Zanu PF invades Bulawayo game park

Thirty-FIVE Zanu PF activists, who last month invaded a Bulawayo City Council nature reserve near Cowdray Park and partitioned it into stands, have been evicted.

Report by Staff reporter

In a letter dated May 7 addressed to Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo attached to confidential council minutes, town clerk Middleton Nyoni said the invaders, who settled in the reserve in April, had been evicted.

“On April 24, 2013, council was advised of the above land invasion, as Mazwi Nature Park is council property under the care of the City of Kings Business Ventures,” Nyoni wrote.

“We have been advised by the management of City of Kings Business Ventures that the group that invaded Mazwi Nature Park was evicted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

“They have not returned to the farm since their eviction. The situation at the nature park is back to normal.”

On April 24, Nyoni forwarded a letter written to him by the general manager of City of Kings Business Ventures, Moses Munthali, that the Zanu PF activists had invaded the nature reserve and allocated themselves stands.

Munthali, in the letter, said after hearing of the invasion, he took along with him members of the reserve’s management and reported the matter to Pumula Police Station where the officer-in-charge seconded five police officers to investigate the matter.

He said upon arrival at the reserve, they found Dan Ncube clearing the land with his wife and told them that the invasion was an initiative of the Zanu PF Cowdray Park ward executive structure.

Ncube reportedly said beneficiaries, all from Cowdray Park, “had been briefed that the property was a council game park to which the party now had authority to allocate residential stands”.

“. . . stand beneficiaries had been brought by a lorry on April 21, 35 stands, each measuring 75 metres by 300 metres, within the game park, were pegged and allocated,” reads the letter.

Munthali said in the letter they learnt that the initiative was an ongoing exercise and other allocations would be made the following week.

The council letter also reveals the list of beneficiaries at the game reserve was compiled by a Mr Hovedzo, who is on the lands committee of the Zanu PF Cowdray Park ward executive structure.

The stands were reportedly allocated by a Mabadza, who is the secretary of the Zanu PF Cowdray Park ward executive, who had allocated himself the entry gate house.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo yesterday said he did not have any information on the matter. Zanu PF Bulawayo chairperson Calistus Ndlovu could not be reached on his mobile phone.

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  1. this is the same group that has been harassing flats residents in the city centre saying they should vote for zanu jongwe or else….. they threaten go around threatening people with gukurahundi and interestingly its an all shona group.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Let them go back to their home provinces. We dont want people who cannot integrate and leave peacefully with our local Mthwakazi people.

      1. Cynthia Mushona

        Uri benzi what this Mthwakazi thing you are talking about when we are trying to remove a monster that is ruling our country. which province do you think Jabulani Sibanda, Absalom Sikhosana, Jonathan ‘ngochani’ moyo, obert ‘diamonds” moyo come from. Your whole body imh***a. Go and get your hands cleaned for writing stone age comments on a public domain. We need to unite and remove ZANU and you are busy with some divisive comments. You are a moving grave, exactly that. I suspect you are a ZaNU PF activist, saka enda nemacomments ako kuHerald.

        1. Mavuwanembwetete

          Ah ah ah! Cynthia you are deadly. To actually silence rabid mouth Phunyukabempethe. I will not start with you if if you can cower the master of hate Phunyu like that.

    2. Nhai vanhu why can’t you beat their dirty arses???? What right do they have that they can destroy nature in the name of Zanu??? What is so special about that name?? After all rinonhuwa zita iroro. Kick them out but hard on their stinking areses

  2. they must invde the farmer donated to the may at paltry $45 per month.The instruction to invaders must be that they release the farm to the city if it finds use for it.

    1. @coolhead if u go back to that story about the mayor,u will notice that wat the reporter termed a “council farm” is actually a 2hactre piece of land and a hactre is 100m by 100m.hw does that become a FARM!?

  3. Xotshani izinja lezi zikaMgabe! Into ezingelamthetho.

    1. Greyhora ndiwe imbwa chaiyo from Dabengwa’s Zapu.

      1. Todya Manyoka, iwewe uri godzva rembwa yacho inonzi Greyhora

  4. by the way we suddenly have a lot of these people of late who when you talk to reply to say there dont understand Ndebele. What is the strategy here. Where are they coming from, and why now. Trying to invade Byo for ZANU. and are to be here until election time. Mr Obert Mpofu and the rest in Zanu PF. do you know about them? Are sure they here will neutralise the Mdc in the coming election. Zanu your strateges will fail you so much because the people are so aware of them.Please just do things right.

  5. Everything touched by these guys from mpumalanga rots no wonder they worship isangoma u nehanda

  6. @ Tates Own.Farm or plot or garden , let them invade to knock sense into these Clowns who shamelessly violate the principle of conflict of interest. These self centered clown who would donate the freedom of the city to their master for the sake of blind loyalty and desire to be nominated to represent their party in the next election.Down with clowns of self serving interests masquerading as public servants and leaders.Try technocrats regardless of party affiliation next time.

  7. IT’S SO INTERESTING …. We Africans, especially we Zimbabweans are spending more time thinking politics than business. I have observed than every politically sounding article has more than two comments in almost all papers but business articles have no comments. That’s why tichingoramba tiri poor. We tend to politicize everything. Of course politics affects our lives in every sense but we need to talk about bread and butter issues as well. Even with the business articles, people look for any sign of partisan politics from them to comment. Pity!

    1. You see! The instigator was a Mabadza, how did I know that this despicable act was orchestrated by a foreigners? Because such kind of behaviour is foreign to my people. I believe God created all human beings equal but values are not the same. I can’t thank GOD enough for being born a Ndebele or Mthwakazian. I can’t thank him enough for guiding King Mzilikazi to the land of the San (rightful owners of the land bordered by Zambezi and Limpopo). Little did people know that Mzilikazi was to built one of the greatest nations ever witnessed by the living. A nation with great values such that even the likes of Robert Moffat and Cecil John Rhodes were amazed. Read Ian Smith book, he says his people and the Matabele values are similar. Off course he meant the civilised attitude. I can’t describe the joy and pride I feel when I am among my people, Nndebeles, Tongas, Kalangas, Xhosas, Nambyas and Sotho.

      A wicked leader from the North who came to power through the help of the British tried to wipe us off but he failed dismally. What a fool he was, now his people are haunted by that foolish act. He cannot leave power in fear of terrible retribution. His people are now held hostage. They celebrated evil from 1982-87 yet now they don’t know what to do with the beast they created. Thank God, what goes around, comes around.

      1. Mavuwanembwetete

        For a grouping that is smaller in numbers you guys certainly know how to make noise. when Zapu lost the elections in 1980 you people got so sore that you have nevr reconciled yourselves to not getting power. Fine Gukurahundi is and will always be an abomination but ndebeles have always been proud (nothng wrong with that) and militant (there are limits to how far you can do this of course). Now you clutch onto injustices perceived and real to claim power? Its the vote you see and it seems to me if you want aNdebele to head this country you will have to form allinaces with a part of your gated shona people, otherwise you will spend the rest of your life whining and whinging. Think and come up with a strategy to hook up with someone and then gain power. Otherwise the mainly Ndebele or those who claim to be Ndebele people are starting to seem foolish and not learned in the venom and baseless crassness they spew towards every shona person and thus our response becomes like Cyntia’s above. The result is nobody trusts you including some fellow Ndebeles and of course you never get into power. Joshua Nkomo knew this and his party was more representative than most. Learn form him because Matbeleland and midlands and even one or two seats in Mashonaland were wone by Zapu. So what has happened now? Well the MDC tries JM’s way and got seats in Mat North.

        1. When you mention Gukurahundi, thats inflamatory although I support nationalism but the fact that history might repeat itself scares the hell out of me and to put that to rest, in our time criminal invaders and looters will be kicked out so we build our Greater Bulawayo in everlasting peace IN God we trust.

        2. that is trash my brother, real trash!!!!!

        3. sorry thabo, my above comment is not aimed at you. it is aimed at Mavuwambwetete.

      2. nhlanhla

        I can see you trying to re-write history. Truth is, Mzilikhazi annexed Mashona Land-BaKaranga Land. The son people had long since moved due west and made way for the Khoi-San who had mixed with BaKaranga off-shoot tribes like the Nambya, kalanga and Venda. That land belongs to the Shona people and there is no misgiving taking it back.
        The high tribal principles comparing to Ian Smith’s people that you thank God for creating you a little Matabili are: rape, cattle theft, land grab, murder, colonialism and lies, and more lies. Thats why the two colonialists Mzilikhazi and Rhodes lie buried side by side in the Matonjeni hills as if they both belong. They are just two thieves joined by the same sin in death.
        I think you should be more ashamed of yourself.
        The Shona moving into Bhuruwayo and the rest of the western regions are there to stay.Kindly watch the game unfold. The land -owners are coming back

    2. No business will thrive in suc a political environment kusara kwezvine humbava mukati saka lets clear the air first and we will coment on business xah

  8. What is Zanu Pf Thugs and babarians playing at now?

  9. Bt vange vapinda machena bcoz mastands acho akakura.

  10. Tsholotsho Boy

    Imigodoyi lena ayihambe kubo emagundwaneni lapho okungena mthetho khona. Angithi bayahluleka ukuphila nesizwe sakwaMthwakazi. Ayisebenze ingalo yomthetho

  11. mandla ndebele

    To the “defeated” and “conquered” Mzilikazi invites all vile names. As many know by now, insults are the  refuge for cowards. To the Matabele he is a king, hero and conqueror. To the student and philosopher he is one of the greatest African military genius of his time. The picture that resonates in all these three interpretations is that of a military giant and warrior.

    1. Some people live in the past, wake up and live. Daydreaming will end as such, a dream

    2. Running away from Tshaka and Cecil John Rhodes to die in hiding in the Zambezi river constitutes a military giant and warrior. Some new definitions.

      1. Don’t confuse your history go back to school Mzilikazi did not die in that part of the country.

    3. If Mzilikazi is a hero can we not say Mugabe is also a hero for defeating the Ndebele in the gukurahundi

  12. Jabula sizwe sikaMthwakazi, ozondayo makafe. Long live Mthwakazi kaNdaba.

  13. You always claim ndebeles took your cattle,yet you did the same to khoisans the true owners of the land,you are from burundi thats where you find people with big nose and barbaric behavior like yours

  14. @britishbulldog waseva murume

  15. spangasenkunzi

    bakamthwakazi yekelani ukusetshenziswa ngamadedede ukuthi sikhiphe umgabe.abamkhuphe bodwa.oginye izapu uginye ipoison.

  16. spangasenkunzi

    Mzilikazi the great nation builder.

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