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Baker’s Inn deal splits Macheso, Kasamba


THE $20 000 endorsement deal that Alick Macheso signed with Baker’s Inn sparked the enmity between the sungura musician and his former sidekick, chanter and dancer Jonasi Kasamba, it has emerged.

Tawanda Marwizi

Kasamba acrimoniously parted ways with Macheso two weeks ago citing poor remuneration, but sources say the deal started the chasm that grew between the two over the past few months.

The deal was hinged on Macheso’s  Zora Butter chant that Kasamba claims to have originated.

Kasamba was expecting his master to give him a token of appreciation for his creativity when the chant attracted a commercial deal, but Macheso did not consider it. The chanter was the longest serving Orchestra Mberikwazvo artiste at the time of his departure from the outfit. He joined the band in 1997.

Kasamba is on record saying he coined Zora Butter after his son Koko (then four)’s persistent request for more butter on his bread.

Sources say Macheso and Kasamba had a three-hour meeting at their Aquatic Complex Offices in Chitungwiza just after the signing of the deal discussing the issue, but Macheso refused to give Kasamba any cent and told him to leave the band if he saw it necessary.

From that day things were falling out between the two with Kasamba coming late for the shows. Macheso recently confirmed the meeting with Kasamba, but could not divulge what the two discussed.

Kasamba confirmed he had a bone to chew with Macheso over the Zora Butter issue and maintains he started the chant.

“He (Macheso) might go on top of the mountain shouting, but everyone knows that I started the dance in Harare Gardens during the first family show we held in 2011,” said Kasamba.

“I took the matter to a number of promoters who then told me to start my own project. I have been behind a number of dances Macheso introduced. I feel I deserved the smallest token of appreciation from that deal.”

However, Macheso’s manager William Tsandukwa yesterday rubbished Kasamba’s claims saying he was not entitled to anything because Macheso creates everything he does on stage.

Kasamba left Mberikwazvo together with Obert Gomba and Noel Nyazanda.
Meanwhile, Macheso has been on a rebuilding exercise since the trio left the band.
Last week he stood high at the Sing-Along Concert held at Andy Millar Hall.

Tomorrow, he takes his rebuilding exercise to Pamuzinda Highway X-scape where he performs without a supporting act. Tsandukwa said the Orchestra Mberikwazvo train is back on the rails and the gap left by the defectors will be easily closed.

“If people were not convinced at last Friday’s show, they should come to Pamuzinda on Friday (tomorrow) and see we are still strong,” he said.

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