Chitungwiza issues warning over land parcelling

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality has ordered people who are allegedly allocating land under the Nyatsime Housing Scheme without authorisation from the local authority to immediately stop doing so or risk legal action.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

Town clerk George Makunde yesterday said the municipality was aware that some individuals were parcelling out land for sale in the area, particularly in Longlands and Braemer farms.

“It has come to the attention of Chitungwiza Municipality that certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to arbitrarily carry out land allocations . . . The public is hereby informed and advised that the said land allocations have not been sanctioned by Chitungwiza Municipality, which makes the whole move illegal in terms of the law of Zimbabwe. The illegal allocations must, therefore, stop immediately,” Makunde said.

He warned people against taking part in the illegal land allocations.

Chitungwiza Municipality has come under fire from homeseekers following failure to service more than 10 000 stands which it allocated in 2007.

The homeseekers paid council over $5 million for the stands five years ago, but have not been able to commence construction after indications the land belonged to Goromonzi Rural District Council and would have to be acquired by the Lands ministry first before being transferred to the Local Government ministry and subsequently council.

“In the absence of that process there is no way we can, as council, allow development of the stands to take place,” Makunde said earlier this year.

Members of the Nyatsime Housing Development Association said they were now living in uncertainty as they had not been able to develop their stands and there was no communication from the local authority.

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  1. Imi ana Mahachi jeri rakaku mirirayi

  2. Chitungwiza Town council should put it’s house in order first before issuing the so called threats to us residence who have since paid in full (3million ZWD$) in 2007, for these Nyatsime stands and have not seen anywhere where these stands are.Over and above that if you take a simple look at the officiall allocated stands ie Unit O , N , G etc the least is endless you do not see any signs of surveyed roads, sewerage line let alone the provision of electricity. It’s just like a rural compound or resettlement scheme .I do not think it’s a CZA problem but the Govt itself , these guys should just forget when it comes to votes they have just neglected us……Period.

  3. Its not Chitungwiza alone where land belonging or reserved for other purposes being turned into residential stands whilst councils turn a blind eye.Now that elections are nigh,threats and counter threats are issued the ones illegally settled to be evicted.My question is why wait for election time to realise the illegal settlements Mr Mayor?????

  4. more than 5 years without any development or being shown your stand is traumatic instead the council should be the one getting the threats from us the people who parted with our hard earned zim dollar as well as US dollars it pains big time and government is watching why because tanyanyiwa is related to the local and housing boss and was never fired when he was stealing money only action to be taken when it got worse.

    we formed a lobby group that was formed but council bosses never attended the court cases or if they did they would send junior people without and powers to sign documents or make decision just to delay the process and because of the rule of law here in the country nothing materialised but at least we tried

  5. The Nyatsime saga is most disappointing to think that over 10000 people were made to pay such huge amounts at the time plus the USD900.00 top up for nothing. For over six years the council has been making false promises lying to people that servicing is in progress yet nothing was happening not even a single road and what is more worrisome is the fact that the council has salary arrears running into millions. This Makunde guy has the audacity to say its illegal without even hinting how council intends to resolve this matter. What is illegal is taking someone’s money and then failing to deliver within the stipulated period that falls under serious fraud.

    I am not a PR guru but I think this Makunde guy has lost it, please tell people what the council is doing to resolve this matter with time frames than to threaten them. Its clear the council has no will power to resolve this matter hence the decision by the people to grab the designated land.

  6. council yechitungwiza iri kutamba nevanhu, think 2007 upto now 2013 without allocation stands to the beneficiaries.uyu twn clerk avakuda kuroiwa manje. think 10 000 pple suffering just because of Tanyanyiwa, ko kutora imba yaakatenga kuChisipite kwacho.

    1. nyatsime land lord

      Can you town clerk of chitungwiza municipality please shut up.for how long can nyatsime beneficiaries wait for you.dont be stupid by saying its illegal and againist the Zimbabwe laws where was the laws when people were duped their hard earned cash at the hands of chitungwiza municipality.Let the people go and settle themselves ‘ thumps up to those brave comrades for a well done move of allocating stands to the beneficiaries , a move that these crooks has failed to do for the past seven years. Pamberi ne kuenda ku ma Stands kwedu no more going back . iyo Kanzuru ngaitouyawo tiipe ma Stands. Kana vana makunde musinga gone basa endai munorima kumusha ndokusaka muchipedza six months vashandi vasina pay,MAZIMBAVHA.

  7. The problem in taking legal action against illegal land allocators is that; They have already bribed the administrators of justice in Chtza, ie the Chtza Regional Magistrates, Police Officers in Charge of Chitungwiza, Zengeza, St Mary’s & their Commanders. All of the above have been allocated stands. Thus the stands allocators will be almost if not immune 2 prosecution

  8. nyatsime land lord

    My appeal to Local Gvt Minister to urgently intervene and rule in favor of beneficiaries so that you can maxmize your votes or completely lost it as it was in 2008

  9. Makunde apererwa, anoti land hayisi yake saka haakwanise kupa vanhu mastands avo. Gare gare oti vanhu vagara panzvimbo hazvibvumirwe. Committe musambo vundutsirwa tinemi muhondo yenyatsime. Council yechitungwiza hapana court action yaingatora nekuti nzvimbo yacho hayisi yavo ndeye hurumende, uyezve vakuru vakuru vehurumende vakato wuyawo kuzowona mastands avakatengawo kuchitungwiza council.

  10. chimboitai inguva yenyu,tichava bata vose vaidya naye.ndafunga mkanya

  11. Pay Employees

    Shuwa six months vashandi vasina pay. Chitown Council be serious please. How can you stop corruption.Top Brass yese out izvozvi kukara too much!!!!!!!!

  12. Ma councillors ne council yechitungwiza vajaira kupanana mastands vachitengesa nemitengo yakakwira $4000 and above council inongo pihwa $200 chete imwe yese ndeye chiwokomuhomwe. Ndizvo zvavari kuda kuita kuNyatsime, saka tavatangira vasati vaita huwori. VaTsvangirai muri kuzviziva here kuti ndizvo zviri kuitwa nemacouncillors enyu kuChitungwiza. This time chakachaya hamulume

  13. Before the town clerk threatens people about the rule of law he should be reminded that it was criminal for his council to allocate land to innocent citizens when it was clear to the council that the land falls outside their jurisdiction (and he now talks like he has just realised this today).These desperate home seekers paid the full amount that was meant to develop these Nyatsime stands.As if that was not enough the council had the audacity to demand top up for servicing the stands.Since 2007 people have been waiting in vain.This might be daunting a task for the clerk and I advise him to engage the ministry of local government and other relavant stakeholders so that they solve this embarassing issue.Seven years waiting is no joke.

  14. Sorry guys . Tiri kutongwa nevanhu vane utsinye .

  15. to make it worse the stands were reduced size from è original 300sq mtrs to 180.why is that so,day light robbery after agreemnt chombo and u’re watching this going on!

  16. proudly zombabwean

    ko President naPrime Minister venyika varikupi vanhu vachibirwa nehurumende yavo? ? its not fair to b made to pay for land isipo imi muchiti nyika takatora, ivhu takatora

  17. people should be given tha land becoz the council itself had already failed to give land while people had paid for that land

  18. seven good years ndabhadhara mari yangu huyai mutisunge kana muchizvigona but remember noone is above the law .hamuna nyadzi nei imi vanhu vechitungwiza.kunyanya imi macouncilors munoda kusvibisa zita rehurumende imi murimi murikuita huroyi.HANDE KUNYATSIME .LANDLORD WENYATSIME HANDE KUMBA KWAKO WASARA WASARA.NDANETA NEHUROJA.ndizo ndizo bhora mberi gova stand kumunhu handei kumusangano tinopiwa mastands edu .chenjerai kutanga chimurenga .chimurenga 1 and2 chakarwiwa sare CHIMURENGA CHENYATSIME

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