Zanu PF boycotts Zuma team

Report by Wonai Masvingise

Zanu PF last night boycotted a meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team.

The surprise development was seen by the two MDCs as evidence the party did not want to implement electoral reforms necessary for free and fair elections.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo declined to comment on his party’s position in relation to the visiting team, referring this reporter to Presidential spokesperson George Charamba and the Foreign Affairs ministry.

“I know nothing about that issue,” Gumbo said.

Charamba is Presidential spokesperson and does not speak for Zanu PF.

The party’s representatives in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) negotiations — which the South Africans are in Zimbabwe for — are Nicholas Goche and Patrick Chinamasa.

Efforts to contact both of them were fruitless as, although their phones were ringing, they were not being picked up.

MDC-T chief negotiator Tendai Biti confirmed his Zanu PF counterparts did not turn up for the meeting. He said the other parties were not entirely surprised by the move because it had become clear to them that Zanu PF was not interested in the negotiations anymore.

Biti said: “It has been clear to some of us that they (Zanu PF) are not interested in the facilitation team anymore.

“Because Zanu PF boycotted the meeting, there was no work done. It’s unacceptable for a party to boycott such meetings and now the facilitation team will have to sculpt a way forward.”

MDC deputy spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said Zanu PF was behaving in an irresponsible manner.

“The guilty are afraid. They know that they are guilty. They are known for changing goalposts. There is an agreed roadmap signed by the three parties. The MDC will keep on pressing for media reforms and security sector reforms before elections,” Chihwayi said.

“Sadc must rein in (President Robert) Mugabe for defying the regional body. As MDC, we want fair play and equal respect.”

Speaking before the facilitation team left South Africa yesterday, team spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu, who did not travel with the team, said their mission was to continue discussions on the electoral roadmap.

Senior Zanu PF officials are on record saying there would be no electoral, security, media or other reforms despite these being clearly stipulated in the GPA.

The party described negotiations over these as “a closed door”, “nonsensical” and that they would never be done.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who is touring Sadc to lobby regional leaders to rein in Mugabe over his alleged intransigence on reforms, yesterday met Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who is also the chairperson of the Sadc Troika, and Angolan Foreign minister Georges Chicoti.

After meeting Tsvangirai, Kikwete is reported to have said: “As Sadc, we are very much interested in an election that is credible, free and fair.

We want Zimbabweans to exercise their unfettered right to choose a leader of their choice.”

Tsvangirai said the calls for peace by the Zanu PF leadership and their actions on the ground, in particular with reference to the voters’ roll, were increasingly pointing to a hidden strategy of hoodwinking the region, the international community and the Zimbabwean electorate.

He said it had become apparent that Zanu PF was not committed to a peaceful, free and fair election. He said the party’s actions showed it was, in fact committed to, and was planning for an ostensibly peaceful, but rigged election.

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  1. Tsvangison, waking up now, before you were cosying with the snake, we are back to sqaure one now!!!


    Iwe journalist Wonai Masvingise & your stupid editor. You say & i quote: “Senior Zanu PF officials are on record saying there would be no electoral, security, media or other reforms despite these being clearly stipulated in the GPA.”
    Where in the GPA does it clearly say there would be security reforms? In fact, which reforms are not already now incorporated in the new constitution? You lot & the entire MDC are fools making noise over nonsense!

    1. The MDC must stop abusing Zimbabweans and SADC. The whole concept of drafting and enacting a new constitution was to eradicate an anomaly which Zimbabwean citizens argue were an impedement to the enjoyment of their rights in an independent state. If the MDC had any issues which they wanted to address, they were supposed to be incorporated in the new constitution, to somehow raise new issues now is preposterous and and demonstrates the opposition’s gross imbecility.

      I applaud ZANU PF’s stance towards endless reforms and negotiations. MDC’s antics must be stopped and elections must be called forthwith. The people of Zimbabwe have a constitutional right of electing who should be their leaders, and they have the same right of withdrawing allegiance to any leader who do not tore the line.

      1. Taurahako you show a lack of basic understanding of the situation obtaining. The constituion says the Generals must be partisan but look how they behave, like an extention of Zanu PF. So what is needed is to enforce the instituions formed by the constituion which Zanu is disregarding with impunity. What Zanu PF should do is allow a level playing field so that the people’s choice will triumph.

    2. Mhata yako

  3. New constitution deals with all that.i think zanu is rit

  4. why is tswangirai running to sadc.He shud hav implimanted the Maputo declaration that Ncube is a principal!Nw that bob has dumped him he is runin to sadc wen he personaly failed to respect sadc directive.TSWANGIRAI YOU ARE DISGUSTILY STUPID!!

  5. Gugugu Magorira

    Zanu pf is confused,mdc led by Professor should stop Mugabe,Tsvangirai’s regional tour not necessary,barbaric and foolish.

  6. These are partly results of domestic discord that Tsvangirai sings.When things are benefiting his personal agenda he will go on with the morning teas and two party election road map.When wrong crosses his comfort line , he cries foul. Such hypocrisy as that of Thatcher who claimed Zimbabwe was a democracy at the height of gross human abuses does not pay. Some leaders boycotted her burial recently.It will be difficulty for some of us to take Tsvangirai serious.It may be thought he is interested in power for the sake of it.The discord is confuse the struggle for democracy, which , in our view must be bigger than a party or individual. So what is the way forward?Bloody elections.We will blame it on divisive politics, whose head is Tsvangirai and like minded people who in the 1980s called for a one party state in deep blindness.Open the political waves so that Makoni has a say, Mutambara has a say, Ncube has a say , Siwela etc have a say.Then you cant have a clique determining the fte of the nation.

  7. Phunyukabemphethe

    Tswangirayi is the most stupid Tshona I have ever known in Zim politics. I am hoping that he has now learnt a bitter lesson, that Tshona tribalism will not get him anywhere.

    Kith and kin solidarity with his Shona Gukurahundi ancestor Mugabe and the ancestor’s sidekick little Tshona Gukurahundi Mutambara has now come back to haunt him.

    He should leave those two fellow Shonas and join our great Mthwakazi Prof Welshman Ncube if he wants to retain some semblance of credibility.

    He has now become a sorry sight, Africa trotting from one president to another, crying about betrayal by his fellow Shonas, after his much publicised praise singing of the Shona Gukurahundi!!

    1. This is pure tribalism. This is why people from your region will never ascend to leadership in Zimbabwe. Continue with your Mtwakazi talk and kiss goodbye to national leadership!

    2. uri mhata.

  8. With ZEC playing cat and mouse to voter over registration, iv ceased recognising the forthcoming election as legitimate.
    Zanu is particular about june deadline bullsh*t with nothing conducive for an election on the ground.
    Lets leave them go for elections on their own.
    Hapana kuti election apa.

    1. Instead of bothering ourselves about the voters’ roll which is said to be in shambles and the voter registration exercise which seems to be skewed why not let every fellow Zimbabwean with an officially recognised ID vote in these coming watershed elections like what happened in the referendum exercise. The party that shall form the government will then come up with a voters’ roll for future elections. This will save money for urgent national issues. Ma lawyers akelicabange mani.

  9. lest chaos reign again good to go

  10. Mr Tsvangirayi is perhaps the catalyst of change in the Zimbabwean mindset.

    Like Mr Mugabe he will not be with us for always.

    And this is Gods will.

    As a people we are best off staying away from naming and shaming.

    This is not helpful (and it occurs often in the contributions from readers).

    Today, if we are Zimbabwean we can accept that Morgan Tsvangirayi with all determination of a great builder is with his brick, laying a foundation to us as a people.

    The past is behind …the future awaits our self confidence.

    The door lies ahead.

  11. the cat is out of the bag. tsvangirai told us that mugabe was a good person, what has gone wrong now? he connived with zanu jongwe to isolate welshman ncube telling us that everything was moving well towards elections and now he is in a desperate corner.

    interestingly, only last week when welshman ncube wrote to SADC facilitator both zanu jongwe and tsvangirai attacked him saying it was a hopeless excercise . he was even accused of abusing family ties with zuma and where are we now? welshman wrote a letter and tsvangirai is making a door to door plea, who is desperate now?

    lord have mercy. if you wine and dine with vampires you come out a loser. tsvangirai lost the plot from the very first day he took sides with zanu jongwe against ncube.


    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Agreed in toto mfanekhaya. Phinda njalo, asijiki nomakanjani.


  12. Phunyukamdidiwedada, its such shallow t.e.b.e.l.e thinking that makes some of us not regret Gukurahundi

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Not regretting Gukurahundi is ok, because you are just being yourselves, true to your Tshona Gukurahundi values and upbringing!!

    2. Mwana wevhu ulunya ndoda. You are not the majority.Neither are you an official spokesperson for an instittution nor group.Tone down.Be tolerant.

  13. Am sure this constitution people are bleating about still has to pass through the parliament and then the presidential assent. So Tsvangirai is right to update the guarantors of agreement. We will not allow Zpf and its supporters to hoodwink us.

    In all honesty Zpf is up to no good. Why can’t they implement the things they appended their signatures for. What hurts most is that this party lost elections. Its using bully tactics to hang on to power.

    It does not need rocket scientist to tell that whatever these morons touch turns to dost. Nyika yedu vakomana yaita manvemve. What good do you expect from a party led by an 89 year old. They like him because they want to steal while he is sleeping.

  14. I think its hightime Mr Editor and your crew you close this facility of allowing people to comment on your stories, some foolish, dull and ignorant people are abusing it.Instead of passing constructive critism, they are bent on insulting each other.This stupid rhetoric will not remove zanu pf from power, not at all.l

  15. I think its hightime Mr Editor and your crew you close this facility of allowing people to comment on your stories, some foolish, dull and ignorant people are abusing it.Instead of passing constructive critism, they are bent on insulting each other.This stupid rhetoric will not help remove zanu pf from power, not at all.l

    1. Khuya you dont blame things that are part of you.It is called hypocrisy. FOOLISH, dULL,IGNORANT. STUPID ARE ALSO CALLED INSULTS EVEN IF THEY COME FROM YOU.

  16. pukuyambete is welshman ncbe himself.somebody please tel me he is not relateo to trevor

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Shiyana no Welshman wena. You Gukurahundi hatred for Welshman daring to challenge your Shona Gods Tswangirayi, Mugabe and Mtambara is reaching dizzy heights!!

  17. Asingade haamanikidzwe.Kana singade,haadi ende haafaniri kumanikidzwa.

  18. Every Zimbabwean must be wary of grooming a dominant neighbour into a regional especially with regional integration of so unequal parties being taunted as an economic panacea. The German empire by the back door that EU has become has Europe developing fault lines, and who was offering to help South Africa on regional matters only last week – Germany!

    SADC has its scope but that must never ever extend to dictating to Zimbabwe and MDC formations must stand their ground to ZanuPF and not go courting national disasters the way they did with sanctions. The “old guard” in ZanuPF will flex its experience and the MDC must duck & dive with agility and so on as Zimbabwean politics will unfold. Crying for external intervention is not in the national interest at all at all at all, not today, not yesterday, not ever.

    The international arena is full of wolves. Who in the MDC has read RSA’s industrialisation policy and liked what it portends for Zimbabwe? The Eddie Cross of this world are quite ready to surrender to “international” conventions and treaties in a bid to regain Rhodesian hegemony they lost at home. While ZanuPF tactics may seem disingenous, hand the devil their due, they have an eye on the long term and on the regional and global geopolitical dynamics. The statecraft that Morgan and Chamisa admit Mugabe is master of.

    RSA, towering over SADC as it does, is not a safe bet with Zuma holding the reins. I’d sooner have Mugabe hold the SADC reins than Trevor Manuel, yes, even at 100yrs old with his lieutenants at heel. Malawi Banda admitted her visit was in fact a study tour. We have a lot to teach and yet quite a long way to go, walking the valley of death, as resource hungry nations circle us all the way.

    In substance or in symbolism, ZanuPF is right. We have a new constitution. We will amend laws to fall in with that. And that process MORALLY supercedes GPA. It is patently wrong for SADC or anyone to seek to conduct Zimbabwean affairs singing from the GPA hymnbook. Move on MDCs!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Hell no, we need a very, very strong and dorminant South Africa to deal with Gukurahundism up north. Experience in the last 33 years has taught us to never allow Gukurahundis to dorminate the region, those people can be arrogant when the going is good for them. Cast your eyes back to the days of Simba Makoni and his SADCC and the Frontline States.

      I remember the late Ariston Chambati telling Batswana in Gaberone to “get rid of their cattle post mentality”,right in the presence of their President Sir Quett Msire. South Africa should never make that mistake, Gukurahundis are tribalistic, racist and arrogant idiots – they should never rise again. South Africa should grow tenfold and dorminate, not only the region but the continent tenfold!!

    2. Nhamo iripo ndeyekuti zpf cannot now stand up on its own! Gone are the days of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans being held to ransom by a so-called ‘politburo’s decisions, otherwise these ‘June 2013’ elections have been announced by this politburo as ‘happening this year with, or without reforms’ since 2010! Ask yourself why this has not happened yet in our ‘sovereign’ nation. Let me remind you in case you have forgotten. 2008 was zpf’s watershed. When Mbeki crafted a document to ‘accomodate’ losers in March and the ‘runoff’ that never was, and zpf signed said document, anyone who speaks or acts on behalf of zpf does so within its tenets. That includes anchihuri naananyikayaramba! Remember also, the GPA has clauses which come into effect even after the next election. Its actually very simple – satisfy sadc and sadc will give your mdara the green light to hold elections, otherwise ignoring what sadc want is to the detriment of zpf, given vamwe vave harahwa!

  19. you hate PHUNYUKABEMPHETHE! because he says the truth an he is not apologetic about it!!!!!Tribalist gugurahundis

  20. Makhehla Ndukwana

    I don’t care what political insults and blows that people of different political convictions and parties trade, but for the so called Mwana Webhvu to Insult the innocent dead that were killed by gukurahundi by saying he doesn’t regret it I think is just going overboard. Saka Mwanawebhvu are saying it was ok what happened? Are you saying that? Are you so shallow minded that you have lost your conscience? I am sure if not you your father or brothers were killing innocent people in Matabeleland. Usatambe nefire iwe!

  21. principles of democracy

    Tsvangirai is the face of struggle for democracy. We will remain unmovedand unshaken by the stupid Ncube’s unheard cruel voice and Zanu pf’s seasoned satanic voice.Ncube and Mugabe can unite but the masses are the whistle blowers.We are with you Morgan.

    1. No Principles.Promote multiparty democracy.It more safe.Encourage people to vote Dabengwa,Ncube, Siwela, Makoni etc.Remember that these party leaders are not doing for us but for their power and associated other benefits.Cool down.Do not be emotional about it.Seek to get advantage over their will to rule.If it was truly for the people those who lay exclusive claim over fighting colonialism could have long quit.Their fight to stay on is evidence that the little they contributed to the noble struggle was for self benefit.Do not be too religious ABOUT WHO EVER AND WHAT EVER.

  22. Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge uinekaturike… Zpf, nothing but a stupid, cruel n oppressive party. A party run by thugs, thieves and mafias.. Who in this country dont kno zpf abuse zim security sector to intimidate people. Straight election victory fo zpf maybe was in 1980, 85 and 90. From there til now, its has bn dictatorship. Whats th hell ar they doing? They really dont deserve to be in public office. Come on MDCs, we will win

  23. Mdara is right.Why security reforms?What security threat do they pose before elections to the nation?Step for a step:Squarely the ground is not even as long as masanctions are there.The hate radio station should be instructed to go by him tsvangison.Ngabude anenge abaiwa.Elections now now without reforms and with sanctions ndogood size iyoyo.And munoikwana.

  24. mkuru mkuru hanga haigare pfunde goes shona saying.In its known order whats happening here will visit SA soon.Ndazo should learn from us as their senior.Stop dining with the devils.Be objective when dealing with usStop Tabaijukaism Lindiwe.

  25. mapfupa-edu -achamuka

    Why are people keen in holding potentially disputed elections,if an enabling environment is not established?
    This country needs healing. Those spoiling for another round of bloodshed are not nationalists but a bunch of greed wolves.
    If people are not going to be happy after the election, then the fight goes on.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Gukurahundis are so determined to shed more blood this year, they will not move an inch on security reforms.

      If it were not for Tswangirayi’s hobnobbing with the enemy, those Shona Gukurahundis, we could orginise a highly successful total boycott of Gukurahundi elections by each and every opposition party and leave the Gukurahundis to go it alone.

      They will be back to square one, with sanctions reinstated, this time with much vigour, all their post Gukurahundi Mugabe plans in total dissaray. This hobnobbing with the enemy is actually aiding and abetting the evil Gukurahundi plans of coming back to power through the back door, without shifting an inch on the most fundamental issues if concern to the MDCs, and thus gain the international legitimacy which they are desperate for.

      Once back in power, they will simply throw away that so-called new constitution out of the window and continue as if nothing has happened!

  26. Tsvangirai is busy spending money winning and dinning with SADC and AU leaders in a bid to win Mugabe’s heart on those stupid reforms.Why reforms after a new constitution,why engaging other leaders when in an inclusive government where he is enjoying executive powers.Mugabe is just standing on party principles and is not engaging anyone.While Morgan is consulting leaders elsewhere Mugabe is in Zimbabwe and is busy politicising and mobilising people from grassroots and is repairing and oiling whatever he deems his election machinery,in a bid to position himself at the top of the race.ZPF is preparing for elections while Morgan and his party are preparing for negotiations and election petitions.If Tsvangson says all is not well by now then what was the purpose of spending those 4 years as the Premier living extravagantly lavish on our state finances.He is just showing us that he went in the GNU,spent state money with ladies,forgot his supporters and came out with virtually nothing to show that he was.Morgan is an empty sack which cannot stand on its own.Whenever he feels the heat of Mdara Robert’s intellingence and strategy,he takes to his heels, cries louder to get sympathy from either Europe,America or African leaders.Huya kumusha uitewo zveMDC-T principles then stand on those,sell them to the electorate and compete with ZPF.Do you believe that ZPF will accept reforms that will render them empty handed during elections?NO!

  27. Zanu PF is full of insane clowns . Just imagine Webster Shamu buried his mother a few weeks ago but he now wishes she was married to Bob and that he was the first born to ZIM 1. Imagine a person who denigrates his own father who sired and raised him . To him his own father is a nonentity of shame and ignominy . Now if a man can opt to disown his own father what of the rest of the populace whom he is sworn to serve ? So this comes as no surprise . Zanu is full of such crazy idiots. Shamu once called RG Mugabe a packet of Cremora , a brand of fake ersatz milk powder .Strangely he was not arrested for denigrating the person and office of the president by exposing him to scorn , contempt and ridicule . By implication what did he mean ? A bunch of such lunatics is holding the nation to ransom .May God forbid .

  28. Fambai ‘Save’ Chikara che zanu!

  29. Popotaimuchaneta

    Europe is missing zim fulltime and are desperate to re-engage, they wont dare provoking zpf for it has the obvious capacity to cling-on. They are very much aware of zpf’s ability as much as they are very aware of MDC’s lack of policy and foresight(routinely bumping into the zpf walls and traps). The only hope for survival is the limbless sadc whose tribunal Mugabe reduced to nothing yester year and the AU, which is synonymus to sadc. Europe will not be patient with ‘boycott politics’ because they miss zim(zpf) so desperately, at least they can snatch from the Chinese a portion of the chiadzwa gem. They are telling zpf to engage ‘just a non -violent poll’, which they will accredit despite the uneven playground. This zpf will achieve without difficulty because the strategy on how to out-manouver with little or no intimidation has been refined and polished. Remember the referendum poll was held under the same status quo which Mdc fully consented and gave a deaf ear to NCA. Do unto NCA just as u would want zpf do unto you. What goes around…?

    1. you are just too verbose ,savage and vacuous like the insane jonathan moyo and the brain dead tafataona mahoso .

  30. @Popo- what is this? Have the schools openned rather late?

  31. WhY being suprised by zanu pf ‘s reactions ,resolving the zimbabwean crisis in a peaceful way is day dreaming to them,theY want to see blood.

  32. surely zpf cannot be trusted. Save do all you can to save our votes.

  33. Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa, the sooner MDC realise this the better. Where is their pride?running to cry to mommy like a little baby all the time.sies mhani.You give your supporters little confidence.

    1. Abel, you could say that but, only when you start going to your local supermarket, buy Zim products and pay in Zimdollars. Otherwise, Zim is already a province of south Africa! To see the truth in this statement, go into your local supermarket and look at the ‘made in south africa’ labels on the shelves, then try to pay for your milk using sa rands! Same same Mpumalanga!

  34. Again, Mr. Tsvangirai has disappointed me! I was really hoping to see him change tactics, instead he is doing the same thing that has never worked before, that is to run to sadc which will be followed by running to the e.u and the usa. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result? Zanu is digging in their trenches, giving the Zuma team the finger and concentrating on mobilising local support for the upcoming elections. This election will be won here in Zimbabwe by the number of votes cast, that’s what MDC is not getting. The MDC leader must be here at home, in the trenches, fighting SMART and engaging the voters. I agree with Able, Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa, the sooner MDC realises that, the better. Tsvangirai’s ally, Raila Odinga just lost a very close election in Kenya, Ian Khama is his other ally but he is a paper tiger; the rest of the African heads of state will always back Mugabe so running to them is really a waste of time and resources. Man up, Mr. Tsvangirai and take the fight to Zanu PF!

  35. Popotaimuchaneta

    @ Falcon, i’ll never scrible zvinoda mai vako. Appeasing u is not part of my agenda, i know the issue of europe ceasing spoonfeeding mdc is not going well with u. Again sadc is too weak to handle shumba yamachinja. Election ichatoitwa chete without reforms madhongi achikuma. Come June, nhubu dzose muchatungamirwa nowamusingadi, europe igoita seisingazvioni because u failed them for too long a time.

  36. Monomotapa, Malawi has more S.A products on their shelves than Zimbabwe could ever have; you can find everything from Shoprite, Game, Mr Price to Protea Hotels in Blantyre but that does not make Malawi a province of South Africa. I guess by your logic, Zimbabwe having more USD than S.A Rands in circulation makes us America’s 51st state. Also, Dubai has more American brands and products than local ones and truth be told, we have more made in China products in Zimbabwe than Proudly South African ones.

    1. Malawi is not SA’s bigger trading partner, we are. This notion of Zim becoming a province of sa is not new, It can be traced to rhodes’ time! Before our governance crisis, Zim managed to compete with sa where Zim products shared shelf space with sa products in Botswana, for example. That is, until a certain ‘no crisis’ Mbeki managed to make us a colony of sa by assuaging certain egoes amongst our politicians whilst Metallion gold was ‘buying’ our gold mines for a song. To me, we have been colonized! Right now, nothing can happen in Zim without zuma’s nod!

  37. Tribalism and dominance of a fellow human being is the worst disease on earth!

  38. Popotaimuchaneta

    @ Watching. Thanx for quick feedback, i actually wanted those verbose and vacuous statements to provoke your vacuous mind. At least u’re quite aware of the inevitable at your door step. If Tsvangi felt the heat and temporarily exiles under the guise of seeking sadc inteference, ko kuzoti iwewo zvako danda rakapfukutwa? Unoichema misodzi yedhongi inosvuura matama.

  39. Phunyukabemphethe

    Gukurahundi Zimbabwe is a slave of South Africa, we should all celebrate to that. Shona Gukurahundis should brought down to their knees, they smell, they are a stink in Southern Africa!!

  40. Robert G Mugabe

    Let me start by laughing (hahahaaaaaaaa
    ZPf z now stronger than it was in 1980. The GNU gave us room to reconstruct and strenghten our revolutionary party. SA has its biz to solve like gays and lesbians. We have bn running Zim b4 they got independence now they want to control us. Enough we can manage now. Tsvangirai is saying he want sector reforms kkkkkkkiki he wants to remove my generals and replace them with his kkkkk Whats that thats e same.

    Gukurahundi hey even Nkomo admitted back then thats it not a tribal thing bt politics dont forget i stayed also in Matebelaland.

    Ncube is just like Job Sikhala or Shakespear Maya. Those who hate Shona pple you are eating you fiesces. Even if e whites didnt colonize us a tym was going to come when we were going to fight Ndebele settlers.

    Ndinotonga ZveGutsaruzhinji
    Chinja Maisiro Maisiro Chinja
    Heyoko Nyaa nekokoko Nyaaa
    One round.

  41. Zvighubhu Ngondongondo

    Zanu pf does not want the reforms for obvious reasons. If these reforms in question were incorporated in the constitition why are people still being arrested in Zim today. Why is the media owned only by partisan people. Why are the generals still talking about Tsvangirai as an agent of the west and refuse to salute him. The two MDCs must not go back and never agree to elections without these key reforms. Musabvume. Kana mukabvuma munenge matengesa wese wakaurawa newanhu iwawa muna2008. They want to do the same thing. More important the MDCs need to field one candidate for presidency so that you dont split the vote. Musabvuma and please stand your ground

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