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Criminal charges against NewsDay journalist withdrawn


MUTARE — Ousted Zanu PF Manicaland Provincial youth chairman Tawanda Mukodza yesterday withdrew criminal insult charges against NewsDay Manicaland reporter Obey Manayiti before plea.


Manayiti had been summoned to appear at Mutare Magistrates’ Court yesterday facing criminal insult charges. The Zanu PF activist had accused Manayiti of criminally insulting him.

Manayiti was arrested in February this year after he went to the police station to file attempted assault charges against Mukodza who had earlier on accused him of negative publicity.

“Yes, I confirm that Mukodza has withdrawn the case. His reason was that he had forgiven him (Manayiti) and that he wanted to move on with his life,” Manayiti’s lawyer Rangarirai Mubata said.

“It was not the best environment for Mukodza to wash his dirty linen in public. It was the right decision that he made.”

After withdrawal of the case, Manayiti said: “My conscience was clear that I never committed that offence and right now I just want to focus on my work.”

Mukodza and four other party activists, who include suspended provincial chairman Mike Madiro, were suspended from the party early this year for alleged fraud involving an estimated $1 million, being money they allegedly sourced from diamond mining companies to bankroll party projects in the province. The matter is still under investigation.

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