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Chitungwiza issues warning over land parcelling


CHITUNGWIZA Municipality has ordered people who are allegedly allocating land under the Nyatsime Housing Scheme without authorisation from the local authority to immediately stop doing so or risk legal action.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Town clerk George Makunde yesterday said the municipality was aware that some individuals were parcelling out land for sale in the area, particularly in Longlands and Braemer farms.

“It has come to the attention of Chitungwiza Municipality that certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to arbitrarily carry out land allocations . . . The public is hereby informed and advised that the said land allocations have not been sanctioned by Chitungwiza Municipality, which makes the whole move illegal in terms of the law of Zimbabwe. The illegal allocations must, therefore, stop immediately,” Makunde said.

He warned people against taking part in the illegal land allocations.

Chitungwiza Municipality has come under fire from homeseekers following failure to service more than 10 000 stands which it allocated in 2007.

The homeseekers paid council over $5 million for the stands five years ago, but have not been able to commence construction after indications the land belonged to Goromonzi Rural District Council and would have to be acquired by the Lands ministry first before being transferred to the Local Government ministry and subsequently council.

“In the absence of that process there is no way we can, as council, allow development of the stands to take place,” Makunde said earlier this year.

Members of the Nyatsime Housing Development Association said they were now living in uncertainty as they had not been able to develop their stands and there was no communication from the local authority.

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