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MP chides sleeping colleagues


UZUMBA MP Simbaneuta Mudarikwa on Tuesday said Parliament should train new MPs in public speaking skills as the Seventh Parliament is winding up with some MPs having failed to contribute to any debate.


Mudarikwa was contributing to a debate on the Presidential Speech, and he had the House of Assembly in stitches when he said some MPs dozed and failed to follow discussions during debate.

The Seventh Parliament’s lifespan ends on June 29 and some MPs are likely not to return for another term, especially non-performers.

“Mr Speaker, our Parliament must assist in training some of our MPs because they have not debated since the opening of the august House,” said Mudarikwa.

“These MPs must be given awards for coming to just listen — it means they were listening attentively and that is why they were not debating at all, and we must salute them for having listened attentively,” he said.

Mudarikwa continued: “I also want to thank those who were listening because they were not making noise. Those who were sleeping should also be thanked because they did not snore during debate. It was a smooth, dignified sleep,” he said.

His remarks — although in jest, confirmed the NewsDay exposé late last year about legislators who spent their whole term during the Seventh Parliament literally asleep — without contributing to any debate while others absconded many sessions.

Mudarikwa also took a swipe at the government for signing mining contracts which did not benefit the country.

“There is no income to the economy because most of the agreements that were signed were not brought before Parliament for verification. There is need for people to realise that all agreements should be brought before the House so that the nation can benefit.

“We now have mountains of chrome that is not being exported. Our people have the capacity to dig the chrome, but since it is not exported our brothers are now using those skills to dig mice,” he said.

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