Byo teen elected new child president

BULAWAYO-BASED teenager Ntandoyenkosi Moyo of Milton High School was elected Zimbabwe’s Child President on Thursday night at the Harare Institute of Technology.

Report by Winstone Antonio

Ten junior governors from each province were competing for the junior presidency post which was tightly contested in an election that only junior parliamentarians were the electorate.

The 18-year-old Ntandoyenkosi Moyo garnered 43 votes to beat the other nine candidates who became members of the Cabinet.

In an interview with NewsDay Teens soon after the elections, Moyo said he is dedicated to work for the community to build a better future for the youths and promote sustainable development among them.
“It is a great honour to represent Zimbabwean children and I promise that I will be committed to work towards alleviating the plight of underprivileged children across the country,” said Moyo.

“Children of Zimbabwe, if you can have it in your heart you can have it in your hands. Stand up and be the man or woman of the moment. If I can do it, you can also do it,” he added.

The newly-elected Cabinet is made up of first vice-president Mazvita Nyandoro from Manicaland, second vice-president Antony Mpala from Harare, Prime Minister Albert Banda from Masvingo, first Deputy Prime Minister Caroline Hungwe of Midlands, Deputy Prime Minister Lindile Khumalo of Mashonaland West, President of the Senate Larry Maredza of Mashonaland Central, Deputy President of the Senate Angela Chinamasa of Matebeleland South and Sergeant at Arms Lisa Khumalo of Matebeleland North.

On another note,  the swearing-in ceremony was scheduled for today (Sat 15 June) at the Harare International Conference Centre has been postponed to June 22.

The elections and all the activities of the incoming Junior Parliament for 2013-2014 were centred on this year’s theme of the Day of the African Child; “Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Children: Our Collective”.

The Zimbabwe Junior Parliament was established in 1991 as a way of commemorating the Day of the African Child on June 16 each year. The programme allows children to participate in the national agenda, while addressing concerns affecting children in Zimbabwe.

lMeanwhile, Churchill Boys High’s pupil, Confidence Thomas was on Wednesday evening elected the new Harare City junior mayor at Town House in the capital.

He beat six other contestants drawn from six different schools around the capital.

Candidates who were vying for the post were required to give a three-minute speech followed by questions from other junior prospective councillors before casting their votes secretly.

In an interview with NewsDay soon after the elections, Thomas said he is committed to work with vulnerable children and advocate for their rights.

“During my term in office, I promise to work to the best of my ability with the help of my council so as to empower
youths in different communities around the capital through various projects,” said Thomas.

“Our council will only achieve positive results if the community itself is co-operating with us as we execute our duties in trying to bring out the new dimension among the youths’ lives,” he added.
The outgoing Junior Mayor, Aaron Takunda Chimutashu, said he was happy that his council had achieved some of their targeted goals and opened up doors on the international platform.

“Today signifies the beginning of the new era and an end of another era. To the incoming council I just want to edge you to work closely with the senior Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda so as to yield results during your reign,” said Chimutashu.


  1. Ko ma child president zva arikurotator vachipanana mukana iwe mugabe haunyari what example are u leading ini dai ndakaziva ndirikuchikoro ndaitoitawo child president ndairambira pachigaro mainditasei nxaa

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  2. Saka vafana ava vanenge vachinyatsoitei chaizvo . Wats all this about

  3. Ntando aim high Mfana. I am happy for you. De sky is de limit. Usarambira pachigaro. This is only a stepping stone to Havard University, but I am warning you Mfanawami. Do not pursue a ROBOTICS degree programme !

  4. Leadership positions for mthwakazi should end at teenage levels. When fully grown we will do another zifa. Bayeeeeeeethe.

  5. This should a good lesson to the elders of this country that tribalism has no room in our society. These young people have shown that the quality of a person is not decided by which tribe he/she comes from, but the quality of their personality.

    If such attitudes had prevailed within the mainstream politics, this country would not be in this mess. Men and women of sustance have been left by the wayside simply because of their tribal origin, and it still happens today.

    Sadly, it is those at the very top who have encouraged that situation. Hope our children will not make the same mistakes as those made by their parents, petty tribalism!!!!!

  6. Imposed Candidate

    Lets have the election on 31st July and elect an adult president, not this ‘child president’ nonsense. Viva ZANU!

  7. Ayeye mthwakazi!!!!!! All the best kids as you taste the sweetness of power

    1. Gukuratsvina Murambahundi

      There is no country called Mthwakazi, and there will never be.

  8. i fail to see the purpose of ths…. i thot it wz a platform fo kids to express n brig to light the challenges they r facin….

  9. U dont see the purpose of this coz u have no brain

  10. Deputy Prime Minister Lindile Khumalo of Mashonaland West,
    second vice-president Antony Mpala from Harare

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    2. U are a fool, stupid idiot. Wake up turn from evil and be good then you will dwell in the land for ever to witness Mthwakazi taking over you are a disgrace in the eyes of God.

  11. Kedo you are sick in the head. If you were a dog SPCA would put you down with one lethal injection. You are a psychopath who should be attended to by a psychiatrist and exorcist simultaneously. Your rabid tribalism has no place in Zimbabwe. Is that the legacy you want to leave when you finally kick the bucket ? Shame !

  12. We love you kids well done you are our pride, God bless you all. As long as you are Zimbabweans long live you will soon be the ones leading Zimbabwe to its defined destin. God bless you abundantly, dont forget your books as you perform your duties.

  13. zvakaratidza kuti nyika haisi yemarudzi asi kuti ndeye vana vezimbabwe

  14. I am not so sure who the electorate is on the child president. I, however, draw a lot of positives from the outcome. I sincerely believe the next generation will vote for people on merit and not on sentiments dictated by region and tribe. I feel comforted.

  15. I promise to serve Zimbabwe faithfully-for life…

    1. We love you Ndooooo

  16. Look, Tambo iNyoka

    Mthwakazi…wot da fcuk is dat?

  17. brian muswerakuenda

    Congrats guys

  18. Ndevere ngarife that was iur slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80’s. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was s formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and fro all. do you now how toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo I send them to kill any one now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the in Jozi they are very fearful of shon guy. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.

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  21. 31 July 2013 Vote ZANU-PF! Icho!!!

  22. jaysiker chavez

    kedo go back 2 selling yo accidented cars nd stop ths,w wil unleash mbonisi on u

  23. guys stop being tribalist eishhhhh wats wrng wid e poor boi being e junior president we re all the same , just bcoz hz Ndebele he shld nt hve e presidential post ?????????????

  24. If we can stand together as a united nation that appreciates diversity,we are bound to achieve more than we could eva hope for. STOP TRIBALISM children of Zimbabwe, bear in mind “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL” Ntando I blv in u man,I knw u are capable,God chose u specifically for a reason,dnt be carried away but pursue your goal and bring a change. I trust u can.

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