‘DJ Munya hired hitmen’

MURDER suspect Star FM DJ Munyaradzi Milimo has been thrown into remand prison after it emerged in court yesterday that he allegedly hired “hitmen” who kidnapped and murdered Tinashe Magorimbo after the latter reportedly failed to pay him $5 000 as compensation for having an illicit affair with his wife.

Report by Charles Laiton

DJ Munya (32), Taurai Janhi (34) and Mohammed Matare (31), who were represented by Lucky Mawuwa, Gerald Madzima and Reason Muchirewesi respectively, appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei on a murder charge and were remanded in custody to June 5.

The mystery surrounding Magorimbo’s disappearance and subsequent death began in February this year when Magorimbo allegedly paid DJ Munya a part payment of $1 000 through his alleged accomplices Janhi and Matare.

After the initial payment, Magorimbo allegedly became evasive, prompting Milimo to enlist the services of Janhi and Matare to force him to pay.

“Sometime at the beginning of May 2013, accused one (Milimo) engaged the services of accused two and three (Janhi and Matare) to deal with the now deceased until the whole outstanding amount was fully paid,” read part of the State outline.

Prosecutor Junior Mugebe told the court that Magorimbo was last seen on Monday last week after he was dropped by a taxi at number 44 O’Connor Road in Cranborne, Harare, just after leaving West End Hospital where he requested a receptionist to call a taxi for him.

The purpose of his hospital visit remains a mystery as it was not made clear in court.

However, on Tuesday last week, Magorimbo’s human resources manager Henry Mandishona received a text message from cellphone number 0739 020 657 demanding a
$5 000 ransom for Magorimbo’s release.

On the same day, DJ Munya allegedly went to look for Magorimbo at his residence where he met his wife, Millicent, and assured her that her husband would return home the following day.

He allegedly ordered Millicent not to report the matter to the police.
On Saturday last week, the court heard, Millicent saw a naked Magorimbo, whose hands were tied with a blue shoelace, staggering as he approached the ground floor of their flat where he later collapsed.

Magorimbo was rushed to West End Hospital where upon admission, he was diagnosed of poisoning and he died on the same day in the intensive care unit.

A full post-mortem carried out on Tuesday this week confirmed Magorimbo died due to poisoning.

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IN PICTURES: DJ Munya at court

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  1. Sekuru baba Chatunga

    You 3 if found guilty must be given the same poison.makautorepi moyo wakaipa kudai vana vadiki semi

    1. A man`s gotta do what a man`s gotta do, I guess…

    2. Now I know why the guy died, I mean how many would escape the hands of that Muhammed character… big fella,

    3. When you tell hit-men to eliminate someone… ”They will do exactly that”

    4. who taught DJ Munya this style of hiring hitmen? is munya not a zanu jongwe graduate?

      1. Too much rape music influence can result in this.

        1. you are ryt

        2. apa wataura shapi

        3. @shapi
          ,,,rape music…….or rap music?

        4. Too much hollywood movies too.

      2. If you recall the words of Power FM Public Relations Officer where DJ Munya was reportedly fired a record two times for gross indiscipline the PRO said words to the effect that if Mlimo does not reform from his wayward behavior his future as a respectable person is bleak.Prophetic words those.Tragically the young man spurned such wise counseling and decided that emulating a gangster- movie lifestyle, learnt from watching too much of that surrealistic movie genre,as well as listening to a lot of corrosive gangster- rap is really “cool”.The kind of friends who we keep around us also shapes the type of people we end up becoming in life.It is much wiser to be laughed at and regarded as mu “bharanzi” but having the last laugh by living a long and enjoyable life.Imagine ending up in the tragic mess that has now befallen a once shinning star as Munya or the fate of that alleged serial adulterer (now lying lifeless on a morgue slab) O’neal Magorimbo.

        1. JAMES BOND mozambique

          Tafamutekwe, im sure u are a well educated, mature and realistic. Tudo o que voce esta dizendo e verdade. Thats why i like people from Zimbabwe. If u see your wife is cheating why cant you leave her?? Maybe when Munya married her she was not a virgin, plenty pipes passed through her vagina or even mouth. He was charging the now deceased 5 grant!! what for?? Ainga airooresa muana wevantu, iiye kuita tezuara asking lobola!!! se fosse ele não matou, agora podia estar livre a vivendo a vida normal, talvez ia deixar a puta e casar outra mulher. criancas estao a sofrer com coisas de nada.
          Thanks Tafamutekwe for a wise comment.

      3. hey bcoz someone kills someone does not mean that he is of zanu why not say mdc be subjective

    5. Yes please, Sharia law.

  2. Silly DJ Hw can you kill a man nekuda mukadzi???yawakarambana nayo futi…nxaaa. unokuvara nechando this tym ku remand…kkkk. this one is first degree madure and please judge your Judgment should not less than 100 years in prison without posebility of porol. OR Hang Munya…. very pitty to Poor DJ.

    1. kkkk u remind mi of that word.

  3. Yes he is dj munya ok,but he must ROT in jail,let him face the MUSIC

  4. Being a DJ doesnt give u a warrant to kill . Face the wrath warumwa nechekuchera

  5. Zvino vafana muchamaona matrue hitmen kuChikurubi.Hameno zvenyu coz apa mapakure mbodza

    1. vafana muchamama nokukwirwa,kuchikurubi,nemakoronyera

  6. Blood is in your hands Milimo, Janhi and Matare, your conscience wil neva be clean and clear….the courts might judge you but God will do so too!!!

  7. Munya shame on you nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa unorwadza

  8. He should have dealt with his prostitute

  9. Nekuwanda kwakaita vakadzi here amana? Ndatya.

  10. Haa mashiripiti engozi chaiwo. Mhosva hairove. Munya kukara mari kunoparira

  11. Shame on you MUnya you should have just left the woman , but iye mfana wacho akamama, ndokuti vanhu vadzidze kuti vakadzi vevanhu havatambwi navo, but maive mazama Mafia style asi hamuzvigoni vapfanha ndezvedu isu ana Ngwena zvechimafia izvi

    1. Magorimbo akatadzei, kudanana nemunhu akarambana nemurume wake. Munya uchaita munya urikuzandom

  12. dnt drop the soap Mr dj

    1. dont know kuti muchapiwa makore mangani in jail guyz especially with this new constitution

      1. Waitamunyama Munya, daiurimukadzi with this new constitution you were not going to hang. These days hire women hit-women coz the new constitution says they cant be hanged

  13. May the God have mercy on you guys repent while the time is their . AMEN

  14. Hey varume y vanhu vachiita zvinhu zvisina maturo end them up such kind trouble coz of simple prostitute hey, bva they must wrote in jail bible says mubairo wezvivi rufu remember!!!!!!!!

    1. its not fair to call Munya’s Ex a prostitute. She had moved on most prbably because of the mafia behaviour of this DJ

  15. Guys. This matter is not as simple as it appears. Before we rush to throw brickbats, let’s diges the facts and be emphathetic for the many now suffering families that are obviously in huge distress over the sad events unfolding. Spare a thought for Munya’s parents; extended family and other colleagues. Spare a thought for his co accused parents’ and families. Of course, I can not even begin to imagine the horror and pain and anguish that the deceased’s wife, Millicent and his family must be tormented by. It’s so sad. The devil is busy at work in the world. Seeking whom he may devour. Munya and his accomplices have been devoured. I really wonder if Munya ordered the death of deceased or maybe, just maybe Munya may have just hired ‘bouncers’ to demand money but one something obviously went very wrong in the process. That would obviously greatly diminish his culpability. Though of course his life will never be the same. Kufa kwemunhu under such, MA ONE!

    1. DJ Munya played number 9 in this matter.

    2. HE Who lives by the sword shall die of it

    3. Farai unorwara iwe, hauzive here kuti chivi chemunhurume chinoparadza mudzimai wake nemhuri yake yose. Mazvokuda mavanga enyora. Chii chinonzi “brickbats”. Hongu Dhiyabhorosi arimo munyika asika anoshandisa vanomutendera vakaita saMunya, Anna, Millicent, Magorimbo nemamonya matatu aya. Uyu muenzaniso kwauri iwe Farai wawapihwa naZame kuti mhedzisiro yehufewe, humhondi, kupamba ndirwo rufu, jeri nenyadzi. Saka hapana chekuchema apa. Ndiyo nyaya yatiri kutomwisa hedu doro mazuva ano paFront Page paFiyo apa.

    4. Farai,anything that involves hired thugs normally goes wrong.You plan to rob a store and tell the hired thugs to just “rough up” the storekeeper but because of over zealousness or being in panic mode one of you does the unthinkable or something out of the agreed “script.”Munya seems to have been greedy and obsessed with making a quick buck from this alleged womanizer and murder was most unlikely part of his crooked plan.It seems as if the retainer for the other two goons was to come from the desired $5 000 hence the two hired thugs went into overdrive to extract the cash from their victim who evidently did not have any such amount even in his bank account.After a horrific 5 days of torture it baffles the mind why these animals had to resort to force feeding poison on their victim.

    5. too much sparing a thought has brought misery to many families munhu ngaamire nezvivi zvake apa. whether ihama yangu or no hapana munhu nemhosva dzake.

  16. so embarrassing from a public figure,like a DJ

  17. Munya surely you were an admirer to many paRadio. Why stoop so low and kill someone over a Nyini? Nyini hobho muZimbabwe. You are disgrace mufana.

  18. Hangman hero basa.those three must go to the gallos.this cruelity at it’s highest level

  19. Munya will c the real hitmen in jail,

    1. MR MILIMO moto ngoita yakaitwa na LENMORE JONGWE we M D C

  20. Shuwa shuwa. Hupombwe wagara huripo asi humhondi wakadai.

  21. crazy DJs are only found @ StarFm
    Tich Mataz
    Bev e sports presenter
    Munya e murder
    Let e justice play its part , no foul play wanted


    2. Vincent you forgot the Acie Lumumba guy. I am still trying to figure out the link between the blue liquid found in the toilet of the victim, the hiring of a cab to Cranborne. Did this guy poison himself? If he was poisoned, why would he go to Cranborne and not seek treatement at the hospital he hired a tax from?

  22. Urimbwa chaiyo Munya.

  23. Guys thanks for your good comments this bastards must rot in jail.

    1. Bajila did you go to school by any chance?

      1. Wandiuraya Kels. But you must know that there is a difference between going to school and passing through school

  24. how shallow munya and co-perpatrators, real life is not wahat you see in movies

  25. Hangman ngavatotanga ne these three guyz

  26. Urimbwa Munya mukore uno kuurayana akadzi so sory ifa the same poison u are a disapointment

  27. eish ndahla nazvo izvi…DJ Munya wakonzeresa. crimes of passion are certainly not exclusive to the Western world…Oscar Pistorius drama has also proved that public figures also need to have anger management sessions…What will the future have for the talented DJ? ndoma1 chaiwo aya…

  28. uyinja shiit yo muntu ufuna ukudla ngehule u mst die in jail idiot

  29. Justice must prevail

    Let them face the music in jail, he wil be very lucky to be granted bail. Kidnapping and murder are two serious offences and they are likely to shift from remand to jail wthout coming out. Dj munya kuda kuita mari nemukadzi wawakaramba haunyari, zvino iwe nemamonya ako mucharohwa kumanyowa kusvika makumama nepaguvhu. Mamonya anowanikwa kujeri kwete imi vefake apo mukadzi anenge achingokwirwa waya waya. Uchafa nekufunga mbutu iwe mhondi, shame stress ichakubaya ukamuka wakaoma… You are a disgrace to star fm and the nation at large

  30. dj Munya is a coward afta all, haazivi chi Bandit.sure how can yu bost nekupamba munhu? izimbabwe ipi yachipa kudaro? afta all iye vakadzi vevanhu vangani vaakarara navo? Chinoshamisa chii pakukwirwa kwe kwengweza? mumabasa umu inga vanhu vanokwirana wani.zvakushamisa nhasi. he was surpose to make his kwengweza drink that poison not that guy. manje kwengweza rosara roitwa party iwe uchiita bonyoponyo kuchikurubi nacho chininja chako ichocho. hamuna njere vanasingenge

  31. This man is a terrorist maZimbo ngwarirai. Imwe nhamo yatopinda minyika, tiri kuchema nemasperm harvesters asiri kubatika kwakupinda imwe futhi. Sure zvinorwadza kuita muZimbo. Nhamo ndiyo yedu rugare nderwe vamwe. Wanyadzisa muchinda

  32. MA1. iyi yakaoma kuti uibude. The evidence looks overwhelming

  33. Ma bhebhi ma1 amana ma niggaz atokita ese ari two plus ma monya. VakarOora musanyanye kuigaya sterek

  34. It is yet to be found out about the courts if they are guilty of murder.The linear story leads to a conclusion that these three used force on the now deceased to to recover money for hiring Munya”s wife.Munya hanyari.Demanding vagina hire money! Then this woman hirer, ashamed of outsourcing a vagina committed double suicide.They must be charged of abduction and culpable homicide and not murder.Munya”s wife must also be charged of complicity.The wife of the now decease must also be charged of culpable homicide.

    1. Coolhead (or shouldn’t it be Hothead?)are these “charges” your own wishlist or do they exist anywhere in the law statutes?Seriously speaking ,where do the two women come in according to the present evidence before the courts?

      1. Depravation and donation.

    2. Coolhead, did you by any chance pass through school?


  35. “On the same day, DJ Munya allegedly went to look for Magorimbo at his residence where he met his wife” … so, wait. He kidnapped him, but went to look for him?

    Muchanyara when there’s no story in the end. Acquittal.

    1. Black; usatinyadzisewo mumwe wangu, iwe ndiwe uchanyara naMunya, munhu ungade pakati zvekusvika pakutoronga tutsoro twakadhakwa, you are black in your mind for sure

      1. black chibva pa forum pano mhani, senseless

    2. IWE BLACK GET AWAY MHANI IWE, MUFACE AKA ADMITTA MUCOURT NEZURO KUTI HE HIRED THOSE GUYS TO KIDNAP MAGORIMBO which they did. apa aitopinda paden kuti a demande $5000 from the wife hausi kuiona here. Mdara DJ is there to stay and die in the prison sane

      1. Rize you are as stupid as ur name when did he admit .change your name and that might help you .black you are right how can you look for someone you already have?? And then this magorimbo lives his residence and goes to the hospital to ask for a cab fishy

      2. Defence doesn’t make submissions at a remand hearing. Only prosecution does. Idiot. So who did he admit to in court, when he hasn’t yet been PUT TO HIS DEFENCE, which is when he answers to the charges?

    3. Komboni Yatsva

      Read the story again Black and understand.If you find any difficulties in comprehending the story, please reserve your comments. Otherwise you are exposing your ignorance of the English language. However, if you insist that you also want to comment, ask somebody to translate it for you into one of the vernacular languages.They say, at times, silence is golden because people will never know that you have mud for brains in your medulla oblangata.

    4. akanyora nyaya ndo mambara, if he was looking for him why tell the wife” he will come back after a few days, dont report to the police”. It doesnt add up

      1. IT DOES BVOJONGO.dONT PROTECTOR THESE LAW BREAKERS, Munya is dealing in wrong staff, two guys are paid assassins who kidnap, Munya wife and that other wife.

  36. Iwe Jabu, if you divorce your wife, or asisakudi zviri pachena anoramba ari mukadzi wako here after that. Munya was just jealousy, egocentric and totally silly

  37. A man dies,some men face the possibility of jail ,all becoz of a cunt ,wat a shame!

  38. The Man called a taxi from a hospital reception, why? He went to hatfield and then he was detained/kidnapped? He then was seen hobbling home naked. He was taken to hospital and died of due to poisoning. Hey this story can be simple but can also be compicated. I know if you drink poison you may go mad before you die. What this man could have done is he went to ask for more time armed with poison so hat he would tell them he will poison himself if they don’t give him time. When he took poison they may not had been ready for that so they dumped him into maybe a car r taxi and dumped him near home or him calling a cra to take him home.

    1. Komboni Yatsva

      Mr WeMaromo, right now until the court and police investigations prove otherwise, the people who are alleged or have killed Magorimbo are those blood cuddling vampires led by one Diabolic J Munya and in the court of public opinion, they are guilt until the courts and police prove them innocent. That is the way it is.

    2. stupid man or woman

  39. Lessons to learn from both sides. People in marriage shoud be faithful to each other. The wages of sin is death. People should not marry to divorce. People in marriage should learn to have one faithful partner that is your wife and your husband. This is a very unfortunate and regrettable incident. It has happened and Magorimbo is gone. The society should learn from this incident.To all men do not murder or revenge if your spouse does you wrong , you commit everything to the Lord and be man enough to accept whatever the situation will be. You can start all over again. To men who are dating married women, stop it, it may lead you into serious trouble. To men who date married women stop it, it may lead you it very serious trouble. Above all, this is sin and you will be separated from God. One man , one wife. We can cry, we can investigate, we can sentenced people to prison but if we do not change our attitudes and ways of living then we are heading to hell. DJ Munya and your accomplices you still have one more chance to repent before the Lord of what you did, you can still be saved. To the widow, am sorry,however continue to serve the Lord and be faithful to him. To DJ Munya’s former wife, repent and be baptised, you still have an equal chance to save the Lord. Having said that DJ Munya and your friends you still have to face the laws of the country. Remember you reap what you sow.

    1. Komboni Yatsva

      Makuma Mr Salvation.

    2. You are too theoretical paster. Go preach that nonsense in your church. You are probably bedding someone’s wife

  40. Kutorerwa waunoda kunorwadza but with time you will let go . Munya aka kara mari but ku civil court aidai akawana more than 5 grand . Its wise not to make decisions uchine hasha coz right now he is obviously regretting . Mhuri yekwa milimo yatarisana nengozi so. Ma hitman ragara ibasa ravo , vanotozviziva kuti kujeri at some point vachatodzokera ikoko . Zvinorwadza izvi .

  41. Free my nigga Munya. Magorimbo ngaende ngaende……..!

    1. Free what?

    2. no! u go and see him @ Chikurubi. U know what Munya did? He killed the dude yes, but he then also killed his own life and those of his mamonyas. He will rot……….

  42. Chief justice

    Muti wemusango wakanga watorwa naDJ pedze orwadziwa kana wave kutanhwa ne maSniper!

  43. Lets be analytical. Maybe this guy drank poison on his own thats why he was seen at Westend. These hit men were just unfortunate to pick a guy who had already drank poison because of guilty conscience of snatching someone’s wife.

    1. uri lawyer here iwe kana kuti tsaga remunhu? he was taken to hospital!!!!!

      1. iwe usamhanye kunge manyoka sha nyatsoverenge nyaya iyo… hanzi he called a taxi to take him to hospital for reasons not known… that happened before he was kidnapped

        1. He called a taxi to take him to Cranborne, you idiot, not to hospital. Ndosaka wakafoira JC chaiyo

    2. I am with you there on that theory hey… coz really if they wanted to kill the guy they would have just killed him and thrown him somewhere… because what people don’t also know is that this guy had just recently gotten married… 6months ago/

    3. You are a veterinary lawyer I think. Lawyer we mombe

  44. The deserve a severe capital punishment.Beheading z best for them.Kana kukanda Munya mublast furnace.

  45. If Munya had caught his wife red handed maybe just maybe the judge could be lenient. Manje this was carefully planned, he may not have wanted to kill the poor man but he definately planned to have him kidnapped. Justice must take its full course in this case. To think that i actually felt sorry for this guy when he was booted out of Power FM by Shef Gulaz. My heart goes out to poor Millicent, the poor woman must be going through hell. It also goes to prove kuti njere shoma chinouraisa atenzi, these two guys, Munya’s accomplices, what did they have to lose pakuti mukadzi waMunya aita boyfriend. Anga ari wavo here. Iye zvino they will rot in jail for trying to prove chininja chisina basa. Its so disgusting. Even if by a miracle Munya doesn’t rot in jail his life will never be the same. Which company would want to associate themselves with someone like that. Ndoproblem yekuita act on emotions, you don’t reason beyond your current situation. Even the woman at the centre, Munya’s ex-wife how is she going to continue working at PSMI with all colleagues knowing that she caused the death of a workmate. Zvakaoma chokwadi.

  46. The information getting to the media is that the reason why Munya initially separated with his wife was because his wife had openly admitted to having an affair with Magorimbo and as such Munya’s family, his wife and the now deceased settled for compensation. Magorimbo is alleged to have paid $1000 out of the agreed $5000 but now he was being elusive and not meeting up to his word. You see, the issue here is that Munya had stomached the reality that another married man was shagging his wife, has anyone handled the pain and the trauma emotionally and psychologically that a man has to go through when his wife is screwing another man….to be honest that stirs up deep anger!!!! Word to anyone cheating with someone’s wife is that such acts are not acceptable and from a biblical perspective adultery is heavily punished by God and in Islamic Sharia law its judgement is death by stoning!! Magorimbo made Munya feel useless in that he had his wife Millicent and yet could screw his wife just like that!!! My understanding is that this HR officer (Magorimbo) was not straight with his acts and as a married man i now worry how my wife may be relating to such dubious people…look guys jobs are hard to come by in this day and maybe this guy was giving women jobs and then getting sexual favors in return and from an inside source O’neal was not straight and how in the world would he be married and in only over a year he is so much of a menace??? I wonder where such sexual strength comes from!!! The wages of sin is death. I do not condone the merciless killing that the guys did to him but i would say HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A CHEATED HUSBAND!!!

    1. Iye munya vaano bhauda vangani, dont tell us that crap. Wakamboona hunhu wema DJ iwe

  47. wakunoitwa mkadzi kujeri manje unenge uchidiwa nemamonya. . . kavirgin munya kikikikiki wamama iwe.

  48. Wakatora snooker/slug/dart board kuisa pamba manje tinouya kuzotambira pamba pako. U wer not supoz to kill man hey

  49. let the courts decide. Most men dont actually knw hw they react wen faced wth sch a scenario. Its only hausati wasangana nazvo!

    1. aaah iwe zvaunenge uri magoo nhai horns

  50. wanga asiri mukadzi wake ngaasiye kunyeba munhu waakazvarisa akasiya ikozvino anoumwe rinongori godo shaisano munhu wawakaramba wega manje wakaura. Yu shud be hanged .imi munokomenda muchiti garai muri faithful murimahure egaega kuda kunyebera nokuti hamusati mabatwa stop judging magorimbo

  51. Innocent until proven guilty, look at S.A’s Pistorius, bt one thing for sure is mukadzi or hure remunhu haritambwe naro

    1. Urikutiiko iwe, woti “hure” wozoti zve “remunhu” in one sentence ndokutii ikoko. Geza kumeso matyewe usati wataura

  52. he is in remand upto when,what was said by the courts pliz clarify.kuzvida kwese kwakupera ari mu remand anovhaira chaizvo munya iyeye senge zvaaiita vanhu pa show yepa tv iya zvakaoma

  53. at least kwavhurika basa kuPSMI kwacho kwete kuchengeta nhubu dzakadayi dzinoswero vhima pabasa vakadzi vevanhu

  54. Voic Eofreason

    You a all basing your sentiments on the reporters investigation.He doesn’t have all the facts.Its the court that will get all the facts then magistrate will decide not you.Munyika zviri kuitika izvi hapana chitsva chaitwa namunyaradzi.Anyone can be involved in such scenario and hapana anoziva kuti ano actor sei abata mukadzi wake achiiswa .bat ai miromo hams mangwana ndiwe

  55. two wrongs Munya did: kuuraya ne kubatwa chete pakubhadharisa cash he was right coz ana Magorimbo vaizviona se maninja vachikwira akadzi e anhu ivo vaine wavo deserve to be treated lyk that otherwise he was the one responsible for the failed marriage ya Munya saka on second thoughts munya was also right kuuraya dinga iri that is if he actually did it coz blah magorimbo vanogona vakamwa poison vega vaona kuti vatamba nevakadzi vemashark

  56. @black dj munya went to Magorimbo’s house to tell the wife that she shld not worry &report to the police magorimbo will be home soon so dj vanenyaya apa he tried to be a mafia

  57. Dj Munya will miss you on the air waves!

    Time is everything. Time is a good healer. After all this…yes life wil never be the same, but believe you me, you wil smile and curse yourself how stupid you were to have done all these things.

    As for your ‘wife’…aha you such a shame. You never deserved Munya. The deceased’s wife…tooo bad mama, your husband got the right medicine but keep the faith you will find a good faithful husband. And the ‘Bouncers’…am speechless.

  58. eish thus the end of munya the next thing we will be told is munyaradzi is dead.such as life

  59. Indeed PSMI there is a vacancy. Let me rush and drop my C.V simultaneously have the interviews. I aslo suggest this company changes its name, cause eish perhaps PSMI-MAGORIMBO….vele kutshoni khonokhu?

  60. mukadzi wemunhu haaite unofira mahara tough lucky munya & yo frnd.

    1. Nyaya iyi i 50-50. Munya and company should go to jail and Magorimbo akakohwawo rwake rufu nechokuchera. Chii chisina mudzimai wake chiri pachifeve. Magumo ake anonyadzisa kufira pfambi yakarambwawo negororo Munya rineshanje.

    2. nyaya dzechihure dzaka woma

  61. uSpinach Bhululu Wami

    shame maningi.

  62. Ahhh ha!….. Munya aita munyama, anyway….4 vacant posts @ Star FM, tich, bev, Acie Lumumba & nw Munya,

    2 single ladies mu town, magorimbo & munya’s wife…whts wrong with ths world….

  63. iye achafira mujere mukadzi achinakirwa wese anoda huya he is nw in jail poor munya shud hve thot it thru

  64. Munya akadanana nehure akaroorana naro. rava mumba hezvo rava kuhura oda kuurayana nevanhu who are not to blame but his wife. he should have killed his wife first and if he still felt like killing then maybe killed him. that was very unfair. he should have disciplined his wife. but anyway thats all in the past now he is going to ROT in jail for a stupid issue that is very much solve-able. there is a thing called DIVORCE people kana zvanetsa you can have one.. don’t try to play God justice will prevail and you will ROT in jail. too bad for Munya i cant say i am sorry for him. he should have used his brain, or maybe he did but haishande?

  65. Themba Mlangeni

    Why do I have a feeling that this might not have been the first time DJ Munya getting ca$h from someone bonking his better half. Talk of Zimbos being resourceful. Maybe its a new field in business called nyinipreneurship (or gambipreneurship). Just a feeling, but a possibility.

    Search Results

    What is intrepreneursh

    1. Themba you know you could be right. Judging by what we have gone through in the last ten years or so who can blame you. Asi nhasi ndaziseka…”gambireneurship”

    2. Vafana hamuite. You are now inventing new words??? I like that nyinipreneurship..thats new man…

  66. It’s sad all round 4rom the victim the perpetrator the women involved. Lyf will never be the same 4 everyone involved. I feel 4 the children most 4 they are victims of a situation not of their choosing. Women I urge u tow your line as mothers first as individuals second if the wife had respected her vows it would nver have come to this sad,sad,sad.

  67. You are forgetting something important; Millicent and Anna are now vacant. Men send your CVs, life goes on, some are born, some die, some geet arrested yet others inherit the earth, such is our majestic march in this world. Millicent wotongororwawo nanaMaziso kana vanaBlack ava.

  68. Wotora muti wemusango woisa pa mba. Kana muti wacho wava kugutsa ruzhinji toti zvaipa .

  69. heyy. guys please nyorai chishona kana musina kufunda. manyorero evemwe venyu anotemesa musoro.

  70. DJ Munya will rot in Chikurubi Maxmum Security Prison whre he deserve

  71. nyadzeni chikukwa

    Munya chawagona hapana. Munhu haaurayiwi. Vakadzi vanopera here? Ndiwe watanga kutorerwa mukadzi? Anyanyodii? Kuita business nemukadzi here shuwa? Zvino iye zvinowaenda kujeri uchavauraya ukavapedza?

  72. nyadzeni chikukwa

    Munya chawagona hapana. Munhu haaurayiwi. Vakadzi vanopera here? Ndiwe watanga kutorerwa mukadzi? Anyanyodii? Kuita business nemukadzi here shuwa? Zvino iye zvinowaenda kujeri uchavauraya ukavapedza?

  73. Detective Mukuru

    @Tapera – to cut your unnecessarily long story short:

    1. Yes it’s obvious that Murder wasn’t the plan but we have a corpse in front of us.
    2. Whether Munya Authorized the murder or not he is still guilty of conspiracy to murder and kidnapping.
    3. This guy was obviously sorry for his actions and was willing to pay and apologize but turns out Munya was impatient.

    Lesson to all: If someone steps on your foot and says sorry or isn’t apologizing . . .only get physical to defend yourself from physical attack. Just so you know a simple slap can kill a human being. How a man dies is not the issue – the issue is a person is dead and someone has to face the music. Unfortunately in this issue it’s The Three Musketeers led by Munya aka DJ Monya

    1. Detective Mukuru you are a real Sherlock Holmes!

  74. laugh out loud

    munya’s ex wife is a shit…..marriage is holy,kunakirwa nechihure kusvka pakuitira mimba mrume wemunhu?ko mkadzi wake anotii nhai?these are deadly sins.if iws in Munya’s shoes mybe di ndaka reactor e same way,nyngwe hure raMunya rika tryer kumover on,life wl never b e same unless atsvaga Jesu achawanikwa

  75. tunda sugar kutaura chete kwaurikuita uko arikuto kwirwa so hausati wazvibata chete vakadzi havasi right ava mumwe wangu they cn do anything zvausingafungiri ndango kuyambira zvangu

  76. innocent until proven guilt. there is a reasonable doubt that he can be innocent. the assistant mit have taken the case in their hands. he can be innocent. remember love is as strong as death. he loved a women who had no morals and Munya wanted some comfort

  77. @zishiri no more time to repent,the hangman is around

  78. John John;you are a typical male chauvinistic pig.You look at life from a one sided angle which is from a male perspective.The same questions you are asking women also ask the same about men.Sei varume vevanhu vachihura?Sei varume musingarambe vakadzi venyu kana musisavade ?And so on (ad infinitum)

  79. Tuff luck, DJ this is a case of a debtor who was running a way from a debt and the creditor was forced to use other means to force him to pay, So had the debtor settled the debt in agreed time there would be no problem at all but instead the debtor chose to push his luck too far and he had to pay with his life!!! He was thinking that since DJ was a public figure the issue would not go to court coz it will embarrass the DJ not knowing that there are 9 ways to kill a cat

  80. Gen’a kana neni Munya ndogona kutomuisa demo akangobuda arimupenyu chete

    1. chif,zvaita vsei? asi mune beef namunya wacho? kana kuti ndimi type dzana magorimbo dzoda kukwira vakadzi vevanhu?

  81. lesson is in life never think you are clever. married or not.mukadzi achikwirwa napastor wechechi yake, murume achikwirana namai veruwadzano. vakadzi vanopinda church vanovhara chipfambi asi vachinotsamira bible palodge.dont be fooled.

    1. Wabaya dede nemumukanwa hama yangu.I know of a self styled apostle ariku screwer vakadzi vemadeacons ake.vamwe vakadzi muchechi imomo vakatoita mimba dzake izvozvi vave vana vapastor iyeye, hama yangu munyika muzere satani umu!Unoti kufirirra kupa pastor zvegumi nezvipo iye anotoda nemukadzi wako pamusoro pazvo!


    1. iko kufuneral vanhu vanobatana maoko vachitii? mwana akapondwa? is magorimbos wyf at the funeral too? how about munyas wyf? Mmmm, this is not a funeral, ndiyo inonzi NHAMO. zvokwadi afirwa haatariswi kumeso pakadai.

  83. Izvi ndizvo zvichaitika….Munya achangobhadhara vanhu veku court then he gets bail, after that obva aramba achingobhadhara kusvika nyaya yapera,,,,,imari yake chete ichamubuditsa munyaya although anenge aine mhosva zvake

  84. little albert

    tahts wat every in the issue deserves bt siyanai nevakadzi vanobayisa ava and mapeche haaperi muZimbabwe …….. haaa ndanyara chete yanyanyozivikanwa coz une mukurumbira chienda unoshanda kuchikurubhi mfanami coz maDJ vanodiwako

  85. ko iye Munya asati ambodanana ne somebody’s wife? what goes around comes around, saka iwe ndiwe wanyanyo rwadziwa here?

  86. l will make a movie out of all this. Muchariwona firimu iroro rinenge rakapenga. Can someone suggest the title for me, any volunteers????

  87. Ranganai Wezhira

    Varume, now I understand Adam’s anwser to God that fateful day in Eden, “Ndiko kamukadzi kamakandipa Ishe Wangu, hakaite….Check my record!” Women can cause hell. Sad for the children. Where is the church?

  88. The hitmen did a “too good” job. They perfomed exceptionally too well, resulting in Mago’s death.

  89. Ukaita zvakanaka wazviitira……………………….pple pliz dnt stress

  90. I still think you are ryt there Tapera. Why didnt Munya hire these hitman quietly and then kill the guy without this “noise”? I think the guy took his own life somehow, why did they dump him at his house when they held him hostage for days without anyone knowing were he was? Munya IS GUILTY but I dont think he is guilty of murder. Thats just me….

  91. Musatuke Munya

    So looks like there is need for us to look at facts in this way:
    Firstly Munya is human and was bound to react to such a shameful act in the way he did.I think that was the worst form of provocation one can ever get to experience.The affair is reported in some sections of the media as one which was so open anyone could know it at PSMAS.Seriously in this age and era have we run out of girls to the extend that we go for married women?in the avenues area where the late Magorimbo is said to be hailing from there are heavily built women splashed all over and under the trees why didnt he try to hook those ones up?

    Secondly The courts will have a final say on the matter but for now,Munya is innocent until proven guilty

  92. Munya is innocent lets just wait

  93. there is something which is not clear here guyz. why was he (magorimbo) at the hospital on Monday and why was he dropped at that house in Craneborne? Maybe this guy killed himself. let us wait for the law to handle the issue than to make misinformed decisions

  94. eiish madoda ukuphi umthetho makubulawana kanje?

  95. Waenda waenda haachadzoki

  96. manyasarandi anonetsa. ndovatinetsa munyika muno….thats why we are suffering

  97. Moral of the lesson:1)Musakwire vakadzi vevanhu2)Mwari pavakati adultery nekunamata zvimwari zvefake are the most trchrous sins vaive vaona maconsenquencies acho…kazhinji death by suffering is inevitable pavanhu vanoita adultery..vangani masoja nemapurisa vatinonzwa vanotora maservice rifle avo kunopedza mhuri dzavo nedzevanenge vavatadzira mushure mekukwirirwa mukadzi.Varume kukwirirwa munhu wawakabvisira mari zvinorwadza and we cant blame munya for his actions chimweya chinongobata munhu wese asina kusimba pana Mwari but anwae mutemo ngauvabate imhondi but ngatigarei tichiziva kui vakadzi imboko they are always there kutipinza mumatabudziko…vatadzi ava nxaaaaa

  98. Hip-hop and Rape

    WARNING: Don’t take rape and Hip-hop seriously, that life is not realistic.

    1. hey thats not how u rectifty the problem hip is not the problem here but dj munya is

  99. im just concerned about the ethicality of disclosing that address and phone number…is that even allowed in news reporting?

  100. asi iwe uchirova mahure ku side. Varume you are shameful hyppocrites

  101. Dorothy Dandridge

    judging by the wedding photo on the internet, the dead guy had a stunningly beautiful wife. this Anna person surely cant have been a better deal than the wife

  102. Muri mhata mese imi munya imafiya acha breaker jere.

  103. mukadzi haamiri kukwirwa nekuti munya aenda ku college .anotorohwa zvakaipisisa achitozvara ma twins iye munya achirohwa nyoro kumagaro nema hitman emujere.

  104. Munya you are fool for making an “OUT OF SETTLEMENT”, Magorimbo “mubayiro wezvivi ndirwo rufu” Mativire sang. Now I would like to ask, when you “appear” before a judge before you are remanded are you asked to plead? If so what is Munya and his accomplice’s saying? I smell a different rat here when I first read the story the Story the wife of the deceased said she saw some blue liquid in their toilet which puzzled her. She later on had a brief chat with Munya. She didn’t run to the police to report what Munya had told her. She then is the one who first saw her husband naked and he collapsed before speaking to any one. If this Woman is not involved I will be damned. Imagine Munya telling this Woman “my is DJ Munya we have your husband he owes me $4000 for sleeping with my wife but don’t worry once we get our payment he will come home”. Munya and his Goones ain’t that stupid, First txt a Ransom demand using a cellphone number. If you read the Herald there is something fishy about that cellphone once being used by the deceased and his wife as alternative when his had low battery. I Munya is Innocent somehow.

    1. Morgan Tsvangirai

      mboro yako

  105. yes, these people were on separation and not yet divorced, so legally she still remains munya’s wife.kana bhaibheri rinotaura kuti ukarara nemukadzi wemunhu you will not escape kuurawa nemurume wacho.
    Pane mummwe mufundisi anetsa kutora vakadzi vevanhu muchehci,ndoumwe anoda kuitwa zvamaGorimbo, this guy who was in the H Metro sometime in April , but the guys is polygamous asi haadi kurega vakadzi vevanhu varimuchechi make.Zvichamuwana chete.

  106. He should have done like clever Len kill the hule and then yo self finish and klaa now ulanwaa kujeele

  107. The only issue in Zimbabwe is lack of rule of law and abuse of power by police otherwise it is possible at law to walk free on this case. There may not be evidence that this man was fed poison by the accused. there may not be evidence as well that the accused killed the deceased. In fact, at most it is capable homicide or kidnap if it can be proved at law, or extortion.

    I have nothing to do with this case and have no emotion about it. To me it is misadventure and greed on both party.

  108. Munya was and is ryt Magorimbo disrespected hm
    Rule #4 – u don go arnd fire and expect not to sweat.
    Magorimbo thot he was clever nw he lies in his dead ass ,Munya don u wory neggar u gonna be out in da streets soon

  109. Munya should have told the police that Magorimbo was an mdc member that is why he killed him. I tell you he could be as free as a bird by now.

    1. zanu pf munya assassinated mdc magorimbo . pure and simple . you are dead right . munya will get a presidential pardon . pasi ne mdc ! viva zanu !

  110. Munya ari busy kusvirwa achiri fresh batai munhu vasungwa sona sona naye.

  111. let the facts continue coming up but as of now, Munya is still on kidnapping. no one has actually proved he hired these niggas to kill!

  112. U can’t make a ho a housewife. Free up munya

  113. Guys myself i do i understand why Munya was so angry . If it was me i would have done the same thing in a smarter way though. R.I.P Oneal and we hope for an acquital for our DJ

  114. Chokwadi Chete

    At worst all Munya is guilty of is extortion. Even that is a stretch given that these people seemed to have an out of court settlement where the late agreed to pay $5000 instead of being sued and taken to the civil court where he could have ended up paying $15 000 for sleeping with someone’s wife. The facts of the story are so confusing and this will all work in Munya’s favour. Magorimbo’s wife saw a suspicious liquid in their bathroom the day her husband disappeared….Munya went looking for Magorimbo at his house… if Munya ordered the thugs to kidnap Magorimbo he would have gone to where they were holding him instead of going to his house. Munya told Magorimbo’s wife her hubby would return and that she was not to go to the police….This is a classic ‘he said she said’ how the hell can we be sure Munya said this. Magorimbo’s wife was given an additional number by her husband to reach him because his battery was flat. Lines are now a dollar for two and there is nothing dubious about having 2 lines or even 10 lines for that matter. The fact that the thugs had Magorimbo’s number has nothing to do with the fact that Munya ordered Magorimbo killed. What could be clear here is that Munya may have hired the thugs to twist Magorimbo’s arm so that he could honour his debt to him however its starts getting grey when the thugs start demanding $5000 from Magorimbo’s work instead of the $4000 balance. What if Magorimbo’s wife was tired of her cheating husband and created the scene of the suspicious liquid and gave him the poison to make it seem like he had committed suicide. I am interested to find out what is linking Munya to these two thugs. Is it their word that Munya hired them?????? So many questions so little answers but MUNYA IS NOT GUILTY OF MURDER THAT IS FOR SURE!!!!!!!!

    1. @chokwadi. True


    This whole story yamunya is basically Munya’s word against Magorimbo’s wife and she claims Magorimbo was kidnapped but if he was kidnapped why did he pass thru his workplace and hire a cab? and worse the toilet story is bullshit pane asingande for days asina mvura muzim here? so ivo what kind of human beings where they vasingashandise toilet especially at night…she is not a smart liar, they were not lying when they said hell with a its demons and fire and brimstone hath no fury like a woman scorned she was bitter about anna’s pregnancy coz iye haazvari, munya aingoita maempty threats and this Millicent woman took advantage of munya’s misfortune even zvemacellphones why did Magorimbo change numbers on the day he took a day off ? Munya arikufira mahara guys Millicent needs to be tortured ataure nyaya yake. magorimbo commited suicide guys post mortem had nothing to say he was beaten to death ???

  116. Percy shangazhike

    Too much wrong movies on our TVs in Zim kuvana vedu can’t believe this can happen in our beautiful country. The law should show an example to growing up youngsters

  117. charles siziba

    uzama ukuzenza uDlomo & he forgets dat gene z jus a soap

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