Sadc, PM reject Mugabe poll calls

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said President Robert Mugabe has no legal mandate to unilaterally decide election dates and dismissed his weekend utterances over the issue as nothing but “public posturing”.

Report by Dumisani Sibanda

Addressing journalists in Mt Pleasant, Harare, where he had accompanied his children to register as voters, Tsvangirai said: “My understanding of the legal position, the constitutional position, is that once the constitution has been signed into law there are certain legal and political processes that have to be put in place (before election dates can be decided).”

Tsvangirai’s remarks came hard on the heels of a Sadc Troika communiqué issued over the weekend where the regional leaders who met in South Africa last week urged the parties in Zimbabwe’s coalition government to implement the outstanding issues of the GPA as a pre-condition for the holding of elections.

Mugabe last week told delegates attending a Zimbabwe Local Government Association conference in Mutare that he would announce election dates this week, adding Justice and Legal Affairs minister Patrick Chinamasa would single-handedly prepare the election roadmap.

Tsvangirai yesterday rejected this position and said: “There is no way one person can determine the date of the elections. President Mugabe cannot wake up one morning and declare (the date of the elections) without us (principals) sitting down and agreeing on the roadmap to that election, agreeing on the date.

“This is what Sadc has determined (at its Troika meeting in South Africa last week) and this is what is going to happen. I urge you please to ignore, disregard any public posturing that may be taking place.

“The real truth of the matter is that there is no one with the power to unilaterally decide the date of elections. If anyone decided to do that in full view of the constitutional position then it would be a violation of the agreement and violation of the law and that is not going to be accepted.”

Mugabe and his Zanu PF party are pushing for elections to be held by June 29 this year. Their argument is that the life of the coalition government ends then.
However, the two MDCs have resisted the move demanding that elections be held after outstanding issues of the GPA, including electoral and other reforms, are implemented.

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  1. akomana! where does it saya in our constituition that the principals or sadcare the ones who declare the poll dates? it’s the president-finito!


    1. So do you think PM & SADC are made? If they are lets c if they will be elections by June 29.
      My friend how many times has ZANU PF declared for elections that never happened,work up bro.

  2. Go to school dduzvi iwe GPA says principals discuss &agree on any national decision b4 announcement

  3. our father who art in heaven

  4. Zvichida pamwe hangu handizwi zvemutemo, mungandiudzewo kuti impeachment , infamba sei?!!!
    Hu Magaivha hwakadai, hakusiriko here kuda kudambudzira mhiko yawakazvipa!!!

    Accountability, ndakahwa na SaManyika kuti vanhu awa havana!!!
    Hanzi mondiitei?!!!

  5. Chematama dzidzawo uzive mutemo president has that powers not u and yo sadc or zuma

  6. now tsvangirai is urging people to disregard mugabe’s words. is he not the one who was telling us that mugabe is sober minded. its wiser to disregard the two (mugabe and tsvangirai)

  7. Asekuru vedu Mugabe is now an old man.Remember in 2 012 he ws saying we are going to hold elections come wht may.So to Save,just ignore this old limping donkey.Iko kusanyara kubwebweta zvisina basa izvi.nxaaaa

  8. For sure Mugabe announce election dates so many times but Tsvangirai was oppossing the move and up to now no election. As long Tsvangirai says no then there is no election until tsvangi says lets go. Security reforms first as tsvangi says. No one we can listen except Tsvangirai our President fo ths country. Chisa mbama paBikita apa. Makova na Musakwa amulume.



  10. Phunyukabemphethe

    Ngomo Zidumbu;


    Mandeevere mahure;

    Amutongi nyika yedhu;


    You are lazy, border jumpers to eGoli after o levels;

    Mandeveere awandisa;



    Amuna kudzidza;




    1. duzvi

    2. Zvamunoda Hondo

      ko unozvitukirei?

  11. chief u are chief for nothing except for toilet coz u no nothing

  12. Tsvangirai endawo kuchikoro. Don’t u kno tht u wil b jobless after 29 june. U better find another job coz wakatodyiwa kare. Kana muchida mareforms motoita izvozvi

  13. Morgan is afraid of elections period. Last year he was ready, now he is changing goal posts, what a shame.

  14. Mutirowafanza

    No elections before the full implementation of reforms. Period. There is no need to hurry. We have age on our side.If these Zanu goons continue to deceive themselves by the time we go for elections chembere yavo inenge yapofumara yavakuzviitira wet igere pasi.

  15. Phunyukabemphethe

    Gukurahundis in a quandry!!

  16. Just allow me to attack Akomana and Chabvondoka,you are just adent supporters of baba Chatunga.Otherwise if we ask you a simple question “when was ZANU PF formed ?”,am convienced that you cannot tuckle that one.Have you taken a look at the articles in the GPA.You need to have a reason for supporting something,why are you so corridor minded,remove those blinkers and see.If he(Mugabe) thinks is the cock,let’s see if any elections will be held in June.Those are just public utterances full of hypocrisy,what do you expect him to say to his illiterate,barbaric and uneducated supporters.

  17. “The MDC was not formed to enter into coalition with other political parties”. Can someone there go tell Tsawngishlama to wipe his gay bottom and stop ever dreaming about forming a coalition with the green machine. Viva MDC, viva Ncube, viva Mushoriwa, Viva Mushonga, Viva Chiwayi. Let those with ears here and with eyes see.

    1. Who’s this Ncube? Isn’t he the one who went into cots wt Mtambara to be in the coalition. Don’t be surprised to see your Ncube in coalition wt Save.

  18. To hell with your narrowmind moyoza aka phunyu.
    We are hostn to welcome fellow Ncube as is already lined up to contest under an mdc.t ticket yet u stl dream of your muthzwegazi nonsense.
    All those cadres u mntioned are original change cadres with Zim at heart.

  19. Have yu seen Mugabe lately getting from an aircraft,being held hands by two men lest he falls.It’s pathetic having such as yo choice in plebiscite.ZANU supporters don’t be corriddorred and blinkered join the team of change to drive the country forward.If he declares dates without necessary reforms parliament should impeach him for he will be flouting his oath of office.

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