Chaminuka hits back

PREMIERSHIP football side Buffaloes head coach Saul Chaminuka says the club’s executive decision to give him a three-match ultimatum to collect six points will only worsen the situation in the camp and  add more pressure on the players.

Report by Kenneth Nyangani

The army side has collected only a point out of a possible 15 points and face Triangle at Gibbo Stadium this afternoon.

The ultimatum is affecting the entire Buffaloes technical staff that includes the first assistant Shadreck Magurasave and Timothy Masachi.

“Pressure is always there in the game of football, but this issue of ultimatum will not  be on me only, but the pressure will always be on the players. This issue of ultimatums will not solve anything at all, I think those responsible should find a way to motivate the players and l will also try my best,” he said.

“This is football, every team goes through a bad spell and I cannot go into the pitch to play football with an ultimatum over my shoulder. Okay, for example if in your team you do have players who do not like you, in such cases what do you do? They will sabotage you,” added Chaminuka.

The army side is lying on the eighth position with 16 points from 12 matches.
The Mutare-based side first litmus test will come against Triangle at today before they return at home to take on champions Dynamos before facing Tripple B in Beitbridge.

Last year Chaminuka was also given a three-match ultimatum to collect at least seven points. He, however amassed six points before he was given another chance to lead the army side that eventually ended the season in sixth position.

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  1. what’s problem neultimatum? This is business and mgt should set targets. Chii chinorwadza kuwina. We dont want to be relegated, give him more ultimata now kwete kumirira kwasara 3games.

  2. Its bho soccer is based on results just like farming where u invest a lot of money on inputs and labor everything at stake for a highly experienced and qualified manager but reaps nothing. What will he use to produce yields in the coming season. Sauro tarisa Man City finished second on the log but coz Mancin failed to meet the set targets he got sacked. Saka iwe wotosimba shamwari vakawanda vanoda ma basa akadaro saka usaite nharo dzisina musoro. Team ndeyevanhu saka as supporter tikaona team ichingoenda mberi with a string of poor results we attack coach not players. When we bail for your head then management attacks you and you attack your players until sanctuary prevails in that order. Tarira zvinoitika muRufaro kana Dembare/Kepekepe ikadyiwa iwe hausati wasangana nazvo shamwari.

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