BREAKING: Mugabe poll date, Tsvangirai press briefing live updates

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is currently addressing a Press Conference after President Mugabe reportedly circumvented Parliament and gazetted Statutory Instrument 85 of 2013 to proclaim the election date as July 31, 2013.

Tsvangirai had insisted on reforms before polls and he was hoping the Sadc Summit on Zimbabwe, scheduled for Maputo this Saturday, would deal with the matter since Sadc is the guarantor of the unity government.

Below are the live updates from the Press Conference.
By Tapiwa Zivira Online Reporter

1:10pm The Press Conference ends with Tsvangirai having rejected Mugabe’s proclamation, setting the stage for a bruising fight with Mugabe at the Sadc Summit.

1:05- Tsvangirai says the earliest date for nomination court to sit- all provisions followed- is 24 July 2013.

Asked if Sadc leaders consent with Mugabe and let elections go ahead on July 31 for the sake of progress in the troubled unity government, Tsvangirai said:”I am not suicidal and Sadc is not stupid to be derailed.”

Video courtesy of Media Centre- Zimbabwe

12:56: Tsvangirai says he stakes his hope on the wisdom of the Sadc leadership to reign in Mugabe in view of the unilateral election date proclamation.

Asked if he will not participate in the election, Tsvangirai said if there is a stalemate between him and Mugabe Sadc has the responsibility to call Mugabe to order.

12:52- Tsvangirai says he will inform the Sadc leaders accordingly and advise them of the poll-unfriendly situation in Zimbabwe.

12:46 -Tsvangirai says Mugabe’s actions are disrespectful of the efforts by the Sadc leaders, and says he will approach the courts to overturn Mugabe’s proclamation.

“I have instructed my attorneys to file an urgent application against this fraudulent action, I call upon all peace loving Zimbabweans to remain calm” he says.

Tsvangirai insists there are reforms that need to be done first,media, security sector, electoral & voters roll and government is yet to acquire funds for for elections

“Without that, Zimbabwe may be headed for another June 27,” he says, “as the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, I will not allow Zimbabweans to be frog marched to another contested election, another 27 June”

12:42: Tsvangirai says Mugabe actions are a deliberate and unnecessary precipitation of a constitutional crisis.He says Mugabe is breaching the provisions of the new constitution by circumventing parliament in passing Statutory Instrument 85.

12:35- Tsvangirai says the ‘unilateral proclamation of July 31 as election date by President Mugabe is ‘an act of denying Zimbabweans the opportunity to register as voters.’

Zimbabweans are still struggling to register as voters amid revelations that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is yet to secure enough funds for the process.

12:30 Tsvangirai says he only received the information about the gazetting of July 31 as election date this morning.

Calls it a ” a unilateral and flagrant breach of the constitution & will not agree to it.”

Below is a copy of President Robert Mugabe’s proclamation addressed to Prime Minister Tsvangirai.

election proclamation in full

election proclamation 2


  1. Hande mberi,hapana chekutya apa.

    1. MaYouth don’t just waste time commenting without taking action. Go and register as voters or confirm that you’re indeed registered. We don’t want people who will cry after elections saying “I should have voted” Now is your turn to decide your future. Do you want to continue with the old guard or the new world order? The choice is entirely yours. The future is more important than the past. Economic progression and promise for better standards of living for all Zimbabweans.

      1. Lazy Boy, Tsvangirai, Giles Mutsekwa, Simon sipepa Nkomo , Gift Chimanikire are all old guard and must be removed from your party first. Zvino isu vakuru ndovatinoda vanotsigisa musha. Pamberi naGushungo pasi nechematama.

        1. well done Gushu we nd 1 out of you 2 so moenda kumbare bus terminus whilst we decide your fate this time no GNU or kutsvagirwa kachigaro waenda waenda no re-run tichamhanya kamwechete pamwechete musarovane hamadzangu hapana chembwa tenzi vararira mutakura vote in peace not in pieces

        2. @chandokupisa: I didn’t say I was MDC but only pointing to the fact that your old guard has tried everything in the last 33 yrs and failed. Why does your party recycle dead wood? The likes of Hebert Murerwa, Mohadi, Kangai, Sekeramayi and the rest when young blood brings in new thinking. Can you imagine a 90-yr old man planning your future? They sun is set and even if they we to be hit by a truck trying to cross the road we would still call the cause of death “natural cause” because they don’t have the strength to run away. Political difference aside, I am 100% certain that your party will not improve the standards of living in this country. GDP is worsening and we have already been overtaken by Zambia & Mozambique and you believe the sanctions rhetoric? No wonder why the youth are no longer interested in your Herald, Sunday Mail & ZBC TV and opting for Face Book & Baba Jukwa for news.

          1. You are right thats what real man says we are real man keep on educating them

      2. Zim,s VoiceYouth

        new world order??

    2. Bhora nderi Baba
      THINK SADC can reverse Concourt, then they shld ve replaced Mutambara as DPM for the respected Prof Ncube

  2. Bayahlanya abantu bezanu benzela ukusitshaya kuhle shiti zabantu nxa!

  3. Mugabe proclaiming a date for his defeat let us go in millions and defeat the old dictator

    1. You call him dictator bse u don’t know the history of African and how white people exploited Africa to its kneels.u bless Mandela bse he fought for his freedom and surrendered Land and economy to them,,gabbage

      1. gimu, you the one who has to realise that to our fellow Africans ,Mugabe preaches, but to his fellow Zimbabweans he bullies them and show no respect.One thing for sure he does exactly opposite of his preaching to Zimbabweans.We are fed up of him, doesn’t respect our wishes and if you look at him, he doesn’t respect his own system he built.On health problems , he prefers to waste millions to get treatment overseas and neglecting the nation, his children goes for private education and overseas for universities, and our national education standards have deteriorated to war situation.
        The excuse he always say is we are sanctioned, but on minerals going out of the country everyday unaccounted , he gets up to date military equipment to suppress his people, cannot even dressup the soldiers being used to suppress the people.
        Our Leaders have now betrayed the wishes of the revolution and now they are busy looting enriching themselves, people are left to suffer and if we let them , they will continue , it will be worse.So please do not be brainwashed by the excuse they give everyday that they are War heroes, from now you know them as Revolutionary Betrayors.

        1. Luyando Ncube

          I wants was fooled by my today hunger lyk you forgeting the vision
          I listen when told not to apply the Youth Fund for my business, but I asked why should I not apply, being a Zim Youth I just applied anyway
          I got the business money UD$5000, I have kick started now I am bang the Min of lands Doors I want that farm!



          1. Poor you, tell you it is a good thing you do getting the money and making use of it, and I hope as well you are going to be loyal by paying it back with the interests , so that it continues to help others.But one thing you have to know is that the way this scheme is being managed there is no guarantee that it will survive and continue to help the youth, so you have to look at that perspective.One thing for sure we as a Nation, we are being marginalised by our leadership, the Old Mutual money you are talking about , yes it is helping the youth but look at pension policies of those who were contributing all these years, this was a deal by Old Mutual to silence the government about pensioners cry foul.At least you being positive by saying the money you want to venture into agriculture, some are just looting and do not even have a business stategy.or proposal.

            The question is the Scheme, is it going to survive for generations to come , how is it being managed to continue helping youths of generations to come.You know what schemes planned in order to entertain votes on elections will not last and it will be a total loss to the Nation, and that money in future will be need back in the system.What of those pensioners who sacrificed their incomes all these years , how are they going to get their money
            back?I would urge you to use that usd 5000 positively and be loyal by paying back with its interests and know that it was not a genuine help but was a killing one and bribing the other with a little money.Open your eyes and see reality.

          2. KESH MADAMOMBE

            nyay ayemaloans munhu unozvifungira mhani dofo. Morgan will come with many loans

      2. Gimu i kindly ask you to go and watch The Lion of Zimbabwe and come again and comment the same words. Its funny the same thing that Smith was doing to them is the same they are doing now, the very same people that Didymus Mutasa ran to for funding are the same people they call all sorts of names. What hypocrisy

      3. your ignorance is shocking. you do not know Zim at all

      4. shut it you idiot… your Zanu PF have had power for thirty years and have managed to take one of the most prosperous countries in Africa and make it into a high density suburb… go vote Zanu PF but remember to lie in your flea infested bed after you do that…

      5. varungu vaka tidvanya zvavo asi maZhing Zhong ari worse, plus Mugabe shud jus let us have our rights not kusiya ana dumbuguru vachidya mari dzinofanira kuita dzedu. ndiko kudzvanyirirwa newekwako kauku?

      6. varungu vaka tidzvanya zvavo asi maZhing Zhong ari worse, plus Mugabe shud jus let us have our rights not kusiya ana dumbuguru vachidya mari dzinofanira kuita dzedu. ndiko kudzvanyirirwa newekwako kauku?

      7. They are the same man Mugabe is a dictator and also the whites daaaaaaa

    2. Gogo
      Where exactly do you want to go in millions? If you are pontificating about showing up at ‘polling stations’ in swams like locusts kindly eat humble pie and be disappointed.Noone will go anywhere in millions until at least, the elections are over! Mudede has taken care of that by severely choking the voter registration excercise. Please agree with my analogue.

      1. SHAME!!! as ur name suggests .you are a real disgrace for a country , u boastfully supports a very unfair treatment of ur fellow contrymen ,shame on uuuu!

    3. Gogo
      Where exactly do you want to go in millions? If you are pontificating about showing up at ‘polling stations’ in swams like locusts kindly eat humble pie and be disappointed.Noone will go anywhere in millions until at least, the elections are over! Mudede has taken care of that by severely choking the voter registration excercise. Please agree with my analogue.
      shame they call me

    4. You can only defeat him if you and other like minded voters are registered; are you??

      1. Zim,s VoiceYouth

        you are not defeating mugabe are you crazy you are going to defeat yourselves soon zimbabwe will be told to honour human rights and introduce homo sexuals like in sa and you told by the whites you are now a liberated zimbabwe thats bull shitt no to you Mr Prime Minister you have no values at all

    5. Vote Mugabe, vote for five more years of water and electricity cuts! Shame sure

  4. Hold the key, hold the key!! Zvino ndezvipi manje. Hamuna makey baba regai tinovota.

    1. @Vombotee
      Ma’keys’ akarasika nezuro akanhongwa nevakiyinuri!

    2. Kkkkkkkiest!!

  5. If mermories can serve us,what is beginning to unfold,is exactly what triggered the GNU that we are currently in.

  6. this the final battle for rulling dictatorship out. Bhora mberi

  7. Matambo Silvester

    Lets now end the Mdc assholelism and satanic antics once and for all, Vote Zanu Pf!

  8. Another GNU is starting to unveil itself.

  9. lets finish these baggars off ,zanu is gone either way

  10. Pamberi naGushungo, Pasi naTsvangirai nembwa dzake dzose.

    1. Iwe unopenga here how can you vote for a 90 year old to work actively for the next 5 or so years and develop policies for the coming years 20 years iye achiziva kuti God’s time will up for him, hazviite izvi. Ingawani baba kwaye prepares for his dear family before he dies and mentors his kids to be survivors. Ko wedu awa ummm ini ndikafa imi mofawo????

      1. Ko kuvhotera munhu ane ‘siki’ ari pama ARV? Hanti anogona kungocollapsa any time? Kushata kwese ikoko ‘isiki’ ka iyoyo. Asi hauzvizivi? Bvunzai kana musingazivi. munorasika.

        1. @Satan… i think yo name says it all. Go back to Hell your rightful place.

        2. thy shall not judge the image of God MR SATAN cause you will get the punishment am telling

      2. Hameno Mugabe is being maneuvered to exactly that. Read the new constitution on succession and guess who formulated that clause. Unfortunately MDC as usual failed to pick this crucial clause. It what’s causing this madness. But for Zanu Pf they’re simply implementing their strategy and ready to react to the outcomes.

      3. Zim,s VoiceYouth

        its not about the age but the policies that they are representing.

    2. youn are the first dog !

    3. If you call me ‘imbwa’ simply becoz i share a different political perspective with you -B*che ramai vako a million

      1. This is disgusting. Mai vake vadii ?

      2. wapererwa iwe iwe ndiwe watukwa so mai vake vaita sei kkkkkkkkk hahahahahaha


  12. Lets take charge and remove the dictator.its high time opposition parties unite and form a Grand coalition for change.Its now or neva.a boycott wont help us .Tsvangirai,Makoni ,Dabengwa,Ncube must unite for the good of us all not for their own interest.Good Lord remember Zimbabwe

    1. Tsvaganai makonzo mese muuye. Tinokutenderai kuti muende kunze kwenyika munotora madiaspora ese ndeyenyu asi hamulume.

      Gushungo woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      Pasi naTsvangirai.

  13. This confirms what many people have been saying all along, that zanu does not want elections and they are busy preparing for the chaos scenario. They are hoping that MDC-T and others will then boycot the elections and that will possibly lead to another GNU – and that the economically battered people of Zimbabwe, SADC, and the international community will accept that extremist zanu position. Lets all waity and see where this will play out to!!!

    1. Tsvangirai should not boycot, this is the time to hit them when their party is in shambles

  14. We cant delay the inevitable my vote is not a secret

  15. another GNU zimbos. Lets embrace it as it is our own making.

  16. How Ironic….Chematama has just been outsmarted by Gushungo

  17. Let us go in our thousands to register to vote.Let us endure the long queues and remember to take the correct and required documents.

    They must have a taste of their own medicine.Arrogance hadzibhadhariba .

  18. Tobvisiwa magaro futi here vakomana!

  19. zanu pf is yet to select candidates so the best way to deal with these guys is not to oppose but to say yes lets go for July 31 wacho iyeye and see who will cry. RAKAZVIROVA RIKAZHAMBA!

    1. hezvo ko!!

  20. Bring it on, we will vote for change. Time to retire all limping donkeys.

    1. Good luck Matake.

  21. pamberi na bob muchawacha ngobi dzatsvangson

  22. The old man can not go down with our country.It belongs to us all.It belongs to future generations.
    Zimbos we deserve better things.The economy is battered because of this same guy.My appeal to all opposition parties is please please for the love of our country form a coalition now NOW tipedzise basa ratangwa iri.

    Our kids deserve better,let us fight for them now.

    1. Zim,s VoiceYouth

      zimbabwe is not down because of mugabe America is great because of OBAMA OR BUSH but because of its people !!!

      1. Zim,s VoiceYouth

        zimbabwe is not down because of mugabe America is NOT great because of OBAMA OR BUSH but because of its people !!!

  23. pliz tsvangi dont boycott,u have may vote.we want to remove these old madala once and for all.Asijiki

  24. Hary changunda

    vatsvangirai vakutya ava…vanonzi Gushungo ivavo…..handei nebhora Gushungo….zvimbwasungata hazvitongeba…..vachirikurota ava….achatsamwa kusvika matama aputika ayo…..hehehe hanzi key key ndanadzo ngakatibvire kunhepo….ikey yepadanga rembudzi iye ofunga kuti ndeyemaelection…enda unovhura mbudzi uko dzisati dzafa nenzara….kkkkkk pwapwapwa.

  25. we vote old man out

    1. Zim,s VoiceYouth

      WE VOTE OLD MAN’S POLICIES IN whether you like it or not he has a great vision and drive for that vision to become a reality

  26. pakaoma.journalists are nt politicians.yes mdara vadaro bt it is just complyin with the constitunal court.lets wait for chamatama and sadc

  27. Nelson Chamisa

    Morgan will as usual rush into making another statement which will come back to bite him in the ass after Saturday. There is no evidence whatever reforms will not be done by July 31 & SADC will simply say as long as those conditions are met & because July 31 is the final date set by the courts then the elections should go ahead. He has no reason to call a press breeding now before he thinks long & hard like any normal leader should.

  28. l always say it the country is not
    liberated by words only,we need to
    act guys now.Asijiki!!!

  29. I hold the keys? Hezvoka. Yaa zvakaoma. Zimbabwe is in a serious leadership crisis. Tsvangisona after all the deceit he has ssuffered believes Zanu Pf will take him seriously. The only way to move forward is go for elections. If he looses because of lack of reforms then disputes and this time no GNU. SADC will then be put in a corner. The merry go rounds to SADC countries was a good strategy. A Zanu government declared illegitimate by SADC and no popular support will crumble in no time. Don’t forget the serious divisions within itself which will become very pronounced after the elections.

  30. Maiwe-ee zvaita. At least there will be short time for violence and campaigning. Anyway how far with the mobile registration. I stay in Waterfalls and have not heard of such a thing in our area of Mainway. Can someone help me with the information. I have to vote this time around. Tired of being tossed and commending without participating in deciding my future. To all the youths out there I say the power is in our hands, lets not be fooled by these politicians and be used instead lets use them to get true empowerment and freedom. The majority of people are those born after 1980 and I wonder why we can not decide our destiny by choosing a legitimate government. GNU is not good for us the youths and lets speak with one voice. First register now please 31 July is around the corner. Simba kuma Youth handei tinovhota.

  31. Fawcett Security

    Yes Morgan you have the keys but the door & lock were changed in May

  32. dhodha rekhanyi

    Guys, this is not funny. I have a feeling things may get really nasty unless if JZ decides to back off. But knowing JZ as we all do, we may regret. This is too risky, has the SADC Maputo summit been called off? This bravado may eventually meet its match in JZ. JZ works slowly but very tough, ask Malema. What if SA and Botswana decide to go it alone and not recognise the elections outcome, and eventually the AU follows suit? And then the case is referred to UN. Boy…..this is tite. Anyway since the gladiators decided to take each on…we can only watch.

    1. Fawcett Security

      Stop hallucinating.

      1. dhodha rekhanyi

        Keep my blog as a record. And check who is will have the last laugh in all this. This is big politics at play pal.

  33. Bob, my man

  34. asijiki ,ma reforms Mangwana

  35. archie mungate

    stop being a cry baby moregay, go out there and sell yourself, we are tired of this gnu animal, its time that people decide on who they want to lead the nations,

  36. Khuphe and Lovemore Moyo Can Not Hold Us At Ransom -Ncube can re-engage Tsvangirai.

    For all we care Thokozani Khuphe and Lovemore Moyo can quit if that’s what it takes to unite the people of Zimbabwe. We cannot be held at ransom by opportunists. We are fully aware that they broke away with Tsvangirayi because they saw an opportunity to get those positions they are in right now. They were never chosen on merit but just as a balancing act. They are the same calibre as Job Sikhala who also stayed in the party with us hoping to be president since Tsvangirayi had broken away. When we invited Mutambara to be president Sikhala then broke away to form his political party. Lovemore and Thokozani can go and join Sikhala since they seem to be cuts from the same cloth. As proggressive democrats we are willing to re-engage with Tsvangirayi’s
    splinter group. Let’s come together again and revert to our original constituition that limits office terms for all positions to two, Tsvangirayi can begin .

    his two terms now as long as Ncube will take up his rightfull position as deputy president. We can burry the hatchet forgive each other and forge ahead.

    President – Morgan Tsvangirai
    Vice resident – Welshman Ncube

    Finance – Tendai Biti
    Legal Affairs – Douglas Mwonzora
    Defence – Dumiso Dabengwa
    ICT – Nelson Chamisa
    Home Affairs –
    Foreign Affairs –
    Education – David Coltart
    Health –
    Agriculture –
    State Security
    Women Affairs – Thokozani Khuphe

    Complete the LIST

    1. President – R.G.Mugabe
      Vice resident – J Mujuru
      Justice & Legal Affairs – Tendai Biti
      Industry & Invesment- S.Masiyiwa
      Finance – B.Mpofu
      Labour– Morgan Tsvangirai
      Defence – E.D. Mngangwa
      ICT – Nelson Chamisa
      Home Affairs – N Mabhiza
      Foreign Affairs – J.Makamba
      Education – David Coltart
      Health – A.Chiura
      Agriculture – R.Bennett
      State Security- Sekeramayi
      Women Affairs – khupe
      Mines- Madhuku
      Agriculture- Moyo
      Transport- Arthur Mutambara
      Water- E.S
      Energy – G.C
      Tourism N.Dube
      Environment Petersen

      Those make up my cabinet and with mostly professionals in their fields who are nor corrupt as the current crop which we have a present. All are rotten to the core.

    2. Zim,s VoiceYouth

      dream on dude will never vote for PM. Big up to Nelson Chamisa you have our vote.

  37. KC Mubhurandaya

    A happy alien,hande tione,vote or no vote life goes on.

  38. Tsvangirai dununu chairo yu failed to make those reforms in 4 years nw yu want to make it in one month is it possible ko? Ko masanctions wakanobvisisa here ko studio 7 enda unocampainer ikoko tsek

  39. bhora mberi tinokunda free and fair elections

  40. Last Kicks of a dying horse

    1. U can say that again woo this is it ????

  41. I have sourced AK47″s from Renamo we will meet the made Bob in mozambique on Satarday,I promise he wont come back alive we are tired, Its better to fight and die than to watch this Malawian destroying our country. He does not qualify to vote in our country he is alien.

    1. shamwari you will get yourself in trouble by such comments even though you dont mean it

  42. Rule of Law Activist

    The constitution states that government will be made up of the Judiciary, Executive & Parliament.

    The three arms of government run checks on each other but the judiciary has the final say, in this case a Constitutional court which the executive has to obey.

    The court ordered Mugabe to proclaim elections by July 31.
    Mugabe has followed that order.

    He has not broken any Zimbabwean laws, infact he has followed the law to the letter.
    Morgan on the other hand wants the president to break the law which he himself will not be breaking.

    The whole reason of a constitution is to set laws by which a country operates.
    One of the fundamental principals of the constitution is setting elections terms, dates or term periods & how & when they expire.

    These rules are specifically there to stop governments from overstaying in power beyond their legal term.

    It is therefore total madness to see a man determined to remain in power when his term expires.

    People voted Morgan into power but only up to June 29 when his term expires.

    One of the main reasons of the constitution is to stop people like him who refuse to go.

    1. He is holding people @ramsom this man woo.

    2. Don’t read this selectively, read it completely, then you will realize that the judgment was rushed and defective!!! hence it can be challenged in the same court and reversed!!!!

  43. That’s ZANU holding people @ramsom

  44. ndakamirira hondo yacho

    Vakada kuwana kurova futi vanhu nekuuraya sezvvakaita papera zivai kuti tazvimirira either way!! Preferably peacefully saka tichiti marefoms apedzeredzwe or by the bullet sezvavari kuvavarira.

    God save Zimbabwe, takananga pakamanikana hatina choice..

    Tanyarara nguva yareba!!

    1. Good for mdc coz ZANU not even ready lets go for it. God save us wooo

    2. Zim,s VoiceYouth

      hondo ndoyauchaita wega kusakwana wakamboiona here iwe

  45. pasi naMugabe

    Iyi ndiyo yava nguva manje mugabe azvicherera guva achiri mupenyu. Kana varamba this time musango topinda hapana kusiri kufa. Tsvangirai must just start mobilising than wasting time going to the Courts. Let’s beat them now and for all. Everyone’s duty now to preach change.

    1. Who will vote for these old old people who have passed their sale before date lol nxa nxa mani

  46. y not let us go 4 elections ths z our country let us decide who safeguard zim from nw onwards , jus lyk wat mdara did

    1. Kusile mahlabezulu

      Mugabe Mugabe are you ready for this or you will regret wooo

  47. It does not matter what happens, what we need to know are their policies. This is not a beauty contest, but a policy, economic and development election. Its not about what the west want its about what the people want. Yes, Zanu & Zapu liberated this country. Yes, MDC asked for sanctions to be put on this country. Yes, we know all the evils done by all of the politicians, now what next. Why should we vote for their parties those are the answers we need and then we decide who to vote for. What are you policies, economic and development programs?

    Zanu-Pf —–

    MDC-T —–

    Zapu —–

    MDC-N —–

    Mavambo —–

    Let the best policies win.

    1. Kusile mahlabezulu

      ZANU policy is let’s continue destroying. Leave nothing for our kids but only factories with signs to let by knight frank.

  48. Ndokuisakauku

    ndipei simbi dzangu

  49. Bob,Bob,Bob………. Master tactician

  50. Zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!

  51. Lovemore is a Zanu spy I know him long back when he was with Matopo Development Association. His friend Robert Mlalazi was a known war vet who worked very hard for Zanu he died in 2010.

    1. Having a friend in an opposition party does not make you a spy.

  52. tsvangirai ava kutya ma elections. Hezvo charira. Zanu pf panyanga tapinda.

  53. We cry for one combined opposition force now more than before. Please Tsvangirai, Dabengwa, Makoni and Ncube, bear with us just for now. we don’t care who heads the united opposition part; we don’t care. all we want now is to finish this monster this year then we will think of other issues later. we cant go another five years with a Zanu element in gvt. we are sick and tired of being the laughed ones. please our dear leaders help us by forming ONE UNITED FORCE AGAINST ZANU.

    1. Kusile mahlabezulu

      Change is coming I can feel it nw more than before

    2. unity come with a common agenda, and these opposition don’t trust each other and they all want to be the leader, deal with that issue first.

    3. i second you Char we can only finish zanu pf with a united front and its possible if we caught them off guard in their current confusion jostling for parliamentary positions before they regroup.

    4. concerned citizen

      listen to yoself, u are crying to replace a gnu with another one, coalitions have always put the burden on us the tax payers. parties should go it alone for a better zimbabwe. MDCT , MDCN, ZANUPF, ZAPU, MKD etc must do it each for themselves if they are really meant to have zimbabwe prosper, otherwise we are doomed!

  54. Kusile mahlabezulu

    Did they tell him there is a indaba in Maputo ki ki ki this man is too old woo

    1. Machimwase Ndombi yekhanyi

      Maputo Indaba?…Its now history-it has been called off. Guys…..madhodha eSADC aakutya. Its dog eat dog…now. Maybe Khama and JZ….BUT SATA is already on cloud nine.

    2. don’t forget it was postponed because Mugabe was not available. This will be postponed again, watch the space. As Mandela is sick. understand the mechanism of politics and you wont panic when news come out. Tsvangirai is playing to the gallery of the west, he was informed and is playing to show that freedom of press is there. Yet he is not understanding that there is a rope on his neck that is the sad part. He called for an address to the press, where under what conditions?

  55. Vana Tsvangisoni… Makey echii amunawao?

  56. Rule of Law Activist

    Zimbabwe is not run from statements made at rallies or press briefings. Zimbabwe is run by the law. How can you cry for reforms when you are also trying to disrespect the law? Who needs to reform here??

  57. Ganmor Dhidho

    July 31 ndiwomakeke…. Batai munhu muzore bhata muvhare zip!!

  58. Simweena Bantu

    This time moregay wairasa if you boycott coz your party is yet to elect a presidential candidate. Boycot and Biti will praise his dead mother and come as MDC Tendai candidate.

  59. I am rely disappointed by the sheer arrogance being exposed here guys the constitution says 30 days intensive voter education and registration but the whole exercise had been restricted to a 3 day thing pamwe makubvisa mazeroka zvamagara muchiita na gono. I have bn following the proceedings from the rural areas and its clear zanu pf was ferrying pipo to registration centres from jan this year up to now they were paying for birth and Id people were forced to register because vaishandisa masabhuku sameway yavakaita pana June 27 to me this is rigging now you are frustrating pipo in urban areas so that you have an unfair advantage

  60. GOAL BHORA!!!!!!!!!!!

    According to the GPA, Mugabe needs to consult Tsvangirai about election dates but ONLY IF those elections are held before June 29 when the GPA expires.
    The same statement in the constitution applies to a period when the constitution was expected by everybody to be completed in 18 months after 2009. This is 2013, 4 years later.
    So Tsvangirai & his foolish advisors are interpreting clauses which only apply to periods before June 29. Tsvangirai has keys to nothing
    Tsvangirai is not a permanent PM. His term just like anybody else also expires & which it does on June 29. That is the law. He has no leg to stand on.

    1. Anus Chigwedere

      The only person with no leg to stand on is Oscar Pistorious. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki

  61. Borehole Hobvu

    Handei vanadium veZimbawhe….. Yasvika nguvayekudzinga zvima chinja.

  62. Take the bull by the Horns Chamatama,Biti,Chamisa,DONT CHICKEN is the time,that party is in disarray.Push for media space and grand COALITION.Join hands and the game will be over by the 1st of August 2013.NO MORE BOYCOTTS.
    Tasvika kumagumo.

  63. Grand coalition is the answer to this.Ncube,Morgan,Simba,Dabengwa,its now or never.JOIN HANDS.

  64. Grand coalition,coalition of all parties ,all Zimbabweans,No Boycotts.VOTE FOR MT.

  65. This is not a very good move for ZanuPF.truely speaking,the Party will be beaten hands down.

    1. GOAL BHORA!!!!!!!!!!!


  66. GOAL BHORA!!!!!!!!!!!

    What Tsvangirai failed to do was to only concentrate on his reforms in this period before 31 July but he has gone ahead to challenge the court decision & then challenge Mugabe to issues he has no legal strength to enforce. What an idiot! He only had one fight to chase but he’s ended up with three fights, all which he is losing. What a complete idiot! Theres nothing he can do & theres nothing SADC can also do. All SADC needs are assurances from Mugabe & thats it. The reforms are not physically possible but can only be made by word of mouth. It takes two minutes to do that. We cant wait until October for that.

  67. comrade chaiye.

    Macomrades tinodyiwa maelection aya Komadarireyi kuenda kuhondo base richibvira moto,makaona kupi strategy dzakadaro.Inga mapinza mhepo mumusha.

  68. Hinding behind the Supreme Court ruling.The ruling did not stop Mugabe from consulting Tsvangirai.The electoral amendments are unlawful because they are not Acts of Parliament.The whole process is unlawful and unconstitutional.It is a military coup.MDC must not participate in such an election.Lets go back to the drawing board.

    1. GOAL BHORA!!!!!!!!!!!

      You sir are an idiot!

  69. zanu pf woye!!!!

  70. Maiweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zanu yapera basa.HAPACHINA KUPONA APA.


      1. Wait till Monday!!!,

  71. Ndinaani muhondo

    This time, unlike 2008, the battle is totally intellectual. Gross, overt, physical violence will not be used. But it will depend on who has done his homework properly-H.E RG and MT. I can see a bit of brinkmanship here but watch out…..SADC may have the last laugh. The timing of the proclamation is a bit undiplomatic and may cause toughening of attitudes elsewhere. I will comment again after the Maputo communique, which is already being prepared anyway.

  72. Apa vakuru marashika

    1. Hemwaimboti dede arisheki

      Unless if you Chendege know that Maputo summit is going to be postponed again or that Mandela will die tonite or tommorrow evening….it is clear this proclamation of election dates was meant to make the summit a fait accompli. Will it succeed? If Mandela is still alive beyond saturday, in which case JZ will still travel to Maputo…..then we have a wresting match of unimagined proportions on our hands. Guys should have shown some respect for the SADC summit at least….but this!! I can’t wait.

  73. Komboni Yatsva

    Kedo, chimbokanda kamessage kamwe vanhu vamboseka. I can see that they are very tense and vamwe vacho BP yavo neshuga zvakwira. Ndinoreva kaya kemukadzi waunoti akaita mamillions of dollars nokutengesa zvimugweje zvemota.


  75. Tendai Chaminuka

    Tsvangirai stop this stupidity.Dont try to cause mayhem.what calm are u talking about.Had you issued a war signal to your juniors asi.Zimbabwe has been calm for the past years when you have been enjoying your life as prime minister with all the luxuries which emanated from the position.Saka nhasi chaipa chii.Get better advisors and be a man kamudhara aka unogona kukakudubura hauoni kakumhanyira kuti run off munaSeptember.Kanoto kuzeza manje iwe ukaratidza humbwende kana nyika inokuseka.mareforms u are talking about u will need them as soon wave panyanga.In Elections numbers count not reforms.

  76. how many times do people need to be shown that tsvangirai & his people dont think ahead?
    they had four years & a gpa agreement which clearly told them when their jobs would expire but hey they somehow hoped sadc will disregard zimbabwean laws to keep them in office & because they want reforms they failed to get done in the last four years?? AH!!

  77. the earlier the better …handei kusarudzo

  78. MaDofoChete (MDC)

    The MaDofoChete Party & its chief Dofo are very embarrassing.
    There is no PM who can change what the constitution says or what the constitutional court decides & there is no country which can tell another country to defy its own constitution.

  79. carrington musere

    ndizvozvo, chaizvo thanks gushungo.

  80. lets register to vote and let RG rest .asijiki tapanduka zvamuchose

  81. Excuse me, did i hear our Cry Minister saying the environment is not conduicive for electins? Really? Facts for SADC to concisider:
    1. Zimbabwe held a peaceful Constitutional referendum in the shortest possible time.
    2. The new Constitution which was well-received even by our Cry Minister, provided for the Consititutional Court, whose first duty was to call for elections by 31 July 2013.
    3.. MDC-T held its primaries around Zimbabwe with no violence from anywhere else except that from within its structures.
    4. All these scenarios happened in Zimbabwe, with the demonised security sector and media in place.
    5. Therefore nothing can stop Zimbabweans from going for elections.

    1. MaDofoChete (MDC)

      Good valid points

    2. Hemwaimboti dede arisheki

      There was no competition during the referendum. why are you advancing childish arguments? You really think we are stupid.

    3. Being a constitutional court enshrined in the constitution did not give some thugs the right to make dubious decisions!!!!!

  82. its never easy

  83. MaDofoChete (MDC)



    President Mugabe in calling for an election when the Electoral law has not been passed in Parliament is clearly acting unconstitutionally.

  85. Tafadzwa makamure

    Mugabe imbwa chaiyo. we are in this unity goverment because what is trying to do. why hurry. aug sept oct is not far why implement the reforms toenda kuma elections asina anozo pikisa. kureva kuti imbwa idzi pane padzakateya padzicha rigga napo. no normal person in his senses will ever want to associate with mugabage dhafi. morgiza usabvume no reforms no election full stop. sadc please sort this old monkey out. he thinks he owns zimbabwe. mugabe idiot ye munhu manje haulume this time around. unoda tisvike riinhi vana tichigara mumatondo nyika yedu tiinayo. uri mhondi chaiyo. mwari pindirai

    1. A limping Donkey riri kuda kuita chikarire, kumirira pawining line roti ramhanha the whole race!

  86. Tsvangirai likes the media too much,he is not a good leader.Too much talking.who is he trying to please?Wait for sadc meeting and raise your conerns .we sick and tired of people who mislead the pple yet the poor are suffering .He has been a PM for 4 yrs yet he did nothing except kungotaura chete.He must first fix the problems caused by the sanctions imposed to our country so that we can vote for his party.

    1. 33 in not equal to 4, get it right!!! they destroyed in 33 years and you want someone to clean the mess in 4 year of repression?

  87. kunjuta marava


    1. Abiwa naMatibili!! Achadzosa hake neSat kuMaputo!!!!

  88. Bhora musango vakomana.

  89. say what ever u want zpf mdcs.we the people will have the last longest laugh after the SADC communique

  90. stop insulting one another, go and register as voters period. your X is important. you all who to vote for.

  91. RANGARIRAYI asi hauna kuona door rechikoro kani?nyika yakafapakatorwa minda morima uswa macompanies ndokushaya maraw materials they closed shop.kwete masanction .enda kunight school kana wakura uvhurike pfungwa.mdc ndizvoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  92. will ther eva b democracy in this country, we r tired of pple who r ‘more equal than others’. Wil the new constitution ever b effective or zimbabwe shal eva remain a despotic state? concerned

  93. hanzi i hold the keys, hanzi ndiri mafesi ne saddc, hanzi ndatohwina asi iyezvino akuti boi boi maziso nekuti madhara chaiwo ane makii ataura. mudhara anotaura kamwechete zvinhu zvofamba, vana vaduku vanochema pese pese pasina chinoitika. honai ka! chinja mafungiro!

  94. iyi yakora muto, pple need to knw what to say and at what time

  95. Just I am wondering why the president seems to have been a hurry on this letter. He is normally a man of quality and I’m surprised he had to handwrite the salutation and closure, normally in his formal comms, he only handwrites his signature everythingelse will be in print. Clearly this was not done by his office at all, the sec would never allow such official communication to go out. He could have signed it but I am concerned that it could have been under duress. I fear for him, I have known him for 26 years and I know he would never let such letter out even to internal staff. I am worried!!!!!

  96. That`s true chio, Mwari paaida kubudisa MaIsrael muEgypt akatombowedzera kuomesa mwoyo waPharaoh asi a breakthrough ichiozouya zvayo. Angava Mwari rudzii asina hanya nevanhu vake zvokuvarega vachikaura akatarira.

  97. Morgan is irrational, rash and does not think before saying anything, he quickly rushes to make a press statement, the announcement has only been made today in the morning and already he has responded by a press statement. Dzungu rakawandisa

    Hope mdara Bob wins coz if this Morgan wins, i fear for the nation!!!!

    1. So what was he suppose to wait for? I don’t get you here

  98. Vanhu weZimbabwe musatewedzera vanhu veZanu PF ava ingozi dzoga dzoga. Kumunhu akakwana chaiye haataure nezveZanu PF. Vose vari kuti Mugabe ari right vanoziva zvavakaita vane ropa riri mumaoko mawo. Ndiyani anouya kundoita Invest muZimbabwe kana Zanu PF ikatonga? Vechidiki mose musafurirwe nanaGimu kunaka vane mhosva dzawo dzawakaita awa. Sekuru mugabe handiti maiswa pressure kuPolitburo asi nechomumwoyo hamusi kuda kupikisana neSADC pamwe naTsvangirai. Vanhu vomuno makapata chaizvo. Can’t u see zviri kuitika kuSyria? Zvinoitika muno izvozvo. Chinja maititiro iweeeeeeee. Bhora musango rwendo gwuno. Simudza chibhakera asi votera MDC-T chete. Morgan is more and Mugabe is nzara. Zanu PF ngeyana Gimu kunaka mbavha nemhondi.

  99. Fambai Mandeya

    DSTV can monitor each and every dish in the country including those installed in plastic houses and wooden cabins.Why not use the same technology to register and monitor voters,its time to vote by Eco Cash

  100. Mamama save zuro ndizuro maiti munekey dzemaelection kozvino nhasi chii kuwawata makabata mudumbu

  101. i think Mugabe is thinking of another GNU coz his behavior is the same s that of June 27 2008 and Tsvangirai is going to boycott the elections which will leave Mugabe and his Zanu pf negotiating again with President Tsvangirai

  102. Handeyi kumaelections mudhara usatya. Chaunoda kutengesa zvaurikuda kutiitira chete. Tengaka mavhoto inga vanhu varikupiwa magroceries nemangos mumashops sa yakabaka. Handei tinovhota. Imi hamuna vanhu mese nabob wako. Kunyange mukatitenga isu tinoziva pekuvhotera. Toonana musi wa31july. Iwe dnt wste time we wnt UNTWO to be a success no violence. Adyiwa adyiwa ngaabvume.

  103. I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.

  104. Zim,s VoiceYouth

    one love zim. i love you people musazorovana tsvagai mari dzenyu murunyararo unfa usina kana cent ukatedzera izvi…

  105. Gushungo woyee, vivaa ZANU PF

  106. @ chio, so God raised up hitler to kill jews in a genocide as a way to get them out of germany? blasphemy yacho kana yakuzodai hameno! repent iwe, usaite kuti hasha dzako dzikupinze mukutadza.

  107. @ chio, so you are saying God raised up hitler to kill jews in a genocide as a way to get them out of germany? blasphemy yacho kana yakuzodai hameno! repent iwe, usaite kuti hasha dzako dzikupinze mukutadza.

  108. Zanu Chiororo!

  109. Mageja Siziba

    The die is cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. @Lazy Boy&@Hamadziripi men u made my day thank u good words, u know what u a talking abt.

  111. Zimbabweans can reject the seeds of a Whirlwind that ZANU PF seeks to sow.

    They can do this in the full knowledge that the outside world with whom we will need to partner is watching us carefully as we enter the final days of our peaceful struggle.

    The world is watching and we need to be aware.

    These are the vicious kicks of a dying Donkey and must be seen as no more

    No less.


  113. Svinudzai Vanhuvese

    August 1 Lean Cabinet Line-up: – Jesus changed the world with 12 devout guys, fuill stop!
    President – R.G. Mugabe
    Vice: J Mujuru
    Finance: N. Chanakira
    Defense: E Mnangagwa
    Foreign Affairs: S. Mumbegegwi
    Security:: S. Sekeramayi
    Local Govt: J. Gotora
    Education: V.C. of MSU
    Health & Welfare: Dr Parirenyatwa
    Agriculture & Lands: Cde Raradza
    Industry, Trade & Commerce: Prof A Mutambara
    Mines, Energy & Technology: N Chamisa

  114. zimbos…..!jacob should simply kick every one of you rotten idiots out of his country,and close his border,the same with guebuza,sata and khama.then we can keep our soverenity,because as the situation stands we are using ninety percent of their goods.we dont know the meaning of life…..!

  115. Morgan Tsvangirai

    Hama weee, apa ndamama manje

  116. tongai nyikayaramba

    chinmsa blunders again.constituitional crisis in making.he has wrongly advised bob.or is it tomana?chinamsa wants did it diring the trial of anaestheticxian dr mcgown during the trial invlving the death of lovsnder kaminwa.had he left the prosecution to a then young prosecutor joseph musakwa(now high cout judge) the case could have been he misinteprets a new constitution/madhuku will have the last laugh

  117. Let’s all vote Zanu-Pf!!! leave the past in e past, Pres. Mugabe isn’t perfect but he is a strong leader- the PM doesn’t have the will power to govern our country- he can’t handle Zimbabwe- I used to be a believer in MDC- but now… Ah…. guys- Zanu-pf! farm or no farm, youth fund or no youth fund- ZANU-PF!

    1. Mboko!

  118. this forum has been hijacked by the CIO. cry the beloved nation. everything is going down the drain; again!! zanu ichatizorodzawo riini

  119. We are under attack Comrades.The die is cast.Its incumbent upon all and suntry to raise and defend our revolution.

    The attack has already started at HERALD HOUSE.By attacking Herald its a clealy millitary attack on our sovereignity.An attack on us as nation.By threatening to attack the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE,is just to highliight the readiness by ENERMIES OF ZIMBABWE for a fight.

    They did this in IRAN and now the OBAMA REGIME is bostful of attaking IRAN with a STUNEX CYBER WEAPON.This is the same attake .Tsvangirai must know that people are angry about what he is taking our nation through.

  120. This is the opportunity the opposition should seize to present a united onslaught on this tyranny. Everything is working to the opposition’s advantage. Dictators do not usually notice when the end of their time is coming. They keep making more and more blunders thinking they are entrenching their leadership. A very important unfolding group that the opposition should now not ignore is that of the discontented ZANU-PF leaders and followers. As the opposition goes to meet SADC, they should be reading from the same script, have identified one amongst themselves to face old uncle Bob on the ballot and win national, regional and international support on their agenda. They should cut deals with some of the so-called ZANU-PF hardliners in order to destabilise ZANU-PF from within.

  121. Kupopota tingapopota zvedu asi Tsvangirai haafi akatonga nyika ino. Mugabe achangofa achititonga tichida tisingade kusvikira tawana vamwe wanenjere kwadzo kwete madofo aya. Ikozvino akutaura 25 Aug kuti ZANU iwane more time yekuuraya vanhu.

  122. vanhu havachada zanu pf period.

  123. @nicole u are zanu pf puppet we won’t forget the past

  124. sure these cio are working day and night trying to comment positive on zanu pf inorder to safeguard their jobs. they were given laptops and phone handsets by a chinese company for this purpose. c u i mr redbricks

    1. sure cio comments, no normal person wl suport zanu pf

  125. This time let’s just go and vote everyone this is our country not Mugabe’s daaaaaaaa vachataura rimwe gore vaChinamasa

  126. Exactly we have our own choice dear let’s go and vote

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