18 perish in road accidents

THIRTEEN people believed to be Zimbabweans died after a commuter omnibus they were travelling in rammed into a stationary truck outside Musina, South Africa, yesterday.

Report by Staff Reporter

The deceased were coming from Pretoria heading towards Zimbabwe along N1 road in Limpopo.

Musina police spokesperson Ronel Otto told South African media that 12 people had died on the spot, while the other one died in hospital.

“No children were involved and we are also following up on information that all the people who died are from Zimbabwe,” Otto was quoted saying.
He said six other people were said to have suffered serious injuries.

The commuter omnibus is said to have rammed into a truck which was stuck in the middle of the road.

The kombi driver’s identity could not be established and names of the deceased were yet to be released as their next of kin were yet to be notified.

The N1 highway, which links Zimbabwe and South Africa, has of late turned into a death trap and several Zimbabweans have been killed in accidents occurring along that stretch.

Last year, close to 30 Zimbabweans were killed there in road accidents in the area.

The N1 Highway is the busiest road in South Africa as it links that country with the rest of Africa.

Zimbabwe’s consulate in South Africa could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, five people died on the spot while nine others were seriously injured when a truck they were travelling in overturned at the 30km peg along the Gokwe-Nemangwe road just outside Gokwe Town Centre on Wednesday morning.

The injured were taken to Gokwe district hospital.

Assistant Midlands provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the accident involved a Nissan Hardbody truck with 14 passengers
on board.

“The Nissan Hardbody was being driven by Taingana Nyoni (34) towards Gokwe from Siabhuwa when it disengaged gears. It started rolling backwards and landed on its back, trapping passengers,” Mahoko said.

Police declined to disclose the deceased’s identities saying their next of kin were yet to be informed.


  1. This is regreateful

  2. Thirteen lives hey guys lets practice good driving manners on road, these vehicles we drive at high speeds are different metals and rubbers which are brought together systematically and are highly prone to any form faults. Guys lets value life at most pliz may their souls rest in peace.

  3. Chiruzevha Chadzoka

    May their souls rest in peace!

  4. Rest in peace fellow countrymen ndiyo nhamo ya Mugabe yaita tiende South Africa kundotenga ma grocery kunge tisinawo yedu nyika

  5. may thier souls rest in peace

  6. Zororai murugare hama dzedu. kuvatyairi vose vanotenga zvitambi pliz ibvai pa road honai mapedza vanhu nokushaya hunhu pa road. Kunewe truck dryver hauzive here kuti heye katriangle ungaise hako muroad but kanogona kudonhedzwa nemhepo ko mapazi emiti atinoisawo vamwe haumaone here. Hona wauraisa vanhu. Madriver emakombi unomaziva havafunge havana chikoro mapenzi zvavo apa vanofunga kuti kudriver kumhanya. Haa ndarwadziwa mhani vanhu vafa vakawanda izvozvi vamwe vanga vakarara



  8. Shocking news really.hey!hama dzangu zvinorwadza.zororai murugare.Mwari vakuchengetei nekusingapere.

  9. Sad News.RIP.

  10. Mwana weZimbabwe

    Hama dzangu vatyairi kunyangwe tichibva kure sei zivai kuti kumhanya handiko kusvika. Mukafamba zvenyu porepore munosvika. Chitarirai zvaitika apa, hapana asvika kumusha. Dai Driver uyu ainge asingamhanyi zvakanyanya vanhu vaigona kukuvara vosara vari vapenyu zvino apa chasara hapachisina. Izvi zvinotirwadza chose. Zororai murugare vana veZimbabwe. Mhuri dzasiyiwa chizivai kuti mwari muchengeti wehupenyu hwedu variko saka ngatichemeyi tine tariro.


    Always a number associated with bad luck. Of number 13 and triskaidekaphobia. However, Zimbos are worst drivers.

  12. RIP the deceased

  13. Rest in peace

  14. Its not nice to call makombi driver mapenzi. I, do not like some of them but they are also human, trying to make a living. They do not leave the house in the morning with the intention of killing people. That being said i pray that the families of the deceased find peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.

    1. ndanzwa mudumbu vanhu vaurayiwa wakawandisa mhani .
      Kumhuri dzose dzarasikirwa ndinoziva ,zvinorwadza , Mwari ngavakupei simba

  15. Zimbabwe has some of the most shocking drivers with the worst driving skills and habits. Mugabe or ZANU have nothing to do with this. Drivers should learn to be patient and not aggressive. I leave in a country where the official top speed on motorways is 70 miles, that’s about 120km per hour, but pple respect each other on the roads hence very few fatalities like this.


  17. zororai murunyararo

  18. Speed thrills but kills. RIP vana veZimbabwe

  19. May their soul rest in peace,mwari pindirai vana venyu tofa here makatarisa. zvinorwadza mhani.

  20. Rip

  21. Rest in peace

  22. Drivers must learn to be cautioned ,learn to value other people’s lives,please take your time when driving,customers wll always be there and you will always get the money,there’z no nd for rushing. May the families of the deceased find peace in their hearts.This is the journey all of us are yet to embark on.May their dear souls R.I.P

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