Bata exhibition opens in Mutare

THE Embassy of the Czech Republic in Harare, in cooperation with the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe has prepared a unique artistic impression of the history of the Bata Company in Zimbabwe.

Entertainment Reporter

The artworks and other artefacts will be on show at an exhibition set to open on June 10 in Mutare at the Museum. Titled Bata – 7 Decades of Success, the exhibition goes to Mutare after it was successfully held in Gweru last year.

“Only few people know how many fascinating stories come from the shoe producer, Bata. Thomas Bata’s small-scale family business began in 1894 in Zlin (in the Czech Republic) and soon spread world-wide,” noted the organisers of the pageant in a statement.

“Its Zimbabwe branch was established more than 70 years ago and soon involved three factories in Gweru, Kwekwe and Mutare and countless shops in virtually every Zimbabwean town.”

The exhibition will showcase many important issues in the history of shoe production.
Visitors of the exhibition would examine famous shoe models, historical posters and numerous photographs.


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  2. Great news

  3. A COMPANY HISTORY ILLUSTRATING HOW USE OF LOCAL MANPOWER, NATURAL RESOURCE AND workforce endurance combine to create a place of stability for hundreds of employees.

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  5. Chenjerai Hove

    I did not know that Bata was born in the Czech Republic somewhere. Very interesting. The first shoe I wore in my life was by Bata(Boot And Tanning Association). Their Gweru factory employed dozens of my brothers and uncles. During the colonial days, it was ‘cool’ to work for Bata.

    1. It might have been called Boot and Tanning in those days but the company name is derived from the Czech owner Mr. Bata, who until a few years ago used to travel around the world to personally present workers 30 year awards. Bata Zimbabwe was the biggest profit centre for Bata worldwide and Mr. Bata used to be a frequent visitor to Zimbabwe. Somewhere around 1997 or thereabouts the local Bata netted the Nike contract ..Bata dedicated a factory to produce Nike shoes for the rest of Africa at a new factory in Kwekwe called Jiti industries..Shoe manufacture by its very nature is very dirty business but the Bata Jit/Nike factory had the cleanest floors I have ever seen in the shoe factories I have visited all over the was a marvel to walk through the factory with its high tech equipment. Sadly, thanks to the way we do our politics, Bata lost this lucrative Nike contract to Jordan shoes of Cape Town domiciled on Elsie River, probably the biggest and one of the oldest shoe factories in Africa. It is sad that under the current government and the one before it Zimbabwe has settled quite comfortably into the depression of the 1930s where going out of business is the biggest business in the land. The current crop of Ministers who are supposed to interface with industry appear to have interests elsewhere other than the resuscitation of industry, and thus begins a sad and truly ugly tale. The current government is asking everyone not in as many words to grow a tail go QUIETLY back to the stone age and to them this policy is a roaring SUCCESS….If this is success can you imagine what it will look like when they FAIL…

    2. funny, ithot Bata had to do with Canada.

  6. Certainly the first african to officially clothe his feet with shoes must have been a policeman, then soldiers in that order. Shuuz were for sunday


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