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Art exhibition opens


A SIZEABLE crowd on Tuesday night witnessed the official opening of a spectacular display of Artworks in the “Fusion through Art” exhibition at The Heritage School in Harare.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

The exhibition, which was officially opened by guest artist Leslie Johnson, saw the display of works from various students in the infant, junior and senior departments of the school.

The works included various forms of art they had learnt in class including textiles, batik making, Imaginative composition, graphic design, glass painting, human figure study and multi media studies from nature.

“A lot of parents think Art is not important, but there is need to realise that it opens windows in the child’s imagination as it taps their creativity and helps them express themselves in constructive ways,” said Johnson.

She said the parents’ interest would benefit them in such a way that they would know about their child’s feelings and thoughts through his or her artwork.

Johnson also commended the teachers for their enthusiasm and variety of techniques they were empowering the students with.

“Art is a very important subject in schools consisting of many different attributes forming a visual sentence which is a very important communication skill on its own,” she added.

Johnson urged budding artists to be original and to desist from copying other people’s paintings or photos in creating their own.

She said it was important for them to realise that the best thing to paint from was life and what they saw around them in their day-to-day lives and every student had the right to follow their dreams in whatever venture, but never forget to appreciate art.

“Our children are exposed to various forms of art and we have allowed them to take part in other exhibitions to interchange amongst schools and soon they will be venturing in stone sculpture, metal sculpture, painting and drawing,” said the Head Art Teacher, Ronald Nyandoro.

He added that although a lot had been done to expose the public to art, there was still a lot of work to be done on the advantages of art and culture, particularly to parents and administration in schools.

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