Gold rush in Gwanda town

NEW gold deposits have reportedly been discovered in Gwanda town, triggering a rush for the precious mineral from panners.

Report by Khulani Nkabinde

Suspended Gwanda mayor, Lionel De Necker, who is Ward 10 councillor, said the deposits were discovered on Monday at Hampden Plots.

“As usual, gold panners have moved in and the police had to respond to restore order,” he said.

“As it is, the police have cordoned off the area, it is a residential area and, therefore, one cannot just mine in such an area.”
Gwanda is a gold-rich district attracting panners, who have descended on the area.

Police and the panners have often fought running battles as the law enforcement agents try to keep order.

De Necker said the discovery of gold in the area was a blessing in disguise for the impoverished mining town.

“Gwanda Town Council should get royalties from any gold mining activities that may take place in the area,” he said.

“Presently, the town does not benefit from mining activities that are taking place around, as mines pay royalties only to the rural council.”

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Nkosilathi Sibanda confirmed that police on Tuesday had cordoned off the area to keep away panners and other gold diggers.

“We arrested three people for gold panning and the rest ran away,” he said. “There were a lot of people there. The panners were causing a lot of land degradation at the place.”
Gwanda town, the Matabeleland South provincial capital, is surrounded by gold mines.

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  1. And ltes Hope the gukurahundis will not rush to invade our space

    1. medion kasvatutsashure

      imbwa , if you have nothing to contrbute shut up you idiot !.

  2. Matebeleland is very rich in minerals. Why has Mugabe kept this area underdeveloped for so long. Am beginning to respect Tswangilai for insisting that this old man should go. With all these riches why is Bulawayo without water, why is the Zambezi project underfunded, why is Matebeleland being de-industrialized??? I am now convinced that since the 1890s war there is no greater evil that was visited on the Ndebele people than Mugabe and his corrupt government. By the way I am Shona and the Ndebeles abducted my ancestors (man and wife) leaving my great great great grandfather (a toddler) in a burning hut – but I am not bitter and like the Ndebele a lot.

    1. medion kasvatutsashure

      you are wrong Matebeleland was never under developed by anyone ! If you do not send your children to school ,do you think development can come from the blues ? Check foreinstance Masvingo or manicaland then compare them with Binga, hurungwe or Guruve.Also it has to do with a lot of output from a number of sectors like agriculture and quite a host of other economic activities !

      1. Schools are built with money. If you travel along Binya Road from Mutare to Masvingo you will notice that there is a school every 5 km. In Matebeleland there is a school every 25 km. The Universities and scholarships are staffed with Shona people and everything is centralized in Harare. Governments should protect all citizens by developing economic activities in all centers and distributing wealth equitably to its citizens.

      2. Medion you hv neva bn to rural matebeleland, u dnt hv an idea of wht u r talking abt. Hw many schools has the govt built SINCE 1980?

  3. Artiful Dodger

    Does that mean the prophesy of makandiwa and co.. Is bieng fullfilled

    1. Yes, man of God said it and its coming to pass. Those who believe will enjoy God’s blessings.

  4. no iwe .. who doesnt know that zim is minerall rich , c’mon

  5. mutunda shuga

    inga kwachiyadzwa kwakabuda NGODA hakambotaura kuti mzilikazi achauya ndiani u ndebele ppl ur full of nonsens

  6. I am from Gwanda…gold is everywhere in Gwanda. Prophesy came too late papi….

    Question of sending kids to school in Matebeleland…underdevelpoment has it got to do with it??? Medion????

  7. @medion there is no place which was developed by the shonaz all the places were left by the whites as they are ungazitshayisifuba zim has not developed since independence

  8. Siye kundoita mari kugwanda mogwa netribalism mugabe natsangirai vachakupai mari mugere here munonyadzisa

  9. kaxmusina masasi pakai….

  10. matshabi ligcwala yonkindawo

  11. Kingdom Pamberi

    Gold raka porofitwa riye rakuputika pese pese manje ha Zimbabwe bvumai… You have a great Prophet in your Midst. Eish murume akaoma uya uya

  12. hats off to hacha ndizvo .i hear chombo is saying that hre city council can nt go ahead w the 3 day a week water rationing yet in byo they get water once or twice a week and h said nothing .its nt fair at all.

  13. Order order pliz this is a residential area no panning. It destroys the environment endai munorima minda makatora

  14. what a blessing for the pple of Gwanda, God is always there in times of need.

  15. UTixo vele wasibusisa kudala. Igolide leli vele lihlezi likhona hatshi ukuwumana komuntu wenu elithi ngumprofithi. Uzabona okungamadedede sekuhlupha ngoba kungothathekile ibhasi yakibo. IGwanda lokhe yatshiywa yakhiwe ngabelungu. Akulantuthuko eyabiswa yiZanu pf govt. Lo uhulumende wakhe inkamba, legovt complex le College/University (okungani yizindlu zokudlalela amadlwane elithi ngamatope) kuphela phakathi kwemnyaka eyi 33.

  16. Shona people educated but tsvina.they look dirty,ugly and unkempt.unoona mukadzi echifamba city centre very dirty.that culture ye jambanja is too much,kutaurisa.

  17. I dont know just when these madzvitis will realise that this country belong to Mashonas.Go back where you came from and demand your share there not here.

  18. spangasenkunzi

    chati .not everyone who is a mthwakazi is comprises khalanga,venda,,xhosa ,nambyas, should also go back to burundi where you come from.

  19. even if tsvangirai rules he wil develop buhera first &parts of mashonaland .u dont deserve development cause u belong beyond limpopo going up not in zim.very soon matabeleland will change name kikikikkkkkkk

  20. even if tsvangirai rules he wil develop buhera first &parts of mashonaland .u dont deserve development cause u belong beyond limpopo going up not in zim.very soon matabeleland will change name kikikikkkkkkk tvangirai is not a ndebele mind that

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