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Big Brother Africa: The chase


Alcohol makes them dance

FOOD may be the way to a man’s heart, but the way to a Ruby Housemate’s heart is alcohol.


The kind of speed at which the Housemates bolted into the pantry, as soon as Biggie announced that the storeroom was open, they easily could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money. But no it was not food that they were after, but rather the alcoholic beverages.

So elated were the Rubies at the sight of alcohol that they started to dance. Even the Housemates that hardly interact with each other like LK4 and Natasha were so swept up in the moment that they grabbed hold of one another for a little slow dance. Of course his lady love Koketso was not too far, but she didn’t seem to mind the twosome’s tangoing.

Sulu took advantage of all the excitement in the air and quickly grabbed hold of his crush Selly for a very up close and personal dance.

Housemates tasked to get closer

BIGGIE has issued a task for the Diamonds aimed at getting the Housemates closer than ever, literally.

The Task: One at a time, Housemates must pull a coloured stick from either a blue ball (for boys) or a pink ball (for girls) on the table in the garden. The two colours that match up from each ball will decide the pairs for this week’s Task. There will be one group made up of three Housemates.

When all sticks have been drawn and the groups have been decided, the Housemates must stand next to each other in groups until Housemates hear the whistle. Everything the Housemates do this week will have to be done in these groups, all members of the groups must always be in the same area of the House.

The closeness of the groups will have an effect on this week’s 100% Wager and these will also be the groups that take part in the Presentation Photo-Shoo

Bassey dirty dances Beverly

RAUNCHY Rubies is what they are, getting buck wild is what they do.

The Ruby House living room was transformed into a dance floor as the Housemates gathered for a dance off. It looks like all of that alcohol that they were so excited about receiving, just a few short hours earlier on, has already worked its way into their systems.

What started off as an innocent dance off; soon things took a turn for wild when it was Bassey and Beverly’s turn to hit the floor.

As the Nigerian gyrated all over him, the Sierra Leonean stripped down to his tight white briefs and he returned the favour – shaking and grinding all over the Ruby lass. Wowza! The rest of the Housemates clearly enjoyed this raunchy performance as they cheered them on.

Afterwards the Rubies all huddled together chanting “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby”. Whoa these Rubies, they are certainly not shy are they?

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