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BBA: Pokello up for eviction


ONE of Zimbabwe’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) Rubies house, Pokello Nare, is up for possible eviction this Sunday.

Report by Melissa Mpofu

This comes after she and her gossip mate Natasha (Malawi) received the most nominations from fellow housemates.

Most housemates who nominated Pokello said she was too sensitive, bossy and difficult to work with.

Surprisingly, Natasha also nominated Pokello saying she was rather bossy and pushes everyone in the house telling them what to do.
Angolan housemate Neyll said Pokello was too comfortable in the Rubies house and needed an eviction scare to come to reality.

Head of house Selly (Ghana) pulled the trigger on Pokello because “she is very difficult to work with and does not take instructions”.

South Africa’s Angelo told Big Brother he was fed up with Pokello.
“I am tired of tip toeing around her. Her energy makes me uneasy. She’s controlling and wants things to go her way all the time,” Angelo said.

In the BBA house, it is necessary for one to maintain good relations with fellow housemates so as to avoid being nominated by many, but such is not the case with Pokello. She has successfully managed to get into most of the housemates’ nerves and most of them want her to leave the house.

She rarely has conversations with fellow housemates and her strategy of being a snob and being bossy does not seem to be working in her favour.

She is not much of an entertainer in the house, but prefers to brag about her wealth and fancy lifestyle she lives back home, a habit most viewers of the show have not taken lightly.

Besides bragging about her fancy lifestyle, Pokello is well known for frequently fixing her make-up and gossiping about fellow housemates. Over the years, gossipers have never survived long in the BBA house.

Also, the fact that her sex tape, which features rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, went viral on social networks has seen her popularity plummeting, with some fans calling her a porn star and others criticising her for having unprotected sex with a person she is not married to.

Meanwhile, fans of Pokello have started voting to save her from being evicted. To vote for her via SMS, one needs to send the words “Vote Pokello” to Econet number 33334, Netone 15626, or Telecel 15626.

Alternatively, one can vote online by logging on to the BBA website link http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/Login.aspx?retunurl=vote/default.aspx to register and vote.

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