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Somanje drummer dies


JOSPHAT Somanje’s drummer Affick Jones has died.
He was 30.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

Jones died in the early hours of Thursday morning after succumbing to injuries sustained in a car accident that occurred along Chitungwiza-Dema road on Sunday morning.

The accident also left Somanje and other band members injured, but they were discharged from Chitungwiza Hospital, while Jones, who broke both legs, was transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital after his condition deteriorated.

In an interview, Somanje, who has provided his house for the funeral confirmed Jones’s death.

“I can confirm that Jones died on Thursday morning after failing to recover from the injuries he sustained in the accident that occurred on Sunday,” Somanje said.
“We are still deliberating on when and where to bury him and we will inform people about burial arrangements.

“We were waiting for his relatives and they have just arrived at my house in Cherutombo where we are discussing the way forward.”

Somanje also said he had lost a crucial member of his band.

“I am devastated and I do not know whether I am going to recover musically. I am also not feeling well since I am yet to recover from the injuries, but the void left by Jones will never be easy to fill.

“He was a great drummer, calm and so understanding, but his life has been cut short,” he said.

Jones was a great drummer who played for many bands.

He also worked with Pengaudzoke before joining Somanje Stars when Pengaudzoke split.
Because of his drumming skills, he also worked with Rangarirai Sagombeto of the R & K African Sounds before another stint with Douglas Chimbetu.

He is survived by his wife and a son. Mourners are gathered at House Number 2362 Dzidzai Street, Cherutombo in Marondera.

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