MDC-T’s Madzore freed

ATTEMPTS by the State to keep MDC-T youth leader Solomon Madzore behind bars after he was granted bail by a Bindura magistrate fell apart yesterday after High Court judge Justice Felistas Chatukuta dismissed the application on the basis that it lacked merit.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Madzore, who allegedly insulted President Robert Mugabe during an MDC-T rally at Mushumbi Pools last month, was last week granted $100 bail by magistrate Elisha Chingono, but the State invoked Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act to keep him in custody and made the High Court application in which they argued the lower court had erred.

Prosecutor Sharon Fero argued that Madzore had to be kept behind bars because he had a pending murder case at the High Court and was also likely to interfere with two State witnesses whose names had been disclosed to him and were also present at the rally where he allegedly insulted Mugabe.

Justice Chatukuta said the application lacked merit because Madzore had not been convicted of murder and had adhered to his bail conditions.

“The applicant has not yet been proved to have committed the offence,” she said.
Madzore is alleged to have called Mugabe a “limping donkey” during the MDC-T rally at Mushumbi Pools.

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  1. What exactly is a limping donkey?? Is it actually an offence to use that simile? Language is expression and if expression is stifled how then do we express the reality that Mugabe is old and walks with a limp and is now of no use to anyone – the same like a draught animal that has served its master for decades but is now past its prime due to the passage of time. The law should not stifle linguistic expression because it is through those expression that we can really communicate the state of affairs with our president – he is old and no longer fit to hold Zimbabwe on his shoulders – PERIOD.

  2. At least he got the test of his own medicine. An uncultured young idiot.

    1. yu idiot,baboon

    2. medion kasvatutsashure

      you are the idiot at least Madzore is educated but you an empty shell !

    3. ohhh shame on you moyoza

    4. Smell the coffee my boy! a limping donkey does not go any far!! its tired!!!!

  3. Moyoza pfutseki

  4. prof chimbindi

    match on madzore zvava kusvika kumagumo izvi

  5. @Moyoza you’re thoroughly evil and perverted just like Zpf. I’ve always said this party is made of blood thirst curdlers. The arrests are increasing at a brisk pace and courts have their hands full with these stupid cases. Mugabe is not God. Even if you arrest people it will not subtract his age. Vakweguru sekuru and no longer has the capacity to take us forward. Its a fact.

    1. So you condone violence.

      1. medion kasvatutsashure

        what violence you idiot ?

        1. Mdc vilolence and their macontents. This boy is a murderer why have mercy on murderers.

        2. if he (madzore)is a murderer wat term can we give to zanu pf thugs who killed innocent zimbabweans wen chidhara was defeated by tsvangirai in 2008.

      2. wat violence who waz beaten fu lack understanding jus shut the F.. up

  6. Moyoza uri mwana wenyoka , kureva kuti uri nyokawo. newewo u are a limping doing like your old sekuru.Stupid

  7. stupid idiot moyaz match on madzore we are almost there kustate hse ikoko sekuru vakafano tama kare kuenda kuenda kuzimba ravo ravakavaka ne marii yekuba we are going to take everything and leave them with nothing including gushungo dairy n name it mazoe dairy stupid harahwa yo days are numbered tsvangirai an company chidembo tamba tamba muswe ndakabata. Vane meso vano ona varikuona sekuru varikurota vachiyamwa kuti vanodya tsvangirai

    1. @ matimande. zwiroto zwiroto ngadziperere mudzimba

      1. ndiwe ukurota

  8. Ana moyoza ndosaka muchikwirirwa vakadzi bcoz hamufunge. Kuti kuHARAWA u’re a limping donkey hakusi kutuka munhu. It’s not yo fault u ar just an unfortunate product of our failed education system riding on our set standards isu takaita cambridge.

    1. medion kasvatutsashure

      Taura hako mwana wa amai muudze !

    2. How do you know my level of education idiot.

      1. yo reason capacity speaks louder. u struggle to get reality blaz. wake up

      2. Do we have to investigate or wait to be told kuti uri dofo you have showcased your lack of education wega pachena

      3. Moyoza,you are the greatest idiot of all times,thats why your face lookd like an erect dick

  9. You are a powerful youth leader. They fear u.

  10. madzore,takabatana famba nebhora

  11. @ moyoza Vakadzidza vanotaura nezve legal presumption of innocence. Madzore is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.


    Apa blaz Madzore makawanza. Ah?! Lets learn to respect elders. What i discovered is, the more you denigrate an individual, the more blessings he get.

  13. Tshemareza, Bulawayo

    Forward ever, backward never king Solo.

  14. Makapusa Mhani

    Tsumo nemadimikira zvatakadziswa zvavakusungisa mazuva ano, ini ndikati Vakuru wavakufambe sedongi rinokamhinha nekuti vakakuvadzwa pawakadyiwa 2008, inga ndakamboverenga herald zvichinzi Zanupf will be like a wonded lion. Zvakasiyanei nekuti Limbing donkey, kupedza mari nekutenga chikafu mujeri, nekudira fuel mumota kunosunga munhu asina mhosva, takangopusa chete, that’s why we are now praising earthly gods, Even in the days of Pharaoh it was there and where are they now, idi Amin, Hitler, Gaddafi, Mobuto, mubarak and many more, That’s how satan destroys the world, God created men for them to share Ideas, these men before used to fight both mentally and physically in order to be kings because of satan, now that God brings unity back he gives an idea that people must unit and choose a leader to protect cultural values and be able to create working opportunities for people to earn a living. It is not viable for everyone to go and make deals with other people for survival of others cause of personal differences, thus creating a representative. This majority rule must also have the power to remove the leader if they feel he is not fulfilling their needs or if they just want change. Satan now high jacked the idea and brought greedy within the leaders, who are now forcing people to vote for them refusing to step down. Satan is now creating earthly gods. No one has the right to force me to adhere to his/her idea it must be voluntary. I put you where you are and I have the right to remove you from that position, whether you did right or wrong for the nation. We did that in 1980 and we can also do it now. The war is not the option cause its satanic and it was over when we started voting for our brothers and sisters, we vote someone in and we have to vote him out. Not vote someone in and take arms to remove him or he take arms and shambocks to force us to vote for him its satanic.

  15. @ LIUmbez, what are curdlers?

  16. The funny thing is mugabe neva complains abt these insults so who doz it fo him? Sme pple r so eager To please bob. Its plain to c tht he’s frail nd too old to lead zim, chienda roberto, chienda!

  17. Love One another………….Respect pliz guyz.

  18. Iri ziaknam rinonzi moyoza nderekupiko…Solo haana mhosva that’s why he is free today..taakuzviziva kuti MAPURISA eZanu vanoda kushandisa tuma clause twavo kuda kunyaradza munhu arikutaura chokwadi ,..kana munhu anofunga chokwadi zvingasungirwe munhu kutaura kuti Mugabe apera ko kunyepa here,,he will never grow young…your days are numbered Zanoids.

  19. moyaza iz jus lyk hiz old madala

  20. Moyoza pfutseki mhani. Ma murderers chaiwo haumazive here?Hatidi kutaura zvakawanda mhani shit iwe!

  21. moyaz hahahahahahaha

  22. @kushatutwasure. You and the editor must know this murder suspect is not free from prosecution. His Murder case is still pending and the the verbal assault to the person of the president is pending too. Richafira mujeri. Ngari rambe richiitwa bobojni sipanera ne wamwe. Zidudunu remunhu.

  23. Vanopenga ava vanoti kuna president Save chematama vakambo sungwa nani,manje zviri kupera manje-manje

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