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Somanje brothers in emotional reunion


PENGAUDZOKE frontman Daiton Somanje has buried differences with his brother Josphat who was injured in an accident on Sunday morning.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

Daiton has been staying at Josphat’s Cherutombo house in Marondera taking care of his injured brother despite the acrimony that characterises their relationship.

The brothers have traded serious accusations with Daiton recently swearing he would not have anything to do with Josphat under any circumstances.

In an interview with NewsDay, Daiton said he would return to Harare when his brother’s condition improves.

“I will not go back home until Josphat is fine. I am his brother and it is my responsibility to take care of him,” said Daiton.

“I know many people will not believe it because of what transpired in the past, but the truth is that I care for my brother and other siblings.

“Past is past and we are getting along very well. He has chest pains, but I hope all will be well soon.”

On the other hand Josphat said he is grateful for his brother’s presence.

“I am happy that Daiton is here. I just pray fror my quick recovery and that of my band members,” he said.

Last year Daiton said his heart still bleeds when he thinks of his relationship with his young brother Josphat.

Daiton said their differences continue to widen each time they plan to work together. The two parted ways back in 2003 with accusations and counter-accusations of witchcraft and embezzlement of funds turning them into bitter foes.

Josphat was involved in an accident in Dema on Sunday morning on his way to Marondera from a gig in Mbare.

His Toyota Venture vehicle was side swiped by a Lorry that was trying to overtake him. Josphat sustained chest injuries while his drummer Afick Jones broke both legs.

The other band members — Patrick Jivason, Patrick Masuku, Alvin Sindi and Christopher Jackson — escaped with minor injuries.

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