30-day mandatory voter registration on

A registration officer goes throught the voter registry at Mwanandishe primary school in Mabvuku on Monday. Picture by Aaron Ufumeli

THE new 30-day mandatory voter registration exercise will begin next week, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has said.


This follows the resent assenting of the new constitution by President Robert Mugabe last week.

Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day workshop with faith-based organisations in Harare yesterday, Zec deputy chairperson Joyce Letitia Kazembe said all the 1 958 wards will be covered.

“We need to conduct the voter registration exercise at each ward and we are hoping to start this by next week,” Kazembe said. “We require $21 million for the voter registration which should start next week, we have not set the dates yet, but hopefully by next week we should start. We need to have all the 1 958 wards having a team there for voter registration.”

The trial mobile voter registration exercise which ended on May 19 was marred by chaos, resulting in thousands of potential voters failing to register.

Church leaders who attended the workshop raised concern over voter education which they said was important as most of the people were not aware what voting was all about and how to vote.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe Bishop Francis Mafuta said: “Zec should penetrate the rural areas. They know that these people will be victimised and intimidated so there is need for them to be educated that they have the right to vote for any party they choose, even if they are intimidated.”

Union for the Development Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe Africa leader Reverend Edison Tsvakai said the workshop provided an opportunity to learn about the electoral processes.

Responding to the concerns, Kazembe said there was need for voter education and Zec had engaged civil society organisations and churches to assist in carrying out the exercise.

Kazembe said Zec would train accredited civic organisations to equip them with the requisite skills to conduct the voter education exercise.


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    1. Kedo for the economy and business to flourish there has to be political stability in this country. What you are saying is as same as that we do not really need a baker when we enjoy Lobels and Bakers’ Inn bread everyday. Wake up Kedo

      1. thanks for telling Kedo the truth.

    2. i ddnt get you slut, so coz of that woman who made money through damaged cars we should not vote, and all go to that accidented cars.com. m sure we will wake u up when we are up

    3. Politic is at the heart of all we can do so as a nation, no politics no stable bussiness…don’t discourage people from registering to vote my brother who commented in the above coment, if you are parochial keep it to yourself and let others paticipate in the politics of nation……To the people of Zimbabwe His excellencey, The head of government, the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe defence forces and the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde R G. Mugabe together with the Honorable Prime Minister Cde Richard Morgan Tsvangirai are encouraging us to go and vote let us seize and embrace this opportunity and go in our numbers to register to vote….I AM A REGISTERED VOTER

      1. thanks proud voter.

    4. Makadhakwa blaz ve ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM

    5. stupid mhani iwe, some of us want politics without money, that’s our dream

  2. Mukanya wa Svosve

    The nation hopes that the accredited civic organisations referred to are not ones biased in favour of Zanu pf and also that the trainers from Zec are not the CIO members seconded to Zec

  3. We hope the issue of prof of residence has been delt with accordingly coz we want everyone to go nad register and vote as well without any hinderences. We want these elections to turn around our country which ZANU has mismanaged for the past 33yrs. Handei tinoregister maZimba so that we can vote.

    1. I wonder why ZEC has not publicized the issue of proof of residency.

  4. machingautazimbudzi

    Any one with national I’d or passport should register. Every zimbabwean should have this opportunity.do away with this requirement of proof of residence

    1. let those without accommodation register to vote so that they can have accommodation.

  5. Nyasha muziti

    All civil society must be allowed to train and carry out this exercise.pliz do this exercise faithfully


  7. Bowe bvuwe ruputyu

    30 days are not enough ths exercise nid at least 60 days,

  8. Ko nyaya yeproof of residence yambobvepiko? Ko paakambopuwa chitupa chacho ainzi anogarepi

    1. Kwamudede, marecords ose ariko, vanoda chete kuscreener vanhu we mdc vakazara mumatowns, kumushawo kunedambudziko rekuti sezvo zanu iriyo iri kuregister vanhu anenge asiri member yawo, zita mu bin cei vari kurambidza mateachers kuti atungamirire chirongwa ichi sezvayiitwa kare?. Mamdcs mukai inonzi zany chiwororo.

  9. 80 % of us have no houses and you tell me to bring a proof of residence ,,,, are you then saying only the 20% with houses are elligeble to vote and the majority of us cant because of a failed government that has destroyed the economy to the extent that we live way below $1.00 per day wat a shame , pliz do away with this nonsense of proof that and this we just want to cast our votes without any fear ….!!!

  10. “Kazembe said Zec would train accredited civic organisations to equip them with the requisite skills to conduct the voter education exercise.” But she is of the idea that the voter education exercise should start next week!! Am I missing something here? How is it possible to train civic organisations between today and Friday and send them to the field. There is a lot of grandstanding here. Can someone explain what this part means: “… the voter registration which should start next week, we have not set the dates yet, but hopefully by next week we should start.” When exactly is this exercise going to start? Won’t we see a repeat of the previous chaotic exercise? ZEC must put its house in order before they make contradictory pronouncements to the public.

  11. How can you ask for proof of Res yet its only Obert Mpofu and Chombo and their fellow comrades who owns houses.

  12. Free and fair elections without violence is what we need. Whoever should win should do that without shedding of blood. Vote for your party of choice without fear and let the voice of the people be heard.

  13. On behalf of BABA JUKWA I say and I insist let us be extremely patient and register to vote and vote out these evil old people. VOTE for JOBS, UPLIFTMENT…..zvimwe zvacho munozviziva imi.

    Ndatenda hangu



  14. correct webasa, how is it possible to start this program within a week. these guys want to rig big time. remember their strategies are all monitord by zanu and the cio. lets take this thing slowly and smoothly. whats the rush. advertise it well. give people a chance to know what is required for them to register. give the people a chance to see if their names are there on the voters roll already or not. let the people know the nearest place the mobile thing will be. time and date will be needed. what is this rush without giving people adequate information. these people really have mastered the art of rigging an election and they will continue coming up with surprises. bhora pasi please zec.

  15. Yaaaa I urge all fellow Zimbos to register. this tym tode kti vaya vaisimukira nekutsike vamwe vachiende kumisha kuveza mipinyi. Enough is Enough we want to share the national cake together. We want a Zimbabwe with a future for this young generation. Mugabe must Gooooo!!!!

    1. thanks to the PM for registering his twins and making madam Makarau realise how chaotic the exercise was its now upto the pple of Zimbabwe to go and register and subsiquiently vote for peace and prosperity

  16. Can some one tell me the election day. I thought the registration was done and RG Mugabe has already anounced 29th june as the election day remmember he said even if the mdc refuses elections will be held on the 29th with or without mdc

  17. Phunyukabemphethe

    Gukurahundi and the 1979 Shona Gukurahundi ZANU PF Satanic Verses should be included in Zimbabwe’s history books.

    They want this Gukurahundis buried in the name of keeping the peace and their Gukurahundi Unity –so they can continue with their one sided history books so as to create the impression of them being the only victims in Africa, and everyone else as evil – hell no!!!

  18. Dear Phunyu.

    I am sure there is more to life than just Gukurahundi. Do you want everyone of us to put our lives at hold because of Gukurahundi. I believe you know the people behind Gukurahundi and if it pains you so much why not form your own Taliban and have a go at them.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe


  19. What difference is there going to be this time around, Madame Kazembe? $ 21 million is tax payers money and you are just going to squander it messing with peoples minds, pretending you are conducting a legitimate exercise yet you hoodwink the world that you want every eligible voter to vote.
    The Almighty God is watching you madame, so do what is right and ensure you afford everyone wanting to vote, a right to vote. One of these days the rock of Gibraltar that shields you and allows you to loot with impunity will collapse and then you shall face real justice.

  20. Go Pukunyu Go wakapenga hautombozive zvikuitika munyika manje wakapukunyuka ndiwe hundi yaitsvagwa this tym tichakubata maybe we will live in harmony we don’t nid seeds of hate I vote chamatama if u want Dabengwa or Dzinemunenzva so be it in the mean tym find out hw u can register to vote undudzirewo KEDO kuti mhata yake

  21. godlwayo omyama

    dnt attack ppl of mtwakazi nation

  22. Voter registration centre in Kuwadzana/KwaHolland is written ZANU PF OFFICE.Please do something about it if this place remains a registration centre it is going to intimidate Kuwadzana Voters.I wish ZEC could know about it.

  23. Gidza wezvokwadi

    handei tese tino rejesta. chinongodiwa bedzi id nepassport yako neproof of residence…….. my vote is my voice…….. mashoko aya munoaunzirwa nebato revanhu bato rezanu pf. …………..sound familiar? free and fair elections to the people

  24. We want door to door voter registration

  25. Hey guys there I have realised that Punyu likes dividing pple on tribal lines and when ndebeles and shonas start insulting each other he feels happy because he would have achieved his mission and mind you he is not doing it for mahala .He is employed to destroy what MDCT has achieved to unit all people of this country to remove the limping donkey from power through elections. So pliz do not play to his tune and start insulting each whenever he start writing what he is employed to do dividing pple .Many pple from kubuTonga do not like this guy’s vernom.

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