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Voters, it’s your payback time


Zimbabwe is a country dogged by serious economic and political problems triggered by politicians who view the country as a line on a map and nothing more than a sphere of political influence.

NewsDay Editoral

The nation’s problems are embedded in such people who profess love for the country, but whose aim is to impose their superiority over fellow citizens and other nations. Such politicians, unfortunately, hold key posts in government.

As we approach elections, it is incumbent upon citizens — who are the voters — to flush them out and ensure they get nowhere near the seats of power.

We urge voters to choose candidates who have love for the country and not those with ideologies that lead to violence, discrimination and intolerance.

Citizens should be made aware of parasites masquerading as patriots whose main agenda is to live off other people’s sweat, demonising those who criticise their evil deeds and making other citizens unwelcome in their own country.

The electorate should wake up and identify people who have not only unnecessarily clung to power, but have made disastrous decisions for the country.

Serious civic education is needed for citizens to be enlightened enough to know that they wield power through their vote to shock such undeserving politicians out of power.

It is no secret that such selfish politicians are making every effort to suppress the voters’ power to make them unaware of it.

They are systematically manipulating the voters’ powers so that they work for their selfish ends in the name of patriotism and sovereignty.

Voters should be educated not to listen to rhetoric, but to check on aspiring candidates’ background and policy, among other things, and test these against their concern for the welfare of citizens.

We have politicians who have punished the citizens of this country enough and this coming election should be payback time. Such politicians are aware of this fact and they are making every effort to frustrate and intimidate voters.

They want to completely shut out voter power so that the majorities have no control over it.

But voters should be educated to be persistent and to persevere against all machinations by these reactionary forces so that they use their vote for the betterment of the country.

To get rid of such people, voters should be taught not to vote on the basis of slogans.

It is time they were taught to say enough is enough and get rid of parasitic and intolerant politicians who have made the majority of citizens unhappy.

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