporters are jumping into their conspiracy fantasy mode and would like to blame the accident on fellow cadres. Can you please dream on and visit Baba Jukwa pages and believe it. Isu tinoti famba zvakanaka mwana veGuruwe Zorora murugare mwana weVhu

    1. Iwe if you do not believe baJukwa then I guess you also do not believe you are a fool especially on this predicted accident. But

      Hailume gore rino Zanu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. does anyone actually care about this loss apart from those of his family. If u mess with ZPF u accept that one day soon u will die for ur country

  50. People people. Politics is motivated by greed. All this political scene yana Baba Jukwa and Chindori irikukupei ? Siyai vaite yavanoita. If Chindori had the people’s interest at heart, where is the development yemore than $50 000 constituition development fund yaipiwa kuGuruve. Shinje Clinic is always out of drugs. Vana varikungofoira bcz of lack of resources muzvikoro, bt mari aipiwa. Can some1 outline 1 meaningful project yakaitwa naChindori in his constituency, besides kutenga chikafu nenyama yeIndependance,zve 1 day futi

  51. I believe this gentleman was a great man, all his work for the parliamentary committee on mines speaks volumes about the man. He was a giant in his own right and one could say without fear of contradiction that he did NOT have a ‘crippled conscience’ like some who know themselves…To paraphrase Socrates, “A good man has nothing to fear either in life or in death”..These fitting golden words describe the honorable member for Guruve South. Together with a handful of others he truly believed that his job in parliament was to represent the people not his stomach. Go well sir, you gave it your BEST! ….let history be the best judge of your sterling efforts as a people’s representative. Bayethe!!!

  52. Baba Jukwa please tell us who is next and also why they do not think of hitting it where it hurts most, the BIG one. You are just so accurate with your stories please continue informing us of this dead donkey led party’s dirty tricks. I wonder what two fools called Muzvina and Girinya are saying about this one that was predicted long back by BaJukwa who they labelled a sellout liar.
    RIP Chindori-Chininga and this also serves as a warning to others still in this party that it can turn against you very soon: WATCH OUT but

    Hailume gore rino Zanu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nyika Ndeyedu

      @Qawe laMaqawe – he is so accuate because he is the killer, stupid

  53. Makorekore tavekupera manje, nenyaya yekufira dzaabiyedu. Takapusa maningi. Hatione zvirimberi, kubangoitiwa masekirifaizi NemaZezuru. Ngatimukeiwo tindochinjawo maitiro panekushandira kuuraiwa. Mbatingwarei tisati tapfa tose peno. Zanu yatakada ichatipedza.

  54. We keep count of Baba Jukwa”s files. Tombotarisira vana Gono manje. Nhaka, irogorerino iri!!!! tichaneta nekuenda kumakuwa emagamba

  55. Chindori-Chininga was a bad driver fullstop. He should have learnt a lesson when he had a serious car accident last year. He never learnt anything unfortunately.

  56. The percetion by Zanu pf was to say everyone being warned by Baba Jukwa to watch his back is an accessory to The Baba Jukwa Crusade.Hence the hunt for anyone sanitised by BJ.

  57. nhai veduwee have you noticed that paheroes acre hapavigwe munhu one pagore if anyone has died and has been diclared a national hero the its for sure that in a few months munodzokerako futi if you think ndikunyepa try tressing bck and see the spacing between deaths of those varipo pa acre……..Rip va chininga

  58. Ahh, ndinehurombo kuti Hon. Chindori- Chininga vatisiya maZimbabwe. Kune vehukama, vepedyo, zvikurusei vabereki vake nevemhuri yekwake, mudzimai nevana vasiiwa nemi vana veZimbabwe ngatichemei tiinetariro.Basa raakabata rekusimudzira nyika ino yeZimbabwe takariona, naizvozvo tese ngatimutendei mwana webvu uyu afuratira. Vana veZimbabwe ngatitsvakei mazvi anovaka uye nekunyaradza mumimoyo yedu tinyaradzane nehama dzemufi uye neshamwari dzake panguva yakaoma iyi.
    Gamba, Chin-Chin wakabata basa rakanaka mwana webvu, pawasiira Mwari vachatswaka mumwe anemoyo wakanaka sewako opedzesa basa guru rawasiira panzira.

  59. Zanu ndeye ropa shuwa. Is Bobo involved in all this?? kana kuti pave neimwe team yaakuita muitiro wayo imomo mu Zanu.

  60. “ndimi makauraya ndimimakauraya, mukaura, ndimimakaura hazvina mhosva paukama”, May his soul rest in Eternal peace, a very sober Zanu pf MP whom many respected both within and outside Zanu PF. Zvino zvaenda nyaya ye SMM ne diamond looting dzichapera here?

  61. Now i know that Baba Jukwa is for real, Gono hona kwananga Chininga, Tsvangirai, Mukoko, Biti, Mavhaire nevamwe vose vakataurwa naBaba Jukwa honai chikwambo chamuka, Zanu pf yeropa iyi, haiguti.

    Let me accept my mistake, i failed to warn this relative of ours as adviced by Baba Jukwa

  62. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth

    All Shonas who behave like Ndevers will be treated as such, and will be dealt with the same way.

    1. stupid man..ulo Satan ngaphakwathi kwenhliziyo yakho.hell is waiting you..

    2. Kedo, you have brain damage. Oh, my God, you need serious therapy.

  63. Asijiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Mutirowafanza

    John Ndebele, why being defensive? You killed him. Full stop. You are capable of such henious acts as witnessed during the Gukurahundi and error and by the number of insane war vets in our midst.Most of your friends are now lunatics because of the blood of innocent people they shed. And wena, if you are not careful you will soon be eating your faeces because of the blood dripping on your hands. Umuntu kasiyo nkomo wena “o”vet.

  65. Mutirowafanza

    John Ndebele, why being defensive? You killed him. Full stop. You are capable of such henious acts as witnessed during the Gukurahundi era and by the number of insane war vets in our midst.Most of your friends are now lunatics because of the blood of innocent people they shed. And wena, if you are not careful you will soon be eating your faeces because of the blood dripping on your hands. Umuntu kasiyo nkomo wena “o”vet.

  66. Zanu Pf survives on innocent human blood..alikhathi ukubulala makhehla ndini angela nqondo.BUT our God is watching and one you killers will stand before him and be judged.the pain you inflict on innocent people will be less than the pain you will feel when God starts punishing you.our soil is full of human blood stains because of Zanu PF.they never get tired of killing bhut one you shall answer when the mighty sword of God falls on you…sies sikhathele nge Zanu PF


  68. They kill you today, and talk nicely of you at your burial at heroes.

  69. zanu-pf dd the same pana mujuru nw chininga.wamwe warikunyeperwa kut he sukambd frm cancer iwo wazobaya madrags ekuuraya.jastice wl prevail on d 14th of agast tahwina negr8 margin.MDC 4 democracy.

  70. Kedo uyinja mthakathi wezigodo. uChindori ayisilondebele manje kungenelana ngaphi. It amazes to note that about half of the Heroes at Heroes Acre die mistrious deaths..kwenzakalani kanti. think of oMujuru, o JZ etc

  71. @’ kedo’ Nhai munhu iwe, sei uchirega moyo wako uchichengeta ruvengo rwakadai? Shuwa kugara pasi uchinyora zvinhu zvakadai;’ mandevere, makalanga mashona,chii chii’
    Paunogara inga pane machurch pedyo wani. Wadii kutendeuka nhasi chaiye.Wakasikwa nemufanidzo waMwari, kedo usadaro urikunyadzisa Mwari. Uri Mwana waMwari iwe, pfugama unamate.Tiri zvisikwa zvaMwari tese uye Mwari havana kutadza kuti pave nemarudzi akasiyana siyana. Usashore Musiki kuti akasikirei ‘mundevere’ sekunyora kwako zvisinei nekuti ini hangu handizvifariri kutaura mashoko ndichireva ‘rudzi rwemunhu’ nerudzi rwake.Urikudyara ruvengo even nekumwan wako chaiye.
    Mmmmmmm, wakakomborerwa iwe kedo unemoyo wakazara neruvengo rwakadaii.
    Zvakare usaisa zita remunhu mukuru anoremekedzwa nyika yose kana uchinyora ruvengo rwakadai.
    Tendeuka,kedo uchawanikwa wakabata demo naMwari vamwe vakapakatira mabhaibheri.Zvinhu zvawanyora hazvinyorwi zvinonyadzisa even kune ve hukama hwako.
    Vanu vaunovenga ava vanekodzero yekugara munyika muno nokuti ndeyaMwari.
    Tendeuka, kedo waita rombo rakanaka nhasi kusangana nemashoko anovaka.Zvakare tamba neshamwari dzinoziva Mwari uponeswe nhasi. Gudbye, kedo God bless you.

  72. Saka solution chii varume? Haisi Ngwena here apedza vanhu uyu? Beatrice chenjerawo Baba Jukwa vakakuyambira.Ngatiende tose tinovhota MDC-T tibvise mhondi idzi.

  73. Cde Edward Chindori Chininga Rest in Peace

  74. SAMORA MACHEL ONCE SAID ..”chimurenga chichadya vanavacho” am challennging Makandiwa and crew to give up on prophecy because their work has been overtaken by others. nedzinoparadzak nhai vanhu vekw Chininga. affira chokwadi kani hihihiiiiii nhaiwedenga izvo zvakauraisa Herbert Ushewekunze na Malunga nhasi zvinewe pasihapguti chokwwadi. konhaiwe Karigamombe zvawapedza vana uchi cherera psi wati vokurira havo mumihomba sembambaira? koibakatwai rako risinga gomari nekuwanda kwehuro dzawasinza? imhidyai dzakasunga rako riva risingawire pasi? unodakuzowa uchichemwa nani? ukati aah zvandatandaniswa nedzesarudzo ndingadida ndika ipedzanyika ndichityisidzira kuti ndinichete . regai ndivakoke nedzinonynga paningga huru ndopandichadzibtira mumwena inga waparadza gorekore biyerako. nyadzi wakapaaniko nhai? taiti zvimwe ziso rezvikonzi ndere nyikatenderere nyamba iwe unototti pfumo nderangu zvino zvowo rwisanisa pwere uchatuma aniko. gango rendarira rawazadza iri ucharidya ukaripedza here ukasafufutirwa wega? mwana ati nditaurewo kuti mumunda mapindahudyi iwe wati varanda batai munhu, dzako hope hadzikusanganise here nemweya yevanaava? bva chitiudzawo kuti vanottii kwavanogara chino.
    ha watirwadza zvako Tsivo maoko ako hachatendeki chinopona rega hakouone inguva chete ichachochonya yako nyere ichakubaya gara wayeuchidzwa kuti zai rakatokandirwa jongwe raka kuta unoriziva sheshe yacho irikurarira ramba wakatarisira
    dzedu nzeve takavhura tichanzwa paningahuru kuti uchachema uchiti chii iro nyana rawakuzhumura mudendere Makorekore simukai zvomopondwa makangogara munoti Nehanda haanetisu ba inga mapera zvomotoverengeka muchanza imi maimbozadza bani rese wani. murimbwende murimbwende murimbwende ndiko kurira kwe jogwe reku state house imbahuru. asi hamusi mbwende imhanda chete yamusingadi. asi nhasi rodzai mapanga muti kana mushakabvu oshandiswa pamarinda mariro ake oitwa rally Karigamombe odaidzira kuti ma sanctions ma sanctions ma sanctions imi itii pasinewe pasinewe pasinewe. anozvinzwa nyangwe rikava izwi remumoyo.
    ndiyo chema yangu hama ndiani arikugashira mari ndiye adii mwana regai ini ndimuchemewo. kanamoviga musa mutsinamirise pasi kana kushandukur semunoviga gweta regai arare zvakanaka. karigamombe hokoyo.

  75. john ndebele, loba ngeSindebele. Akuzwakali lokho okulobileyo.

  76. Rest in peace, my condolences to his family.

  77. Ingwe yodya vana vayo. Kana ingwe yoda kudya vana vayo inotanga kuvaudza vavakunhuwirira sembudzi.

  78. Children have lost their father. life is serous guys and i can not fathom how both the family, immediate and extended, must be feeling. and if foul play is at hand then death of the same magnitude be upon the idiot(s) involved.I honestly can’t comprehend human beings who think they can just walk scot-free from this.

  79. Ha-llow green bombers/mambas i had seen some of the queastions for the july/augast maths paper, solve for X in: Morgen R Tsvangirai +2 R G Mugabe3{ Welshman Ncube}. The answer wil be X =Morgen R Tsvangirai. HAIKONA KUITA HUDOFO HWAMAKAITA PA o.level

  80. dhodha rekanyi

    Anhu oye zvirizvo zvakati ko-o peyane ndatame chironzo akhiti oye. Hino tichaita wani? Apenoo Mwari wakhona unoziya zveshe.

  81. R.I.P gamba renyika. Zanu Pf ka iyo.

  82. Suggestion to the Chininga family. If he is accorded hero status accept because he really is; but decline to have him buried at Heroes Acre , the evil place where the murdered are buried.

  83. kedo uri mutakati mwanangu. Uhatiparira ngozi iwe

  84. rest in peace Cde ndonzira yedu tose

  85. Rest in peace Chin Chin! Zvino Makore-kore oringepi? Ndiani angakunda Hondo yemaKore-kore kana yamuka? Ini zii zvangu.

  86. ngozi yemakore kore ka!vamwe tichavanzwira

  87. Who is Chindori???

  88. Joking? Its the gentleman who’s been f*cking yr wife all these years. Pity yr wife will have to look for another f*cker.

  89. baba jukwa yu prove ur deliquence

  90. Chindori a rare breed in Zimbabwean politics. He was not afraid to speak truth to power and always advanced reason in the national interest to the chagrin of the corrupt laden Zanu PF heirachy. Zimbabwe has lost a true son of the soil. May his soul rest in peace.

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