Tobacco sales generate $500m

THE value of the tobacco crop delivered to the country’s auction floors has inched closer to the half a billion dollar mark as the cash crop consolidates its position as one of the top foreign currency earners, official figures have shown Statistics provided by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) show that the value of tobacco deliveries stood at$466 142 098, up 27% from the same period last year.

Report by Tarisai Mandizha

The figures also show that more deliveries were made during the period under review as more farmers turn to the golden leaf to improve livelihoods.

A total of 125 million kilogrammes of the cash crop were sold by Friday compared to
$97 million kgs sold during the same period last year.

Currently, only three auction floors — Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF), Boka Tobacco Auction Floors (BTF) and Premier Tobacco Floors (PTF) are operating after Millennium Tobacco closed due to capital constraints.

The tobacco marketing season opened in February with experts projecting deliveries to reach 170kgs from 144kgs recorded last year which generated $525 million revenue.
In 2010, two auction floors — Tobacco Sales Floor and Boka Tobacco Auction Floors — operated the country’s auction floors after another auction floor, BMZ, closed down earlier on.

The sales, according to TIMB, comprised 79 954 million kg delivered by contract farmers with the remainder being auction sales.

Tobacco Sales Floor maintained its dominance, accounting  for 17 969 million kg of auction sales, closely followed by Boka Tobacco Auction Floors (16 354 million kg) and Premier Tobacco Floor ( 11 471 million kg). In the period under review, TSF bought tobacco at an average price of $3,65 per kg, BTF at $3,54 per kg and PTF at $3,53 per kg.

At least 1 735 914 bales were accepted, while 71 254 bales had been rejected for various reasons.

About 72 204 growers have so far delivered tobacco against a total of 90 172 growers registered for the season. During the same period last year, about 68 604 growers registered.

At peak in 1998, 236 million kg were delivered to the country’s auction floors.


  1. sadza mushumha

    Newsday have a dangerous tendency of celebrating new found happiness in the farming sector without acknowledging the source of novel livelihoods that has changed the face of the Zimbabwean population. This is the second article in as many weeks were both editor and write jubilate about a bouncing agricultural sector, a sector they have lambasted left right and center. I think its discourteous not to mention even in passing the visionary policy of land redistribution that has seen tobacco hacterage, quantity and quality supplied surpassing record levels reached by former white farmers. Is it not something worthy celebrating for. And what message electorally does it send as we negotiate “erections” bend.

    1. Some of the tobacco graders at the auction floors are rejecting good quality product on very flimsy reason eg that the bundle is slightly big than required. Farmers are having no optoin but to sell their hard earned tobacco to crooks who hang around the auction floors, and working in cohoots with the graders at a much lower price. TIMB, look at this and deal with some of your graders. Some of them are even asking for bribes from farmers promising a better price. There is however some professionalism at some auctions and farmers have become business minded(u never hear any political talk but how poeple want to do better next seoson) Otherwise prices were generally fair this season. By the way I am CELL PHONE FARMER.

    2. Very true. They are ashamed to acknowledge the achievements of Mugabe’s Land Reform,an empowerment programme in itself.

    3. Don’t waste your time talking politics. See how a Zimbabwean teenager girl became a millionaire just by selling dog insurance. Very interesting. Go to (THECHEAPESTDOGINSURANCE.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (THECHEAPESTDOGINSURANCE.COM). A simple idea but very realistic. Dog insurance is more expensive than the insurance for human beings because any dog is a potential danger. WAKE UP AFRICANS. Don’t waste your time talking politics.

      1. ko iwe kedo wakaitei? i mean uneyi?

    4. Yes and you might as well add that this has been achieved in the total absence of massive financing of farmers that was common for the white farmers in years like 1998 that they are comparing production levels with. Only recently this newspaper wrote a sarcastic article referring to the resettled farmers as “dollar farmers”. When success is there for all to see despite the financing and other essential support handicaps for the new farmers, this newspaper wants to be part of the jubilation as you correctly…… albeit with tongue in cheek .

  2. YES CORRECT cde Mugabe said lets take our land, farm workers used to earn $30 a month and the same workers now earn over $10 000 as land owners selling tobbacco.Tvangirai used to walk
    around when he worked for the whiteman at bindura nickel but now drives .So a white man and poverty fof africans goes hand in hand .lets control our resources

  3. Ndo Chinja Manje Iyi

    This is what we call change. Former poor peasants are now making money their former Rhodesian bosses made & paid them peanuts from.

    Meanwhile, some fat oversexed, corrupt, lying, foolish, uneducated, lazy & foreign sponsored primate is promising to reverse all this.

    Not only is he talking nonsense but he doesnt realise that he is promising war in the country because the people who now own this land will not it take it laying down as they did back in 1887 when foreigners forced their ancestors off the land with no compensation what so ever.

    If it means a civil war then that is what his so called “new” government will have to deal with AND i dont think he really wants that BUT if Zimbabweans cant have their own land then no one will have it.

    The MDC should remember that the Rhodesian farmers who will be given those farms will need to have armies protecting them 24/7 because THEY WILL ALL BE WIPED OUT ONE BY ONE UNTIL NON OF THEM WANTS TO FARM ANYMORE.

    We never fought back in the 18th century but this time non of them will know peace!!!!!!

    Itai tione!

  4. Increased tobacco sales at the expense of massive imports of food crops abandoned by these same farmers.
    150 thousand tonnes of maize from Zambia that Mugabe will never pay for, and 1.4 million Zimbabweans reliant on WFP donor food aid. It’s shameful that Zimbabwe depends so much on external free handouts to support its economy when it could largely support itself if profits from its resources were correctly channeled through the Ministry of Finance for the benefit of all.

    1. george bachinche

      Why cant you be a food farmer yourself? I don’t need to gues that these tobacco farmers are strategic thinkers. They have acreages for cereal for their own consumption. Tobacco is for the market, where they can earn a decent wage.
      This is how market forces. The price of grain has to improve if there is going to be an improvement.

  5. sadza mushumha

    Ndinevimbo, why are farmers abandoning maize farming? Other regional countries are busy supporting small holder agriculture to boost food security yet we have a minister who despise resettled farmers to a point of rejecting to fund them despite the fact that he inherited a ministry which was massively supporting same. Why is Tendai Biti denying funding to likes of GMB, itself the sole buyer of grain in the country? Where does he think GMB would get the money to buy maize from farmers when it survives on government funding? Why does Biti values politics at the expense of the people? Ndinevimbo, these questions demand furious answers, and the answers will enlight gentle readers on why farmers are abandoning maize farming.

  6. And then some ill-advised politician says his party wants a reversal of the same Land Reform which ushered in such positive scenarios in agric. Shame!


    ok eeh Madinga eZANUPF muriko here? Pasi nechiparty chenyu chinotonga zvechitororo

  8. sadza mushumha

    kutonga zvechitororo chichipa wanhu hupfumi nemasimba zvakaipei. Zviri nane ndezvipi kutongwa nedeomcracy usina chaunacho.

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