MDC-T conference to define governance plan

THE MDC-T will this week hold a three-day policy conference in Harare from May 17 to 19 as preparations by political parties towards the make-or-break elections gather momentum.

NewsDay Chief Reporter Everson Mushava (ND) caught up with party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora (DM) to discuss the importance of the conference among other issues. Below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: Hon Mwonzora, critics of your party say you have come up with this policy conference to plug gaps left by the Jobs Upliftment Investment Capital Ecology (JUICE) which has allegedly failed to lure supporters for the party ahead of elections. What would be your comment to that?

DM: First, I want to set the record straight that the policies announced by the MDC are designed by the party. We have never outsourced ideas as our critics would want to suggest. As a party, we have enough intellectual depth to craft policies without outside assistance.

As a matter of fact, JUICE, is an economic blueprint which was well received by Zimbabweans. However, it does not contain all the policies. We are holding a policy conference to debate on social, political as well as economic policies.

Policy proposals will be debated at all levels of leadership in the party. The conference will lead to the production of two documents, the MDC policy document which is an agenda for the new Zimbabwe and the MDC election manifesto.

The conference is a culmination of more than two years of consultation with trade unions, civil society, students’ movement, business associations, political structures of the party, local government and various ministries. ads Ads

This consultation led to the party producing various proposals. These proposals will form the bedrock of the MDC government. In other words, they will show how the MDC proposes to govern Zimbabwe. They define some fundamental aspects of what type of government Zimbabwe should have.

ND: Your party has been accused of being a Western puppet which intends to “reverse the gains of independence” by giving back farming land to the white minority. What is your party’s policy on land?

DM: That is not true. The policy conference will answer basic questions like the land issue. Our land policy document will define such important things as security of tenure for all farmers.

It will define how we propose to support and empower all Zimbabwean farmers, mostly the resettled farmers with such things as access to farming loans, research and development as well as basic technical agricultural know-how.

Our land policy will solidify our principle of one-person-one-farm. It will also consolidate such issues as the land audit and land commission.

ND: You said you would debate on social policies. Can you elaborate on the issues that the party would put into focus.

DM: Under our social policy, we will look at aspects like health. We want access to good health facilities for all our citizens. Our social policy will also define the party’s policy on education like making it a basic human right.

This will include pupil and student support through provision of bursaries and scholarships for gifted and indigent pupils and students, cognisant of the sorry state of our universities and the deplorable living conditions for students. The MDC government will establish student support mechanisms which will include the provision of grants and loans.

The policy will include our policy on labour. We will deal with the issue of fair and safe labour standards. The conference will also debate on the party’s commitment to provision of fair and decent wages – a living wage above the Poverty Datum Line.

The MDC government will respect the social contract as well as the institution of collective bargaining for both public and private sector workers. It will also deal with the harmonisation of labour laws in Zimbabwe and provide for the fundamental rights of workers.

The social policy will also focus on housing. It is the aim of the MDC government as a social democratic party to provide decent and affordable housing for all Zimbabweans. The right to shelter will be given effect as the fundamental human right. In the first 100 days in office, Zimbabwe will see the housing backlog significantly reduced.

Under the security policy, the MDC government will make sure that all security services are fully professionalised and equipped. Most of our security services shall be fully computerised to be equipped with modern instruments with which to do their job.

We will also make sure that the welfare of security services is made paramount. All members of security services shall be entitled to decent housing for themselves and their families. Conditions of service shall be improved to international standards. These conditions shall be benchmarked against the best in the world. All security services shall be enjoined to be professional, non-partisan and to respect full fundamental human rights.

ND: As an MDC government, would you briefly explain how you aim to achieve this given the difficult economic environment.

DM: The policy document will show how the MDC intents to achieve these objectives. We will continue to pursue the various benchmarks of the MDC government cognisant of the high unemployment rate in Zimbabwe which now stands at 85%. The MDC will create one million jobs within five years of government.

The policy document will explain how Zimbabwe, under MDC government, will be made a safe investment destination thus attracting both foreign and local investors.
It also deals with the formalisation and development of the informal sector; especially how the informal sector will play a positive part in the mainstream economy.

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  1. well presented answers from Hon Minister……….if you are going to fufil all you have said, yu have my vote……….bt chimbotaura na Matibenga, Biti and R.G ka isu ma civil servants vambotipawoka kana ka $50 tisati tano vhota…….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. This is the Zimbabwe that we all want.

  3. Matambo Silvester

    Rubbish, from hallucinating dreamers having their last supper before their humiliating defeat by Zanu Pf. Register to vote today and help defend the gains of our struggle aganist the homosexual handlers of the Mdc. All christian youths make sure you are a registered voter and help us reject the Mdc politics of immolarity!

    1. christian youth

      i am registering to vote, and i am going to vote mdc-t.

    2. zanu pf ndoizere ne ngochani bhruru. I will registrer to VOTE gore rino change is certain. i didnt like MDC much but makandiurayira hama dzangu after 2008 elections. From there i abolished everything i believed in you zany pf so nyangwe zuva rabuda riri reblue kana kuti vezanu ndovanoriwana chete vote yangu musaitarisire.

  4. yes an mdc govt is def the future. you have my vote mdc-t.

  5. Its surprising that the party of sex(c)ellency is now going to sit down and craft policies to run the country yet they have been running the country the last four years or been ruining the country. Zpf governing policies were crafted when it was formed in 1963 and we have reveiwed the founding policies to match the changing environment and times.They are confirming what we have always said that they are bankrupt on policies and are in existence to implement the regime change agenda on behalf of its western handlers

    1. Nxa nxa Gandanga so you say MDC has been running the country for four years. You seem not to be well vested with your current affairs, who is the HEAD OF State and government so u say its Tsvangz. Nxa MDC came in coalition govt and things got better. If they had not nhasi dai mass yakajamuka heavy ask any jake and jill will tell you that those 1963 policies they failed our beloved country.

  6. What else do you want pple this is genuinely researched they know whats missing in our lives. This is super not rushing kubudisa manifesto with nothing tangible like your neighbours did recently. Take your time guys takabva kure hapana chekumhanyira, but bare in mind ZANU will fight what ever you produce don’t be intimidated zvose zvakanaka zvamataura kuti muchaita muzozviita coz we will be having checks and balances “chakachenjedza ndochakatanga”.

  7. mduduzi nyathi

    well said cde leader a first time voter…i will vote for the mdc t

  8. I wil vote fo CHANGE(MDCT) The issue of land shld be addressed fo is not utilised at all.Pple are busy cutting down dress.Zanu pf they thought there are going to win by distributing land to peasants farmers not knowing the process ws going to backfire.Whoever came up with the plan of Jambanja yeminda ws possesed.Its high time fo pple to show Zanu pf that We want change by voting fo a new Zimbabwe.Voting fo a limping donkey wil be an insult to the nation,Sadc and Au

  9. Mr Silvester Matambo you are misguided,corridor minded and blinkered.You are jus echoing your so called commander in chief of the defence forces,chancellor of all state universities,head of state and government,for how long are you going to utter your false statements.You want to protect the gains of independence yet you are inviting the Chinese to steal our precious diamonds,you are awarding the big construction contracts as if we do not have construction companies,is that 100% empowerment when you empower the chinese at the expense of Zimbos?Big up Mr Mwonzora,we want New Zimbabwe..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  10. Silvester Matambo and Gandanga are not serious.They know deep down their hearts that what ever they are writing is Rubbish.They are just singing for their supper otherwise vanorara nzara.By reading their contributions you can actually feel that the guys are really struggling to come out with something palatable.Daily they tell us the same old tired message about sovereignity and other rubbish stuff.They cant put across intelligent comments.

    Mwonzora’s answers are very practical and well researched.Above all they are forward looking and well thought out.

  11. These are the type of ideas that we as zimbabweans want to hear and not the propaganda from Zanupf and zbc.We want to hear news and policies that are upbuilding and not retrogressive ,you have my vote! For like-minded zimbabweans,youth in particular,here is the future with the Mdc government.Lets register to vote tese tese and vote for real policies,we do not want to be given food handouts or project money but we want to work for ourselves and our country.the time is now,the time is this election!

  12. Ndatenda hangu vote pamdc t bt tangonzwa pasecurity sector ko other civil sevents pane pavanoluma here

  13. You have spoken like a true leader with the people at heart Monzora . We in Insiza south are just waiting for the election date so that we can put our President ( Morgan Tsvangirai ) into state house .. AT ALL COST . We are ready to defend our leader ..CHINGA ..

  14. Agenda for Real Transformation, surely the MDC-T is the only game in town it leads others follow, it plans others criticise, well articulated Mwonzora.

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