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‘Stop invading wetlands’


CHITUNGWIZA Town Council has warned co-operatives and individuals to stop invading wetlands and undesignated places as such areas pose a serious danger to inhabitants.


In a notice yesterday, Town Clerk George Makunde said the municipality noted that specified wetlands in Seke North and St Mary’s were being allocated to unsuspecting homeowners by co-operatives and individuals who expected the local authority to regularise their properties.

“It has come to the attention of Chitungwiza Municipality that there are cooperatives or individuals who have invaded wetlands and undesignated places and illegally created stands that are now being sold to unsuspecting members of the public,” Makunde said.

“Some of the places have already been surveyed and are being illegally developed with the assumption that they will be regularised by Chitungwiza Municipality even if they have not been properly allocated.

This is not the case according to council policy.”

Makunde said building on wetlands was outlawed by the Environmental Management Act which prohibited councils from allocating wetlands as residential stands.

He warned prospective home-owners that they risked losing their money if they continued occupying these wetlands.

“All those who will continue with the unsanctioned occupations and developments are, hereby, advised that they will do so at their own risk.

“In the event that there might be clarifications required in connection with this issue, such requests may be directed to the municipal head office,” the town clerk added.

Affected areas in Seke North included Riverside area, Unit A and surrounding areas, Units N,O,P, Seke South, Units l, M and Unit K.

In St Mary’s, affected places include Manyame Park as well as the area north of St. Mary’s Administration office.  In Zengeza, the areas include Zengeza 4, Zengeza 5 and Zengeza 3.

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