Makandiwa church is poor – lawyer

LAWYERS representing Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Families International Church (UFIC) have been accused of seeking to circumvent legal procedure after they allegedly refused to pay conveyance fees for a property they are purchasing on behalf of the church.

Staff Reporter

Payment of conveyance fees is a statutory requirement and one of the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ)’s standing rules.

Makandiwa’s lawyers claimed the church could not pay the fees because it was poor and lived on “a shoe-string budget”.

Under Statutory Instrument 24 of 2013 published in the Government Gazette, legal practitioners are obliged to charge conveyance fees and failure to abide by the rules is deemed to be an act of misconduct.

According to correspondence from Makandiwa’s lawyers Mushangwe & Company, shown to NewsDay, UFIC sought to purchase an immovable property from Tsitsi Makovah, who is being represented by lawyer Succeed Katundwa.

However, the lawyers clashed after Nickiel Mushangwe, for UFIC, allegedly declined to charge the church conveyance fees on the basis that the church was a non-profit-making and philanthropic organisation.

“As you are aware, UFIC is a non-profit philanthropist (sic) organisation. They have meagre resources and they live on a shoe-string budget. Our (Nickiel) Mushangwe, being a member of the church, is extending his hand to the church free of charge and he is not receiving any conveyancing fees towards the transfer,” said the law firm in an email to Takundwa.

Makandiwa’s lawyers argued that their gesture might have been misinterpreted to mean they were out to line their pockets when they were getting no financial rewards from the transaction.

“We, however, believe that in the fullness of time the Lord Jesus whom we believe in will reward us,” they said.

In further stunning revelations, the lawyers said the LSZ was aware that the law firm did legal work free of charge for UFIC.

“We have done numerous similar conveyacing work on behalf of this church without any charges being levied. The Law Society is aware of this,” they said.

They accused Takundwa of delaying the transaction after UFIC and Makovah had already agreed on the terms, save for a balance of $500 000.

“We also note that you appear not to be happy with the immediate transfer of the property into our client’s name. There is a clause in the agreement of sale which provides that our client will secure a bank guarantee as a security for the payment of the balance of $500 000,” reads the e-mail dated May 19, 2013.

In an e-mail dated May 14 written to LSZ secretary Edward Mapara, Takundwa sought clarification over how Mushangwe was exempted from charging conveyance fees when doing work for UFIC.

In interviews with NewsDay yesterday, Takundwa said there was no feud between him and Mushangwe, but all he wanted was for things to be done above board.

“We are resolving matters amicably, but we are seeking clarity over this issue. If we give our time away for free, what else is left? Only under special circumstances can conveyancing be done for free,” he said.

Mushangwe said the issue was confidential as it concerned private communication between legal practitioners.

“I am afraid this was private communication between legal practitioners. I don’t think I am qualified to comment,” he said.

LSZ president Lloyd Mhishi could not be reached for comment, but a member of the society, who declined to be named for professional reasons, said payment of conveyance fees was a legal obligation.

“It is mandatory that conveyancing fees be paid and there are no exceptions,” said the lawyer.


  1. modern churches and money dont separate, why? its very interesting that the most read verses in church these days having alot to do with tithe yet we have prostitution, thieving, killings and a hell lot of other social ills that the very same bible denounces.

    ask yourself this question and give an honest answer:- when was the last time your pastor preached against theft or prostitution?

  2. Rejoice Ngwenya

    “Matthew Chapter 5 Verse 3: Blessed [are] the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Maybe that’s the poverty which Mushangwe & Company wanted to refer to. Financial poverty? Get out of town!

  3. Rachiel Mapiye

    it that an erro or something there is this paragraph saying,

    “We also note that you appear not to be happy with the immediate transfer of the property into our client’s name. There is a clause in the agreement of sale which provides that our client will secure a bank guarantee as a security for the payment of the balance of $500 000,” reads the e-mail dated May 19, 2013.

    today is the 16th of May are you saying they went into the future and then came back?

    1. The date is correct. The Outlook settings were miraculously fast forwarded to keep the law firm ahead of all their competition and hostile newspapers like the Daily News.

  4. Who on earth doesn’t know that stealing and prostitution is sin. Do you want him to preach in the newspaper. If I may know when did you last attend service at UFIC?

    1. very true mr banana its high time that everyone now knows that.

  5. UFIC is not poor but rich, you are poor.

    1. bt its u veminana varikuti u are poor not us

  6. Ki ki ki ki black Crow….
    Reading comments is more interesting than the reading the article. I tell most comments writers are better journalists….

    Property worth 500 000 usd…a church for that matter! This church is damn rich I tell you…

  7. Today u are dishing money in the street ,the next day u say u are poor. Haa.

  8. I will spend the whole day today just refreshing this page and reading the comments………..

  9. half a million and you claim to be poor kkkkkkkkk pidigu dhiiiii

  10. I agree, they are poor spiritually. Physically and materially they are very prosperous, who does not know that?

    1. If they are poor spiritually so there is no need for me to go there.

      1. Like, like, like!!!

  11. For a small fee i would like to help out this poor church do their surveying work. Kol me on 0739172591

  12. akomanaaa!!! UFIC is a poor beggar with half a mill to spend on property and flushy cars but with no cent to pay for conveyancing fees? this surely is prosperity gospel gone wrong and broke. seems ufic are attempting one of their miracles to skip paying the fees-it’s actually called church enterprenuership.

  13. “I agree, they are poor spiritually. Physically and materially they are very prosperous, who does not know that?”

    Salvation’s comment above sums it up.

  14. Nhai weduwe. Imbondiudzaiwo kuti chechi yaMakandiwa inopindwa nevanhu vane njere here kana kuti vakadhota uropi vakasiya mhepo mudehenya. Sei vese vese vachingotaura zvisina kana njere mukati. A poor person buying a stand for $2 500.00 pays conveyancing fees while a church buying property worth over a million is too poor to pay the same fees. Tipei ma serious vanhu imi. We are tired of reading about your silly shenanigans week in week out. Mave kutoita sekuti UFIC ndiyo church yoga muZimbabwe yet there are larger churches that we rarely read about. KuChitungwiza Council makaburitsisa munhu basa nekusatevedza mutemo. Zuro manga moti nanga-nanga neDaily News. Viki roga roga munongoshaura heee tamutsa munhu, heee tagadzira mwana we 3 days (Ndari chaiyo inoita 7 days), hee goridhe radonha hee this and that and that and that. Asi yave Comedy??

    1. @Hacha ndizvo wabaya dede nemukanwa. Hameno zvavo veminana

  15. These churches all they want is money and cars thats why they cant go to rural areas.

  16. Dunununu dzumburukwa rema

    Wre a yu pukunyukabete

  17. Ufic poor!!!!! are yu sure, then we shall see, dont comment on want yu dont know unozvipa rushavashava pamberi paMwari, Newsday are in business watch out.

    1. God will reveal in due season . When josephs brothers went to ask for food it wasnt revealed to them instantlyb tht the person they were talking to was their brother Joseph whom they had sold,it tuk a while till God saw tht it was time to reveal to them and they came to realise tht it was Joseph. Sodom and Gomorah waznt destroyed instantly it was destroyed in God’s season even this earth will be destroyed in his time dont force people to force God to make revelations abt smthn whn the time is ryt and due we shall see who is who and what is what

  18. Ko Where is Miracle Money

  19. imi vanhu you dont seem to understand its the Newsday press thats suggesting kuti UFIC is poor, what the lawyer was simply saying was that, since the church is not a profit making organisation it has to be exempted from paying that fee period. We serve a super rich Lord whose name is JESUS.

    1. The lawyer clearly said the church has “—- meagre resources and they live on a shoe-string budget”. If that is not admitting poverty then what is he saying. Do not attempt your stupid damage control on us – we are immune to the juju that is used on you in your church. Tipe ma serious wazvinzwa nxaaaa

    2. Thot u put PAPA before Jesus gotcha

    3. but nhai if you serve a super rich God then why would you request to be exempted from paying convenience fees?

  20. What’s Succeed’s surname? Is it Katundwa as in line 5 above or it is Takundwa as in the rest of the article? I hope it’s not Katundwa, as in something that was peed!

  21. pamberi nemuporofita wamwari!

    Revival updates this week:
    The prophet is in Chiredzi right now.
    On Friday and Saturday, he will be preaching in Masvingo.
    Pamberi nevhangeri Prophet!
    Masvingo Province warangarirwa.

  22. Kkkkk kwaaaaaaa. Newsday ko unodii kumboendawo kumamwe machurch hauone pane vane complain yekuti tisu tega hanti ndimi munotouya kuzotora nyaya. Anyway ane bhora ndiye anomakwa kwedu Mwari ari kuita minana kwedu kuUFIC.

    1. Minana yekutyora mitemo nxaaa. Makajaidzwa

    2. @UFIC MUNANA ndiwe ani anoda kuudza Newsday zvekuita. Endai munodyiwa mari naMakandiwa regai Newsday iyite basa rayo

  23. here in Botswana pple are paying to go and see joshua the so called man of god and the amount is
    P13 000 air ticket only plus other expenses. about 10 000 pple registered .my question is how many are going to go ?how many are going to be healed? how many are going to cry at the end of the exercise?
    pple please by the grace of god wake up and see how the devil is using these sow called prophets to cheat you.

    1. Verenga mapepa eBotswana or come back home usati nyaudza.

  24. makandiwa,urbet,and others are witch doctors satanists any one who disagrees contact me

  25. mwana wemuprofit

    POOR? for your own infomation, e. makandiwa a.k.a as papa is one of the richest men in zim. chiyangwa haana dhiri. if u go to my papa hse, every room ine plasma baba, a ten car garage izere brand new cars from germany kwete kuma jap imports twamajairira. as we speak, my papas learjet will be arrving from the states any time soon. my papa is fabulously rich uri kunzwa daddy. imi vobho vanhu vari kucommenta hamuna kana 5rand muhomwe apa murikuba internet yekubasa.

    1. Uri dhodhi remunhu kuto vhaira naizvozvo imi muchiitwa varombo. Tibvire apa

      1. KIkikiiiii. Wambotarira zita rako rawanyora here “Mwana weMuprofit” Kikikiiiiiii. Kungofunga mari yoga yoga. Uri rombe pamweya.

        1. yah mwana wemu profit chaiye

    2. Mapatiro ako anoshamisa. Ko iwe pachako unei? Dunununu. Toda kutotiza tiende kumasowe.

      1. Iwe unofunga kuti kuve member yeUFIC zvinoshamisira here. At the end of the day everything is between you alone and God – Makandiwa anenge asipo. You do not get salvation because you believe in Makandiwa’s miracles. Rather you get salvation because you have a faith that makes you believe in the power and love of God. If you need Makandiwa’s miracles to have faith that God exists then you are spiritually bereft – you suffer from spiritual poverty. What are you going to do if Makandiwa dies tomorrow? Who told you that I want to be rich? Wakapata ndiwe unoswero namata Makandiwa. Kwedu kuRoma hatina kana basa nezita raPriest – we pray to God – minana is for the weak minded and shallow in faith.

        1. Heya nhai ndatenda hangu asi kuRoma N’anga dzinosalutwa muchirimwa muna Isaya. Dzokono woti hakusi kupata. Hacha geza uchikwidza pamwe ungauyevo City sports madhimoni ako arairwe aende kure.

        2. Enga wataura wega wani kuti munemaDhimoni ndoosaka muchitutirana kuCity Stadium. Ini handina Dhimoni saka haufi wakandionako. Ndikauya ndingahakira zviDhimoni zvenyu zvamunotsvaga kunze kwenyika. Kutokwira ndege yekunotsvaga zvikwambo Nxaaaaa.

    3. halala shame on such a daft reasoning, makasvika grade ani tsano, u cnt stand on this platform to parade makandiwa’s scandalous riches, anoshanda kupi? bhaibheri randinoverenga rodzoka roti, “vanhu vangu vanorasika nekusaziva” remove those blinkards and smell the fresh air!

    4. ahhhhhhhhhh shame on you u toking of wat papa has koiwe wat do you have shame on you “spit”

  26. Hindava kunyepa So UFIC haina mari ko zi Church ririkuwakwa Ku chitungwiza riri kushandisa matombo look at the state of the art wall that has been erected. Vane mari dzavari kuba vanhu ava

  27. Taurayi zvenyu..hatina kumbokumira kubuda mupaper..pamberi naProphet

  28. mwana wa prophet

    usarwadziwe nekutaurwa kwe ufi nekuti munguva yaJesu zvakawanda zvakataurwa iwe, kuratidza kuti isimba rajesu ka yotaurwa ufi, ko imi yenyu church ndeyaniko isingataurwe nezvayo iye jesu akasvika pakuurayiwa chaiko, kwenyuka hakuna chingataurike ndosaka musiri kutaurwa ka nhai asikana, musavenge basa ramwari nekuda kuti chechi dzenyu dzitaurwe hamuna kurambidzwa kuita munana, hw humble my prophet makandiwa is, iro shoko racho chete iwe, kungopinda vasina chavataura ma demon obuda, wongorora uone kuti mwari waurikunamata ndeupi iwe anovenga munana, pachimunana nana

  29. Uyo anozviti ‘Mwana weMuprofit’ is a lier. He does not go 2 UFIC. Chidhakwa zvacho. I alwayz follow his comments.

    1. mwana wemuprofit

      enede wandibata, like everyone one on this site i actually dispise makandiwa neimbwasungata dzake lol

    2. Vana vemuporofita musakanganwe kuti shoko rinoto usakandire maparera kunguruve rangarirai kuti dzimwe dzenguva muri kupindurana nemuchaiwa kwete ne vanhu, so stop wasting time. varegerererei hapana chavanoziva, Jesu vanoti regai vakafa vavige vakafa vavo.

  30. Aya! Makandiwa the man…

  31. Bhadharai conveyance fees nemiracle money mhani . Asi yakapera kani……………………..hahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaa

    1. Gava roga ndo rinoti Hahahahaha!!

  32. Vakomana zvikwambo zvekuWest Afrika zvakaoma! Ana Manuwere Makandiwa ava vakajamba from rags to riches from nowhere. Kubva kumachonyonyo ku Mt Darwin kupinzwa Saulisburry na Kofi Kofi wepaGhana apa. Manje zvikwambo zvoda ropa kuti garage rirambe riine 10 brand new German vehicles. Tarisai maroad accidents ari kuuraya vanhu kuwanda kwaari kuita.
    Imi ana Vana veminana papa Makandiwa Kofi Kofi wenyu awa vachapedzisa vanhu mumigwagwa umu.

  33. Can I take you a few weeks back Mwonzora was in trouble by not following proper legal channels and it nearly cost him his licence only to be exonerate because he had sought approval before. He escaped by the skin of his teeth so what is going to happen to Makandowa’s lawyers. This is not the first time they have been found wanting. during the case against the Daily News this guy was dressed down by the judge for not acting like a lawyer.

    ”It is mandatory that conveyancing fees be paid and there are no exceptions” pane nyaya apa and hazvidi minana izvi.

  34. hacha ndizvo utori mhata zvako iwe nyarara…i dont go there but hauna kana nyaya….watadza kusupporter Roma yako…kana zvanetsa tanga yako…..siya vanoita zvinhu zvavo vaite….ini ndakagara kumba kwangu handinei nezvepanext door….saka ndodzidzei kana uchiti uri mukristu pauri manje…..uri mhata yemunhu… yo own roman life and leave those to run their own ufi life and i will run my bhawa life…..une zvirikukurwadza ndosaka uri tek tek…..if u cant beat them ..join them….Pamberi neZANU PF

    1. Pamberi naTsvangirai nemukadzi wake. Can you say the same for Bobo’s wife.

  35. Kuchava nevaporofita venhema vachati gomo ibvapo uende apo rigoenda. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and evrything else shall follow. Are we not seeking minana first? Zvibvunze wega ugozvipindura…………

  36. laugh out loud

    HAHAHA1ur right guys,comments r more interesting than article.The Holy angels wen ey look down they do not understand why God had to sacrifice for such people who still love this world than God the creator.An educated man,kubuda ziya achi defender zvikwambo zva Makandiwa,it js means mademon hobho akakandiwa pasi abva ave Makandiwa.

  37. They are seeking miracles first …. In fact ‘we’….hah Kingdom wil see it later phambili ngelavish life…

  38. May the Lord have mercy on His people. Many people deny God by hero worshiping men. Ther is only one mediator between God and man, and He is Jesus Christ only. Jesus said, “you are my friends if you do what i command” John 14:15.

  39. kuti Maporofita ndokuti zvityise musarwadziwe!!!

  40. just use miracle money apa nxah

  41. UFIC- United Financial Independnce Congregation. Money talks kwaProphet. If you do not have money, you do not sit in front kuchurch. If you are poor, you go kuoverfill outside. You do not get to see the Prophet.The prophet is inaccessible to the poor coz he is guarded by his henchmen. he speeds away in his motorcade like Bob and his wailing wailers!!Money talks baba!! Hongushoko rinotaurwa,but ndezve covercharge chete!!

    1. Usanyepere vanhu iwe

  42. Am enjoying please don’t stop

  43. Isu tirikupa we are not complaining, ko imi marwadziwa nei mari dzacho ndedzenyu? Isu we know what it means. If you don’t understand that’s not our problem. Huyayiwo kuUFIC mupone veduwe.

    1. aiwa munhu usatiti vanhu vauye ku UFIC kwenyu ikoko kuti vapone thats whre u get it wrong vanhu vanoenda kuna Jesu kuti vapone

      1. and moova the argument here is that they should jus do the right thing and lead by example lyk christians JUST PAY THE CONVEYANCE CHARGE period………… Kwete kuda kuita noise apa. what is money in the kingdom of God kungoti zvichurch zvenyu zvinokupai kutadza kutya mwari muchitya muporofita wenyu kunge ndiye mwari izvi zvinoda mari

  44. We are with you Papa kuChiredzi nekuMasvingo. Paridzai vhangeri Papa. Hatiteereri Vanhu vasingazive zvavari kuita. Tirivana veminana.

    1. ohh shit wateva this guy gave you is serious ahhhhh thers is only one PAPA thts GOD himself

  45. Ahem ahem chimbotipaiwo nzeve panapa . Jesus told his disciple(ndakangwana zita racho ) to get a fish .that fish had a coin which they used to pay mutero . Mwari we ku UFIC can do miracles (mashiripiti) . So mr makandiwa :make some ma$hiripiti and pay conveyance fee$ . Simple

  46. Thessalonians II: Chapter Two
    1. Now we beg you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him,
    2. that ye be not soon shaken in mind, nor troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter, as {if it were} by us, as that the day of the Lord is present.
    3.Let not any one deceive you in any manner, because {it will not be} unless the apostasy have first come, and the man of sin have been revealed, the son of perdition;
    4. who opposes and exalts himself on high against all called God, or object of veneration; so that he himself sits down in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
    5. Do ye not remember that, being yet with you, I said these things to you?
    6. And now ye know that which restrains, that he should be revealed in his own time.
    7. For the mystery of lawlessness already works; only {there is} he who restrains now until he be gone,
    8. and then the lawless one shall be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus shall consume with the breath of his mouth, and shall annul by the appearing of his coming;
    9. whose coming is according to the working of Satan in all power and signs and wonders of falsehood,
    10. and in all deceit of unrighteousness to them that perish, because they have not received the love of the truth that they might be saved.
    11. And for this reason God sends to them a delusion, that they should believe what is false,
    12. that all might be judged who have not believed the truth, but have found pleasure in unrighteousness.
    13. But we ought to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved of {the} Lord, that God has chosen you from {the} beginning to salvation in sanctification of {the} Spirit and belief of {the} truth: 14. whereto he has called you by our glad tidings, to {the} obtaining of {the} glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    15. So then, brethren, stand firm, and hold fast the instructions which ye have been taught, whether by word or by our letter.
    16. But our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us, and given {us} eternal consolation and good hope by grace,
    17. encourage your hearts, and establish you in every good work and word.

  47. Shame on you Sihle. Mwari ngavakuregerere. Urikurwadziwa nei. Wakambofoswa kuuya kuchurch kwedu here. Zidofo remunhu. You need deliverance my dear.

    1. hezvo munhu wamwari wakutuka futi

  48. Mr trust . Ko uri kunditukireiko shamwari . Ndozvamunofundiswa na mwari wenyu makandiwa kutuka vanhu . Bhadharai mari iri kudiwa uku .abhurakadhabhura ndinoita ma$hura. Tsinzinai meso muone mari muhomwe dzenyu .

    1. kkkkkkk wakaipa wakaipa

  49. Jesus was crucified following the orders of high priests.even nw thats why w stil have christian who rush to read comments and simply critisize God’s servants.not even one of them has come foward and tell us wht God has told them about Makandiwa,including some pastors.go and fast,ask God who is Makandiwa,kwira gomo if possible then God wil show you wht we have seen.taneta nevanhu vanongovavata pasina kana izwi raJehovha ravakambonzwavo.

  50. Conveyancing fees are a form of tax which should be paid to the government.The government will use the money to pay teachers, buy medication,repair roads and etc.The prophet can afford to pay $500 000 to buy a property but cant afford to pay a fraction of that as fees.What a joke and a despicable clown Makandiwa is.He did not ask for more time to pay nor ask for a reduced rate.He went straight to plead poverty yet he is always swanning off to the UK and USA .Whereever he goes,he cant miss the chance to fleece his congregation under the disguise of minana.Makandiwa iduzvi remunhu.ngaabhadare mafees ayo.isu vamwe takaabhadhara wani.iye ndiye akaita seyi asingabhadhare

    1. If u don’t watch your mouth,God is going to watch it for u

      1. if u dnt pay wat u have to pay God is also watching you, zvakesari kuna kesari

  51. Sei vana veminana vari very aggresive?

  52. eagles eye: the same Spirit wakafemera kunzwisisika kwe bible is the same spirit waka femera kusanzwisisika kwaro, chero dai wanyora bible rese hazvibatsiri. ufic ndizvo na mwana wemuporofita Mwari ngaakusimudzei.kuti minanana ndokuti PAPA. Kwavo havazivi kana kaminana zvako.

    1. Miracles arent mentioned anywhr that they represent the presence of the HOLY TRINITY nowonder why it was mentioned that in the last days and i repeat in the last days there shall come false prophets i aint judging bt i jus want you to be careful on what to follow and wat to refer to whn talking abt the presence of God and his presence. N’anga dzinoita minana, ma magicians anoita minana bt the question is in whose name…………………. tsvagai mwari kwete minana hanti



  54. mwana wemuprofit pliz listen to yoself . U spend the whole day telling us abt what a class man yo so called prophet is ie his house , cars , furniture etc . Noone gives a damn . All what matters is do u go to church to seek God not deliverance from evil from Makandiwa is just lyk u ie he is human and don’t take him as a saviour. He also need Christ. Christ once said noone comes to the except through him be it deliverance, prayer , prosperity he went on to say “seek ye God first and his righteousness and things shall be added unto you ” . Our Saviour is long gone in heaven to prepare us a place to stay ( John 14 verse 1). Makandiwa is going to stand before Christ answering for his gospel he is preaching , as all of us will . So pliz I urge u to think wholisticly than yo plasmas u were telling us that yo prophet has . When we are born we be wt nothing and in the grave we go wt nothing . Silver and gold and everything on earth belongs to God. We are just keeping it for him so we can show and express our knowledge of him who owns this world . That mean we all hv nothing on this earth . Its better not to hv a plasma and hv Christ . Lets not brag wt what is not ours but lets brag wt having Christ only if we hv him . Lift up Jesus not yo makandiwa .

    1. rega ndiimbe zvangu ini “mumwe nemumwe achanomira nezvake kudenga”

  55. Nonsense, we are going to pierce that corporate veil to see who is really benefitting from creating these ‘body corporates’ called churches of prosperity gospel. One day this is going to end. They are going to account for every cent made from their money laundering activities that are making them filthy rich whilst avoiding prosecution & paying taxes courtesy of antinquated legal loopholes that were never exploited by conventional churches , but are readily exploited by prosperity churches & their creators. We will overhaul legislation & they shall account for every cent of their money. We are going to dig deep to ascertain their cahoots’ interests in all this,especially lawyers & jointly charge them.

  56. Vane nhamo vano mutevera havana pfungwa

  57. remember we only have Godfathers in the mafia!welcome to the mafia world!

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