Jevan Maseko dies

FORMER Matabeleland North governor Retired Major General Jevan Maseko has died.


He was 70.

Maseko died at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo yesterday morning due to diabetes and kidney failure.

Family spokesperson Amon De Klerk yesterday said: “He has been sick for about two decades now. I got a call yesterday morning informing me that he was not feeling well and was admitted at Mater Dei Hospital, only to receive another phone call a few minutes later that he had passed on. We are saddened as a family. Such is the nature of life.”

His son, Gugulethu Maseko, said he was devastated by his father’s death.

“I cannot believe that he is gone. He will be dearly missed. He was always jovial even when he was not feeling well. He passed on at a time when he was working on building structures at his farm in Umguza,” Gugulethu said.

Maseko was born on January 1, 1943 at Clemont Plots on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

He attended several schools among them Nsukamini, Mzilikazi and Hope Fountain Secondary School where he studied carpentry.

He worked for a number of companies in Bulawayo as a carpenter.

He joined the liberation struggle in the 1970s, and upon returning to the country in 1980, he was integrated into the army becoming Major General.

He was later posted as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Algeria, Russia and Cuba, before retiring from government in 2009.

He is survived by two children.

Mourners are gathered at number 21 Kildre Road, Hillside.

Burial arrangements will be announced in due course.



  1. He was a fine gentleman, am not sure if he is not national hero candidate, but knowing zanny party, anything is possible

  2. Bu bu bu bu eeh nenhamo kaidzi vakomana .

  3. How did he survive the intergration into the Zanu army?Obert and John Nkomo know the secret.Thank you at least you told us that Dabengwa abused MZWP FUNDS.rEST IN PEACE.Sorry to the family for such a sad loss.

  4. Which party did he belong to before I offer my condolences?

  5. Manqoba Mamamela

    having been a zipra cadre, i wonder if the zanu pf politiburo will confer him deserving status like the former ambassador to drc!

  6. Like a true hero Welshman Mabhena he must refuse Zanu hero status ..if they even think about Zanu heroism then pasi nemi mese mazimbga.

  7. kana kuti toti another one bites the dust?

    1. You are a shame to your parents

    2. Zanu murimbga, you are a shame to your parents

  8. Willard Mubvumbi

    I grew up reading about this man especially when he was in Army. May his soul rest in peace.

  9. Coolhead did u expect ALL Zapu/Zpra people to be killed? The man, like many Zpra cadres, was intergrated into the national army before Zanu pf started the purging. He did not last long in the army. He later became Mat North governor before his post was passed on to Welshman Mabhena in 1991. Whilst a governor, together with Dumiso Dabengwa and the late Sydney Malunga, they started a Matabeleland development association which many people thought was a move designed at reviving Zapu. The threatened felt it was necessary to seperate the three hence his posting outside the country as an ambassador. * Coolhead help us understand yo statment where u ask how he survived the intergration. Iam a bit confused by the way u put it across.

    1. You understood me clearly Mdlalosi.True cadres after the Ntumbane were never trusted or promoted by Mugabe.When Dumiso and Look out were in the inferno he was earning his elevation.True cadres were held under surveillance hence they were not elevated.When people were busy protesting with Dumiso and Koro in the trenhes up to 1986, while Joshua Nkomo was enjoying himself in self imposed exile in Britain, he was busy earning the trust of the person who was hunting Few cadres who felt the heat and left the ZANU ARMY. Yes he was a ZIPRA cadre but , he like Obert Mpofu and others sold out too early.Yes he started that trust , we understand and respect it, but he sold out the struggle and strategy from the assembly points.We respect his contribution but we do not glorify flaws. So he was the general from ZNA that was too weak voice out against a junior army that killed ZAPU supporters between 1982 AND 1987.If he did not see the murder of people as heat to jump out of the heart, he is not different from Enos Nkala.A cadre with flaws or self centered sacrifices is a villain.He never said anything, being a general when our relatives were thrown in kezi mines.He is your hero Mdlalosi.To me he is an ordinary man that gain un due prominance in the ZANU army by selling ouT.May his soul rest in peace.WE EMPATHIZE WITH THE FAMILY. But his name is a common man who once join the struggle.

  10. A real son of the soil, Zimbabwe would not have attained independance were it not for such gallant comrades like him, may his soul rest in eternal peace, the country has been left much poorer.

  11. RIP khulu

  12. was this guy zanu or was the with the people before i give my condelences

  13. mandla ndebele

    He ws a dedicated ZIPRA cadre, well respected in the military circles n Matabeleland. Ulale ngokuthula bab’ u-Maseko. Mhlab’ awusuthi ngani?????

  14. Coolhead, I was not drawing u to almost calling me names. All I wanted from u was to qualify yo question with facts. I never said he is my hero. When u contribute on this forum expect to be asked to clarify what is not clear about your contribution. My qn was clear. I come from Gwanda closer to yo district. I have relatives who were mercilessly killed during the Gukurahundi attrocities. People were tortured and killed in Guyu camp. People were totured, beaten up, castrated and others killed in Matshetshe area where I come from. Izihlobo zethu zazihlaliswa phezu kwamaseko zibaselwa ngotshani ubuhwatshwe ekufuleleni. Mina bengifuna ucacise hatshi ukuthi lubaba liqhawe lami. Why the emotions? Do u think we can ever achieve to fight for the development of our Mthwakazi provinces in a united front, when we become intollerant to one another like this. Consider this; whether we like it or not, we need each other as the Matabeles if we want our region to make an impact.

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