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We are selfish, greedy crooks – Zanu PF


MINES and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu says corrupt leadership in Zanu PF is letting President Robert Mugabe down and this could affect the party’s electoral performance.

Report by Njabulo Ncube

Mpofu made the confession last Friday and apologised to the people on behalf of Mugabe and the party, saying there were lots of crooks within Zanu PF and this was part of the reason why the electorate had deserted the party.

The minister was addressing a rally in Simbo village in Nkayi South where he made the startling confession about the party’s greedy and selfish leaders.

He mentioned in particular the massive looting of farming inputs and maize donated under Mugabe’s input scheme as evidence of the behaviour of the party’s thieving officials.
“People did not want to vote for the MDC, but they did so out of sheer anger after realising lack of strong leadership among some of us,” he said.

“President Mugabe loves his people, but the food and farming implements he donated have been abused, stolen by some of the cadres in leadership positions.
“It is the leadership on the ground that is letting us down. We have crooks among us.”

Mpofu then apologised for the criminal behaviour of his party colleagues.

“We let you down. We admit we made mistakes and this is the reason people turned their backs on the party and went to the MDC,” he said.

“Now we want to correct our mistakes of the past, which cost the party dearly. We do not want crooks.”

The Umguza MP said the crisis of leadership at provincial level resulted in corrupt distribution of food and farming inputs.

“Some of us have become selfish to the extent that we do not want to help those that are suffering when we have plenty,” he charged.

“Food, seed and maize being donated by the President is being sold or given out to relatives and friends.

“Instead of getting a bag of maize some are grabbing 10, leaving others with nothing. This is killing the party.”

Mpofu spoke about imposition of candidates, lamenting that it was destroying the party.

“Those that say they have been brought by me are lying. I do not have the power to impose people,” he said.

“The only people I have are President Mugabe and my wife. But what I know is that the party is against imposition of candidates. ”

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