Zim @ 33: Let’s define national vision, values

AS we mark 33 years of Independence today, it’s high time for Zimbabweans to bury their political differences and identify the national interest and forge a common vision and values if we are to achieve our aspirations and dreams.

NewsDay Editorial

It is a tragedy of leadership that since attaining Uhuru in 1980, we have dismally failed to come up with shared national interests and shared values.

Wikipedia defines the national interest, often referred by the French expression raison d’état (interest of the State), as a country’s goals and ambitions whether economic, military
or cultural.

The concept is an important one in international relations where pursuit of the national interest is the foundation of the
realist school.

Today, the concept of national interest is often associated with political realists who wish to differentiate their policies from idealistic policies that seek either to inject morality in foreign policy or promote solutions that rely on multilateral institutions which might weaken the independence of the State.

It is common cause in our country that since Independence, we have failed to clearly define the national interest as well as defining how to protect it.

We have failed to come up with an agreed vision and values.
The lack of a shared vision and values is demonstrated aptly by policy inconsistencies since 1980.

From day one, we were not sure of the kind of State we wanted to be — socialist, capitalist or a mixed economy.

We have no shared vision on land reform, economic indigenisation and empowerment, the constitution-making process, just to mention a few.
We posit today as we celebrate our 33rd birthday that the national interest has to do with bread and butter issues, and the advancement of economic and social development.

The parochial approach that party positions are national interests retards development and cannot be tolerated in a democracy we claim to be.

Sovereignty does not entail the butchering and abuse of citizens under the guise of protecting some woolly and undefined national interest.

The national interest must capture and live the dreams and aspirations of the citizens.

The national interest should be anchored in democracy, good governance and human rights.

Zimbabweans must be the authors of their destinations as we celebrate 33 years of Independence today!


  1. The vision from our leadership has always been wealth distribution also called RENT SEEKING by some learners including the late Meles Zenawi. Land reform, indigenisation, ZINARA toll fees, ZERA licence fees, EMA charges etc. are all state supported rent seeking and wealth distribution exercises that do not help the ordinary citizen. The problem with wealth distribution is that the cake being distributed becomes smaller and smaller until the knives start clashing, otherwise known as the infighting we hear today?

    The story goes that the thinking of two ordinary Germans who met in a bar after the Second World War resulted in the rise of the Germany of today and not any machine tigon of politicians. Even the South Africans want to change their BBBEE outlook? No amount of emotional and political posturing has ever saved the human race from itself?

  2. Sir,

    With the election upon us and the primary elections preceding them our political class have really done themselves proud. Among their major contributions to the national discourse is how they have fashioned a new way to teach our children the alphabet. Our children who have now become accomplished vampires take pride in knowing this alphabet backwards:

    A is for attack everyone and everything in sight including self when called by a higher authority to do so.
    B is for blast or bomb everything to kingdom come inclusive of ideas, people and their dogs, cattle and so on,
    C is for cheat all if you can
    D is for death that the children must deal at all times whether by day or night
    E is for enemy, another word for neighbours
    F is fornication or rape of minors and grandmothers who are of a different polical or no political persuassion
    G is for Godlessness and heartlesssness, vital ingredients in performing the above.
    H is for for heat that they must turn on all who plead for mercy when they are being killed for a political whim
    I should be the first letter in the alphabet as it represent the beautiful way the world looks when left alone after killing everyone
    J is for joke ball, a new fun spot played with human skulls of the departed
    K is for killing, one of the best past times known to man, perfected by our children even in their sleep.
    L is for the laughter that must accompany those partaking of the two fun games in ‘J and K’
    M is for murder one of the sweetest acts when one is playing God.
    N is for nonsense or everything not tallying with the teachings of dealing fatally with all those who disagree with the political class.
    O is for ordure that everybody must eat while the members of the political class eat caviar
    P is for pain a sure fire way to win permanent friends as this usually results in their death and are not likely to speak ill of the political class
    Q is for quotations from funeral parlours which they are taught to tally the value of their wonderful work killing their neighbours.
    R is for rage the king of all good feelings
    S is for satanism, a sexy religion sadly misunderstood by most who usually lose thier lives being taught this chilling calling for this wonderful religion.
    T is for trouble which is really the elementary step in the initiation into the best of the worst.
    U is for under-performer-upstart, those who fail at least to kill at least ten people per day (their quota) who sometimes find themselves
    sacrificed in satanism rituals.
    V is for violence the first word in the trinity on the road to the initiation into the cruel brotherhood
    W is for wounds which serve as good fuel for those practising the V above
    X is for X-ray vision of those who can pick up the enemy of the state by the way they walk or talk
    Z is for Zombies those who have developed better than robots to perform mass murders at the press of a button, the epitom of achievement in this brotherhood.

    In addition to mastery of this alphabet our children are also expected to disown us at the press of a button. Life has never been sweeter for our political class, yah?

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