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New twist to Tangwena hero status


SUSPENDED Manicaland province Zanu PF vice-chairperson Dorothy Mabika, who is facing stocktheft and obstruction of justice charges, yesterday said the party’s provincial administrator refused to write a letter to superiors to recommend the late Mbuya Tangwena be declared a national hero.

Report by Staff Reporter

Since commencement of the trial on Thursday, Mabika, through her lawyer Tinofara Hove, has been trying to prove that she was a victim of political persecution.

Early this week, she stunned the court after alleging that Didymus Mutasa was out to eliminate her from the party because she turned down his sexual demands.

Yesterday Mabika said party employees refused to take orders from her, in her capacity as acting chair because of factionalism.

She said she was subjected to frustrations by the employees and other officials who refused her to drive the party’s official vehicle for the chairperson.

This came out during cross examination of the party’s provincial administrator Angawache Nelia Maenda who had told the court that she was ordered to make insertions by Mabika on provincial executive meeting minutes.

Maenda told the court that she was ordered to include a paragraph which reflected that Mabika had told other members the donated calves had died due to lack of supplementary feeds.

She added that at the meetings with doctored minutes, Mabika was present and she was surprised to see the minutes reflecting that she had told the officials of the death of the calves.

In response, Hove hit back by alleging that Maenda was a liar who at one point disobeyed instruction to write a letter to party superiors with recommendations to have Mbuya Tangwean declared a national hero.

Mbuya Tangwena was declared a provincial hero, but was buried in her rural home in Tsate village in Nyanga last week.

“To show how much you hated the accused, you refused to take instructions to write a letter with recommendations to have Mbuya Tangwena declared a national hero. You did that acting on instructions from your pay masters,” he said.

The trial will continue on May 20.

Sekesai Chiundura presided over the matter, while Christine Nyamaropa prosecuted.

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