Emotional send-off for Magorimbo

THE sight of a young woman weeping over the corpse of her late husband, as relatives and friends view the body for the last time, breaks anybody’s heart.


When Millicent Chimbadza got married to O’Neal Tinashe Magorimbo last year aged 21, little did she know that just a year later her marriage would have been shattered easily like a spider’s web in the fog.

At age 22, she is widowed. Fate, in its random distribution of cards, has played a cruel trick on her, with death snatching away her husband before they even had a child.

Yesterday, a sombre atmosphere engulfed the Magorimbo family residence in Glen Norah where multitudes of people gathered to mourn the death of 28-year-old Tinashe, who allegedly met his fate at the hands of Star FM DJ Munya Milimo and his alleged accomplices.

It is alleged that Tinashe was kidnapped by suspected hitmen — Taurai Jani and Mohammad Matare — reportedly hired by DJ Munya — after he suspected that he was having an illicit love affair with his wife Anna Hassan.

“Why? Why did you have to die, Sekuru Tinashe? Is it really true that you’re gone?” A relative who had just arrived at the home wailed.

Almost every friend and relative of the late PSMI employee wanted to know why their loved one had to meet his death in such a cruel manner. But there were no answers.
The send-off at Warren Hills Cemetery in Harare was emotional.

“It is just unbelievable. To be murdered by someone. I hope God forgives whoever it is who did this and may they be blessed,” another close relative said.

Tinashe’s parents were inconsolable. His father was too shattered to speak and his elder brother had to deliver the graveside speech. “It is a painful moment for us today as we say goodbye to our son,” Tinashe’s uncle said.

He said the Magorimbo family would stand by their son’s widow and give her emotional support during these trying times.

Mlimo, Jani and Matare were remanded in custody to June 5 on Wednesday on murder charges.

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  1. a lot of people do not understand why dj munya had wanted compensation 5000us from magorimbo.

    the reason is mohammed matare or as we know him, mo, once slept with his friends wife (dereck) and had offered his silver merc c200 as compensation.

    mo, was not a hired assasin but a friend of dj munya and it was mo who gave him that idea derived from his own experience.

    1. Tinashe Magorimbo is no more but to those young men still alive here is a verse from the New Living Testimonies Bible: ” For a prostitute will bring poverty, but sleeping with another man’s wife will cost you your life”

      1. AMEN and AMEN

      2. Iripapi verse iyoyo?

        1. Prov 6:26 (New Living Translation)

        2. Prov 6 vs 26-29

      3. Tindo Chipasa

        Varume munongotaura henyu, bvunzai isu takabva nako kumhunga.

        8 yrs ago when my son was 4 mai vake vakatanga kuita zvema boyfriends. Pandakazviziva zuva rakadoka kukaita rima masikati ari machena. Chikomba ndaitochiziva – anga ari munhu womu area. Ndakapindwa nepfungwa 20-leventeen but finally decide kuti hapana zvazvaizo ndiyamura nazvo. But I knew it was the end of my marriage. I walked away and started my new life without her. I did not do anything to the guy because aninge asina kumanikidza vanga vawirirana. I have to admit though it was not easy. Both of us have since remarried and life is going on.

        Looking back, its only now that I realise the importance of my reaction – I gave my son, now 12 yrs, both baba naamai. Yes hatisi tose but we are there for him. Its not the best setup for him, but it could have been worse.

        No matter how difficult life may seem, there is always more life after problems. In life its not a question of whether you are going to fall or not, because at one time or another you shall fall. Its a matter of weather you will be able to pick yourself up after falling.

        You can live a fruitful life even without the person you thought was dearest to you. Wakamboona here book re biology riine tumapikicha twevanhu variri zvichinzi kamwe hakakwanisi kurarama pasina kamwe kacho? Kwete.

        1. becoz are the days of proving manhood by showing the amount of blood on ur hands eg Tshaka days. Ndiwe murume chaiye kwete zvana Munya kuda kuita profit nemunhu wakarambana naye. . . . .

        2. wise words bro.

        3. Wataura chokwadi. Zvinokwanisa kurwadza kuenda mberi asi TIME is always the best healer. Emotions are always cleared eventually. Shame it had to end this way.

        4. @Tindo Chipasa I salute you and will always remember your contribution. I rate it more than winning lotto. You are a rare breed and I thank you for doing whatever you did.

        5. That was best decision you took in your life.Let go,Pick up your pieces and move on.Hang around with people who are constructive.

        6. Thats the appropriate response ever. You must just walk away if your spouse cheats on you. What benefit does it bring killing boyfriend yacho?? The mere fact that she cheated shows that she doesnt care at all about you.So why force matters. Yes its so painful to experience that as a spouse,but there is more to life than crying and fighting for what doesnt belong to you anymore. I had always held DJ Munya in high esteem and respected him as a role model to upcoming youngsters,who followed his music and steps,but anyadzisa. Shame on you if you really murdered this young man. And to Magorimbo,i say RIP but what were you doing nemukadzi wemunhu? Mukadzi wemunhu haabatwe.

        7. True true true…people should learn to react in an un regrettably manner….Emotional intelligence very crucial in such situations…Look here, the guy is now dead, his wife miserably widowed, if proven guilty, DJ Munya to jail….look who is a free person!!! the prostitute!!! Munya’s wife!!! Why would you have to kill a person coz of your wife’s infidelity?? Had this woman said no to Tinashe’s advances, unless aitomuita rape, then it was going to be a police matter…Ivo vakadzi vakaroorwa vanogarirei nevarume vavasingadi??? Veduwe mukadzi anoda murume wake haavhurire umwe murume makumbo!!! Yes pangaite maproblems of whatever nature, but that will not be solved by prostitution….Manje mukadzi uyu atosara ochinyatsohura imi baba mave kujeri kwamuchararwa nevamwe varume..nxa!!!! zvinotsamwisa izvi…

      4. true!

    2. Lamentations of Magorimbo
      (Mariro aMagorimbo)

      Comfort ye, Comfort ye
      My people.
      Lamentations maketh thou
      On vain, inglorious deaths
      Fallen art they;
      Valourless man;
      Preceeded by their deeds
      And they art very dead,
      In the field of sin,
      Never more to rise
      Slain by iniquity.

      Comfort ye, comfort ye
      My people.
      Why weapest thou?
      This fornication?
      Vanity it is indeed;
      The fornicatee beareth not
      The fornicator
      Things fall apart
      One lies fallen
      The other in bondage
      Chained by iniquity

      Comfort ye Pregnant women
      Ought thou forever weapest?
      Name them not your little-borns,
      Anna, godess of fornication
      Lest they be damed harlots
      Tinashe,the Adulter for
      God’s name hath he carried with vanity!
      Munyaradzi, the contradiction
      Who maketh them weap without ceasing
      Name them not
      Tarry not
      By such names
      Guilty follows them to their graves
      They carry vanity

      Comfort ye the bereaved
      It is vanity to the cheated
      These lamentations
      Like chasing the wind
      Rejoice yee
      Thou art freed
      The race is not to the swift!

      Oooh Fornication

      What a shame!

      Nyanduri Murondatsimba, batai basa. Same order.
      Pamberi nemaungira enhetembo!

    3. The rich and famous!

  2. tafirenyika matsika

    Its sad. I always wonder why one has to kill someone for a woman of questionable morality. Not to defend him though but I believe life is more important. They could have just sent Hassan away to have her freedom and possibly more man if its true she was bedded by this young man and they move on with their life and spare this guy or at least leave the law to take its course.

    1. Chunnga Chengetai

      The woman will go and sleep na the boyfriend, then she dumps you, and goes ne the boyfriend, then go to court, then she will get the house and kick you out and get custody of the children, and be given all the cars and your money as maintenace all with the blessing of “the law”. Its unfair to us guys. This law on divorce is unfair to us guys and favours these promiscuos women… Regai vaurawe. Sometimes a man sufferes and cant stomach lossing it all…

  3. Thanks reporter for this story,im in UK and Ive been following this story ever since it happened.It brings a chill in my body.Nyaya iyi ine munhu pasi.If DJ Munya did this ,there is nothing to justify his action and he knows hes a public figure ,it was better for him if he had used the court or even the traditional way of dealing with things or to walk away from his wife>that was always going to be a story ,like DJ Munya in a messy divorce or something like that,but the channel he has decided to take is a very bad one and life will never be the same for him again.Vana DJ Munya taitovachivawo,i met him this other time when i was in ZIm at a show held at HICC i nearly asked him out shuwa but a lady i wasnt going to do that,zvinonyadzisa lol.And when i heard that he got married i was disappointed.So what im saying is Munya dai akangosiyana na Anna ,vasikana vakanaka tiriko hobho munyika.
    I pray for him and all the family involved.Tinashe was loved and i cant imagine the pain those who loved him are feeling right now.Oh dear Lord
    And people don’t forget to live your life and appreciate cause there are people in hard situations right now…..

    1. Nhai Soko dai wakanaka handi dai takato kunakura kare .

      1. kkkkkk,wamupa good size!!!

      2. ndakatonapurwa kare shaz,apa pandaida Dj munya ndikare.
        i could have send you my picture but hazviite.And when i said vasikana vakanaka i meant vasikana not me only and i said vakawanda munyika.My point was munya was not suppose to go to those extremes cause aingowana mumwe mukadzi akatonaka kudarika Anna wacho…Dont be shallow minded .Thanks

        1. zvino nhai Soko murume akakunakurwa akanzwa uchidaro achatii… Runako Ruri mumoyo soko , wakachiva murume wemumwe.

          Chiroora ngochani yako Munya, waona ka kuti murumeka haisi mari kana mbiri kana runako moyo wemunhu .

          Ndinovimba kuti pane akakunakura wakachiva moyo kwete zvandamboreva izvi.
          otherways next ndiwe

        2. Hie Ndere,you didnt understand my story,maybe its the way i expressed myself.This DJ , i told you i met him way back before i was even married ,ipapo ndanga ndichikutotsvagawo anondiroora,i got married in 2010 to a wonderful man whom i love .So what i have said in my comment happened around 2007,8 or so.
          Iwe tsvee what im trying to put across nanga nanga neni picking only one thimng in my comment.Im just saying there was no reason for him to do what he did cause there is a lot of beautiful women out there.My husband is not that handsome but i love him for who he is inside not face or money.
          So im sorry if you didnt understand me,but the story here is about DJ munya and i just gave examples .There is nothing more i can say cause its very hard to explain to someone who is not understanding.
          And you keep contradicting yourself futi.In your other reply comment ou said nhai soko dai wakanaka tingadai takakunakura kare ,but right now youre saying its about beauty inside not outsude.Saka hausikuziva zvauri kutaura .But other people here have understood what i commeneted and they didnt take it personally or attack me like what you are doing.
          I just meant Munya xould have been in a better place had he chosen to do a different action from what he did.

        3. Soko wandinakidza hangu

    2. Hey soko

      i know and understand what you mean in every sense but what you have to understand is men who sleep with other mens wives do not do it out of love but to them it’s a game,sort of a challenge and later boast about it to friends over a beer.`thats men like that for you.It is never ever right to kill at all ,never,but this guy never learnt coz it wasnt the first time,obviously to him it was some sort of fetish..one thing a man can never forgive is bedding his wife or girl,its jus something we cant handle..

      1. i understand Michael.Ko vakadzi who sleep with other people,s husbands.You seem to be a bit biased here shaz.

    3. nhaiwe shoko asi chii nhai. saka wakazvitarisa unototi wakanaka. iiiiwwe mhani iwe vanhu vanochiva kudaro sewe ndimi munozofa firo dzisina kunaka kana kuuraisa vanhu wakaita sei une ruchiva runenge rwe bete shame on you

    4. kkkkkkkkkkkki according to our new constitution; aggraveted murder equals death

  4. Its so sad, every death is so painful no matter what, the finality is just horrific, may the soul of Magorimbo Rest in Paradise. You were so young my man. You have fought a good fight and you have gone to stay with the Lord, till we meet again timeless.

    1. What Good fight ,” yekurara nevakadzi vevanhu ”, thats the problem with most zimbos, you dont want to call a spade a spade , This guy was a pervert period !!!

      Ngatidzidzei kuti chihure handizvo unofa!!!! , why cheat when you are married , worse off with a married woman .
      Morale of the story , Dont cheat

    2. Sorry la birra Magorombo and Munya are both at fault.kutadza kutadza chete usafunge kuti mwari vacharegerera Magorimbo nekuti akaurayiwa nekuda koupombwe.

    3. rufu runongorwadza YES asi apa wazonyepa, what good fight? kusiya mukadzi mumba woenda kuhure?

  5. Kidnapping and cruel murders are not part of our Zim society.Whoever is guilty of this should face full wrath of the law and uncompromised justice.RIP Magorimbo.

    1. if it were u what were u going to do? were u going to just smile?

      1. Iwewe Freedom uri mhondi yemunhu dai watojoina Zanu Pf

  6. maone kufira mbutu here vakomana dzimwe dzichingosvirwa mahara munyika muno eeeeeeeeeeeee zvakaoma mbutu ine munhu pasi RIP

    1. zvinyadzi hazviratidze unhu hwakanaka chinotimba dai waedza kurerutsa mazwi ako wakaita sei uno reruka kudaro kunge benzi hauna hunhu unotyisa unogona kutora mukadzi wemunhu iwe unoda kubatwa varume batai MUNHU

  7. These guyz deserve death sentence by hanging or by fire

  8. @ la birra what good fight did this good for nothing adulterous young fight?????????????? bedding someone’s wife???? nxaaaaaaa, wat munya did is so wrong but this young man was equally wrong

    1. you rite chamhembe

      1. ‘He who is righteous let him or her through the first stone’. What men shld know is that if yo wife or girlfriend starts bedding other men you are finished & its not by concidence she would have carefully designed it, especially to attack you. You may try to ignorantly defend her but she can actually kill you for that. Varume vangani vakatisiya nenzira idzodzi. The best thing leave her, even the bible states it clearly. It doesn’t say kill but leave. Ukauraya wapinda chando vakuru and your supposed wife will either run away from you becoz you are a confirmed murderer or she will invite more bedders while you are languishing. KKKKKK chawagona hapana. I feel pity for all bt chokwadi chinorwadzo my bro.

  9. How can you kill someone for mbutu isiri yako mumuise muchitokisi chine mahardcore asvirwe mukosho 12 months remand apfidze

    1. Dununu Handidi

      Nhai iwe Chinotimba? Haunyari kepwera uchinyadzisira papublic forum? Unofunga kuti kuita vugamba? Saka uribenzi fani. Chituta chemunhu. Newevo Pombi Maneta? Mazitununu avanhu.

    2. mhata yako

    3. maiwe mapenzi nenzira kazvisiyane. Anyway sorry Magorimbo and as for you DJ Munya I m sorry

  10. R.I.P Magorimbo

  11. Mukadzi wacho ndoda kumusvira ariko kujere ndichindomuona ndine mukadzi wake ndichimutaurira kuti ndini ndiri kusvira ndiuraye tione, richachema misodzi yeropa chete. This man does not deserve any space in our society he belongs to jail if not gehena eeeeeeeeeeeeeish

    1. chitotimba uri mboko,pauchasvirirwa mukadzi wako uchangwara

  12. look at what zanu graduates do. munya is zanu to the bone and he has demonstrated that even those with white collar status are well trained in mafia. blood suckers, vampires, draculas. look at how they are spoiling the society.

    can journalists please interview this munya ‘wife’ who double crossed the DJ.

    1. Black crow

      Your content clearly emanates immaturity..vampires?really?..it doesnt take a genius to know that working in a parastatal you have to conform to company policies.If it was you would you clearly and openly support an opposition party on state radio?dont be dumb man

  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. This was a tragic death may your Soul rest in piece bt it is nw a lesson to all the man out there musabate mbutu dzisi dzenyu. Kuna munya and crew ende ndanyara mutemo ngauite basa rawo

  15. Iwe ndipe mkadz wako ndikwire and see how you react.
    Kukwirirwa mkadz is the worst thing a man can think of.
    It will not die in his mind till his death. If he doesnt kill you, he will kill himself. Saka haisi nyaya yekutamba plz.

  16. u r crazy. akakudza kuti mhombwe dzinoenda kunamwari ndiyani? pliz read your bible kana unaro. munhu anorara nemukadzi wemunhu akafanana nemunhu anokanda mavunze emoto mubhurugwa make.. mukadzi wemunhu rufu gara uchizviva.

  17. ini ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zvangu.

  18. RIP youngman, the void you left will not be easy to fill as i think that you were the bread winner to your family.

  19. I think people also have to consider the fact that magorimbo mite have drank poisen on his own.yes ana munya r definatly guilty on kidnaping and extortion….I stongly feel that the later was traumatised too bad to the extend that he decided death was the only solution..food for thot

  20. surely its a lesson to all male peeps…mahure ariko,mkadzi wemunhu siya!

  21. Magorimbo was worse than Munya. You dont bed a married woman even if she separated.
    90% of married ppl separate sometym in their marriage but somehow get along.. Saka nyikka ikazara nanaMagorimbo then all marriages will be history.
    Sorry mshakabvu bt learn to luv the one u r with. Otherwise all level headed man are like dj munya.

    1. Magorimbo haana kutamba hubhachura @ twenty 26 afira upombwe,akaroora @23 .akamhanya mufanauyu

  22. pfutseke unopenga

    1. Ndagara ndati chinotimba hauna hunu ende hauna chaunoturira vanhu chii how old are u by the way

  23. Lets call a spade a spade. Munya deserves Jail and the Adulterer deserved death. U pple clearly havnt been through this sh**. Death to adulterers.

  24. Zvakaoma kukwirirwa Mukadzi.Asi the best solution kana wazvibata jst Fire HURE Racho & FIND Someone.Coz zvakazoitwa naDJ Hazvibhadhari.Mukadzi wako avakutokwirisa Worse iwe uchikwirwa neMAGANDANZARA Vari kutouchira kuti kaVIRGIN KAUYA.

  25. Sad scenerio but both guilty.

  26. Aka kakadzi kainhingirikinwa aka must also be punished zviri heavy.Thats why i like Iran ine sharia law to be stoned upto death.Magorimbo rest in peace muface.Kudenga dzirko mbutu hobhoo but dont commit adultery ikoko again.

  27. Late de pepetrators face the wrath e of law! R.I.P magorimbo

    Let de pepetrators face the wrathe of law! R.I.P Magorimbo

  28. it is sad that as a people we are quick to judge. A man capable of murder is capable of anything in my opinion.

    – If Munya was sleeping with someone else’s wife will it be different?
    – If two people are separated without a prospect of reconciling how long shall the woman remain unbedded.

    Times have moved on people women are not objects or slaves for men to claim a prized trophy, munya separated from his wife probably did not treat her with the respect she deserved thus it was bound to happen.

    However I sympathise with the young widow, time will heal the wounds of today. Remember your husband in the good times you shared.

  29. DJ Munya was a coward. Man should not kill another man just for WOMAN.

  30. Ko dayi akatora hake pfambi dzakazara idzi?? Instead he opted for someone’s wife. Some ladies are loose, but a real man should not take that advantage. Before you act – ask yourself one quetion “Ko kudandiyi ndiriinini?” Empathy is a virtue we lack as men. Hatikwire pfambi kana tafunga zvechihure kanhi – kwete vakadzi vevamwe. Pane rufu apa.

  31. Mukadzi vemunhu haatambwe naye,FULL STOP.

  32. Riririri yowe ndochema

    Kukwira mukadzi we munhu kwakafanana nekuuraya munhu.hongu ndirikubvuma kuti munya akakanganisa zvikuri,but guys lets examine both sides of a coin.kune vanhu vakawanda vanokwirakwira vakadzi vavamwe vachifunga@kuti kungwara let it be a lessorn kunhubu idzi,unokohwa chaunodyara,kumhuri yarasikirwa ndinoti chemai netariro,handikurudziri kuti vanhu vapondane at the same tym handikurudziri kuti vanhu vakwire vakadzi vevamwe

  33. ngaaurawewo

  34. born free again

    My very experienced team of lawyers have analyzed and weighed the evidence and have come to the conclusion that hapana nyaya apa the dj Will b acquitted and shall be back on the air wave soon kana makandiwa akazvitaura.

  35. hhhhhhhhh,but guyz ini ndofuga kuti Dj Munya aifanira ku dealer ne mkadzi wake. Apa akaratidza hu cowardness hwake. Kuuraya pamusana pemkadzi wake hure,hhhhhhh! Zvino iye zvino opinda jeri,mkadzi hure ototi bhora mberi team yakabaihwa,kkkkkkk!!!

  36. Inombonaka kusvika papi mbutu inoendesa vatatu kutirongo vamwe vachitoifira? Ndoda kuzvinzwira.

  37. As much as munya kidnapped this fellow how wld he have Mek him drink poison when he had already been arrested on Thursday, given tht this fellow was found on Saturday.

  38. Dzakangofanana, shaz dont try it!You will be dissappointed wabva pamusoro.

  39. Umaudze maloyer ako kuti zvanzi neni munya iz handsome saka majailmates ake awana mukadzi mark my words haadzoki he has a case to answer kuna magorimbo wafira mahara nokuti mukadzi uyu akanga asisina murume dai vanhu isu takaroora madevorcee takapera kufa zorora murugare

  40. Munya haana kuuraya munhu, munhu akafa , bt chakaita anwe poison z not known. Kuziva kune munhu hazvirevi kumuuraya kana kuti ndiwe unaye .

  41. Kubvira ndirimwana mudiki anasekuru vangu vaitaura kuti “mukadzi wemunhu haabatwe, wanzwa here muzukuru..zvinouraisa munhu zviya”.. it’s a well known fact that the possibility of death is there when you mess with a married woman.. some people choose to take the risk, others get away with it, others get a decent beating and in the rare cases others meet their fate. Point is all men who seduce and sleep with another man’s wife are well aware of the risks involved.

  42. mhepo dzacho dzasangana kudestroyer upenyu hwevanhu ,we can never justify any1 bt kufa hey zvinorwadza akomana,

    1. ko kurarirwa mukadzi haurwadze here?

  43. Ini ndiri kuda kusara ndichikwira mukadzi wa tinashe

  44. millicent kaone

  45. Tell u wat i happen to knw all the people who were involved in this case including the dead young pervert ,,What that young Magorimbo did was evil ,he knew quite well about Munya and his wife but iye akashandisa BAGY coz mfana anga aita cash pa tonaz and knowing fully well kuti relationship ya Munya and wife was on the rocks ,for him it was a easy target, offersd a shoulder to lean on,live by the gun u die by the gun,then come nyaya yana Munya ,MO na Jani,,,vakomana ava ndeve ma drugs ,ok after being agrieved they still acted out of bounce and greed,they are my boys but hey u gat to face the music ,c u some tym later later homies ,hope u come out of it alive

  46. ivavo vamunoti vakanaka ndivo vane mashavi echipfambi makuru.(teererai song yakapfupi inoti mai nga.)kudanana nemukadzi wemunhu kwakaipa chaizvo.izvozvi Tinashe wacho aripi manje wofira mukadzi weumwe here wako uinaye kumba.ini ndinoti hupenyu hwemuharare

  47. there is no justification for killing some one, no justification for bedding some one’s wife..ndiro yababa haishandiswe, nyangwe pakauya vaenzi, nyangwe parwendo NGAICHENGETEDZWE

    1. “ndiro yababa” shuwa here kundigara nhaka ndichiri mupenyu.

  48. Its such a sad end to life. Zvainge ane mukadzi musvinhu, akanaka and very young oda kuendera poto yaMunya. I hope who ever did it should find peace with his God. Ndoti kumukadzi asara, wipe those tears and have strength.

  49. Munya was right guyz…..kwira vangu makadzi, ndigozvinzwa not kuku bata bt kuzvinzwa kuti ndive urikufongoresa mukadzi vangu. U wl die like a dog & Magorimbo unotozova nani nokuti vachemiwa akavigwa. Pano i wl make sure kuti body yako haivanikwe zvachose, that means no arrest. Munya vakabhaiza paku hire unprofessional people. Lesson no:1 never hire anyone to do a dirty job. Ita vega semakwirano amunoita mubedroom. Zvopera zvakadaro.

    1. kkkkkkk…..VJ vatyisa vanhu apa

    2. Chunnga Chengetai

      Taura hako Sahwira. Kukwirirwa mukadzi same nekunzi mwana wako ane 5 years aitwa raoe ne someone… Panofiwa kani. Panofiwa ende haikona zvekutamba

  50. Dating some’s wife has been always dangerous, having such a young wife why then ditching her for someone’s wife, anyway RIP Tinashe to those practising the same act let us refrain from those bad acts, if you need extra ladies go for single ones or marry more our constitution allows that, what happened is mostly caused by ladies, if a married lady says NO no any man can force love.

    1. Taura hako @Chirandu. Wapedza

  51. So why then do you ditch your wife for some’s, if you are a real cock spend your jinjaaaa on your wife or face the fate your fellow faced. Bible rinoti vani musaite choupombwe.

  52. Musiyadzasukwa

    I do not condorn murder nor instant justice but 2 dj Munya why why u. No mhani zvekuuraya izvi ndezvevanhu vasina kudzidza who doesnt know or read the consequencies. Horaiti ungaurayire munhu pamusoro pekanhu kanoita weti puu dhodhi no mhani mujeri hamhusi mako


    I am totally supprised that this young boy would want to satisfy some one’s wife when after a year he could not even made her little wife pregnant now see what has happened you left this young pretty girl na nyaya yekuda vakadzi ve vanhu ” Ungadai waka nhumburisa ka mukadzi we mumba watadza waku tsvaga vakadzi vevanhu.

  54. Ngaaende ngaaende, uyu i****dhi
    ngaaende murume wangu uyu i***dhi
    usadzokezve uri ***dhi
    nyatsovharai bhokisi
    uyu i***dhi
    musamucheme uyu i***dhi

  55. Ramuwira ,nyamutunga negumbo rapakati
    rwamuvinga ari muhofisi nyamutunga
    kutunga vavamwe vakadzi ,seinonzi yemudzimai wake yakavharwa
    Rwamuwana akarivara nyamutunga dzevamwe
    waiti ndakangwara .
    Iko kutunga kunonakidza wakavanda
    wakaringa gotsi apa ichirova gotsi
    Kuti zeteee uchinakirwa nedzevamwe
    Uchinzwa hako pawairesi mwene wayo achishaura , iwe wakatsika ngonzo

    Nhai mhokore nyakutunga
    Iyo yako isingazivi pekugumira yakadii
    isina kurangwa nemwene wayo
    Nhasi 10cm yapinza mwene wawo kusingadzookwi

  56. rest in peace

  57. Yea, DJ Munya was a coward. Angadai asina kutuma vamwe varume.

  58. DJ mamakisa apa. Whethr tru /false if I wz Mwari I cld 4gv Magorimbo bcz he had already tested hell on earth already. RIP

  59. I don’t know when we started defending criminals but to be really blunt.. there is no justified reason to take another mans life. Munya milimo is not God. Its funny how everybody has an opinion but no solid evidence to Base it on. I happen to know Anna personally, and truth be told i m disappointed with the bullshit people have been saying.. calling her all sorts of names like you know her from a blue bar of soap. PLEASE. let’s be real for a minute. Munya had been unafaithful from the minute he said I Do. He is a DJ people. He acts as if he is the 1st person to be cheated on. We might not be able to control other peoples actions but we sure as hell can control our reactions to them… so no I don’t feel sorry for him, do the crime, do the time.

  60. Magorimbo akomana, woita celeb uri ku makuva here nekuda kwe nyini. njapisi hobho iwewe tek tek ne hure ra DJ. Hona wafuga gumbeze rako wega manje. DJ Vachapihwa 10yrs dzavo vosuspenderwa 4 for goog behaviour, kujeri vonobvisirwa dzimwe 3 vobva varova zvavo 3 yrs dzavo vopedza votanja futi kujabula bt iwe deng zvatovharana so. all bcoz of njaps. apa zvandiri ktaura hausi kuzvinzwa futi, nxa get away mhani

  61. uSpinach Bhululu Wakho

    musanyenga mazimai evanhu nofa mahara.

  62. please can someone answer the following questions:

    1.why the police didn’t try to locate the deceased Magorimbo on the very day DJ Munya was arrested, i.e. Friday, since he new where he was. The deceased Magorimbo was later discovered the following day, possibly 24hrs after Munyas arrest

    2. did Munya kill the deceased Magorimbo since he was arrested on a Friday

  63. Gidza wezvokwadi

    and with all the verdicts passed by people i tend to wonder why dj munya still has a case to answer in court. people please get your facts right before judging Munya. frankly only the deceased knows what killed him. Some level of journalism you did my sis. i thought speculation is the last thing a real journalist would do even when low on options. would you stand in to testify against munya if the courts call you as a witness since you wrote like you’ve got detail.

  64. sha mukadzi kana aka rovesa zvinu let her go coz ukaita munyama usiku anenge achiroya masikati achihura so u cant get kild 2 tymez

  65. I think at some time we human beings lose it at times. We allow that animal instict to vertake our reasoning. This Magorimbo was wrong to have an extra marital affair and worse still with someone’s wife. and then the DJ was wrong to take the law into his hands that resulted in the death of Magorimbo. These things will always be there and may the law take its own course to bring justice. My advice is people should learn from this. Take control of that animal instict in us for we are better off than other animals because we have brains. Its very sad but there is nothing we can do to stop these things from occuring vanhu tinodda zvinu at the end it tends to cost us. In this case one is dead , another is a widow while the other one is facing jail and possibly death as well. Why???

  66. Rest in peace Tinashe magorimbo my fmer school mate at Glen Norah High 1, God is God forus all the sinner and holy . Please respact the magorimbo family , tarasikirwa veduwe, please the editer block the above people who are disrespact thank you.

  67. @Hagai wafana ita mushe the fact that you know Magorimbo does not make him a good person. He is the one who started all this by going out with someone’s wife. You maust learn to call a spade a spade because it is this pretending to like someone or hiding the truth that causes all this. Of course we sympathise with him for the ill treatment he got but he is also to blame from the start to the end. Why did he not come in the open? Why did he not seek the protection of the police? As for Munya he is not exonerated because he committed an offence. the law shall take its own course. Kwete zvauri kutaura regera vanhu vataure we must only learn from what these people are saying I know it will not bring the man back to life but talking will help others.

  68. Ppl mst learn to think b4 acting.dai Tindo aikwanise kuona akafa kudaro vanhu vachshungurudzika l bet aidemba zvsingaite.same goes 4 Munya tho zvake zvakaita,its eating him alive.dai Mwari vatibatsira so we could ALWAYZ do right on the very first tym.

  69. Its really sad news to both famillies, I know how it is to be cheated but under those situations we need a strong heart and do away with emotional decisions. Munya over reacted of which it is a common behaviouh, on the other hand Tinashe he crossed the line by taking another mans wife to bed. In life we should believe what God gave us , thus the only way to achieve the best things. Marriage is a life commitment , we musnt temper around we life coz we end up loosing it. I would like to pass my sad condolences to the Magorimbos, DJ Munya I pray that GOD give you a change to your life. God loves you nomatter what you did. Give your life a second chance that’s the only hope you have. Even in the prison God is there.

  70. wat if magorimbo drank the poison himself and wasnt killed by these guys..*just thinking* why would they poison him and leave him alive if they wanted to murder him?it doesnt add up.dj munya may actually be acquitted

  71. I killed him, so what. mhata dzenyu mhani.

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  75. Munya should be castrated and set free after his manhood has been taken off.The manhood should be roasted with garlic, onions and olive oil.This should be given to the President disguised as bhuruvosi

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