DJ Munya murder case — latest

Murder suspect Star FM DJ Munya Mlimo visited the now deceased Tinashe Magorimbo at his workplace at PSMI on Friday May 10 in Harare, where he logged in the visitors’ book and was on the premises for 30 minutes having a private discussion with Magorimbo, it has emerged.

Report by Wonai Masvingise

This comes amid a police pronouncement last night that apart from Mlimo, they had also arrested Taurai Jani and Mohammad Matare in connection with Magorimbo’s kidnapping and murder. Police did not disclose more details on the case, except that the three would appear in court soon.

Close sources told NewsDay last night that apart from Munya visiting PSMI, he is also believed to have gone to Magorimbo’s residence in the Avenues area after his disappearance and told the deceased’s wife Millicent Chimbadza  that he was the one holding her husband and would only release him after “dealing with him” for having an affair with his wife Anna Hassan.

It also emerged yesterday that Munya and Anna were reportedly on separation.

The DJ was arrested last Friday in connection with the death of Magorimbo.

Magorimbo, who worked in the human resources department at PSMI, a medical aid organisation in central Harare, is said to have taken a day off on Monday May 13, a day before he disappeared, allegedly to solve his personal problems away from work following Munya’s visit the previous Friday.

“After Magorimbo failed to report to work on Wednesday, his wife (Millicent) alerted Magorimbo’s workmates in the human resources department about Munya’s visit to her home,” sources said.

“Magorimbo’s workmates then called Munya and he admitted holding Magorimbo and promised to release him after dealing with him for flirting with Anna.”

But things never turned that way as Magorimbo died on Saturday after being admitted at West End Clinic due to suspected poisoning. Meanwhile, Munya had been arrested the previous day in connection with Magorimbo’s disappearance.

Text messages sent to Magorimbo’s workmates using the deceased’s phone, demanding a ransom of $5 000 to facilitate his release, have also emerged.

At Magorimbo’s funeral wake at  the family home in Glen Norah yesterday, the deceased’s parents were visibly devastated and inconsolable. They had just been to Parirenyatwa Hospital where a postmortem was conducted, when the NewsDay crew arrived.

Magorimbo is expected to be buried tomorrow at Granville Cemetery in Harare.
Efforts to get hold of Anna were unsuccessful as her mobile phone was unreachable.


  1. its very painful for a human life to be lost just like that. at the moment its still too early to draw conclusions. its either munya and his friends really forced him to drink the poison or he actually did it on his own volition. perhaps during the kidnapping, he was ‘interrogated’ and confessed to certain things that he felt would humiliate him if the public got to know them. its just a supposition.

    if munya really caused this man’s death, surely he should face the music. if you are no more in love with somone just let them go. you cant fix a person’s feelings towards something, never!! if they were on separation then why was he running around visiting her and her boyfriend. just stay away from the person and only look for her when its very necessary.

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      1. Uri kuti chiiko iwe, imbwa inei nenyaya iyi, politics dzapinda papi apa

        1. hahahahahahahahaha u are totally 100% what is this dog about is there anything to do with ths story

        2. tauraiwo chingu abvirira…every story hee dog insurance…

      2. unorwara. what is the evidence that he was forced to drink the pestcide. Ndiani source yekuti akaforcerwa. Our brother rest in peace. kufa kwemunhu hakunakidze hama dzangu..


        First sensible Zimbo so far, respect to you.

    2. mafungiroangu

      Ini pandisiri kunzwisisa is their point yekuti this man was forced to drink poison what fact are they basing on, is it Tinashe who told them that or what? the other thing is they say Munya was arrested on Thursday, how then did he force this guy to drink poison if he was in police custody unless they are saying he hired people to do it.

      1. His accomplises were NOT hired @ all. They are bossom buddies to MUNYA vagari veku greencroft hallingbury area vanokudzai nezve notorious trio iyi

    3. separation is not divorce. Thats the price you pay for for being intimate with another man’s wife, my living bretheren stay clear of married women and don’t cheat on your wives. RIP Magorimbo

  2. men are very jealous. why was he bothering Magorimbo when he had separated with Anna. Rot in jail

    1. Magorimba uyu ane nyaya yaakaita futi last year akarambanisa mukadzi nemurume, munhu wacho ihama yangu ende anofunga kuti anongoramba achidaro. Munya ngaaregererwe, he acted out of anger becoz he was prompted.

      1. Hope for Humanity

        U r also a murderer. i suspect ndiwe wakanotenga poison.

      2. Spontaneous killing is far apart from planned killing.Manslaughter is when you just kill someone indiscriminately at the spur of the moment.Finding a man screwing your wife in your matrimonial bedroom and administering instant justice is referred to as extreme provocation.The sentence here is a bit lighter.But when you take time to plan a murder,interrogate the victim,kidnap him/her,outsource a few heartless killers ,send out a ransom demand to the victim’s workmates,visit the victim’s wife and BOAST to the traumatized innocent spouse that you are in fact holding on to her husband and fixing him really good for messing up with you,force a toxic concoction down the throat of your victim then dump the dying person near his home, this my friends is the work of the mafia and is called carefully planned murder.To add horror to the whole plot it is said the guy was separated from the all edged wife in contention.So why go to all that extreme and execute a revenge on someone you have already vomited out of your system?In these parts of the world the only option for a judge is the death penalty.

        1. Munya was arrested on Thursday according to some reports. So who “…….dumped the dying person near his home…”?

        2. dzidzai manhi

          Will just assume you’re a child or a very ignorant person who knows nothing about crime.

          There’s a word called accomplice(s)


        4. but do u think if Munya had the intention to kill he could have made it known that he knows where Magorimbo is?

        5. D.J Munya is the devil manifested in man, i say he must rot who the hell is he does he think he has power to take a life just because he failed to satisfy his wife,,,,,sic truth,,,, He is a failure, his plan was void and null he is stupid and the worst is he got caught.Let the law take its course and our condolences to Millicent,,,, blood split will rise and cry and the responsible will pay #thereisaidit#

      3. big man shud mess with ones property… man one wife…u men kip dem zips closed aite…peace,,one blood

        1. Rubbish and speak properly.

        2. we shall continue to shereg those who open their legs. we are members of AHAZ….Anti Hymen Association of Zimbabwe

        3. Grow up boy, you think a woman is your property. Stupid

      4. thats inhuman zvauri kutaura.if magorimbo had his weaknesses who are are to judge?only God has the right to judge and take someone’s life.Nothing happens under the sun will remain in secret forever.wait and see.

      5. Iwe kana munhu akanyengwa akabvuma, whats ur problem. Iwe siyana naye chete kwete kuita chi Mafia chakapusa kudaro. I dont want to believe kuti it happened that way

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      1. Komboni Yatsva

        Fodya yaunoputa iwe Kedo igrade remhando yepamusoro. Ndosaka uchingobvotomoka kutaura zviri off topic.Kana kuri kupenga, akakuroya akafa.

  3. Stupid DJ. If you were on separation, the woman is only human after all. There are plenty of single woman out there. You cant kill for the sake of a woman.

  4. Why is it that Star FM is in the news for the wrong reasons. Recently Tich mataz was fired because of his alleged criminal activities. This station must be closed.

    1. Yakunzi scandal FM

  5. To hail with Munya. You will face the music bro even kana usiwe wakauraya but chipoko ndichichakuonesa fires mtape wekanyii

    1. zvinonzi “to hell” not hail

      1. Did yu not understand what he mearnt regardless of spelling. Yu must be a teacher!

        1. sure that is your problem zimbabweans,english is a foreign language after all.

        2. Zvinokanganisa mtauro wevanhu tikazoshaya matourist muZim

        3. Liberty nyangwe ndiwewo, ‘To hail’ haisi mistake yekuti ungasiye uchiti maybe its a typo

    2. iiiii amana here “to hail”…itai ma serious

      1. @gorimbo101; you r even worse…. whats “amana” LOL!

        1. haaa taka nxaaaa,hauzive kuti “amana” chii

      2. ZvaMunya pasi tsve-e. Its now spelling time!!!

  6. Zera

    thats where we get it wrong as a people. each time something happens we want to look at it from either political, tribal or gender view point. even women bother men after separating with them. they send insulting messages to their new lovers. at times they would be wrong in the whole thing that led to the divorce but they still want to be a disturbance to their former partners’ private lives.

    we wont go anywhere with that line of thinking, it is so narrow and dangerous. if munya really went to her woman’s place of residence, yes there could be an element of jealous but munya is not ‘all men’.

    1. You siad nothing my brother. Are you drunk?


      you are not audible

    3. Whats yo point then?

    4. Wabaya dhodhi nemunwe

  7. You can’t kill a person just like that because of a woman asisa kude, but Chigorimbo also was very wrong of cheating his wife. Chivi chinouraya.

    1. are unique for show. I also wonder why people rush to the conclusion? No wonder why a lot of us were not made judges coz we are full of bias. lets comment constructively, who knows Munya,s marriage was on the rocks because of this man, a married man for that matter. If he wanted to marry another wife there are a lot of single women out there why the one you have caused the marriage to end, will full aido that she was married though they were having problems which you caused, hey men lets come to our senses..

      1. mataura semurume baba.i wld have acted the smway munya did who knows.will only take advice from people who have been there.

      2. Consequences of flirting and dating married women can be devastating.Plenty single women out there.To even imagine the risk of dating a divorced way

  8. True that “if you are no more in love with
    somone just let them go. you cant fix
    a person’s feelings towards

  9. These are the guys who call themselves ma-sharks, who pride themselves in “dealing” with other pple. Blood is in their hands, their conscience will never be clean and clear. Eternal damnation is now awaiting them. Though its early 2draw conclusions, this DJ played a role somehow in the ultimate death of this fellow. They kidnapped him, admitted & boasted of it and according to plan they released him after dealing with him….ther4, what did the dealing with him entail when some1 has died??

    These guys shld face the full wrath of the law so that this becomes a lesson to lots of people out ther who think they have Degrees in “dealing” with other pple and getting away with it.

    Harare Remand first, then Mazivandadzoka or Chawagona Hapana for the guilty!!!!

  10. well nobody really knows what happened except unfortunately magorimbo himself. munya may also know but we cannot be 100% sure. probably the object of their separation had anything to do with magorimbo but then nothing is worth killing a person for. may we let the truth to come out before we take a position. to the magorimbo family we express our deepest sympathy and pray that the Almighty embrace you in His arms and comfort, to munya, we hope you had no hand in this even supposing that magorimbo had anything to do with your wife and separation. if the woman is a slut there is nothing you can do about it. if you were responsible for magorimbo’s death, you will rot in jail and we will enjoy you slut until cows come home.

  11. zvinowanikwa bt inin pane wandinptodawo kuuraya akatora mukadzio wangu u are the man dj munya just don’t get caught

  12. nhai ko iko kunyenga mukadzi wemunhu kunoitirwei

    1. I have come to my senses, Magorimbo’s wife might be involved as she thought that she was no longer loved. she should be investigated too. Munya could not be so naive to go and tell Magorimbo’s wife that he was holding his husband and later kill him. lets think about it guys. Anna is nowhere to be found. maybe Magorimbo killed himself after knowing that his pregnant girlfriend has taken her life.

      1. Magorimbo”s wife should be the fourth suspect guys.Zera you right.

  13. Nyaya dzake dzekudanana nevakadzi vevanhu dzanga dzawandisa mufana uyu. Mubairo wechivi rufu ka. Last year he was in H-Metro nenyaya wemukadzi wemunhu who happens to be my relative and the marriage actually broke as a result. Saka oramba achidaro kusvika zvaita sei, vana vakuto tambura, nekuti baba namai vaka rambaniswa na Gorimba iyeyu, uku murume aane stress zvokutoti akashaya anomupa couselling anofa ne BP, becoz munhu unosara uchizvibvunza kuti saka chandakatadza chii. Ini kana ndakamboita ruchiva ndakati Mwari ndibatsirei, handidi kunganisa vana vevanhu, wandada ndinobva ndaroora. Ko kuzoti vakadzi vevanhu zvavo??? Chakamuurayisa ndechichi, ma curses neminamato yevarume vaakambozviitira vakaramba vakanyarara havo asi vachikuvara nechemukati. Iye akanyararirwa akafunga kuti anogona kuenderera mberi handiti ka???. Zvino pamwe pacho paunofa, pamwe nyaya yacho inenge isisiri yechokwadi inozoita kuti ufe, pamwe mukadzi wa DJ Munya uyu aitonyepa zvake achiti arikusvotesa DJ Munya. Whatever it is, the bottom line is, everyone must make an attempt to stop bad habbits. If you don’t, you will be arranging your own death.

    1. Tango Zopo,the bottom line is Never take the law into your own hands.

      1. Every well that contains clean water rine matatya nema dhakawo futi pasi paro. Iwe ukasvika patsime inwa mvura woenda, usatore chimuti kuda kubvongodza uchida kuona kuti munei. Matatya akazobuda wofamba uchiti he he chidziva chinema tatya?? Ndirikuda kuti munhu wega wega chero akanyorova kana kunaka zvakaitasei, ane hasha dzausingazombowoni kana uchingoitirawo munhu iyeyewo zvakanaka. Ukada kupota uchitsvaka zvimiti zvekudhokonya vanhu unozoonawo hasha dzavo, nekuti hakuna pasi pezuva, asingatsamwi. if ever you are to anger someone, let it be a genuine mistake, becoz haknawo futi asinga kanganisi. But ukaramba wongoita same mistakes, ziva kuti kune kwazvava kukuendesa, kunova kuma gumo. Munya atora law into his hands, ko pamwe paakambozviita futi ndepapi? Kana asingaziyo daro, ane valid reason. Ko mufi uyu, anositorawo vakadzi vevanhu here? Mhinduro inoti hungu, anotori nedzimwe dzakafana nedzaapara dzazomuuraisa dzirikuma shure, dzinotozivikanwa. Zvakafanana nembavha inoramba ichingoba kana kurobha, mumwe musi gava rino dambura musungowozve. Kazhinji we don’t want to in the shoes of one who was offended and prompted to act, we only want to sympathise with the offender who beomes the victim at last.

        1. Tango Zapo; I insist on quoting the Zimbabwean law which is enshrined in the constitution which His Excellency has just signed into law that NO-ONE regardless of the degree of provocation is justified in taking the law into their hands.For your own information the legal system has statutes that allows any bereaved party to seek recourse through the courts.This includes cases of adultery, which is giving you my friend, extreme blood pressure to the extent of thinking (and threatening to act) irrationally as what Munya did.Just recently a local young man was sent to jail for bedding his uncle’s wife,even though the sexual act was consensual and the aggrieved uncle was himself polygamous.Many women have sued their husbands’ so-called “small houses” for unlawful relationships with their spouses and have been awarded large sums of money in damages for being denied intimacy,sexual gratification and the comfort of their husbands (to be paid by the said concubines.)Had this DJ Munya taken the same legal recourse he would have been enjoying his freedom as we speak although chances are the courts would have thrown his case out because he had already separated from his wife.

        2. Well said. Munya is wrong.

  14. imi ndiani ane mvumo muno munyika yekudealer nevanhu kunze kwemapurisa. munya akaisa mutemo mumaoko ake. sunga munhu faka lo mujere

    1. mu zimbabwe hamuna mapurisa shamwari, wangauchizviziva here?

      1. SURE? WE WILL SEE.

      2. very true

  15. “… promised to release him after dealing with him for flirting with Anna.” If this statement attributed to the the D.J can be proved to be true, the man is really in trouble. After releasing such a statement someone dies; Munya cannot surely deny that the “dealing with him” has caused death of Magorimbo, unless he bring evidence of releasing Magorimbo in good health. No evidence no freedom, period.

    1. Anogona kungo tongwa ne kidnapping but murder is tricky, ndiani akamuona achimunwisa pesticide, pamwe akanwa ega nekunyara.

      1. MY brother detectives are trained personel they will get to the bottom of this. if someone was forced to drink poison postmortem can prove that, thats why doctors spent so many years in school

  16. Cninodurei you are right we are not judges. Point to note the wife said she noticed some smelly substance in the toilet………ivo vanga vasingashandise toilet yacho this might mean that murume uyu akanwa poison wega nekunyara chihure chake. Hanzi nevakuru vakare nyadzi dzino kunda rufu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anogona akzviuraya ega nenyadzi munhu uyu………..

  17. Y n how cud he du that??after o yu we’re on seperatio!Jail is yo home Munya,face t don’t run awy!!

    1. this DJ has questions to answer about this man’s death.

  18. Zvinorwadzwa, hakuna rufu rwunonakidza kunyangwe zvodiiii, asi ndatarisa mifananidzo yemushakabvu paFacebook aine mukadzi wake pamuchato, aiwa zvanga zvichidadisa saka ndaremerwa kuti sei aizosiya mukadzi wake achinosasana nemumwe mukadzi. Ndanyara. Munya akamhanya, kana mukadzi wako aine hufewe huri maari iwe hapana chaungaite zvachose, hezvo yatove ngozi netorongo. Varume nevakadzi dzidzai kuzvibata and we say NO to VIOLENCE. Uyu muenzaniso kune vakarurama kuti musazvidzokorodzewo izvi.

  19. This is an example that the Most High Jah gives to the Righteous so as not to fall in the same trap. May the soul of the deceased Rest In Paradise or Return If Possible (R.I.P) Magorimbo shaaaaa

  20. Hope for Humanity

    Veduwe, there is no Justification for Killing any1, Mhondi imhondi, after extorting money from the guy in the name ofkuripwa, omuuraya futi, thats not ryt. Dai vakamuvharira akanoroorwa kujeri ikoko.

  21. Zingozi

    Haufunge bhururu, ungafunge kuti zvemumamovie zvingaitike here shamwari, vhura maziso ako uwone nyaya zviri pachena shamwari, this is not a planned case but just a case yechihure nehumhondi chete.

  22. There a three possible leads here.
    1. Munya could have taken justice into his hands.
    2. Magorimbo could have faked kidnapping and committed suicide for fear of his wife and public.
    3. Magorimbo’s wife could have pushed his husband to drink poison.
    4. Anna could also have connived with Magorimbo to say lets commit suicide.

    God will show us the way lets wait for the Prophets in Zimbabwe to say something.

    1. Humba….. you are very analytical, keep it up

      1. ma supporters are munya dont defend someone musina mafacts, how can someone fake kidnapping, aingozviurawo ega firts tym f he wanted to end his life

        1. It’s possible kuti angozviuraya ega fearing embarassment, mind u anga akachata & probably he cldn’t face the music had it been that his wife files a law suite.

    2. Humba i go for your point number 3.i have a strong feeling that Millicent who happens to be Magorimbo”s wife have a case to answer.In one of her reports she said and i cot,”we don”t use our toilet,we always keep our toilet door locked because of water cuts coz we wld want to keep it clean”.IS THIS PRACTICAL???

      1. ur ryt, who does that? anna is supposedly pregnant for magorimbo and the wife doesnt have a child? im not implying anything but it does give her motive

    3. Komboni Yatsva

      Humba muri dofo zvechokwadi. Maverenga nyaya iyi here? Maybe chirungu chakuvharai.

      1. Support yo point with facts based on what humba said, hatidi vanongotuka.

    4. you and your prophets…shut up!

  23. Ahhhh, this doesnt sound ryt to me, is Munya that stupid??? He sent txts confirming he had the guy, went to the guys place and talked to the wyf????? Mmmm, isnt it too obvious that if anything happens to the guy he was going to be the first suspect?? I would agree with one who said probably the guy committed suicide, otherwyz Munya is very stupid, he should have NEVER gone to the guys work place before and he should have NEVER contacted anyone about ransom and worse still he should have NEVER GONE to Magorimbos place to talk to the wyf if he really intended to kill the guy!!!!! Just me…..

    1. Munya took e life of the dude. If he didnt then he knows the culprit. This is very crystal clear and with the available evidences even if the dude took his own life, there is no way he can escape this one.

      1. haufunge mushe shamwari, the wife of Magorimbo angati kudii kunze kwekunyepa kuti Munya ane zvaanoziva.The issue is the guy whether murdered or kuti akaita suicide akaita chitema chikuru kuna Mwari.Wakambokurirwa here nemunhu apedza kudya mari yako.A u forgotten kuti they had a celeb wedding.Zvinorwadza varume kuti mukadzi akuhururire achiti the lwa will protect.Apa vakatonyura ndochokwadi and Anna uyu atori pamaONE.Akonzeresa kufa kwemunhu and 2 kuenda kwababa vevana kujail for good.

        1. Humba, haugone kuverenga nyaya, Anna angatambure pachii?, baba vevana vake vapi ivo vanga varambana, hugweta hwamunoda uhwu hwunoda makachangamuka

        2. “hugweta hwamunoda uhwu hwunoda makachangamuka” It also applies to u, divorce & seperation are two different thingz. Sorry!!!!

        3. Komboni Yatsva

          Udzai Humba vainde kuNight School.

  24. humba wake up munya aka dealer nemhunhu sekutaura kwake patxt saka the law wil deal with him. Kurayira munhu kabeans ikako urimbwa. Ainyanyo naka seiko anna wacho? akasiyanei nevamwe vakadzi vakazara munyika rot in jail thts where u belong

    1. Chokwadi, idzo nyama dzezasi dzaAnna dzainyanyozipa zvekusvika papi? Ungabvawapedza nguva nekuronga tutsoro uchingovavarira bonde chete. You deserve to die Munya

    2. Haisi nyaya yekunaka nekuti muto wetsenza mumwechete, but inyaya yekuzvidzwa- Kukwirirwa mukadzi.

  25. Hmmmm kanyaya aka ka scriptwa pachituta chaipo!

  26. Justice must prevail

    Let the courts deal with the matter, hopefully justice wil prevail

  27. Mufana uyu Munya anenge ane mweya wa kapi kaye kaka bvarura bvarura mukadzi kushure kwese uku nebanga kakazvozviuraya mu remand prison. Kainzi ani zviya? Ya kedu Kukurigo Kachongwe.

  28. blind fury, indeed no woman is worth dying fo…..

  29. u are pregnant w evil spirits

  30. May God do justice

  31. The kwenzikwenzi of danability is M’wililimo!
    Amana vharai zipi. Inefa nemabhurukwa evakadzi aya. Kwakamboitwa makwikwi edanability kupi?Look at ana Magorimbo vaida kukwikwidza nana Richard Morgan. Now his dick is burried six feet under! Never more to rise!Thank God, one dick less means less competition for RM! Tina indoda sonke siyajabula kuthi Umthakhati lobafazi obantu ubhubhile njalo abafazi wethu sengu ‘free now. Magorimbo got what he deserved, and there is no point commissarating with his silly misfortune. Taking another man’s wife is a sin! UMagorimbo ngomubulali! He is a killer himself. How can you take someone’s wife when he yet lives? Uda kustresser vamweka. Yaa manje sangana nestress yacho iwe kumakuva and kana zvarwadza like someone said (R.I.P) Return If Possible (as a spook I guess). Guys can you say Magorimbo never head any one of these Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, Apostolic, Madzibaba or First street solo preachers telling people for free that ” Thou shalt not commit adultery” Kunyepa chaiko akazvinzwa akaignowa achifunga kuti iye ega ndiye ane shondo isingabati AIDS. Manje aya ndo makwenzikwenzi acho mufana. Gara ikoko kumarinda .Upfidze. Regai Magorimbo achemwe na Anna. Ko hanti ndiye arasikirwa neshondo ega? Imi mose munochemei ? Vamwe kutotukirira Munya. Imi maiti pazvakanzi usapombe makwenzikwenzi acho maiti achazouya Tsuri yaria nyika yaguma? Zvino humambo hwekudenga ndozvahunoita izvozvo, kune vamwe vanaMagorimbo ava hunouya chop chop, so that the seemingly vain preaching of those scantily dressed, irate First street solo preachers is given power. That is what The Most High can do.

    The kwenzikwenzi of Danability is…..

    1. Matibili style, taking someone’s wife!!!!

  32. Ras Mutabaruka

    Is this not the Zobha guy???

  33. Tango zopo unotopenga chete iwe, dzako pfungwa hadzina kuti kwesere wanzwa?ita mushe

  34. Dj Munya not Guilty until proven Guilty in Court

    1. Komboni Yatsva

      In the court of public opinion, this nefarious blood sucking vampire called DJ Munya is guilty until proven innocent.

  35. Chief Justice

    After all your comments and views justice will ultimately prevail.

  36. What Munya did was wrong he took the law in his own hands so he has to face the music even if people want to protect him.This is what will happen to him Firstly azviparira ngozi mudzinza mavo.Secondly the police will deal with him accordingly.Pliz cool down your emotions at least be rational.

  37. let the police conclude then we add more to their findings. ini ndinoona pane ma1 akaitika

  38. Mukadzi we munhu haabatwe please varume ndizweyiwo. One should also stop making decisions out of anger, you will destroy your own life and others as well.

  39. maybe the psticide wasnt supposd to kill him. smthn went wrong.

  40. Vana la birra!!!

    You commended without fully understanding my view. The phrase “this is reality here” confirms this wasn’t a movie thing at all. Read through the comment again. you sure will realise i never meant the whole thing was a “movie” but that i said it was reality. That it was heinous and horrendous probably makes it movie-style, and probably impractical by sincere imagination

    1. Mambo Zingozi

      Ndakunzwai Mambo wangu, rinamanyanga hariputirwe mumushunje. Tichayambukawo chete isu varanda venyu mambo kuti tigone kunzwa chirungu chamunoreva Ishe wangu.

  41. aya ndoanonzi mahwani, the bible clearly states that adultery is a short cut to death… Need not say more…. It also states that you only have to be still, the lord will fight for you… I shall leave it to the judges to judge and comment asi chokwadi machinzwa on both sides…

  42. Chawadyara unokohwa varume. Magorimbo invited his death, Acts 15v 29 it say we must abstain from sexual immorality. The wages of sin is death full stop. We may all have comments but this guy afa zvinonyadzisa why not neaccident, nekungorwarawo. Zvinotaurikawo here kunana tezvara vake.Azopedzisa hake basa rasatan uyu Munya tarf luck!!

    1. Komboni Yatsva

      Akaregerei kuurayavo nehure racho?

  43. Guilty or not guilty, the issue discussed here is MORALITY: Right or Wrong. Good or bad. It is not about the legitimacy or illicit of the matter. Magorimbo and Annah committed adultery. Magorimbo had a wife. Annah new Magorimbo had a wife. This was bad. That he remains innocent until proven guilty is another issue and will not change the fact that the two were collectively, individually and severally of tattered morals

  44. Square square guys Magorimbo got what he wanted and Munya and others to rot in jail. Fair deal!!!

  45. Air zimbabwe captain

    from the word go,lets not prove munya guilty because:1.we actually dont know how munya intended to deal wit him.2:we dont have evidence that its actually munya who did it unless investigated thouroughly..3:it might be anna out of desperation bcoz she myt hv tried to overide the whole affair,look now her wherabouts are unknown..its unfortunate in zim we don have forensic visual postmortem bio equipment to check wht magorimbo last saw on crime scene frm his sense of sight

    1. Komboni Yatsva

      I now see why Air Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs when it has people who think like you captain. Endai mundoita mukuru wendege dzemashanga and dont comment on issues like these. They are beyond your scope and comprehension.

  46. Mutirowafanza

    Munya anoshandira kambani yeZANU. So is it surprising that he committed a henious crime?

  47. betta to rot in jail than to rot six feet underground, vese vakatadza bt munya arinani cz vamwe kumajeri kwacho vaotopedzisira vakunakidzwa, coz ndozvinenge zvavapo

  48. Mukadzi wemunhu habatwi. That cookie jar can only be eaten by vultures when it has been declared public property. Even if Munya was on separation from his wife, she is still his wife until he divorces her. why not wait till then. Magorimbo probably took advantage of the girl’s marital problems and launched his campaign. I’m sure he must have been boasting that he screwed DJ Munya’s wife and it got to the latters ear and that didn’t go down too well. Hence the gravity of the judgement befitted the crime.

  49. Moral of story, stop cheating on wives a d wives stop cheating on husbands… This culture of polygamy in this day and AIDS and small houses has to be stopped!!! If u cheat on your wife, don’t even think she has forgiven u without tasting another man! And don’t expect her to be waiting virgin like for u. Munyas wife found comfort in magorimbo coz Munya is a known player!!!! She wouldn’t have cheated if she was happy and secure….. Men are spoilt babies, they see chips, they want it, they see sweets they want it…. Now look! Shame for all families concerned!! And both wives are probably getting sexed by new men as we speak !!! Pointless!

  50. DJ MUNYA should have go after that other DJ with the name BEV or was she fired

  51. Munya innocent until proven guilty.Magorimbo got his medicine.You don’t take advantage of workmates.IVO VAKADZI VEKUPSMI MUKWANE.THIS IS A TIP OF THE ICEBERG.Musafurirane kutambira 1000 hakusi kuita murume pamba.

  52. Killing each other for nyinasi seis man! Find another nyinasi and move on, nyinas belongs to the owner not the man she can do what she wants with her hole.

  53. Dear Editor

    Iiiii iyi yaMunya tambofamba nayo, thank you for this platform, rumor has it that we had a “Miraculous” death, can you please furnish us on this one tomorrow.
    Thank you news day

  54. mese mungataure zvakawanda henyu.munya ndiye ari mugulag archpelago.pane zviri kutoitika kwaari as we speak.mese muno ziva marovero anoita boyz,ndiko kusaka musati ma uraya ma boy friend evakadzi venyu.musatambe ne homicide anabharanzi uno mama dhodhi rakaoma rinobvarura mhata wabatwa navo.

    1. Tsano ana Munya havasi mabhobhojani, vanhu vahombe, ndosaka waona nyaya yavo tiri kuizeya pano.

  55. Liberty aakuti did you understand what he mearnt[not meant]achipa excuse yeChirungu ko kana usingachigone taura hako SHONA mumwe wangu pane kuti mearnt kikikikikikiki shame chaizvo.

  56. oooh Gosh! have mercy with zimbabwean people what a sad,devastated story munya he just wanted to deal with this man by dating his wife but look what this has ended?

  57. I believe this is a case to be thoroughly investigated.otherwise everyone had a hand in this case that is anna is a slut, magorimbo the same. Munyu worse took the law into his hands, magorimbo’s wife also a suspect.but never the less munya had not lawful right to do what he did, which we now suspect led to the death of advice never kill for a woman.

  58. This is Magorimbo’s second issue, he got what he was looking for.

  59. Gutu Mushwai Vhunjere

    if you bonk someone’s wife be prepared to face the consequences! I agree though that Munya, if he killed, went to extremes. It’s a lesson to other men who are bonking other men’s women. One day you will pay with your life.

  60. If you tell someone kuti handichakuda, set him/her free, if you want the love back negotiate nicelyforget madhaka anenge apinda umwe wako because mange marambana. Panongozonetsa kana mukadziaita nhumbu surely you can’t take her back with the kid but if you agree she can raise her kid away from her modzokerana especially kana uriwe wange wamuramba asi womuda zvakare kana akuramba iwe woramba uchimutsvaga anotsvaga varume kuti zvikufinhe umusiye if you don’t that is when you start hunting her boyfriends. Let it go.

  61. What ever happened to a similar case of pastor Tsitsi Mukwamba who was caught in Highfield bedding
    a married man who later died under the same circumstances and the police at Machipisa never followed up.
    Is this dj munya being persecuted for being DJ Munya who drives a Benz? He should D..USA and will be free. Some people were found with people’s heads in their cars and were set free!!! For the right amount anything can go under the carpet. Like it or not thats justice Zimstyle.

  62. The 2 women should be investigated especially the ex. Attention inenge iri bho mukadzi achiri pamurume but kana ave free chatove chikwekwe; chinenge chave kuda hobho zvese mari nebhaudhi apa blazo ane macommitments kumba. Mukadzi anohura ane zvivindi saka anogona kuuraya futi. Ava vekumba pamwe shanje nehasha ihobho; vanokwanisa kunge vakatsvaga mhondi dzekutevera Magorimbo achienda kusmell house Anna ndokumucheka shondo! These are all possible theories. Manje DJ hupenyu hwafondoka, sorry wena.

  63. Vanhu batai mazwi kana vanyori vachishaura. Hanzi Munya akaramba mukadzi mushure mekunge mukadzi wacho (Anna) abvuma kuti aidanana na Magorimbo. Its not like Magorimbo akaona Anna atove free, but ndiye akakonzeresa divorce. Saka akazosangana nemakwenzikwenzi acho. Magorimbo akatambira mawages ake edanability nemukadzi wemunhu.

  64. Komboni Yatsva

    Ukasima muchero wemusango, tsoko nemakudo zvinouya kuzodya. Ndizvo zvakita mhondi nechigevenga chinonzi DJ Munya. Unourayira munhu hure here nhai iwe Munya? Iwe ndiwe wakaita mistake yokuunza chifeve pamba. Hona wateura ropa pamusana pehure. Bvunza hure racho raunoti mukadzi wako racho kuti Magoorimbo ange asingamupi mari here? You are a disgrace muchinda. Zvino chawagona chii ipapa? Iro joki rawakaurayira Magorimbo richanyatsosara richikwirwa zvine mutsindo iwe urikukwirwavo nemadhinhiwe ekuChikurubi. Finally, I Komboni Yatsva say to all Zimbabweans out there: Dont sow wild oats in your field or wild fruit trees on your homestead .You will have problems with wild animals.

  65. Ee ndizvo zvaaitsvaka,mubairowezvivi rufu..Mukadzi wemunhu haabatwi. Kujere kumochari. Akagona Munya.

  66. Nhai munya ndakambokuudza kuti huya utore runyoka rwekunamira zvandakaita carol wekumbare vakazopushwa muchingoro najega vakananga pamatapi police ukaramba uchiti haubate mushonga

  67. kedo uri duzvi remunhu, we are sick and tired of your make money advert

  68. la birra point of correction chinonzi baba vevana is the biological father vangave vakafa kana kurambana vanoramba varibaba .got the point? Humba vatori correct

  69. wait for justice from the courts kwete kusasa zvisina basa zvemuri kuita imi vafana imi

  70. Zingozi mind your speech you think I dont know were you live you have been warned

  71. cryton uri kuzvinzwa ndiwe mumwe anoda kuuraiwa,wakatora mukadzi wangu.


  72. Kutora mukadzi wemunhu?,dhodhi remunhu,mubairo wezvivi rufu.

  73. Well done Munya, haungajairirwe patown team ichitoshamisira kuti irikupaza poto yako. I will rot in jail pane kuti ungatoita mbiri yekupakura poto yausina kubika.

  74. we hop haana kumurova homo semunhu angaane nzara. kkkkkkkkki magadhijeri hokoyoi nhubu irikuuyako hameno henyu

  75. not just a murder suspect but a luv sick mad superstar…………

  76. saka manje pana milicent uyu toitasei zvayave shirikadzi???

  77. Dnt wrry munya as long as u wil b my bitch in jail i wil protect u…

  78. Men are ending up killing because there have no where to go since the law support women. Anoti apedza kuhura otoshandisa mutemo kuti iwe uburitswe mumba macho. As if not enough you will be forced to mantain her. Varume tiri pa tight ukasatoponda ndiwe unofa ne stress. Hapana kusiri kufa.

  79. Magorimbo’s postmoterm might ve other clues. May he was sodomised n after being released cud not handle the thot, he broke down n hacked a plan to take his own life leaving munya in shit.

  80. Munya is wrong fo kidnaping but it makes no sense kuti yu kidnap yu let his wife know and his workmates then yu kill no hazviite,Magorimbo after he was set free he himself commited suicide he took the poison in the story they are saying (he took a day off from work to solve his problems).the man commited suicide

  81. Air zimbabwe captain

    komboni yatsva unenge wakambotsvira mumba musiwo wakashama..ukawana nguva ukwane..

  82. the worst place to comit a crime on earth is zimbabwe, especially murder, rape and armed robbery. Hope you are clean Munya otherwise your wife akutosara achikwigwa uri mukati. Guys think before you act. Don’t let anger control you cause a man is at his wickest mental state when angry and offcourse during sex either violent or stupid in this case he was both. Thats being a man anyway any guy could have done the same to bad its Munya all the best Mr Dj we know you were pushed to the limits hey. Women please behave kana waroorwa yaone kana usingaide gara waramba kuroorwa

  83. kana dziri shanje dzaka konzeresa kudaro zvaka oma.Vadiki vachiri kukura inzwai- please be loyal
    to each other in relationships.Zvinonzi shanje dzino urayisa its true . So paku danana neku ro orana
    ingo mira ne waunaye iyeye. Madzi mayi zvi bateyi kunyanya, varume namatayi kuti musa chive
    nekuti mu Bible munoto tsi ura ruchiva kuti runo konze resa kupinda muchi tadzo. Varume , are
    weaker brothers as far as sexuality is concerned. So madzimai zvidzoreyi apo munenge makandwa
    shoko nhaiii. Zvichi reva kuti vakadzi vaka dzidza kuramba sooo hapana fonication inozo itika
    unless waitwa rape. We do not know the true story yet pana DJ ava. But uchingo verenga unonzwa kuti i nyaya ye bonde yakonze resa. Even the way women dress these days munoti varume vano
    tarisa payi. That is why kudanana kuchizo itika because men are weaker brothers vanoto edza chete. Remember Learnmore Jongwe inyaya ye shanje zvakare . chi iko chakanyato itika? Rufu
    zvakare.Nyaya iyi ya DJ let it be a lesson to those vari mu fonication , if your partner discover the affair zhanje nzino to ita kuti pave ne rufu .

  84. The Magorimbo guy akamarkisa..#thatisall.. akafira smallhouse.

  85. uchawacha shamwari .ignorantia legis neminem excusat

  86. munya did nt kill,,, hanti aive mucell pakafa magorimbo!

  87. Mwari pindirai honai zvaakuita wanhu wenyu makaringa!!!

  88. Mwari pindirai, honai zvaakuita wanhu wenyu makaringa!!!

  89. Ko bhoki apinda papiko apa nhaiwe

  90. Guys let’s not go off topic here, Munya acted out of anger who knows, maybe this guy was the source of all the problems they were having in their marriage in the first place. Saka if you mess with people’s wives you’re bound to get this kind of coming your way.
    This doesnt however justify Munya’s actions achatongwawo nemurayo saka this goes both ways wakakwirirwa mukadzi wako the best option would be to look away and move on coz rage isn’t gonna solve the problem.
    There’s way too many single people out there!!

  91. wicked and adulterous generation.

  92. let the law take its course.


    This whole story yamunya is basically Munya’s word against Magorimbo’s wife and she claims Magorimbo was kidnapped but if he was kidnapped why did he pass thru his workplace and hire a cab? and worse the toilet story is bullshit pane asingande for days asina mvura muzim here? so ivo what kind of human beings where they vasingashandise toilet especially at night…she is not a smart liar, they were not lying when they said hell with a its demons and fire and brimstone hath no fury like a woman scorned she was bitter about anna’s pregnancy coz iye haazvari, munya aingoita maempty threats and this Millicent woman took advantage of munya’s misfortune even zvemacellphones why did Magorimbo change numbers on the day he took a day off ? Munya arikufira mahara guys Millicent needs to be tortured ataure nyaya yake. magorimbo commited suicide guys post mortem had nothing to say he was beaten to death ???

  94. if it waz really munya ,i say rot in jail bt if not , then let justice prevail

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