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MP forced to withdraw remarks against Mutambara


MAKONI West MP Webber Chinyadza (MDC-T) was last week forced to withdraw his “unparliamentary remarks” after he labelled Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara a “womaniser”.


This was after the disputed MDC leader had described women as better leaders than men in Parliament.

“It is about profitability and productivity. Women are 52% of our population and when we afford them education and empower them, we are empowering ourselves. We are not doing them a favour, we are doing ourselves a favour,” Mutambara said.

He said there was a new doctrine which said women were better managers and leaders than men.

“This means this country would do better if we had more women ministers and more women MPs. It is very painful for me to say because I am a man, but facts and data are there saying women are better leaders and managers than men. The doctrine is called womenomics, the economy as driven by women,” he said.

It was at this juncture that Chinyadza interjected and called Mutambara a “womaniser”, prompting the Speaker of the House of Assembly Lovemore Moyo to order him to withdraw the remarks.

“Honourable MP, to refer to the DPM as a womaniser is not only unparliamentary, but is disrespectful to the office that he holds,” said Moyo.

Chinyadza then obliged.

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