‘Old Mudede must go’ MDC-T

MDC-T MPs yesterday said Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede is too old to continue serving in the Public Service saying at 67, he should have long gone into retirement.


The legislators also accused Mudede of manipulating the voter registration exercise for the benefit of Zanu PF.

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya claimed Mudede had allocated many registration centres to Zanu PF strongholds to enable that party’s supporters to easily register as voters while known MDC-T strongholds had too few centres, resulting in long queues that frustrated potential voters.

Chikwinya made the remarks as legislators were debating the chaos that has blighted the mobile voter registration exercise, which started on April 29 and ends on Sunday.

Parliamentarians passed the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill with amendments after 148 MPs voted affirmatively for its Third Reading Stage.

“It is my pure belief that since 2000, the person of Mudede has always been at the centre of controversy when it comes to voter registration with court records citing Mudede as a person who has been inhibiting the free flow and achievement of free elections in this country,” said Chikwinya.

“I am actually not surprised to see the hand of Mudede actually frustrating registration of voters, and he is 67 years old and by law should have retired, given a package and fresh interviews held to put a person who is prudent enough to occupy the post.”

Chikwinya said Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Rita Makarau had tried her best to bring normalcy into the exercise but her efforts were being frustrated by Mudede.

“We are aware that $4 million was released for this exercise, with $500 000 directed to Zec and $300 000 to the RG’s Office, but Mudede has deployed inadequate staff to cover the multitudes of people wanting to register to vote,” he said.

“In Zanu PF strongholds like Mashonaland East, they were allocated 100 registration centres with 22 constituencies, whilst Harare has 18 registration centres with 29 constituencies. Few registration centres have been allocated in Harare so that people perceived to vote for MDC are disenfranchised while favouring Zanu PF strongholds.”

Masvingo Central MP Jeffryson Chitando said President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Zec and Mudede should be sued for deliberately letting chaos reign supreme during voter registration.

“I am calling upon all lawyers to sue the President, PM, Zec and Mudede for deliberately violating our political rights and the Constitution,” said Chitando.

However, Mwenezi East MP Kudakwashe Bhasikiti (Zanu PF) said voter registration was not a party issue and there was still time after the passage of the Constitution for people to be accorded a chance to register to vote.

He alleged Finance minister Tendai Biti was the one stalling the process by allocating inadequate funds for the exercise.

“A sum of $8 million was allocated for voter registration by acting Finance minister Elton Mangoma, but when Biti came back he reversed it to $4 million to achieve the purpose of pushing the election dates further. To think that if many Zimbabweans were to register to vote, the MDC-T will win is a fantasy and Biti should release more money to Mudede,” Bhasikiti said.

Meanwhile, Justice Makarau yesterday said a new mandatory 30-day voter registration window would soon be introduced after the adoption of the new constitution.
Addressing church leaders in Harare, Justice Makarau said an affidavit would be used to overcome the challenges faced with the demand for proof of residence from prospective voters.

“We understand the challenges faced by the prospective voters regarding the issue of proof of residence. We have introduced an affidavit and empowered the registering officers to act as commissioners of oath so that people can register,” she said.

“However, we understand the affidavit was not being used because the registering officers said they had not been directed to do so or because they did not have the affidavit forms. We are hoping that this affidavit is gazetted into law so it can become a directive to the officers.”

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  1. Rejoice Ngwenya

    Other than merely ‘complaining’, MPs should – NOT some other ‘lawyer’ – initiate class action, a vote of no confidence or something drastic – picketing the RG’s office – to get rid of this inefficient civil servant. Talking alone does not help.

  2. Madlozi Elizwe

    He is 67, which means according to the regulations, he should renewing his employement contract every year once one passes 65 year. He is now a contract worker…we need not to renew the contract. there are so many people of the Mudede type in goverment. Where would Mudede go, to his underutilised big farm to do what?

    His continued employment is a Zanu Pf project which he heads in that section. But it seems this time he has messed up big time. He has exposed his handlers so much that he has proved that he is a daft. Not all people remain sharp at 67 like what Bob was at that age…manay Zimbabwean start degenerating at age 55 and given the looks on Tobaiwa, he qualifies to be a candidate in this group.

    He has become a liability in that project comrades and if you continue keeping him there, at is at your own risk.
    Tobaiwa should leave while at least some members of his project still sympathise with him. He will be blown out sedzihwa if he is not clever.

  3. MDC-T is a party of confused people, right now Chikwinya is saying Makarau has brought normalcy but very soon we shall hear them accusing her of partisanship. tsvangirai did the same about mugabe, he praised him week in week out but two weeks ago he was knocking at every SADC door reporting the very same mugabe whom at home he was saying he was a good old man.

    coming to mudede, its true he old and is playing zanu jongwe games. but making alot of noise without any action doesnt solve anything. we are used to MDC-T crying and crying but with no action. its time to stand up and be counted. do something else to get rid of mudede than just chorusing in parliament

    1. @Black cow ,Mdc-t confused because of feminism.Every glory and blessing is label for women


    Mudede must go why he is behaving like Ian Smith, who used to deny our fathers the right to vote

  5. Let this pensioner, Mdd go!

  6. Is Mudede also an old and limping ——- take your pick.

    1. Dhongi!!!!!

  7. MDC-T idiots always complaining and complaing as if they part was formed to complain. Surprisingly we have other progressive political parties, like the MDC we read them on the news on progressive issues. MDC idiots part of dogs.

    1. 2 Trlllion% inflation …..Thats what you shits are good at……FORWARD FOREVER

  8. let the M.D.C move a motion of no confidence against the old Mr Mudede, Chiwenga, Paradzai,Zimhondi and Chihuri in Parliament and urge him to retire before going to the elections plizz

    1. Mdc-t has got no guts because of feminism

  9. True ppe must retire and be replaced but unfortunately the Lancaster House and the draft constitutions give too much power to the President in appointing personnel. The 1999 draft constitution which was rejected gave parliament the right to confirm appointments to key posts. Yeah every society gets what it deserves by the decisions it makes

  10. True ppe must retire and be replaced but unfortunately the Lancaster House and the draft constitutions give too much power to the President in appointing personnel. This issue was raised by Dr Madhuku but ppe chose to ignore him. The 1999 draft constitution which was rejected gave parliament the right to confirm appointments to key posts. Yeah every society gets what it deserves by the decisions it makes

  11. That old man must go hey ngaaende kunocheta vazukuru !!!

  12. Mudede has been at the centre of Zpf’s grand rigging scheme for a long time now and he should go. If Zpf is really popular as it claims then it should let people register easily and the ballot box will really show who is popular. What are these hurdles that they are placing at the prospective voters?

  13. There are so many ppl who should have retired who are being kept there by ZANU-PF. If they go this will solve some of the youth unemployment.

  14. Was there no deal between the prime minister and the president? Last time we were informed that Mutambanengwe was seconded by MDC and there was a deal that if he left a ZANUpf favorite would take over, hence this present scenario at ZEC.

  15. mazimbabwean munofarisa.Hondo ikadzoka munopaenda here pa internet muchigwauta kunge imbwa dza simisi.Icho

    1. Iwe ndiwe unotori chimbwasungata chaMugabe. Uri kugwauta kuhukura mwedzi wausingafi wakasvikira. Change is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. Mugabe is going threw death or political loss and that is a reality that you can not stop saka keep on barking kusvika waneta.

    2. tinotoenda kuhondo hapana kusiri kufa

    3. Mr Gun man, no war in the near future.If you survive through killing or spying you are a failed blood lice.What war?Do you think under paid homeless soldiers support you ZANU murders.You are a headless killer dog you by your pay masters you cant even fire a bullet but claim they are war veterens.Go and die. you are haunted by the spirits of the innocent that you killed or assisted to kill.Chimrenga yothuvi bukayihlo.

  16. Duzvi mutoilet/muchimbuzi pliz

    The people of zimbabwe reserve the rite 2 be given enough tym to register as prospective voters ,the tym frame must be long enough to ensure that everyone who wish to register will not be left out.having elections in june is like a old man of 99 years dreaming enjoying her mother ‘s breast milk lying on his mother ‘s bosom.indeed some dreams will never come true.mark my words

  17. Hacha unoda erection kwete election nekuti election maramba vatengesi.Icho!

  18. Zimbabweans, please lets learn to be polite. Stop hate speech. Why do you swear? Supporting politics does not make you loose your morals. Ffeedom of speech, yes but for some Zimbos is too much. Stop swearing and never fight each other because at the end the political leaders will enjoy and forget you suffering or incacerated in jail as a criminal not as a political prosoner.

  19. stay mudede stay !

  20. Tobaiwa Mudede is the architect of Zanu pf’s election rigging strategy assisted by CIO and the military. The plan is to disenfranchise new voters who are perceived not to support Zanupf and Mugabe. The tactics are to frustrate new voters until they give up getting registration cards and registering to vote.Zanu pf knows that they have nothing to offer to the unemployed youth,school leavers and former aliens and correctly think that they are not likely to vote for them. In addition to rigging the voters roll, plans are under way to stuff the postal votes with Zanu pf ghost supporters. SADC,AU and political parties in Zimbabwe should insist on a clean and transparent voters roll b4 elections are held this year. Political parties should inspect the voters roll and ensure that it is cleaned and ghost voters are removed from the Voters Roll b4 we go for elections. Electoral rigging is Mugabe and Zanu pf ‘s tool kit for survival this year. If the rigging plans fail then Mugabe and Zanu pf are facing electoral defeat this year.Having mismanaged the economy and ruined peoples’ lives, looted our resources including diamonds they have nothing new to offer except to continue with their ruinous policies.We must all vote them out of power in huge nombers.

    1. Tichawabaya chete, the pen is mighter!!!!!

  21. Tinopona Jinda

    True this guy is in that chair for a purpose, his usefulness or service to Zimbabweans is finished. Dai pasina kule angadai akaenda kare, so many people will suffer after kule, vanhu vachamanya veduwe

  22. Brian Chikwati

    Mudede must be 87 years and not 67 years. Might have had the chance to change particulars as the Boss.

  23. Mudede ndiye adii akapiwa mari yacho here yekuisa more mobile registration centres? Tinonzwa kuti vakapiwa mari shoma saka stop talking for the sake of talkin taurai zvine sense aikona kutepedzera nguva ne maziso edu….heee riggin….heeeeee MDC-T…….heeeee change is coming kudii kwacho….wagooo Mwari here…..ndosaka muchizoramba kudyiwa ndizvozvi bacause you already declared yourself winners b4 the election and it will be difficult for u to stomach a defeat…..icho

    1. Mboko! kumapfanya kusina vanhu 100 mobile stations ngedzei?

  24. Iwe BT? sei uchiitaseusingagare muZimba iwe? ZPF yakadyiwa pa2008 vote. Bob akadyiwa pa2008 vote. Imi munoda kuti tibvume kuti ZPF yakahwinha pa2008 asi tichiziva kuti yakarakashwa. Chaita kuti ZPF inzi yaakuzohwinha pa 2013 ini handichione save for the numerous ‘surveys’ and articles being peddled mumanewspaper saying ZPF inohwinha. I think pepole like you are the ones vanorova vanhu vachiti you must say the grass is blue! And you force them to parrot it till they believe it is true the grass is blue,yet isu tose tinozvia kuti the grass is green as was created by God. ZPF will NEVER win mafree and fair elections. It will be beaten hands down! Mira uone coz vanovhota ndisu anhu acho. When ‘surveys’ are done, noone talks about the people except kungoti ZPF inohwinha, but think about the overs my man!!

  25. Mbongeni Sakhe

    I thought Makone is a minister of Home Affairs. Should she not have retired Mudede years ago? Sleeping on the job like most MDC T ministers.

    1. Its a presidential appointment just like Chihuri, the minister has no powers over him!!! get your facts right!

  26. Yes he Mudede must as early as yesterday,he is being kept to manipulate the voter’s roll to benefit Zanu pf,what special knowledge does he possess that a younger canditate does not have .There are other younger people who are better educated than him and can run that office more efficiently.Taneta nekungoitirwa dhodhanzi netumudahara tweZanu…..get away

  27. Tobaiwa Mudidi, kwakwakwaa-a!

  28. Makapusa Mhani

    @ chimurenga, hondo yakarwiwa nevanhu kuti vamwe tisununguke. Vakabata pfuti chaiwo havasi iwo varikutonga, nekuti vakarwa havafari kuona tichitambura, vanhu vakarwa hondo madzibaba edu saka tinongogona kutambira humhizha hwemadzibaba edu tozonyatsosunungura nyika kwete zvairi. Vakuru vanozorora kuita kuti vadiki wawane zvekuita, kugamuchidzana mararamiro akanaka kwete kuramba vari vanhu vamwechete, saka toenderei kuchikoro ivo baba vachikwanisa kutishandira. Basa randaifanira kusevenza ririkushandwa nemadhara saka isu toshandepi.

  29. Everyone must read Baba Jukwa about three grand plan to rig election, they have to cut the number and sincretely registering their own members so as to win whilst stupid MDCs watching how can Mdede put 100 centres in Mutoko whilst having less in towns, its simple and it has been happening since mdede took over. He advised the government not to allow aliens to vote from 2000 to alow his best candidate to win and it worked and this time they have alowed aliens to vote on condition they they have to change their IDS so as to avoid them to vote again. Why do we waste money to renew ids that has been used before?.

    1. Wavhotera zanu, wavhotera nzara!!!!!

  30. High-sounding nonsense frm fear-gripped Mdc-t mp’s.

  31. Cant u jus accept dat Want is am old ppl’s home

  32. Mutirowafanza

    Mudede aneshaya dzinenge dzedhongi.

  33. tobaiwa mudidi


  35. @Chimurenga Hondo naaniko, hw can the unarmed fight with the armed, hondo mucharwa neNATO isu mazimbo hatiide, mucharwa nemadrones kana mukada kurambira pachigaro sezvamuri kuzama kuita.

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