Ntini threatens to quit Triangle

CASTLE Lager Premier Soccer League side Triangle’s coach Gishon Ntini has threatened to quit the newly-promoted side, citing massive sabotage from club’s executive.

Report by Kenneth Nyangani

Former Caps United gaffer Maxwell Takaendesa Jongwe is one of the coaches tipped for the hot seat should Ntini throw in the towel today.

Ntini opened up to NewsDay Sport yesterday after his club had lost 2-1 to Black Rhinos on Sunday and is expected to meet the team’s executive today in the Lowveld.
Only recently, Triangle players wrote a petition to the executive demanding to know why their signing-on fees were reduced and when the remaining amount of an estimated $15 000 would be paid.

“It’s high time I gave another person a chance. Right now, I am in Harare, but I will be in Chiredzi tomorrow (today) and I’m scheduled to meet the club’s executive. This is when I am going to tell them my position,” he said.

“I have suffered a lot for this team, but there is too much sabotage from the executive. I think this will also be the time when we will discuss or I will be negotiating my dues,” he said.

An insider confirmed to NewsDay yesterday that the meeting would be held.
“Yes, the meeting is on tomorrow (today), but currently I am not aware of the issues that will be on the agenda,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, Triangle chairman Lovemore Matikinyidze said he was not aware of the meeting as he was not in the Lowveld.

“I am not in Triangle currently and I’m driving, but if there is any meeting, they should have organised the meeting there,” he said.

Another source also told this publication that Tongaat Hulett corporate affairs manager Adelaide Chikunguru was at the Triangle-Rhinos match for the first time this year to see the situation for herself.

“We were happy that Adelaide attended a Triangle match for the first time this year against Black Rhinos. I think she wanted to see the situation on the ground,” he said.

“Even last year I did not see her at any of our matches. I think that they want to move the football from being run by the Community Development Department (CDD), which is being accused of sabotaging the team,” he said.


  1. tonderai marime

    the lion of zimbabwean football,that brought psl football in chiredzi after 42 years,is eating grass.the lion once found black rhinos fc in the relegation mud waters and left them there after all,he was paid peanuts.welcome gishon ntini.you are the only coach who is threatening to quit,others are fired.my advise,talk less,request for assistance and work to get results.you are better off in chiredzi that back in harare

    1. chikorobho 1 NM

      the so called lion of zimbabwean football is a liar. he has failed to instill discipline and has been accused of demanding money from players for them to get match play in turn. his substitution is poor and does not consult his assistants. he has moved from team to team with his controversial ex caps united players. the guy is pompous, rude and should work on his ego. team ipi yaakaita mbiri nayo. i am not surprised kubotswana akatiza nehusiku. he should try his luck with rimbi stars. asi imiwo makamboonepi teacher wegrade 7 anoenda nevana kuform 1. we thank him for the premiership in the lowveld but he has shown that he is not premiership material.


      enter Vahombe kwete makuhwa enyu eku feke feke

      1. wataura chokwadi wena ende unonyatsomuziva, gishon idofo rine shungu rino shapena penzura nerubber,macoach ekudivision ana gishon kana kucaps ndakazoshamiswa kunza kuti gushon ava coach, iye anga ari munhu anogosona kusvikira apinda muchange room, kutaurisa nedada = kunyepa = gishon ntini

  2. Its high time G Ntini should leave. Vanhu vese vangapera nePB. Wakabira HIppo FC and the truth is coming out. Chema anotova nane chose kwete iwe nembavha dzako dzachembera dzekuHarare. Better uyendeeeeeee.


    Very good words Mr Marime. That corporate manager Adelaide Chikunguru, does she know anything about soccer?



    @ Chikorobho, why not send your CVs and become Triangle coach? Lets halt to pick others to pieces.

  6. chikorobho 1 NM

    i am a loyal triangle united fan and we follow the team wherever it goes if i was willing to be a coach ndaiita but i have a different profession and when it come to soccer i am a fan. willard Mubvumbi or pamwe ndiwe Gishon unoziva kuti ndini ani. lets accept critisism and progress the game of football in our country nechawakavengera nhamo please taura

  7. Gishon akadzingwa basa kare. Zvaari kutaura manyepo ndokunonzi kutanda nyadzi pachishona. Akadzingwa basa kudhara. Anonyanya kuda chioko muhomwe. Ukatorerwa joki neplayer mangwana womugarisa pabench; bhora haridi izvozvo torana nechembere dzako vana Sengu mudzokere kuHarare. Wakauya kuno usina chaunacho uchinzwisa tsitsi uchirwirana mahure nemacane cutter nhasi wagara mushe wotaura rubber. Ndiwe unotokonzera confusion kuexecutive nokusagona kwako. ENDA USADZOKE

  8. gishon enda.why do you share the same girlfriends with the players and expect them to take you seriously.

  9. bays toisa Chunga oita director of coaching, into Tongaat mheni iyi

  10. baya toisa Chunga oita director of coaching, inonzi Tongaat mheni iyi

  11. Dembaremuviriwose

    Asekuru marime muri nyanzvi padudziro gizha anotoda kutowanza ko paachasvika palevel yana pasuwa ke? Enda zvako siya vanhu vatambe bhora ravo.. Uriani unovarambidza kudyiwa ivo vachida kudyiwa kwacho? Uya ugoita madhaka iwawo ku caps kana ku dembare unobva nedemo kana ku highlanders futi. Tambira ikoko.

  12. makanonoka kumudzinga aifanira akaenda pa game retripple b.ntini dofo waodza moyo yavazhinji.

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