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Inevitable electoral defeat — The song


(Refrain 1) So you thought it was cool, To rule as king of the pool. Today is the morning after,

Guest Column with Rejoice Ngwenya

When I crack a rib with laughter.

Like a “brick” ’90s cellphone, Your fake power is finally gone. How I wish the 20 000 would hear,

Those that perished by your brigade of fear.

Faded are the days of your reign,

Hail to the millions you caused pain.

No more noise from the motorcade,

Just like me, you will use the parkade!

(Refrain 2)

So you tried to rule forever, Plundering what you wanted whenever?

Today is that morning after, I will no more hide on the rafter.

Your promise of indigenisation, Was mere reverse colonisation. We were decimated by hyperinflation, While your cheeks blossomed in jubilation.

You grabbed from our commercial five thousand,

And gave to your compliant one thousand. You forced three million citizens abroad, Like Titanic, they were tossed forever overboard.

(Refrain 3)

No one can beat immortality, Age taketh away vitality. Today is that morning after, When power to you does not matter.

You pretended to give them a mine, For a time it looked so fine. They waited for ownership that never came, All you did was to look for fame!

You insulted me for my party, While cronies played politics of dirty. As they just took and took, All you did was just look and look!

(Refrain 4)

Gone is the pomp and pageantry, Hope you join the proverbial peasantry! Today is that morning after, I shall spread on my bread real butter.

All those hours some spent in prison, Apparently just for no reason. Oh how I wish you for The Hague, Where isolation is en vogue!

We suffered from your broadcast monopoly, While you blossomed from oligopoly. Many children used only one book, As your wives shopped for the best look.

(Refrain 5)

Before a fall comes that pride, No more free plane ride. Today is the morning after, When loss of power really does matter.

The fat won’t salute the winner; Wait till strife makes them thinner! Who wants their respect anyway? When they are free to go yesterday?

They stole like they’d no conscience, As villagers looked on with false patience. Their concubines shopped in Dubai, While supporters stunk like slums of Mumbai.

(Refrain 6)

No more free diamond, Or foreign houses of almond . Today is the morning after, When your bellies look flatter!

Your style was that of impunity, Though there was semblance of unity. You wined, dined on my account; On many times I cannot count.

Some people fed on your name, In broad light they had no shame. If it was me, I would be sorry, Yet they showed their loot on a lorry.

(Refrain 7)

Days of freebies are over, Obese cronies showing off the Rover. Today is the morning after, When nothing to you seems better.

If Joshua Nkomo was alive, That man you pushed to emotional overdrive. He would be laughing with us, As we celebrate your loss en mass.

Those thousands you incarcerated, Whose hearts were lacerated. Are waiting in there as few, Take swigs of prison brew.

(Last Refrain)

Everything comes to an end, I hope our broken hearts will soon mend. But today is the morning after, When you’re going and buoy do I feel better!

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