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Chitungwiza woman wins $131 000 Africa Lotto jackpot


A CHITUNGWIZA till operator, Olivia Lole, has dipped her fingers into the till — not to steal from her employer— but to collect what is rightly hers after landing a $131 000 Africa Lotto jackpot prize in a draw conducted in Harare two weeks ago.

Report by Wonai Masvingise

Lole, a 33-year-old mother of two who earns about $100 per month as a shop assistant in the dormitory town, had her fortunes changed overnight after spending $8 on lottery tickets two weeks ago.

“I bought those tickets hoping that by chance I could win. The third time I bought the tickets is when I won,” a visibly excited Lole said.

In an interview with NewsDay during Africa Lotto’s prize-giving ceremony in Magaba, Mbare, yesterday, Lole, whose family lives in a rented house in Chitungwiza, said she planned to use her newly-found fortune to buy a house.

“My husband and I are lodgers in Chitungwiza, but now we can buy our own house. Actually, we are thinking of buying two because we want to invest for our children’s future,” she said, adding she would not ditch her job.

Lole becomes the fourth Africa Lotto winner to scoop the jackpot prize.
She said she had since opened a bank account to access her money.

A devout Christian, Lole paid homage to her Christian beliefs for landing the grand prize.

“We go to Faith in God Ministries and we attend the Living Waters branch in Seke. We want to thank God for having remembered us,” she said.

Africa Lotto general manager Eva Sande said they had an on-going promotion in which they had to have a jackpot winner every month.

“This is the fourth jackpot winner. We have got a promotion going on where we are guaranteeing a minimum of $100 000 every month. This will be paid every last day of the month. If there is no winner, then the next lower level winner will win the jackpot. We are the only lotto in Zimbabwe with three games in one: the bonus lotto, the scratch cards and the lucky numbers,” Sande said.

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