Charge Guptas with treason — Malema

JOHANNESBURG — The Gupta family should be charged with treason for using Waterkloof Air Force Base, former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said yesterday.


“We call on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to charge the Gupta family with high treason for initiating and pushing through efforts that led to the usage of our military airbase despite the disapproval by the Minister of Defence,” Malema said in a statement.

“If the NPA is not in the pockets of the Guptas like many are, it will proceed to lay charges of treason against the Gupta family for undermining and threatening national security.”

The Guptas landed a chartered jet at the air base last Tuesday. On board were around 270 guests invited to the wedding of Vega Gupta and Aakash Jahajgarhia at Sun City.
Government said it would investigate the matter. President Jacob Zuma welcomed the probe.

“To suggest that Zuma is not aware or was not complicit in the granting of the permission to his friends to use the airbase is just plain foolishness,” Malema said.
He alleged the Guptas controlled the government and the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

“It is not a fallacy that the Gupta family has tremendous control over the ANC and government and have had influence and knowledge of key decisions even before the most senior of ANC leaders are aware,“ he claimed.

Malema said the close relationship between the Guptas, Zuma’s family and several government officials compromised national security.

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  1. Thabo Mbeki had seen that Zuma was unfit for office and tried to stop him, yet people cried for him to be put there, where are they today? If its not Nkandla they cry about, or text book scandals, or taking a shower after intercourse with a family friends who is HIV positive, or sending soldiers without knopwledge of fellow political parties, its gotta be something else. Were it not for the tight laws in SA, they would have seen the real zulu boy, ruling like Shaka roughshod over everyone else.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Rubbish, Thabo Mbeki himself had his own scandals, the difference is that he was dictatorial like Gukurahundi Mugabe, that is why his scandals were not widely discussed.

      Zuma’s problem, as I have always said to friends and ANC guys is that he is too open to the media and the media has taken advantage of that.

      He even opened his home and family to the public, during Dali Tambo’s People of the South programe which lended him trouble after his private comments on the role of a woman in marriage!

      What about Thabo Mbeki’s:
      1. relationship with former Gauteng Premier Shilowa’s wife;
      2. what about the arms deal scandals of which he was the chairman since the days of Mandela;
      3.what about the HIV/IDS debacle which led to deaths of tens and tens of thousand;
      4. what about the Xenophobia which killed hundreds and hundred of African foreigners under his watch, whilst he was nowhere to be seen;
      5. what about his protecting former Police Commissioner Jckie Selebi from prosecution despite his involvement in the drug underworld;
      6. what about his firing of the Pikoli the Director of Public Prosecutions, and yet there was nothing wrong with Pikoli who eventually was vindicated;
      7. what about the Xhosa Nostra that grew in leaps and bounds under his watch;
      8.What about his protection of the incompetence of Manto Shabala Msimang;
      9. his firing of the deputy Health Minister for investigating mismanagement at an Easter Cape hospital;
      10. what about the “no crisis” in Zimbabwe, support for the Gukurahundis which saw abductions and killings and him sending more weaponry to the Gukurahundis!!

      The divisions he caused in the tripartite alliance are too many to mention. Some of you people are just to short memoried I can see!!

      1. Ko Mbeki apinda papi apa? Msholozi has been corrupt since WAZ.

      2. edgar gegane

        SIYAVUMA YEBO SIYAVUMA. IQINISO LIBUHLUNGU NXA SELIQONDISWE KUWE. Thanks Phunyukabemphethe for the candid expose’ on Thabo Mbeki. It is Mbeki’s maladministration and self-centred approach that almost paralysed the RSA. Zuma’s name has been abused to cover up for the really culprit.

        Malema, that scandalous, brat and corrupt boy from across Limpopo is the least qualified to comment on the short comings of the Guptas family and the President of the RSA. Zuma is a decisive and an astute politician who knows how to play his cards close to his chest. This Malema/MAREMA is real mad. He must enjoy his stay at the DA with his girlfriend HZ and zip his snowkerl/ piggish mouth. He is a shame.

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          @edgar gegane
          Malema has got an axe to grind with the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) because they are prosecuting him over tender corruption, that is all.

          All this Zuma, this, Gupta this and that is just frustration because his properties have been confisticated from him and he is now as poor as a churchmouse!!

      3. For the first time ever,I agree with phuku.

  2. Malema are u not an accomplice,considering your offences u should also face treason charges, u criminal

  3. Mutirowafanza

    Marema wangu iwe! Nhasi zvorwadza nokuti hausisimo mumutekede? Zanu rogues should learn from what is happening to Malema. Unosara pamhene uchifugwa nemhepo kusvika waita ngubhane mupfanhami.No matter how much he speaks noone will listen to him. His former comrades think he has gone bonkers kikikikikiki !

  4. I agree with u malema, guptas where even full of racism, and dat is a crime in our country they must pay goeeeed so that they realise that we are not a desparate country….

  5. Where was this country’s army when the private jet landed? What are their rules of engagement? If people can land there that easily so it’s not a national key point. The commanders need b fired. Imagine these were mercenaries, who was there to meet them, sars armed to the teeth with sharp pens and paper shields.

  6. vosungwa nokuti LITTLE malema ataura.akainonokera akaruza.

  7. You need security sector reform in Mzanzi.Varungu ne MaIndia vachirikuita zvavanoda under Zumas nose wo


    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Zim Independent

      Shona administrators must prove they are capable
      By Kudakwashe Marazanye
      I WAS moved by Zimbabwe Saints supporters who were singing with nostalgia
      about their team’s good old days, “.mutserendende, mutserendende,
      mutserendende Dr Love Matavire. ndakambonetsa. kumira neni aive makomborero
      mumvuri womuvonde.”

      Just like Matavire Chikwata chakambonesta and their supporters once walked
      tall. I could not help reminiscing over the good days at Saints.

      Which Saints fan does not have fond memories for the Super Saints of Ephraim
      Chawanda, Henry Mckop, Joseph Machingura etc? I still remember how the
      Saints family was crestfallen when we lost a final to a Shakeman
      Tauro-inspired Caps United in 1979. Aah! Vakomana, choenda here Chikwata?
      With such a distinguished footballing history, what has gone wrong at the
      once-famed Chikwata?

      There is a discernable trend of Shona failure in this and many other cases
      of administrative bungling in this country. Unfortunately this trend only
      serves to reinforce long held stereotypes of Shona dishonesty and bad
      management. Traditionally, whites have had contempt for the cowardly and
      ignoble Mashona and grudging respect for the proud and brave Ndebele.

      The Ndebele had and still harbour contempt for the fickle amasvina. The
      Ndebele still have an unkind refrain about the Shona – thathekile mota
      yamasvina. When in a charitable mood, the Ndebele argue that the problem
      with the Shonas is that they are full of I know, omaningindaba,
      vanamandihindini. So, traditionally, the Shona have always been at the
      bottom of the ethnic pecking order.

      That is why most whites would have preferred a Ndebele government to a Shona
      one in 1980. In their view, Ndebele hands in government were more
      responsible than Shona ones. After all they had wrested the country from the
      Ndebele on their arrival. Even during the liberation war, it was generally
      held that Zipra cadre were a more professional force than Zanla’s army of
      contemptible garden boys turned terrorists. Peter Godwin says as much in his
      book Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa. With the current problems our country is
      facing, blamed mainly on mismanagement, white liberals are quick to distance
      themselves from President Robert Mugabe declaring that “. I was an Inkomo

      Against such a background, it is in the interest of the Shona to prove
      history and their detractors wrong. But instead, the Shona seem to be hell
      bent on confirming such prejudices about their ethnic group. Dynamos and
      Saints are both Shona clubs and they are both in an administrative mess. It
      is a scandalous shame that the Shona in Bulawayo now have to turn to
      Highlanders for a soccer team to root for after the demise of Saints. Even
      the Shona players in Bulawayo have to go to Highlanders to launch a career
      in football when in the past they naturally went to Saints.

      Generations of Ndebele and Shona youngsters in Bulawayo had a healthy,
      non-antagonistic rivalry on the soccer pitch to establish which group of
      youths was better. This good-natured rivalry extended to the members of the
      two ethnic groups at work places and in the various drinking places.

      The kind of friendly rivalry you see in Amakhosi’s Foromani and Sakhamuzi.

      But with the demise of Saints, Shonas in Bulawayo now shamelessly consider
      themselves as members of the Highlanders family, both as players and
      supporters. This is despite the humiliating taunts they are subjected to
      like “okungama buya-buya lokhu; .okungamasvina lokhu.” as correctly depicted
      by Amakhosi at the Highlanders Annual Prize Giving Day last year. At
      national level, soccer administration is largely in the hands of Shonas,
      with Leo Mugabe, a Shona at the helm. At this level the sport is also
      generally in the doldrums due to administrative incompetence.

      Apparently Ndebele administrative superiority over the Shonas is not
      confined to football. The city of Bulawayo is the country’s shining beacon
      in local government administrative excellence. Whilst corruption and
      mismanagement have cost Harare (and some Shona cities too) its glamour
      status, Bulawayo has been relatively well run. And Bulawayo, it must be
      remembered, is the heart and soul of Matabeleland.

      In business, Ndebele businessmen are generally known for their financial
      prudence and modesty. They are also known for their social responsibility to
      their Ndebele community – even though the money might have been made in the
      much-loathed Mashonaland. Over the years we have had Ndebele businessmen
      pouring money into Highlanders for its Champions League campaign and to
      sustain their foreign coach, Eddie May. We have had Delmar Lupepe coming up
      with his Amazulu, Titus Ncube and Chemist Siziba amongst others, sponsoring
      Highlanders. Of course the Bulawayo-based Ndebele businessmen would do well
      to discard their Bantustan mentality where they want the Bulawayo business
      arena to be rid of foreigners (read Shonas).

      The corollary to that warped thinking is that the Ndebele sons making money
      in Harare and other areas outside Matabeleland should be chucked out of
      these areas. So Delma Lupepe, Trevor Ncube, Tammy Msimanga and others who
      have thriving businesses in Mashonaland would have to close shop.
      Ultra-Ndebele nationalism may be good for Highlanders but it is certainly
      bad for ethnic relations. In contrast to the financial discipline, social
      responsibility and modesty displayed by Ndebele businessmen, Shona
      businessmen are given to obscene ostentation. They parade their opulent
      villas and cars, firing guns at funerals in the fashion of gangsters, which
      the less charitable say is exactly what they are.

      Parastatals headed by Ndebele boys also seem to fare better compared to
      those run by their Shona counterparts.

      The Zimbabwe Investment Centre under Nicholas Ncube and the then Cotton
      Marketing Board under Sylvester Nguni were some of the better run
      quasi-government organisations.

      From the foregoing, it is clear that the Shona may well have earned a
      reputation as incompetent, out and out crooks driven by the love for money,
      much like the Nigerians. This does not do any good to their tribe’s standing
      in society, and they should work hard to correct such perceptions and

      Because of these negative stereotypes of Shonas, there has been muted talk
      in some circles about whether things wouldn’t have been better in Zimbabwe
      under the late Joshua Nkomo and his PF-Zapu.

      l Kudakwashe Marazanye is a Harare-based freelance writer.

      1. Isn’t this Contemptuous MR EDITOR.Letting this Mgodhoyi son uttering dog shit on this thread?? So your paper is all about HATE SCRIBBLINGS, TRIBAL RETHORICS. Is this what you are promoting?? My comments and replies to this Nearndathal were deleted , is it because I’m Shona. Haven’t you heard from right thinking people critisizing the very same Nearndathal or is it you MR EDITOR who is chaning this hate speech????

  9. If we stick to Zuma and not compare him to Mbeki or anybody else we still conclude that he is not fit for the office he holds. He may not even have run for office had it not been for those supporters black and Asian who knew they would benefit under his rule. If Mbeki supported Zanu the Zuma is worse because they outwit all the time. Malema is right actually when he says Mbeki was a better bational leader. This guy is is a joke and comedians in South Africa are making money whilst mimicking him. He should go to his plush home and become a sub-chief. Lord knows that would suit him. Thankfully South Africans are not as tribal as some Zimbabweans fall back to when supporting Zuma. This job overwhelms Zuma and you can see the relief i his eyes or even hear it when he is at the end of the long drone like speeches that are obviously always written for him. Of course he benefits directly form the patronage he facilitates for Indians like Guptas, Sahiks etc.

    1. edgar gegane

      Gwabisela ugwabisela bani lapha? What you must appreciate is that each nation begets a leader they deserve at that moment in time. Like him/hate him the South Africans voted for ZUMA with their feet because he was the best alternative to Dictator Mbeki hence his electoral victories againstMbeki first and against Montlante and his gangs later. In reality Zuma is no fool as you and your ilk would like to portray him to be. He may be “ZULUBOY” but he has lived to outwit his opponents as evidenced by the Polkwane, Mangaung, and the coming national elections- mark my words.
      Who is not a joke at that level? You do not even need to look further than your nose to answer this rhetoric question? I will not kill for Zuma but I respect his judgements on political matters be they national or international. He is a brave zulu man who even flew to Lybia when the imperialists were bombing and smoking Gaddafi out of his fox-hole. No other leader in this world has demonstrated that kind of valour. His accent and possible reading skills may not be that fine to you but he can still communicate and the world can hear him. That is why SADC chose him to be facilitator in our in the Zimbabwean imbriglio. All leaders have speach writers. It is part of the their trade. Ongafuni isinkwa ngubani Gwabisela? Lawe uyasifuna. Gwabi gwabi !!!!

  10. Phunyu my friend, is all that information really useful to you? Is it not wrecking your mind??

  11. Who is Malema?

  12. Phunukabemphete isihlama sika zuma. Heyi ku buhlungu .

  13. How can an unauthorised aircraft land at a military aerodrome. In aviation, military aerodromes can only be used with prior permission. The SANDF, new that the GUPTAs where coming in to land and subsequently take-off. Civil aircraft will only fly with approved, pre-filed, flight plans. A flight plan is a document that identifies who you are as an aircraft, (i.e. call sign, nationality and registration marks, flight number, aerodrome of origin, destination and diversion, timings and date(s) etc). Aviation is not a haphazard industry. And for a 270 passenger aircraft to land at Waterkloof (pronounced – Vatakluf), the operating crew new very well (either from past experience or from Jeppessen chats, preflight simulation and briefing etc) the aerodrome standard terminal arrival procedure or they new the approach controllers would give them the required radar vectoring and any descend, approach and landing procedure as appropriate.

    I am disturbed when people comment on a subject they don’t understand.

    This case in question is one of the easiest to investigate. If the Guptas aircraft is in custody it’s data and voice recorders, relevant departure paperwork, and Air Traffic Controller’s transcripts can all be retrieved.

    The controllers on duty will be key witnesses. An airforce base can only be used by authorised military aircraft and exceptional diplomatic operations.

    At law the Guptas are not diplomats in the Republic of South Africa.

  14. Phunyukabemphethe

    Zuma, love him or hate him, he has outwitted all of you and thats a fact. You bet, he is going to win the coming elections. Over the weekend, he was talking of a win of more than two thirds majority. Thats what democracy is all about, the outcomes may not always be to the so-called elite’s liking. Get used to it!

  15. Phunyukabemphethe you think you are Zulu thats why you support Zuma.u want to tribalise everything.I think uthembi itribe yako only. On you own you are a weak man.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Stating facts is not thinking I am Zulu. Facts are facts, and they are stubborn, even if you scream the loudest they remain facts!

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