Sex accusations against Mutasa

ZANU PF factional fights took a nasty turn yesterday after one of the suspects implicated in the theft of six cattle donated to the party claimed that secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa had trumped up the stocktheft charges to fix her for spurning his sexual advances.

Report by Obey Manayiti

Manicaland provincial deputy chairperson Dorothy Mabika told the court through her lawyer Tinofara Hove the stocktheft charges levelled against her were trumped up.

Mabika (47) and her co-accused suspended provincial chairman Mike Madiro (49) face another charge of stealing 10 beasts donated for President Robert Mugabe’s birthday celebrations.

Mabika, who is on $150 bail, faces two charges of stocktheft and obstruction of justice in that she allegedly tampered with provincial party minutes as a way of concealing the theft.

Her lawyer said: “This is a case of political struggle and the accused is being used as a pawn of power struggle in Manicaland. You made an inappropriate sexual demand against her. You are persecuting her because she refused your sexual advances and also refused to join your camp.”

But Mutasa, who occasionally burst into laughter during the trial, denied the charge.

“It is within your imagination. I never made any proposal or any sexual advances and if she was thinking about that, then it is her own problem. If she loves me, then let her be open,” Mutasa said.

He said he related well with Mabika and regarded her as a fellow comrade.

Mutasa said as the party’s secretary for administration, he was supposed to have been briefed about all donations made to the party, adding that the donor was supposed to have been issued with a receipt as per party procedures.

He said the stocktheft allegations against Mabika only surfaced as police officers were investigating alleged misappropriation of donated funds from diamond mining companies.

He said his involvement in the investigations had been blessed by the politburo, adding that he had no personal vendetta against Mabika.

However, Mabika insisted Mutasa targeted her because she had refused to join his camp.

Mutasa is reportedly aligned to Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s camp which is fighting another faction allegedly led by Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed the party’s 89-year-old Mugabe.

Mabika chronicled a series of party meetings where she claims Mutasa deliberately avoided her.

At one time, she claimed Mutasa declared: “If a zebra refuses to share pastures with a buffalo, it will be gored”, which she interpreted as implying that she had to join his camp or face the consequences.

Mutasa’s totem is buffalo, while Mabika’s is zebra.

She added that at one of the meetings held at Mutare Polytechnic, Mutasa allegedly organised party youths to demonstrate against her where the youths openly chanted: “VP! VP! VP!” in reference to Mutasa.

Mabika said Mutasa targeted her to tarnish her image and block her from contesting in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

But Mutasa charged: “She must be alert. If there are power struggles in Manicaland, she should not be found in the circles because when two elephants fight the grass suffers and Mabika should not be found on the grass. The truth of the matter is that the accused stole the calves and before she stole, everything was fine.”

Charges against Mabika are that on September 7 2011, she received six dairy bull calves from Dawid Herculus Joubert and converted them to her own use. The cattle were meant for slaughter at a Zanu PF inter-district conference.

The trial continues today with several other witnesses expected to testify.

Mutare magistrate Sekai Chiundura presided over the matter while Christine Nyamaropa appeared for the State.

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  3. Mutirowafanza

    Kedo pfutseki mhani. Cde Mutasa vakakumbira zvinhu vakanyimwa kikikikikikikikiki !

    1. Kikikikikikikiki wandipedza!! Comrade vakakumbira zvinhu vakanyimwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Kana zvatosvorana cans of worms can be opned. Dd u notice the donation of funds by diamong mining companies. Would any level headed person believe these are genuine donations or the companies are paying for their survival in return. So is this thing actually looting diamond money thru the donations are the mdcs justified in their claims? If all this is true, then we need real independence for benefit of every zimbabwean.

    1. that is the cde jj is allways talking,jambajecha for that purpose we going to unite and fight a united front.that will be a true revolution inspired by zimbabweans fought by zimbabweans. Not zvevatengesi. Jj uripo here?

  5. Theory Mhembwe

    Zera renyu Nyati (Mutasa) harisi rekuti muite zvemuchiuno zvepwere nhaika!

  6. Madhuve Wangu

    Ha-Ha-Ha, ko iye Mabika uyu ane murume here? Iwe Mutasa, usatore Madhuve wangu!!!

  7. mahure aya ngaasatinyangadze

  8. Hold it, Nyati!

    1. Theory Mhembwe

      You can say that again pal. Remember the diesel n’anga saga. Gushungo later remarked that the likes of Cde Didymus were dazzled by the beauty of the lady in question and we all laughed not knowing that Gushungo was serious, having known Mutasa’s weakness for ladies for close to 50 years.

      1. N’anga ye dhiziri yakatonzi ndigezewo ndiite ma raki ndiite VP kikiki

  9. So, are the diamond mining companies also allowed to donate to the MDC?

  10. This is a serious issue vanhuwee kamdhara aka kachatsvagira mwana wevandu mubobobo!

    1. kikiki yah maone

  11. didymus is the political pon uku baba jukwa is on an all out attack on his character.aripama1

  12. This is the beginning of the end of zanuism

  13. its gonna be dog eat dog in the vampires den. you aint seen nothing yet!!!!

  14. why are these people tyrna tarnish cde Mutasa as a womanizer jus lyke morgan tsvangirai who would date 7 ladies at a tym. thieves are thieves and Cde Mutasa is jus tyna makesure tha justice should take its course regardless of whether those affected are party cdes or not.Zimbabweans should be worry of convicts masquerading as the guarantours of gender equity jus to conceal their bad facets justice will definately descent upon those caught on the wrong side of the law nomatter what.PABERI NA CDE MUTASA. Cde Mutasa alluta continua

    1. Why did this woman wait until she was accused of stocktheft before making her complaint of sexual harassment.Sounds like her word against Mutasa to me.

      1. Because she has seen that the charges are nothing but to fix her for refusing his sexual advances mudaita semusingazive varume akarambwa anomeka sure kuti akufixa, Its good for the MDC hedzo mhondi dzomira dzega, hutsvene huchamira hwega. Tsvangirayi anag asinga fix vamuramba aidoba ada.

        1. Statement of the day : Tsvangirayi anga asinga fix vamuramba aidoba ada !!!

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    La politica es una juego sucio.

    1. mosken uyu. Tiri muzimbabwe antonyo,

  19. Mutirowafanza

    Mudhara Mutasa munokara mukosho zvokwadi. Zvinonzi makange mavakuda kuisa n’anga yedhiziri zvekare.

    1. Kwana shamwari

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  21. Manicaland woye……… Tisu anhu acho, come elections let us show them. We are tired of our resources being looted for individuals to buy towns and banks when most of our schools and hospitals are being neglected. Let them fight but the power is in our voice. United we stand divided we fall. We do not want politicians who only remembers us when elections are around the corner.

  22. Vakomana the state’s coffers are empty while our diamond money is being given to one regime while the rest of the ppl are suffering. Zimbabweans wake up

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  25. wether mutasa proposed or did not, it doesnt hold any water now. this bitch is accused of stock theft, full stop. She is very stupid, instead she must prove that she did not steal the cattle otherwise she is going to do time in jail. if mutasa did not rape her , and she refused the proposal then be it. at her age kunyengwa kunongowuya and its not an offence. Batai munhu!

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  34. Mutirowafanza

    Hee Tsvangirai can’t keep his zip closed. Hee this and that. Ko manje chirudzii so vanaMusata vaakugara mazip akavhurika? Mudhara mandinyadzisa.

  35. mhosvahairove

    This is not a laughing matter. Mutasa has about 5 wives as we speak with children and many women he has slept with. His first wife Gertrude (or rather second after Flora) is the hero in all this. She has taken so much crap from that man and yet she maintains her dignity. This woman is not lying. Mutasa knows it and Gertrude knows it. All those who know Didymus Noel Edwin “Chipfupi” Mutasa will confirm that this is not an allegation – it is true.

    Once upon a time there was a leader called Canaan Sodindo Banana who abused his power. When the nation first heard what this man had been up to in the privacy of his own home, there were shock waves all around the country but those close to this man knew the truth and indeed the truth did come out in the end.

    The truth will come out about Didymus Mutasa – HE IS EVIL and Gushungo will spit him out like he has spat many others before and hopefully all the women Mutasa has hurt will come forward.

    1. The youths were shouting VP, VP, VP. Mutasa is indeed an idiot.

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  37. Mutirowafanza

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    Never ever trust a woman. Also, politics is a dirty game.


    @ Gazebo, kikiki…ana gazebo musaite kunge musingaite zvema small house. Chawana murume hachisekwe.

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