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Row over Sadc appointees


DISAGREEMENTS over what role the Sadc-appointed monitors should play in the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) has become a source of conflict, a senior official has said.

Report by Obey Manayiti

Speaking at Mutare Press Club on Thursday, the co-chair of the Jomic media sub-committee Qhubani Moyo said the issue had become a source of confusion for the committee.

Moyo said the role of Jomic was increasingly becoming important as the country drew closer to elections.

“The key thing is that Sadc-recommended monitors should join Jomic, but there were differences in the reading of that. The MDCs said the two should be there on full time basis, while Zanu-PF said they should join the facilitation team,” Moyo said.

“This has become a source of conflict. The issue of Sadc monitors has remained problematic, but it has not stopped Jomic to fulfill its mandate,” he added.

Jomic is the principal body that deals with issues of compliance and monitoring of the GPA.

The parties undertook to channel all complaints, grievances and concerns and issues related to compliance through Jomic.

Zanu PF has been blocking the representatives from working with the GPA parties through Jomic.

Moyo dismissed allegations that Jomic was ineffective, saying the committee was one of the best performing institutions formed under the GPA.

He said Jomic was well equipped to monitor the forthcoming elections.

Moyo also expressed concern over the partisan nature of the security sector.

“I agree there is little progress in terms of regulating that (security) sector. However, it’s a sensitive sector which will take time to reform,” he said.

In recent months, army generals have publicly stated their support for President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, which is against the letter and spirit of the GPA.

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