Zvoma stirs hornet’s nest over voters’ roll inspections

THE Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma has stirred a hornet’s nest after reportedly blocking the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs from monitoring the shambolic mobile voter registration exercise and inspecting the voters’ roll.


Zvoma’s move has raised eyebrows as the House of Assembly Standing Order 158 makes it clear that it was the Speaker Lovemore Moyo who approves travelling by committees and not the Clerk of Parliament.

The Clerk’s role is simply to implement committee resolutions, as an administrator and not a policymaker. The portfolio committee, which plays oversight role on the Defence and Home Affairs ministries, last week resolved to visit voter registration centres to monitor and inspect the voters’ roll countrywide as the chaotic scenes were disenfranchising a large number of Zimbabweans who were keen to cast their ballot in the forthcoming make-or-break election.

Committee chairperson Paul Madzore yesterday confirmed there were hurdles between the committee and Zvoma.

Madzore said the committee needed to understand the problems being encountered by people so that they were ironed.

“As a committee, we made a proposal to go to the Registrar-General (RG)’s Office in Harare as well as to its centres in different provinces so that we monitor the voter registration exercise which was said to be chaotic.

“The thrust of the committee was to also inspect the voters’ roll and see who had been removed from it. However, there was a hurdle between the committee and Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma who said it was not the appropriate time to do that monitoring. The hurdles are being ironed out and we hope we will be allowed to do the monitoring,” Madzore said.

Silobela MP Anadi Sululu, who is also a committee member, said Zvoma’s decision to deny them the opportunity to monitor the exercise and inspect the voters’ roll was “political”.

“The committee has powers to go and investigate issues concerning the public, especially after the RG’s office and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission admitted the exercise was underfunded and chaotic,” Sululu said.

Asked for a comment Zvoma said: “Let the ones who told you that I barred them give you the story. I can’t comment on untrue stories.”

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  1. zvoma zanu pf’s tym’s runnin out, look around u n notice e changes in e past 5 ys or so, vamwe vaiti no GPA, vamwe vakati Tsvangirai wl neva b in gvt, n othas vakati no 2 new constitution new bt whr r we nw. u’l let these guys do their job usingade uchida, resign while u stl can coz uchazviruza pamberi apo, js sayin

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      1. iwe kedo dnt waste yo tym posting ths stupid watever of yours, rather go to ths website n start making money, zigudo

  2. @tomo wariudza! Ngaenda ikoko. Anyway doz zvoma hve powers to block the monitoring of the voters role? Isnt he thr for administrative policies? And whr doz the speaker come in all this?

  3. nhai speaker of Parliament who is Zvoma to block you. Ngaatibvire ndeyake here voters’ roll am a Zanu Pf supporter but hatichadi kuivhotera bora musango kusvika mbavha dzese dzirimuparty dzavharirwa. Pamberi nebhora musango

  4. Ava vana Zvoma ava matsotsi kani vanhu ava. Vachiri kuitei muPublic Service when they are long past the age of retirement of 65yrs? NdecheDzinza chekuba ichi. Havana hukama naMudede here ivava?

  5. The reporter did well to consult the primary source.Administrators worth their name know that perceptions are through facts.Responding like a grand mother who is hiding zvidoma by Zvoma is un ethical, un professional and suggests incompetence on his person and not office.When is he retiring?It is the challenge of a new democratic government to retrain and re align officers and offices such as this one.

  6. Please let us not just comment when we do not know the facts. Zvoma is a very experienced civil servant who should know his limits. The commmittee members must fight it out with Zvoma rather than appeal to the public. What value are these guys going to add to the smooth running of the completion of the voters roll?

    1. @S Mkondo- smooth running?

  7. Zvoma should just ditch public service and contest elections under zanu pf. He is a well known zanu member and is always using that position of clerk to frustrate democracy. I have known this guy together with Mudede on the same positions since i was in primary school, that was 20 plus years ago

  8. The handiende syndrome, mudede, zvoma, tafataona, aiwa zvanyanya.

  9. It would be very unfortunate if the parliamentarians were to be denied the oportunity to check and correct issues to do with the chaotic voter registration exercise.
    The parliamentary Portfolio Comittee is not doing that for any party but for us the voiceless zimbabweans who have been concerned with this sad developement.
    I say this again the , cure for the rigging desease ,is a voter education with special emphasis on the screcy of the vote and letting every citizen who has a national ID , cast their vote. Having done that, there will be no violence ,no disputed results, or another GNU.

  10. Mutirowafanza

    Zvoma zvichakuperera rimwe zuva mupfanhami. Mukosho unonhuwa.

  11. Change Change

    Austin Zvoma is a die hard Zanu pf functionary who thought he would die in that position of Clerk of Parliament. Zvoma is aware of Mudede and Zanu pf strategy of disenfranchising voters and so he did not want MPs to get involved and reveal the rigging strategy. Austin Zvoma should have retired from the Civil Service by now but Zanu pf have kept him in this job for him to do Zanu pf’s bidding in Parliament. Austin Zvoma though, not a lawyer also strayed into determining the election date which is none of his business. Austin Zvoma wrote an article arguing that elections should be held in Zimbabwe on or b4 June 29, 2013. He must be eating his humble pie by now becoz it is legally impossible to have these elections on b4 June 29, 2013. Even Patrick Chinamasa has confirmed that this is not possible becoz you need 3o days for for voters registration and inspection first, the 14 days nomination court and at least 30 days for campaigning. Austin is afraid of change and he is panicking becoz he will be out of job b4 the end of the year.Austin if you do not change, change will change you!

  12. Zvoma we the citizens of this country do not know how you got that job .Stop interfearing with the people we voted into parliament because we gave them power to solve problems affecting the nation on behalf of us, including the chaotic voter ‘s regisration. The writing is on the wall for you. very soon you will be chased away from that office like hule.

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