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Chidarikire is back, urges unity


AFTER a successful debut launch of his career in the 90s with the hit Ndiri Muzezuru from his debut album Mwana Wevhu, local musician Tendai Chidarikire is back again with a fresh project for the upcoming presidential election called Vote In peace (VIP).

Report by Tinashe Sibanda.

After several years of venturing into other things including business, acting and lecturing. Chidarikire relocated to South Africa and then to Australia before returning to South Africa where he was based. The energetic man is back in Zimbabwe, through his latest project, encouraging all social classes to foster an atmosphere of peace in the country during elections through song, drama and dance.

“I was inspired by the 2009 GNU accord, Zanu-MDC Women’s Conference held sometime back, where our leader’s called for peace and the consensus and idea they had towards the YES vote of the referendum,” he said.

Chidarikire added that the leaders had also recently campaigned against violence during the Independence day celebrations therefore he had taken it upon himself to release the song which he has no doubt every Zimbabwean will like.

In the song, he encourages people to unite despite race, totems and any other differences, but to come together, even amongst the politicians themselves, in peace, love and in the name of God who is the Supreme Being.

“I want this project to have an impact upon all social groupings from a street vendor even to the leaders of the country, especially in lessening the occurrence of political violence country-wide during this current period prior to the election dates,” Chidarikire said.

He said the project had phases to follow up which he could not fully disclose for fear of duplication from opportunists, but optimum exposure of the peace message would be promulgated countrywide through the song to avoid the occurrence of the 2008 Blood-shed due to polarisation.

Chidarikire added that he hoped that his song would re-establish him from where he left in 2004 and appeal to the new generation through his upcoming album Sasa Music — the SA experience Vol 1 (Sasa Rising).

“I am back home for good, but now and then I will undertake short visits to South Africa for some television commercials I am doing which will be released soon after elections,” he said.

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