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Chief accused of looting


SILOBELA MDC-T MP Anadu Sululu and local councillor Stanley Ndlovu are up in arms against paramount Chief Crispen Malisa accusing him of looting donations meant to benefit the community and forcing his subjects to construct a chief’s court at his homestead.


Ndlovu said: “The chief has become a law unto himself. He took bags of cement donated by Plan International and $550 donated by a timber farmer one Jourbet towards the development of the school.

“He took them under the pretext that he wanted to build a community court at his homestead but would return them. He is now refusing to return what he borrowed and this is hampering development of the school.”

The councillor said the 20 bags of cement at the centre of controversy were meant for the construction of a classroom block at Zenzele Primary School.

Village secretary Timson Moyo also confirmed the matter which he said had stalled the construction project.

“It was before my time, but when the books were handed over to me I was told the chief had taken some cement from the school and he had promised to return it,” Moyo said.

Sululu said of the traditional leader: “He has been forcing people to contribute towards building a court at his homestead and there are reports that he is now taking stray cattle and converting them to his own property, he has lost all qualities of a chief and turned himself into a little Tsar.”

However, Chief Malisa yesterday denied the allegations and in turn blamed MDC-T officials of seeking to tarnish his image to settle “political scores”.

He threatened to evict those opposed to his leadership.

“I am not an illiterate chief. So people should not try and soil my good name so that they score cheap political points. I have never taken cement from the school. That councillor (Ndlovu) is lying . . . I will hound him out of this area if he plays with me,” chief Malisa said.

He also denied reports of forcing his subjects to construct a traditional court at his homestead saying the community had volunteered to carry out the project.

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