Jabulani Sibanda descends on Matabeleland region

WAR veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda will this month descend on rural Matabeleland for what he termed a continuation of a revolution against the MDCs, accusing the parties of spearheading Satanism.

Report by Nqobani Ndlovu

Sibanda says he is also going to launch a “10 million vote for Zanu PF crusade”.

The combative war veterans’ leader on Wednesday told NewsDay that he is rounding up Zanu PF campaigns in Mashonaland before descending on rural Matabeleland at the end of
the month to continue with his revolution.

“This is a continuation of the revolution to make our people understand what our people went through during the liberation struggle, what they have achieved and what we would have wanted to achieve and the difficulties that we face and how we can move forward under those difficulties to achieve total freedom,” Sibanda said.

He said he would not be deterred by accusations that he is leading terror and intimidation campaigns in rural areas.

“I have become used to the childish and silly accusations from the MDCs,” he quipped. “At first, they said Sibanda killed people in 2008, but they failed to provide the evidence.

“Now they are saying I am intimidating people in rural areas and in the coming few months they will change again and accuse me of something.”

Sibanda has often been accused of leading violent campaigns in districts he has so far visited with reports that he forced villagers to attend all-night vigils, accusations he vehemently denied.

The ex-combatants leader said after rounding up Matabeleland, he will lead a 10-million-vote-for-Mugabe campaign to “show that Satanism fronted by the MDCs is not allowed in Zimbabwe”.

“We will not be having a ‘One Million-Man March’ this time around. We are organising a nationwide 10-million-vote-for-Zanu-PF crusade.

“People will come in their millions to say Satanism is not allowed in Zimbabwe,” he charged. “They will say ‘No’ to Satanism like homosexuality that the MDCs wanted to smuggle into the new constitution.”

Sibanda was at the forefront of organising a so-called “One Million-Man March” in 2007 to mobilise people to endorse President Robert Mugabe as Zanu PF’s presidential candidate.

War veterans have been central in leading Zanu PF’s campaigns, but the MDCs and civic groups accuse the ex-combatants of leading terror campaigns since the turn of the millennium during the land invasions.

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  1. To HELL with the TERRORIST!

  2. where will the 10 million voters come from, its either he is a loose mad canine or Mugabe and his puppies are up to the second gukurahundi. do not sicken us sibanda we hate u already

  3. Mutirowafanza

    We look forward to this crazy monkey to rural Matabeleland. But one thing for sure, you will not intimidate us this time around.If you try it you will get what you deserve, you baboon.

  4. Takakulindila nkhwa! RUBBISH! GO back to your roots!

    1. Ka tjingababili poni

    2. thats absolute rubish,murume mkuru anoshaya basa achiuraya mhuri nenzara!,these are the people who assisted in killing their KITH AND KEEN during GUKURAHUNDI,NONSENSE

  5. Batshele jabulani .batshengise emgwaqweni wodwa . It wont be a tough job mfowethu . Just around 2 million diluted matwakazi . Abanye they are zanu hardcores like uncle jabu and obert .we also got umzukulu dumiso and cronies . There is morgan and crew .then purofesa tribalism and his portion of the royal Rubhengura household . He he do not miss the game

  6. This guy is definitely out of his mind. Mudede says there are 5.6 million voters in Zimbabwe and he is talking of 10 million votes for Mugabe. Can someone book this guy in a psychiatry institution.

  7. Kikikikiki.Dream on Jabu.Even if u bring someone from the Mars,Zanu is not going to win a free and fair elections.We need change.Let’s go and vote in numbers fo a new Zim

  8. Let him go to Maabeleland,he is going to be in for it,bastard.Who are jabulani,going around teaching satanism to people.You are killing,maiming,raping and torturing innocent civilians.

    Jabulani I am warning you,surely you will answer for this.I have been closely monitoring your actions,continue with your evil deeds.

    Imbwa yemunhu,musatanyoko wemunhu.pfutseki.

  9. Stupid and misguided Jabulani

  10. Sibanda is nthng bt a bunch oe trash,where do u get 10m voters when equally insane Mudede says there are 5.6m people ?u r terrorist.wts all ths Satanism u r preachng?u moron.son of a confused couple.

  11. dis foolish and stupid moron is gon get burned.

  12. mandla ndebele

    Hahahaha, jabulani u twart!!! Dis guy is jst tryna survive thru donations frm zanu. It a business4 him.Maybe he intimidated u guys ere in mash’land bt thina ngapha kithi he’s total joke. No1 listens to him, he’s a small boy. Leader of war vets ma small toe, he ws stil a young boy then. Genuine war vets r generally old now n most of ’em in Mat’land, they mind their own business, since robert back stab’d then in da 80’s n forced them to retire busy accusing ’em of planing a coup. Engafun’ ukuzohlupha ngapha siyamthumel’ ondofa badile laye!!!!

  13. may someone please help exorcise this stupid and misinformed Jabulani. Can’t he see that he is a prodigal son? History repeats itself Jabulani be warned my boy. i for i have spoken. go against my words and you will see. we are fade up with your stupid utterances and foolish acts. to hell with you and you will pay for this and your “god” mugabe wont even be able to save you coz you will be together………

    1. mduduzi nyathi

      how sad

  14. Kuzakuphelela Mdawini just One Day is One Day, the pay Day is coming! Mark my words.

  15. matabeleland pple, we are very unfortunate, cant we establish our own view? do we need to be told of our concerns? let us shun him!! let him stay there in mashonaland


    1. get away wena full of shit sibanda

  17. Jabulani sbanda – waste of time

  18. Where is Phunyu…the Ndebele guy is about to victmise Ndebeles…Is he Gukurahundi….Mugabe s preaching peace guys…allow people vote for their party of choice pliz…..

  19. when he comes, he should make sure that he brings along the whole of the Zimbabwe national army, the republic police and the wholeof the airforce from Thornhill base to protect him uma angafuna ukwenza what he did in Masvingo, this is Matabeleland and we will never tolerate ubumbulu lobunja, especially when he comes with his intimidating tactics, we will sort each other out, we are waiting let him come.

    eMatabeleland sizo fikisana komlindi uyacina, thina abanye satshaywa kakhulu yi Gukurahundi, so vele okungayisikufa yikuphi? Lapha ufike kahle>

    1. I love this language and also what you have written. particularly “we will never tolerate ubumbulu lobunja,” and “sizo fikisana komlindi uyacina”

  20. I am very happy ukuthi at last you have decided to come, lapha sizakhululana amabhulugwe ndoda, ngoba unga fika uhlambaza, njalo ufuna abantu benmze intando yakho, uzazibona ibunu zenyoka

  21. Mutirowafanza

    UJaburani wenu lo yinja yothuvi. Wapasa ngogodo esikolo lamhla usefuna ukuzasifundisa.Kahambe ayokwenza itemporary teaching eMount Darwin angasimbuluzeli thina. Thina abanye santunyiswa yiGukurahundi so ananzelele ukuthi angasuki esebhotshile ngapha eMatabeleland.

  22. Jabulani, your name mean Farai – Be Happy but you are compleltely denying the majority the happiness. You behave worse than an wild animal anyone can ever think off. Why you idiot? I know your paymaster is smiling on hearing about your mission, but boy, behave like you were born out of a woman’s womb. Ziva kuti tumadhara utu twave hari dzofanzirofa tunokusiyira matambudziko. You tlk of satanism yet you are the SATAN yourself.

  23. hamba uyebhotsha wena Jabulani.Ngapha ungaqali ukusihluphela abazali bethu coz we’re not scared of you.Should the push come to the shove we wl really give you wat you want.Bakwekelela emashonaland.Msathanyoko.The truth is that we don’t want to know w@ you went thru but we k ow w@ we are going thru.So have your cake and eat it too.We wl fight fire with fire if that’s w@ it takes.

  24. Where the hell is Punyu today? Is he sick , arrested or died sometime last night? The man could have had a field day given the next escapade is Matabeleland.
    Or is it he can’t comment ’cause comrade J.B is umthwakazi oqhobo.
    If you are dead phunyu, R.I.P. I will miss you. This platform will never be the same without you,.
    Contributors will comment without being reminded they are shona and dont deserve to exist.
    Vakomana wait for the backlash when the man comes back from the dead

  25. hope he will also visit Manicaland were his felow fugitive are also fighting………ask Diddy A NEW ZIMBABWE IS ON THE WAY

  26. Vana Jabulani kani…..kungoshandiswa, ZANU yakadyiwa kare,….makawacha kare!!TO HELL!!!

  27. mandla ndebele

    Y all da fuss ngosana lol’ olungujabulani. Liyamesaba khonangapho esitshoneni, thina ngapha ngokungumfan’ okuncane. Uyawubamb’ umthetho ngapha otherwise angeke sitshone sesithithibele ngoba kuthwa ujabu uyabuya. Uzidlel’ imali yezanu lo, its a way of living kuye yi business bakithi. Engafun’ ukuhlupha ngitshilo ngathi siyamthumel’ ondofa. Otherwise engabuyi lamapholisa, abuye labotsikamtanda besitshoneni khonangapho…

  28. jabulani sibanda ha ha ha haaaa,it is u who is a satanist can somebody tek this senior thug to a psychiatric specialist,willard imwe yako iyo inengwendere dzekuuraya vanhu keep on dreaming jabu,10 million hahahaaaaaaa

  29. Dhunyazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Siyai agwaute ariko tione kuita anounzira shefu manganic mavote.

  30. Taurai Zvenyu

    Ana Jabu mave kutisemedzesa.
    Mhuri ichafa nenzara, baba vachiita rolling stones neZanu PF, apa chabuda hapana.
    Ndine shungu yekumbonzwa kubva kune vakaenda kuchikoro nemurume uyu kuti aimboburawo chii kuchikoro?

  31. Jabulani u are free to campaign for yr party. I advise you to use nonviolent means. I hope yr party knows by now that violence in Mat’land does not pay. U can do that with Shonas u may be assured of something coz those guys are a rack of nerves. Surely u a not bigger than Gukurawundi. We could not be moved even then to vote for Zanu. So who are u going to round up? Do u think we are animals? We will vote for ZANU if it promises us a fully fledged devolved state. Not when u talk about homosexuality. To us sexuality has never been a problem but our problem ever is marginalization. If ZANU can come to Mat’land and tell us that they are going to deal with tribalism that it created I for one will be happy and can vote for it.

  32. Jabulani urimboko.hauna kudzidza.why do u always wnt to force people wt they dnt wnt?kana munhu asingadi Zanu haadi.haamanikidzwe.

  33. mandla ndebele

    Lawe wena mr reporter jst being over zealous la, jabulani descends, descending frm wer? U wnt to make as if he’s coming frm heaven, as if he’s cumn to teach us a lesson… Rural Mat’land wer on da receiving end of gukurahundi so wat cn he say to us dis syd. We wnt nothing dat’s associated wth Zanu dats y ever sinse independence, we hv never voted for zanu. Even robert knws dats y he comes dis syd once in a year, jst 4 a few hours to open trade fair. Jabu is all tok, toothless bulldog n he represents no1, not even da “genuine” war vets. Wen ws he born, he ws stil a boy at dat time. He never underwent any military or guerilla warfare training. Us guys dis syd dnt respect him, he’s roberts clown and most definatly we’r not scare of him, he only does his nonsense ere in rural mashonaland. Let him come, he’l say his verbal diarrehoea, tok abt satanism n dat wuld b dat.

  34. Bin Laden incarnation. Third generation terrorist. You will certainly get your just desert pseudo-‘war veteran’. It is an open secret that you never participated in the liberation struggle mafikizolo !

  35. He he he . Jaburani fundisa vasingazive .kana varamba ngavarohwe . They should either vote for zanu or mdc t kuphela .

  36. Umafikizolo ! Kunzima ! Cry the beloved country !

  37. its a shame that this lunatic is now in matebeleland. he is a dog that is in a leash, he is handled by vampires and the very day they feel he has done the job it will be eiye, iye, iye holala with all roads leading to heores acre. ask manyika and border gezi.

  38. @Mandla~well put my man.He´s pathetic ufuna ondofa be dile laye!!!!!!

  39. mazanu memamdc neweae anoita politics nciiiiiiiii

  40. Gud 4 u cde sibanda u are at work go out and preach the zanu pf gospel. Mdc Ncube n Mdc t u a also aloud to go out n preach your party policies insulting bra jabu wil nt win u votes nonsense.

  41. The dumb idiot is going to campaign for votes for Mugabe. Couldnt they find a better candidate. Dumb.

  42. I feel sorry for sibanda’s mother.these r clearly nine painful months giving birth to this guy.hope he is not the only child.

  43. To us in matebeleland he is no threat at all,we all know he didin,t even fight the war,uzothusa lina amagwala,a friendly warning to him though he musn,t be too excited,be warned.

  44. Masabatha nango phela umzalwane wenu! Your house by the corner koBullet will be ashes soon. Your family will pay also we can play dirty also. Hit him were it hurts most! Reasoning via the anus bastela!Sibanda nkuni zaMugabe.

  45. Where are you Phunyu on this one? May i take a leaf from your sayings .”Ndebele gukurahunding other Ndebeles” kkkkkkkkk.

  46. to my surprise this guy didnt even hold a gun in struggle fake ‘war veteran’

  47. Bogus war vet

    1. somebody put a gag around this Jabu boy’s mouth, how many pple have lost their lives because of him?how many women have been raped by yo disciples? in a new Zimbabwe you shall account for all yo actions, tichakubata chete Jabu uchaona zvinhu zviri kuchinja uchamama

  48. You JB your days of superlative lunacy are coming to an end. The emancipation of the people to total freedom is not to feed your super ego of foolishness. You are not the only person who went to the bush. During the liberation struggle even ordinary villages fought the war by providing logistics to the true comrades. Many suffered physically and emotionally until today they continue to nurse post war traumatic distress. People can no-longer be intimated by your corrupt and ruthless regime that rig elections and divide the people of Zimbabwe. We as people of Zimbabwe can no-longer allow you the space to shout your nonsense defend Zanu. Whatever you will do to the rural people of Zimbabwe, you shall be accountable for every single one of those atrocities. Whatever amount of pain you will inflict upon the people of Zimbabwe, you shall answer charges for crimes against humanity. You are like a dog on a lead – this time around there is no bone for you dear. Your fate is sealed..so don’t dare! I can’t encourage you to use common sense because you have none.

  49. After all this unfocused noise, nothing will stop Cde Jabu to take his campaign to rural Matebeleland!

  50. riregeyi benzi iro rimberereke nenyika ,anobvuma kutyityidzirwa naro akapusa vote mdc t if it means war!!

  51. I am offering $ 1000 to any person who will deliver Jabu’s ball to me. I discovered at school that he has one only ! What we call ‘jendekufa’ in Shona. The sabre-rattling by him is a cover-up for his inadequacies between the legs ! Bob is surely against gays and lesbians. If only he knew the sexual inclinations of some of his disciples. he would commit suicide.

  52. Insane man, we already had made our choice, campaigning is a mere waste of time and our DIAMOND MONEY mr sibanda. U ar talking rubbish

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