Anglicans return to Mizeki Shrine

THOUSANDS of pilgrims of the Anglican Church of Central Africa (CPCA) in Zimbabwe are on Friday set to return to the Bernard Mizeki Shrine in Marondera for the first time in five years when they were banished from the sacred place by a rival faction of the church.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

The church, led by Bishop Chad Gandiya, will gather to commemorate the life of Bernard Mizeki, a missionary martyred in 1896.

The event, scheduled for June 14-16 will be held under the theme God Is Faithful.

Most church members had been unable to go to the Shrine after being barred from the sacred venue by members of a faction belonging to excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga. They had all these years been paying pilgrimage at alternative venues.

When NewsDay visited the shrine recently, preparations for the conference were underway.

In an interview, CPCA Zimbabwe spokesperson Precious Shumba said all was in place and they were expecting thousands to attend the event.

“The atmosphere is really electric and the entire five dioceses across Zimbabwe have confirmed their attendance. The people are really excited to come back to the shrine after such a long time,” Shumba said.

“We are going to have a number of Bishops from Mozambique and Zambia who all have confirmed their attendance.”

Bishop Gandiya said his church had been in exile for five years.

“After having been in exile for five years and failing to host these celebrations at the shrine, this year’s celebrations are indeed special and the theme ‘God is faithful’ could not be more timely.

“This time we are back at our churches, and all other church properties including the shrine are back in our hands,” he said.

Anglicans each year travel to Marondera for the event where they celebrate the life and contributions of Bernard Mizeki.

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  1. God is great indeed.

  2. praise the LORD!!!!

  3. Mukupemberera uku musakanganwa kunamatira isu wanyangadzi. Amen.

    1. We are al sinners King. What is needed to repent and turn to God. He will forgive us if we wholeheatedly repent.

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  5. please Chad Gandiya invite Nobert Kunonga to those celebrations

  6. I agree that Nobert Kunonga should be invited to the Memorial.

    Fambai Zvakanaka…let there be care on the roads for us all.

    1. They might as well extend the invitation to Kunonga’s conductor and paymaster old Bob.

  7. Vanogona baba haiyaya ……..

  8. Mukristu Usanete, inzwa Ngerozi yako, uri mkati memhandu, namata urinde….*singing*

  9. GOD is always faithful no matter what adversity one might be goin through!!!!!!

  10. God is a winner after…hope kunongwa has learned his lesson

  11. munamatire vakunonga.macheni asatani akavasunga adamburwe.makavakoka here.ivai nenguva yakanaka

  12. Bull full frog man mutengesi zipupet

    Uri mutengisi mr bull

  13. Remember to pray for the whole nation to be successful in the forthcoming election.

  14. Mutirowafanza

    Muchenjere kuzo adresiwa navana Shamu ikoko vachitsvaka mavote. Ndivo vaitsigira Kunonga paayikupinzayi bizzy.

  15. zvipo zvavazivi,zvose handinazvo asi ndinokupa moyo wangu wese

  16. lovemore jt takarinda

    Mwari ngaakudzwe!

  17. Makanaka Jesu

    Isu tiri vana veUmambo tinogara muumambo tichifamba muumambo kunamata kwedu ndokweumambo, mazuva ose makatendeka Jesu, zvaringana kurangarirwa nedenga tosangana ikweyo, namata urindeeeeee

  18. May God be with u guys

  19. forgive kunonga and invite him please

  20. Five years in exile, sorry maningi. Is this a good or bad omen for our country ? Pray for me since I am aspiring to be a President. I promise you that I won’t be a King Herod reicarnation !

  21. Truly, God is faithful. The Anglicans have got their church back, Now we need our country back

  22. Prophet Big One

    This Kunonga is a possessed man who needs deliverance before being allowed to enter church..he needs deliverance from the spirit of ZANU pf

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