IN PICTURES: Magorimbo’s send-off.

A sorrowful atmosphere engulfed the Magorimbo family residence in Glen Norah yesterday where multitudes gathered to mourn the death of 28-year-old Tinashe, who allegedly met his fate at the hands of Star FM DJ Munya Milimo and his alleged accomplices.

Below are the pictures of the proceedings.

All Pictures by Hilary Maradzika

Magorimbo's wife,(centre) flanked by friends and relatives
Wife of the deceased Magorimbo,Millicent Chimbadza(centre) flanked by friends and relatives
 The late Magorimbo workmates bow down during a prayer.
The late Magorimbo workmates bow down during a prayer.
Some of the people who worked with Magorimbo at PSMI attending the funeral
Some of the people who worked with Magorimbo at PSMI attending the funeral
Part of the family and friends who attended the funeral.
Part of the family and friends who attended the funeral.
Magorimbo's father and mother.
Magorimbo’s mother and father .

See full story here.
Emotional send-off for Magorimbo

Picture Compilation: Tapiwa Zivira, Online Reporter

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  1. ugoona nugget yemukadzi wake, and involving himself nebonga rimwe. Zvimwe vanhurume tinozvitsvagira tega. Cheating is not the best practice. RIP Magorimbo

    1. It is just like in life, we run from God to the devil. When God says, don not, He is saying do not hurt yourself. The devil is a liar in that he fool us from taking possession of what God has given us and lures us with a false sense of hope that all is okay on his side. May Magorimbo’s soul rest in peace.

      1. U Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying life with money. See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A very simple idea but very realistic. WAKE UP AFRICANS.

        1. duzvi


      manyenganga anengozi

      1. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying life with money. See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A very simple idea but very realistic. WAKE UP AFRICANS.

    3. taura hako kapakasa

      1. U Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying life with money. See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A very simple idea but very realistic. WAKE UP AFRICANS.

    4. Beauty lies within never judge a book by looking at the cover!

    5. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying life with money. See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A very simple idea but very realistic. WAKE UP AFRICANS.

  2. @Kapakasa

    Unazvowo iwe Kapakasa, unowona kunaka kwemukadzi ari kuchema, ndimi vamwewo imi, muchafa makasazvibata. Chimutoraka umuroore, achiri wechidiki plus haana mwana!

    1. mutarisise usatya. wangu ane chi**** chegarwe, ndofa naye.

    2. taura zvako vamwe vanhu vanondishamisa havanyare vane ruchiva

    3. Chakanaka chakanaka veduwe pamwe Kapakasa ava kutotsvaga mudzimai.

  3. rily sad pictures,We can say akarumwa nechekuchera but does it mean He was more sinful than us? No definitely no,its a tragedy that has affected direct families and extended as well of victim,his widow,Dj munya,his wife,children, oh what evil luck that has descended may He R.I:P

    1. Yes indeed.For ALL OF US have sinned and came short before the glory of the Almighty.Let us be the very last to cast stones of condemnation to the dear departed.

  4. Zvakaiwana ngwarati, ndomakaro asina nebasa rese. Manje kake kamkadzi kachasara kachiitwa mince-meat nemakawa, regai muone.

  5. R.I.P Magorimbo (Return from the grave If Possible as a spook)

    At last the shameless fornicator’s cork;
    Hath been laid to eternal rest;
    Never more to rise,
    Not even at half mast.
    Oooh how art safe now;
    Remnant decent mariages be

    Cry not, yee married men cheated
    Weep not; yee wounded women;
    Except for Anna the harlot
    For the fornicating cork is gone;
    Six feet under, never more to rise!

    For the wages of sin is death

    What a shame

    1. zimbabwe has talent,,this is a wonderful piece of poetry at such a short notice,,

      1. what the hell do you know about art and call yourself masterbate

    2. shamari munhu afa tinoziva kuti akanganisa bt poem here usadaro,kusava mubox inyasha chaizvo not kuti kungwara iva nekutya kufa kwemunhu aifema

      1. do not come with your moral high standing here. this is the moment of inspiration SHAME needed to come up with such a good poem. maybe one day he will look to this day as the day it will started. thanks to the fornicating magorimbo and the murderer dj munya

      2. Mtat,we live in a sick world my friend.This dubious “poet” is one such very sick individual.If he is not sick then he must be one of the holy saints.

    3. Ha wakapenga mfesi

    4. i had to laugh…nice piece of poetry. you should consider publishing

    5. For the fornicating cork is gone;

      Wandispacka all you could remember of this man is his cork thats Gone.

    6. Wow! that a mean piece of a poem there. Tumbs up hey!

    7. kikikikikiki Shame on you SHAME, but seriously speaking this is the product of results gone wrong since we can control our actions but the results are independent of our control. Maybe Munya didn’t want to kill the guy but just to fix him maybe Tinashe just wanted to have fun a fling and good time maybe Anna…. Yes it will always be maybe if he had just divorced her maybe he should just have left her alone. Maybe all we can do is wonder yet there are real people hurting the Magorimbo family the Mlimo family, friends of the victim friends of the deceased. A young man’s life has been abruptly tragically ended a young man’s carrier has been abruptly ended, for despite the outcome of the case Munya’s public life has abruptly come to an end. To the younger generation my advise is seek to lead honorable lives earn honest money and be ethical in pursuit of happiness.

    8. Themba Mlangeni

      Nice piece of poetry if not plagiarised. But bear in mind that tinogona kuzoiverenga pafinaz pakowo. Some of zvimoko zvakabatana zvamunosangana kuma show kwana Tuku vakadzi vevanhu.

      How many times have we heard musicians sing about the evils of this and that – including mkondaz – only for them to succumb to the same evils. Nhamo dzevamwe sekerai mumagumbeze.

      1. @Themba Mhlangeni et al
        Haiwa tibvireipo.Suka lapha Themba lobanye abantu bazahlola ipoem engibhalile. Poetry is a fine art inspired by events of the day. And the day’s even is fornication = death. Art is Art. Keep it that way. Indulge in it in its purity. No beef man. This is a fine piece left by Magorimbo himself as his last testament. His wish was that it be recited all over the world by any literate soul that cared to read. What sayest thou now?

      2. Has anyone ever read a wide range of Shakespear’s works and understood them. Themba your instincts won’t get you lost. That poetry is not OG.

    9. Hahahahaha….. Dzimwe creativity dzakangoomawo-so. Why pane misodzi? Too early bro. Wafa wanaka. Let’s take lessons, yeah, but judgement is for the creator

    10. vharazipi muface.

  6. One funny thing abt the law, is that some1 has to come up with a defense, the real facts of the case will be altered and doctored by the lawyers..and at the end of the day some1 gets away with murder, e.g OJ Simpson…and mayb Oscar Pistorius…Right now Pritchard Zimondi’s lawyers are busy defending him with a totally different story…wil DJ Munya escape the jaws of justice…will he evade the Chikurubi meals and go back to the clubs with bloody hands??

  7. may his soul rest in peace, bt hy cheating only afta one year of marriage??????? zvakaoma

  8. @SHAME, how can u sarcastically compose a “poem” ?????? Zvichakuwanawo…..

  9. chihure chakaipa vakomana, unofira mafufu segonzo.

  10. Sorry baba marwadzo takadzidza tose pa Glen Norah High 1 apo, sorry shamwari mwari avene mhuri yako

  11. Phuuu. Ndagura. Handichahure futi. Izvi hazviite.

  12. May TINASHE`s Soul rest in peace, Bt its a lesson to those who go around Cheatng.

  13. some of you guyz commenting here are very stupid i tell you. It seems you happy with wat happened , you feel hapy wen someone is dead, facove mhani

  14. R.I.P Tinashe.
    Munya rot in jail.

    1. Jabu Nhliziyo

      Burn in hell Tinashe,Munya good luck

  15. NehandaNyakasikana

    Chaunobva chii kana ukaramba mukadzi pfambi? Dj Munya ibenzi, kuponda munhu zvichireva kuti aida pfambi yake iyo. Uchaorera mujere.

  16. My grandfather told me one lesson. That “the moment either ahusband or wife start cheating – they are inviting death in the family. One of them definatly is going to die.” And this is a similar case. Cheating is a sorce of death for many couples.

    But anywhere RIP young Magorimbo. You have now left behind both wivies.

  17. pachinhu chose ngatidzidzii, isu tasara tisapindewo nenzira imwe cheteyo . R.I.P mwana

  18. Jende Svonyongo

    DJ Munya should be ashamed of what he did, but if some guy screws your wife……..?

    1. Jabu Nhliziyo

      @ Jende,good point.Even all those saying Munya was wrong etc,know very well that they would have done the same or even worse.

  19. the wages of sin……..!!!!!

  20. Online Editor

    Please mind your language. We will not hesitate to block you if your comments are deemed vulgar, insensitive and libelous.

    Online Editor

    1. Jabu Nhliziyo

      How do we know u are the real editor?

  21. at tyms l wonder kuti vamwe vanhu vanombofunga vasati vanyora nekuposta zvinyorwa zvavo, nhayi hama chii chinofadza nekufa kwemunhu, who are we to say akaura nekuti ainyanya, veduwe kufa kwemunhu hakufadzi nyangwe zvodii, ngatizivei kuti kutonga ndikwamwari. Iwe SHAME kutoita poem yezvakadaro, haunzwi kutya mwari wako here, hanzi chawana mumwe hachisekwi, chinosekesa chiiko vamwe vanhu vachichema , can’t u see that you are adding insult to injury, usadaro hama mangwana hauzivi paunovirirwa uri uye kuti uchiitei.Hanzi chemayi nevanochema.

    1. @SLN…..ndatenda hangu, u seem to be the only human living. The Shame person, m lad akasarudza zita rinoenderana nehunhu hwake, vanhu vari kuchema iwe uri kutsvinya zvakadaro? Who knows yr deeds? Iwe wazoitei muhupenyu chashamisa? Kana uchigona kunyora kudaro, nyoraka uriritire mhuri yako. Mwari achakurova neshamhu inorwadza hezvino tiri pano. Hongu munhu anofa nematadzo ake asi ndiani pakati pedu angamutonge iye asina chakaipa chaakamboita. Obviously this guy cant read your stupid poem saka uri kutuka hama neshamwari dzemufi, uri kuvatukirei. Zvino Mwari anopindurira vasingakwanise kutaura, uchapindurwa, uchashuwira kuamedza mazwi ako ese epoem yako iyo uchatadza kana kemedza one letter chairo.

      1. i am wichu bro,,,,i mean lyc criasly we all gat our shortfalls and ts jus a matter yekuti it din have us slain at that moment,hezvo uyu Tinashe akafa ehe he was wrong wateva pnnd to him, but shuwa munhu akasikwa jus lyk th way tinashe was done can sit down and write a poem whose target is a deam man???? Haibooo. Kana uchigona hako my bro delete ur post, though zvisinga kwanise ku eraser our minds,,,bt for the sake yekupreventa further infection. And this applies to all vari kuda kungomutsa **honto** nemunhu afa uyu. RIP tinashe , nguva yakakwana usati waswatuka, chikagova chichenjedzo kunesu vasara.


  23. Dzese dzirikuti Munya hee will rot in jail imhata,mahure naiwo manje muchafawo muchiurawa. Zvakaiwana ngwarati,mwana mudiki akadaro 1year after marriage?,imbwa ngaife.

  24. its so sad

  25. Chivi chinouraisa…uyu akazvitsvaga akazviwana saka mazvokuda mavanga enyora..Ko aiti achawana mukadzi ane regold here.Wabaya haachadzoke

  26. What should some of us who are still cheating supposed to do?

    1. Chunnga Chengetai

      He! Stop it immediately! Remember this is the 2nd time this year that we have read about a guyy achifa anwiswa some poison abatwa nemukadzi wemunhu… Unofa iwe! Ahiye! Hona magorimbo aenda, asiya mbutu two dzose!

  27. i guess it’s true wat they say, kuti infants have more fun in infancy than adults do in adultery, cz if u gona screw some1’s wife then make sure u hv ur visa to hell coz u will surely be deported frm heaven.

    1. ” infants have more fun in infancy than adults do in adultery” ,(In Lil Wayne’s Voice) hmmm hmmm I Like That .

    2. True that.

      1. @ tone I like I Iike!

  28. @Shame shld we call that a eulogy or a funeral diege (sp). you hilarious pal!! Uri sahwira akangwarisa iwe

  29. this story is very sad and what our DJ is said to have done has no justification. Some are saying how can a man kill another over a woman. once you give your heart to same1 you are trusting them with your life and for that to cheat on you there is no greater pain than that. most man here are say i will never do that just because it has never happened to us seeing or knowing for a fact that your wife is sleeping with another man is a hard pill to swallow some man are able to take heart and move on but still its not easy. for some1 to do what Munya did something might or was said and he lost it i really feel sorry for him his life will never be the same whether he is set free or not. his is a crime of passion. To the Magorimbo Family very sorry for your loss may your son rest in peace. and to the rest of us only God knows the full story.

    1. Always, Always leave a little room for disappointment, its folly to give your heart completely to another human being coz umuntu awungeke umconfirme.

  30. I see mai vake vakapfeka hembe ye Roman Catholic,it is reasonable to assume kuti mufi akakurira muchurch , zvichireva shoko rinoti tisapombe rakatombopfuura nenzeve dzake , iye akati,ahhh kwete , handi zvangu . Nesuwo shoko rinotombopinda asi nekuda kwekuomesa moyo yedu isu to ramba , shoko rozoti zvakare mabasa e zvivi rufu .

    Mukomana uyu yaiva tsika yake , haikona kuti titi zvakatangira ipapa , my symbath goes to the family , chem,ai netariro ,mwari ave nemi.

    Kune Chirikadzi , surely you deserve better ,God will provide ,if he was cheating you , he did not love you.

    Kune nyakubereka , Nemabasa amai , chemai neTariro , penyu makazama , nekuraira asi ka moyo wemwana wakarasha raviro

    Kunesu vasina hukama , neavo vakaroora, the world is better without this pervert, marriages are safe without him

    Kuna Munya . May you seek forgiveness and seek the lord before the malawian hangman does his Job

    Kune avo valkabatsira kuuraya , UNOFIRA YAKITSI , Chaunofira chii

    1. hazvina kunaka

      OH dat uniform is methodist,point of correction.nwer i personally dont condone lets stop this,God help us

  31. Gumbukumbu unozvinzwa

    DJ Munya waita munyama new constituition yave kutoshanda. You are going to face the full wrath of the law. You took the law into your hands. Saka kune vakaenda kuchikoro kuti vatonge mhosva dzakadai. Dai akabvunza vamwe kuti vanozviita sei kana vaona vakadzi mahure. Heyo ngozi mumusha maMilimo tika naiye mukadzi wacho anazvowo. Vakomana ka, we must be educated both informal and formal pakashaya chimwe chacho wapinda mutrabburo.

  32. Murder is murder & you can only justify murder if committed in self defense. Hure i Hure If you find kuti mukadzi wako ihure you walk away from the marriage & look for another wife nokuti huhure hagungo enda overnight. Munya rot in jail. Kusafunga

  33. Eehee tinoti afa anaka asika ndambakurairwa akaoneka nembonje pahuma. Ana Magorimbo kufira mafufu segonzo. A worsed and failed life.

  34. Muronda Tsimba

    Zorora Murugare Magorimbo (Kana zvichibvira dzoka se goritoto)
    Razorora bonza remhombwe zvinyadzisa
    Rakotswa zvachose
    Harichazo simudza musoro kana kugutsurira
    Aiwa tayambutswa
    Wanano dzasara machira chete
    Musacheme , vese varume vane gapu rakanomborwa nevamwe.
    Musawungudza, kunemi mazdimai aka baiwa pamoyo
    Kunze kwa Anna chifeve dasva watasva bhiza repakamba nekuti bonza remhombwe rayenda
    Kuguruva harichamutsazve musoro
    Mubairo wechakaipa rufu

    1. @ Muronda Tsimba

      Haa, nyanduri makapenga. O-o-o ndasimudza mawoko mudenga. Pfuurirai mberi, chipo munacho, musadzoserwa shure nana SLN nana Dzundurwa, vane shungunhando sana sahwira-mhombwe.
      @ SLN and Dzundura
      Nhai veduwe-e, iyemi kwenyu kusaziva here kuti nguva yekufara, kusuwa, kuchema, e.t.c ndonguva yana nyanduri yekuvana mikana yekudetemba? Basa renhetembo dzeMariro nderekushungurudza vasara, kunyaradza vanochema, kutsiura uye kudzidzisa vapenyu. Ndochivanhu chedu ichocho. Sei musingazivi izvozvo vamwe zvomotonamata kuti dai Samatenga arova Shame neshamhu? Tibvireipo. Nyanduri akamborohwa kupi? Asi hamuzivi kuti kunyangwe Samatenga ndiye anotopa vananyanduri chipo chekureketa zvivi zviri muvanhu kuti vasiye huipi? Munenge maipoya chikorowo imi-kana tikati ngatimbotaurei nezve ‘Maungira Enhetembo” ndofunga hamuzvizivi nhai? Imi zvamakafirwa nanasekuru venyu hamuna kunzwa varoora vachiti sekuru vaive vakaromba uye vairoya muti uchioma? Maiti kunyepa? Maiti kutsvinya? Chaive chokwadi chekuti imi vazukuru makasara murege kuzoromba sasekuru. Tikwanirei MaBhurandaya maviri asingazive chivanhu.
      Pamberi neMaungira eNhetembo pamariro aMagorimbo!

  35. Chunnga Chengetai

    Its a shame. I feel for the Magorimbo Dude. But if it were my wife- I’d do the same as Munya Did if not worse! Wen it comes to matters pertaining my wife or my children then Then some of us turn out to be merciless murders with zero merci and zero remorse. Matters of the heart are sensitive varume. Lets all learn from this tragedy that: Lets all Leave married women alone oh! Unofira mahara! Yu get killed and with joy for that matter. The Magorimbo Dude is gone, leaving his beautiful wife and the Munya wife is left out as well. May God give these victims the peace that they need so much right now.

  36. Bhuru rinorwa rinoonekwa nemavanga. Magorimbo akazviita bhuru,zvino zvakamuwana. Feel pity for the widow

  37. wakamama mfna rot ih hell iwe unonyenga mukadzi wemunhu vakadzi vange vapera here, iyezvino takusara tichitema mukadzi wangu isu vana Cde Ngwena

  38. Muronda Tsimba magona chaizvo.sezita renyu. Nhetembo iyi yandidakadza iri mururimi gwechirungu asi pamazoidetemba mururimi gwaamai yabva yanyanyonakidza.

    Hanzi “Kunze kwa Anna chifeve dasva watasva bhiza repakamba nekuti bonza remhombwe rayenda”

    kuti SHAME ndokuti poet zve

    kuti Muronda Tsimba ndokuti nyanduri zve

  39. Inga igamba ravakadzi, hauone mawandiro akaita vakadzi parufu rwake

  40. Mudzimai waMagorimbo akatosvitswa shoko pafuneral naKZ. Varume we are a disgrace. Unganyenga mukadzi and misodzi pamatama ? This world !

  41. Mudzimai waMagorimbo akatosvitswa shoko pafuneral naKZ. Varume we are a disgrace. Unganyenga mukadzi ane misodzi pamatama ? This world !

  42. wish i could said RIP Tinashe but who said Munya is guilty? you are not guilty until it has been proved beyond doubt that you have commited a crime. what if tinashe committed suicide nekutya scandal? akanyatsotaura here kuti anwiswa poison before he died or has munya confessed? just confused because we all hear are allegations and it seems munya has been judged already. not commending murder that is IF he indeed commited one. to all men let it be a lesson the bible itself is clear MUKADZI WEMUNHU HAABATWI kani. you will die

    1. Ko madhuve murume wemunhu anobatwawo here?

      1. chihure chagara hachibhadhari whether murume wemunhu kana mukadzi wemunhu ukasaurayiwa unofa neAIDS

        1. Thanks madhuve kunyora kwevazhinji zvairatidza senge kana arimurume atorwa hazvina basa

  43. Sorry Mr Magorimbo. You married my frend… wen i cme to yo place u two lookd happy togther, ther ws love n i hoped u alwys sty lyk tht,whteva hapened only God knows, we r all human, we make mistakes, yet we stil deserve to b forgiven… death ws js too much…may justice prevail in this case. Millicent my sis, take heart n trust in God 4 he is alwys wth u….. he is th only tht cn wipe yo yo tears n give u rest n hope…. May Mr Magorimbo’s soul Rest in eternal peace…..

  44. speed annointing

    OTNEAL TINASHE MAGORIMBO, you left a wound that will never be healed. up to today we ask why why why Otneal. why did you have to go this way. you were the major of intelligence, filled with powerful writing skills. Otneal Otneal WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW I FEEL. R.I.P TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

  45. “Thou shall not commit adultery”. God warned! At times I support sharia Law!

  46. Sin does not pay to all those in this saga

  47. This is not judging but truly speaking he will never RIP as some of you are wishing because he died unpeacifully. He left no peace in his own family. Look how sad and pained the parents are, the wife, friends and others – no peace for such a person who had caused so much pain to innocent souls. AFTER ALL ZIMBOS is he going to read all these RIP messeges????????

  48. bandauko renzou

    Murungano urwu we learn tht chihure chinourayisa. For the wages of sin is death

  49. Rufu ndirwo runouraya. àsi mafiro ndiwo anorwadza, kana mweya wakuda kubuda unotswaga zvekuita kuti ubude ……

    its all about woman, ,she cheated her husband, ,she was left a widow, ,

    usavhure mukana kushandiswa nasatani nekuda owe hasha

    if only she went fr a divorce, ,not to rome around with somebody ‘s certificate n signature ..,you feel you are done wth somebody du away with them don’t embarrass us làdies

  50. typing…………………

  51. The shit has hit the fan…………….

  52. please can someone answer the following questions:

    1.why the police didn’t try to locate the deceased Magorimbo on the very day DJ Munya was arrested, i.e. Friday, since he new where he was. The deceased Magorimbo was later discovered the following day, possibly 24hrs after Munyas arrest

    2. did Munya kill the deceased Magorimbo since he was arrested on a Friday

    1. Chunnga Chengetai

      Munya hired pple manhi iwe… The hired Dudes gave the victim a deadly concortion of a potent poison (wemakonzo uya angapona here kana 5 packets). get the philanderind guy to drink it and make sure haarutse then dump his arse pa den pake chofa… Vakadzi vevanhu here- unoenda bhururu

  53. Dj Munya vapinda padouble trouble,kuti kufambirwa bhebhi voti futhi kupinda musaga,haa,aya ndoma1 manje. Magorimbo,eish,ndanyarara….

  54. mamboona kuti vakadzi vese vekwamakandiwa vaakugerwa musoro votinta? Could this be miracle hair? Kkkkkk

    1. Veduwe if you have nothng to say ,say nothng

  55. 3 thngs you must never touch in this life:1,never touch another mans food,2) never touch another mans money,3)never ever touch another mans woman!

  56. magechi aends

    Kukwirirwa mukadzi hakujairike…

  57. munoti vakuru vaipenga here vakati mukadzi womumwe ndivambuya, unofa i think ndojustice chaiyo rufu rwaMagorimbo

  58. Komakambonzwowa here kuti iyemfana uyu ayipihwa everyday here or not kusvikira atanga kutsvagawo vanoda nguva yesepasina nhasi hawulume?Vanodaro vasikana kana vapinda mukitchen fulltyme.Ko iye DJ aigona here nguva yose yaidiwa?

    1. That’s life for u u are gone so u can not came for my wife thank god R.I.P

  59. varume ityai mwari musa mvure mvure mazipi enyu RIP ndanyarara hakoyoyi nakedo borangoma

  60. i cant judge munys’s actions , but if i was him i would have killed both , thats me , i cant stomach the reality of another man banging my wify furthermore munyah is a public figure , imagine the embarassment , one year munhu akutohura zvakadaro , anonyadzisa uyo kutonzwira tsitsi vasiyiwa avo kwete hure

    1. munya hagoni kusvira basa kufadza vanhu pamhepo mukadzi aine nzara.akauyira public figure.odya izvozvo here.think guys.

  61. sure here boys let the word of God be light to our lives please I beg u u read proverbs 6 verse 25 – 35 pliz do not cheat that
    ‘s all

    1. rega kusvira woona kuti haunyengerwe here

  62. Mukadzi wemunhu haaite

  63. Editor,please macomments akwana chimusiyai va reste

  64. Editor,please macomments akwana va resteiwo

  65. changamire dombo

    ivhu kuvhu. mhombwe kumhombwe.

    in this day and age ne hiv and aids munhu atori murderer mkadzi wadj nemukomama arere apo..lets not play holy

  66. Mukadzi wemunhuu haabatwi,…

  67. Aiwa varume zvakamubatawo.

  68. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying life with money. See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she was using to do that (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A very simple idea but very realistic. WAKE UP AFRICANS.

  69. zvinokonzerwa nevarume vasingagone kugutsa vakadzi vavo mudzimba.vakadzi vanoda kukwirwa zvikuru kwete kungokwenwa vosiiwa vaine zemo.vanotsaga anopedza zemo ravo.mavakuura munhu ari kukuyamurai mudzimba umu.

  70. frank zibusiso nyathi.

    The facts of this clear should not be held in translucency because death has been incurred in this way. The deceased had no respect and regards for the dj MUNYA. The very fact that he is dead does not justify his adultery as a good thing because he is dead. He deeds where wrong he had a wife but still went outside and did adultery it was a sin before the Sovereign God in heaven and even a bad transgression on our social ethics. We preach about stop aids keep the promise every now and then. Pressure groups have went to the extent of giving emphatic initiational teachings such as ‘keep one partner’. MAGORIMBO’S behavior is unacceptable. I believe he probably died after a prompted notice to stay away from a man’s wife. But however the reaction from the transgressed party DJ MUNYA, hereinafter Refered to as DJ was over done and exceeds acceptable limits. It was a against protocol, he took law into his own hands and murdered somebody in an issue that could be amicably solved in court or in other designated fora. The way in which he responded shows that he murdered with intent, and must surely be brought to book by a sentence of no less than 18 years of IMPRISONMENT or even if he be sentenced to death it will be fine and his accomplices be heat by a sentence of no less than 10 years in prison. It is also important to note that even if a legal procedure would be apprehended it would never lead to death on the deceased part. The DJ’S response as well shows that he has no regards on the relevant authorities such as police and courts, and if he be allowed to stay in the community he will continue to circumvent these authorities and it would be gross injustice on both parties contending therein. So i recommend a stern penalty on THE DJ.

  71. Meseitaikwazvo

    Honzeresi yazvo zvese mukadzi waMunya but now its affecting a lot of people. Munya wacho acted stupid. Magorimbo should have Munya’s wife alone. Zvairwadza vasara mabatiro akaita baba vemufi musoro haaite.

  72. Taurayi SHIT iyoyo, mujeri ndichabuda, even after 20 years. After all ndakatambisa MAFIA front, mosva yangu idiki. NXAAAAAA, mhata dzenyu, mucharoverwawo nyini dzevakadzi venyu

    1. Wkatumwa here kunoroora mukaradhi? hant waizviita muninja? mukadzi wako akazoratidza kuti maya wakasara, magorimbo ndiye muninja

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