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Sex-related issues scare pastors


THE modern church, better known as the Pentecostal movement, has been characterised by its outstanding call on subjects such as prosperity, giving, healing, faith and deliverance among other topics, that seem to distinguish it from the so-called traditional churches.

Masimba Ngondonga

Although the two carry more differences than similarities, one common subject often viewed by both as taboo is the preaching or teaching of sexually-related issues which are of paramount importance.

Such fundamental topics are necessary, particularly to the youths who often find themselves trapped into contracting diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or the deadly AIDS. Some people find themselves in complicated marriages which sometimes result in divorce or unending domestic violence.

A snap survey revealed that most preachers or teachers of the Word often overlooked the subject.  Tafadzwa Makotore of Elim Pentecostal Church said preachers lack confidence and probably the right platform to teach sexual issues.

“Sex-related topics are often difficult to explain and most pastors often overlook the subject either because they lack confidence to stand in front of the congregation and address such a topic or the platform might not be conducive enough,” he said.

Another youth from the Roman Catholic Church Trish Massimo said most youths have more questions than answers on sex-related matters hence some resort to paying consellors for advice.

“As youth we need to know these things, however, there is no one to address such topics and most people opt for professional counsellors whom they pay for advice.
“Most youths engage in pre-marital sex just because they lack proper education,” she said.

Tawanda Govha of the United Methodist Church said pastors need to give an in-depth preaching on the issues pertaining to sex as there are various implications that befall many youths if they lack knowledge.

He urged pastors and other church leaders to clearly explain the subject without being shy just as they teach on other topics such as giving, healing and prosperity.
“The youthful stage is a period when most youths find it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, and are tempted to engage in pre-marital sex. Pastors should treat the subject without fear or being embarrased,” he said.
Pastors and other church leaders expressed mixed feelings over the subject with some saying different platforms should be provided before such topics are dealt with while others argue that it’s high time the church opened up on sex-related matters.
Bishop Edison Guru of the Family Church said despite the Bible being silent on some questions on sexual matters, tradition has also played a crucial role in instilling fear in some pastors to teach issues pertaining to sex.
“The fact that the Bible doesn’t provide specific answers to some sex-related issues is not an excuse for most pastors to shy away from the topic. Tradition seems to have taken its course with regards to sexual issues as a taboo that cannot be discussed in public.”
A leader of the Johanne Marange Sect Tapiwa Gwasira said in their church, they only discuss sexuall- related issues with different groups at particular levels, but they cannot make the whole issue  a topic of the main service.

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